Book One: The Innocent Heart

By Ben Douglas All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Fantasy

Another Birthday

Part 10.1 of 1.10: April showers bring May flowers...

It was a beautiful day for the month of May. Warm outside with clear skies, the ground was damp from the previous rainstorm that happened for five days since yesterday. The girls lead by Sani walked across town. Sammi, Sackie and Ashlyn did well on their three years of training that Sani announced that she will treat them all. She loved her girls.

Sani already completed her training when she turned fourteen, entered the pit for the first time and fought her first challenger. As both fighter and leader of the girls, the stocky built Alpha ushered her girls to become like her. The strong seventeen year old leader kept her hold on Sammi’s hand. Sammi kept her hand on her leader’s strong muscular arm. She giggled skipping a beat on the ground while leaning against Sani’s stocky form.

The twin beasts, Ash and Sackie, walked side by side across from each other. A few meters behind Sani and Sammi, the twin beasts acted like bodyguards for both. Compared to their size, Ash was bulkier than Sackie. Ashlyn scowled at both her leader and Sammi.

Compared to the seventeen year old’s broad shouldered and tanned muscular body, Sammi was still smaller and shorter with an agile and athletic form. Only twelve years of age, her skin was pale and her hair was bleach blonde with pink-violet tips compared to Sani’s dirty blonde haired with black streaks.

Walking along the sidewalk, Ash turned to Sackie and snarled. She scowled at the twin beast. Sackie turned to Ash and grunted with a singular response, “What?”

Ash remained silent. She still had her built up cold rage inside of her. Staring at her, Sackie shrugged. Turning around, she resumed walking. A kid no older that her ran into the twin beast by accident. It startled Sackie. Angry, she grabbed the kid by the neck and gripped with her hand as the boy was strangled to the ground. Sackie shouted with a snarl, “Why you!”

“Sackie stop,” Sammi shouted getting the beast’s attention. The angry half Paxxian turned to Sammi with a scowl. Gripping the hand of her leader, Sammi shook her arms as she pounded her foot on the ground, “Let him go!”

Sensing her girl getting upset, Sani shot Sackie a glare. Sackie saw her glare and let go of the kid backing down. Turning to Sammi, Sani knelt on one knee stroking her blonde hair and grasped her hand responding, “Sammi. No se enfaden. Do not get upset. ¿Bien? Hoy es tu día especial. Birthday! Usted tiene doce años. Ser feliz y sonreír. Smile! Be happy!”

Turning to her leader, Sam sniffed. She nodded wiping the tears out of her face and smiled.

Ash watched the boy scamper away. Turning back to her leader, she noticed they stopped before a building. She listened as Sani tended to the birthday girl, “Estamos aquí, Sammi. Detrás de ti. Look! Ser una chica fuerte como yo. Be strong like me! ¿De acuerdo? Aquí.”

Sammi wiped her eyes as she squeezed her leader’s hand. Turning around, she stared at the building before her. The sign said, ’Fighters Inc.’. Her eyes widened as her face fell. She started crying again. The building was a fitness gym geared toward serious bodybuilders. Turning back to Sani, she stamped her foot in distress and shouted in Spanish to her, “¡No! ¿Podemos ir en otro lugar? Vamos a conseguir una manicura.”

Sani sighed and nodded, “¡Por supuesto! Podemos hacer, Sammi. We get manicure. Quiero que usted sea fuerte como mí.. Estás a punto de convertirse en un luchador. You become fighter like me.”

Shaking her head, Sammi pouted with a yell, “¡No me importa! No quiero pelear. Soy demasiado joven. ¡Quiero permanecer en forma y bella!"

Understanding what she was saying, Sani stood up and sighed. She nodded. Grasping Sammi’s hand, the leader waved her two beasts forward responding, “Bien. ¡Vamos chicas!

Part 10.2 of 2.10: Hanging out with the girls…

Ash uttered a snarl baring her teeth. Turning to the building, she rammed her strong body against the heavy door opening it. Sammi turned with a gasp as she cried out, “Shalyn!”

The little girl stamped her foot again and started crying. The door closed as Sani scowled at the retreating dark beast. Sackie responded as she got their attention, “I’ll talk to her! You go and get a manicure. I’ll keep my eye on her.”

Wiping her eyes to dry off her tears, Sammi spoke in English, “But-“

Sani watched Sackie approach the birthday girl. Taking out a brooch out of her pocket, the twin beast took Sammi’s hand gently and clasped the jewelry onto her wrist. Sammi cooed at it as Sackie responded, “Hey don’t cry, okay? It’s your special day. Wanted to give you this at the end of the day, but you need it now anyways. I made it just for you. It’s made from real metal that cannot be bent or broken. It’s New Alcatraz metal. I’ll see you again tonight, Sam.”

Sackie stroked Sam’s bleach blonde hair. After inspecting her new jewelry, Sammi looked up at her friend with a coo. She smiled giving her beast a hug. Sackie hugged Sammi gently. Moving back, Sammi pecked a kiss on her cheek. Gripping the hand of her leader, Sam studied her new jewelry with a grin. Sackie stood back. Sani looked at her with a scowl and nodded with a response, “Bien. Gracias Sackie. Estancia aquí. Vigilar. Stay here. Watch Shalyn. Shalyn no wander.”

The twin beast nodded in affirmation. She turned and headed into the store. Sani turned her little fighter around and spoke stroking her cheek, “¡Vámonos! Vamos a conseguir una manicure. Make you pretty.” Grabbing her waist, Sani lifted her small twelve year old girl onto her arms as a mother would.

Está bien,” Sammi exclaimed with a giggle and wrapped her arm around Sani’s strong fifteen inch bicep. She laid her head against the broad shoulder of her favorite stocky built leader. They were bonded for life.

Inside Fighters Inc., Ashlyn approached one of the machines. Facing the mirror, she noted her stocky built form. Her arms were big and her torso was broad. She was big for a thirteen year old. A thick nose ring rest at the bottom of her nose and her large tattoo wrapped around her broad shoulder.

Even if she looked to be older in front of the mirror because of her daily medicine keeping her alive, Ash felt like she could be seventeen years of age. That was what she looked like. Staring at the after image on the mirror, she noted Sackie entering into the building. The dark beast snarled at her with distaste.

One of the stockier, muscular built trainers approached her. He responded slapping her back getting her attention, “Good to see you again, Ash. Let’s get you started.”

Ash nodded at him and offered her hand. He accepted it as they gripped it into a handshake while pulling against their hands. As their body connected, they were almost the same in body size and weight. However, the boy teen’s muscles were albeit bigger than Ash’s. Letting go, she walked over to an inclined seat next to the machine. Her dark curled hair strands fell in front of her. Flipping her hair up and over, she sat on the seat and laid back. Testing the machine, the mid-teen inquired, “Three hundred pounds?”

Part 10.3 of 3.10: The twin beasts…

Watching the mirror again, she spied Sackie as her twin beast waved her hand and approached. Ash responded with a grunt as she placed her weight over her broad shoulders. The trainer measured the weight and walked away for a few moments. With a grunt, Ash lifted the heavy weight. Sackie approached the training mat and turned facing Ash. Crossing her arms, the beast scolded Ash with a scowl, “You made Sammi upset. You don’t make her upset especially on her birthday.”

Ash scowled back at her with hatred. Pushing up with her sets while standing up slowly before sliding down, the strong teenager listed as Sackie spoke, “We were supposed to hang out with them. I wanted to hang out with Sammi. Why can’t you be nicer to her?”

Letting out a growl, Ash grunted with effort lifting slowly. Her muscles hardened against the heavy weight. Silently with fury, she stared at her twin beast. They were only thirteen. Still not seeing a change in Ash, Sackie sighed looking around the gym. Looking at the weight number on Ash’s machine, she exclaimed, “Wow! So, this is how you have been getting stronger? I knew Sani came here since she turned fifteen, but I though you only had to be fifteen.”

Finally Ash grunted setting the weight back down and responded, “Sani introduced me to this place. I look old enough to pass the inspection so I have free reign to this place. You are much too weak for this gym anyways.”

At that insult in the end, Sackie snarled with a retort, “Watch it! I’m not weak.”

Pushing against the weight, Ash exhaled and shrugged. She coldly responded, “Sure you are. You follow Sani. Therefore, you are an omega and she is the alpha. Omegas are weaker than alphas. Don’t feel bad.”

Sackie growled at her and scowled. She responded, “You follow her. That means you are the omega too.”

Ash rested for a few moments on her seat and replied, “Sure. However, she is only the alpha as long as I train to get stronger. When my time comes, you’ll see. I am only in this for the training because I need this.”

Sackie was silent musing on what she said. The trainer returned with the towel and her training juice. The water bottle was a colored liquid filled with electrolytes and other energy to keep her energized and healthy. He handed them to Ash. She accepted the towel wiped her forehead of sweat. Taking a drink from her water bottle, she flipped the towel over her shoulder and rested against the inclined machine. The trainer approached Sackie and responded, “Hey, are you a member here?”

Ash watched them. Sackie turned to him and hastily responded, “Uhh, no I’m not. I’m just here to see-“

The stocky teen bodybuilder shook his head and responded pointing out toward the door, “You can’t be here then. Members only. How old are you? You need to be fifteen.”

Sackie stared at him and responded, “Huh? But I’m with Shalyn. We’re just hanging out. Right?”

Part 10.4 of 4.10: Just talking about a few things and hanging out…

The trainer turned to Ash. The dark haired beast stared at him coldly and shrugged. Sackie gasped while backing. Turning to her, the trainer responded, “Come back in a couple years and we’ll see. It’s the rules.”

Sackie looked at Ash and gave her a pleading stare. Ash scowled at her. With an exhale, responded, “Dale, give her a seven day trial run and a tour, yeah? Take the charges off my tab. She needs to check out one of these places.”

Shaking his head, the stocky fifteen year old turned and responded, “Alright, you got it Ash.”

Ash extended her hand and Dale accepted it. He pulled her up as they grasped their hands and clapped their shoulders against each other. He walked off. Turning to Sackie, Ash scowled at her. Sackie responded, “You didn’t have to do that.”

Ash curled her lips in distaste and snarled with her harsh response, “I didn’t do it for you. Say what you wanted to say. Why are you here anyways? You can’t even use the machines yet. It’s not for weaklings like you. Run back to Sani while you can. She needs to hold your hand.”

Insulted, Sackie moved forward toward her and spat angrily, “Watch it Shalyn!”

“Or what? You’re gonna bite me?” Ash retorted. She flexed her muscles showing her intimidating aura getting closer to her twin beast. Pumping her arms, the dark beast hunched her bulged shoulder muscles forward and moved close facing her twin beast.

Sackie grunted as Ash connected her head lightly on her own. Even if they were twin beasts, Ash was bigger and bulkier than Sackie was. With her arms down and flexed, Ash hunched over Sackie as her bulged traps expanded. Sackie placed her hand against Ash’s strong eight packs pushing her back, but she stood stationary and strong. Sackie gulped feeling intimidated by Ash’s cold harsh glare. Her dark eyes glimmered red slightly as Ash locked her stare into Sackie’s yellow eyes. Whimpering softly, the small Paxxian averted her eyes in submission. Ash growled as her curled upper lips quivered.

Dale came behind them and responded placing his tablet in between them separating them. Slapping Ash on the waist first getting her attention, he pushed against Ash’s chest and spoke, “Settle down, Ash. You know the rules. This is neutral territory. We don’t fight or spar here.”

Ash harshly slapped Dale’s hand aside as she scowled at him with anger. Her head connected with Dale’s forehead as she growled. Dale copied her dark eyed stare and offered his piercing glare. Breathing heavily, she curled her lips with disgust turned away ignoring them. Sackie gulped again watching her leave. Shaking his head, Dale exhaled, turned to approached Sackie and responded handing her the tablet, “Here, sign this. Your seven day trial starts here now. You sure you want this?”

Sackie gulped and looked at Dale with a nod, “Sure. Let’s do it. One of my friends comes here too. Sani?”

Dale nodded recognizing her, “Ahh yeah. Sanità Ayuers. Yes, she is a member here too.”

Sackie took the tablet and signed it. Looking past him, she noted that Ash grabbed hold one of the hundred fifty pound dumbbell. She carried both toward the bench and sat. Sackie inquired, “Dale? How long has she been here? Why is she here anyways? She isn’t fifteen.”

Dale shrugged and responded accepting the tablet, “Oh well she has special permission from her father. He comes here occasionally to work out. Ash has become one of our best and dedicated members. She is an inspiration to the new members who come here to train. Let me show you around.”

Turning to Dale, Sackie responded, “Later, okay? I want to talk to her for a bit.”

The stocky fifteen years old shrugged. He responded casually, “Fine. Just let me know.”

Dale walked away from her and clapped his hand on Ash’s shoulder. He squeezed her bulged traps as he responded, “Behave. “

Part 10.5 of 5.10: Talking to the beast is like sticking your foot into scalding hot ash. You’d get burned.

Ash uttered a growl scowling at him. She lifted her dumbbell slowly with effort before leaning it down again with her elbow on her knee. Her muscular torso was hunched down as she lifted her other dumbbell up. Looking up, she stared at her twin beast. Sackie walked to the front of her and spoke, “Shalyn?”

Not stopping her exercise, Ash spat coldly, “What?”

Sackie responded, “Why do you hate Sani? Why can’t you be a little nicer?”

The bang from her dumbbell resounded on the floor as Sackie jumped. Ash uttered a growl as she snarled curling her lips with a retort, “I have a better question. Why do I hate talkative people?”

It was rhetorical. Sackie recognized that tone and held her tongue for a few seconds. Ash dropped the other weight on the floor and grabbed her liquid colored water bottle. Taking a gulp, she scowled at the twin beast. Sackie spoke trying again, “Help me out here, Shalyn. Talk to me.”

Taking the towel, Ash wiped the sweat from her brow again. Her calculative mind picked out a question and she inquired, “How long have you been with Sani?”

Sackie puffed her chest up and snarled sitting down on the bench with her. She responded, “Since childhood! She was being picked on and I defended her. We’ve been together as friends for five years since that day.”

Ash puffed a breath after gulping her energy drink. She responded, “Huh! Makes sense.”

Sackie scowled at her and inquired, “What do you mean?”

Ashlyn shrugged as she got up shaking her head. Turning to Dale, she shouted waving her hand up, “Dale! I’m leaving for a bit. I’ll be back later.”

Dale waved back with a nod. Turning to her twin beast, Ash let out a snarl at Sackie. With a grunt, she motioned her once toward the door as she headed out. Sackie followed swiftly as Ash made her way through the doors out of the building. She walked a bit down the street. Sackie approached from behind and inquired again, “Tell me! What do you mean? What makes sense?”

Stopping before the end of the sidewalk, Ash turned and leaned against the wall. She stared coldly at Sackie as she responded with a shrug, “Do you really want to know? Isn’t it obvious by now? It’s been nine years. She is treating you like a pet to be used. You are simply her beast.”

With a snarl, Sackie shook her head with a reply, “What? No! That is not true. We are close friends!”

Sitting up, Ash responded straightened up her back and pumped her arms to her side, “Really? Then how come you let her walk all over you. Sammi is simply a new recruit. Sani has known her for only has it been almost four years? You know what Sammi is? She is Sani’s new real friend.”

Sackie shouted retorting, “No! We are friends. We made a pact! You made the pact too! Four S’s in a bond that will not be broken! Sani, Sammi, me and you!”

Part 10.6 of 6.10: Breaking the promise of an unbroken bond starting with the letter ‘S’

Ash shook her head as a strand of dark curled hair fell in front of her eyes. She coldly responded, “It’s a lie. Sammi is only her true friend. Haven’t you noticed by now? Do you see their hands holding? The quick pecks on the cheek? Sani’s over protectiveness of Sammi? Or are you so blind by this fake friendship that you cannot even see?”

The dark beast was twisting Sackie’s emotions around. She took pleasure in it as she coldly smiled at Sackie’s confused expression. The brown haired beast roared as she rushed at Ash shouting, “Stop it! Don’t say this! Sani is our friend and I am protective of Sammi too so don’t you dare!”

Ash grunted. She hunched forward and grabbed the rushing twin beast. Without effort, she twisted the yelling Paxxian onto her side, dragged her across the ground and rammed her against the wall. She dealt an elbow strike against the twin beast. Sackie grunted in pain from Ash’s harsh blow. Blood trickled down her lip as she struggled against the angry dark beast.

Ash snarled as she pushed her strong arm against Sackie’s chest. She spat, “You want to be weak and do Sani’s bidding? Fine! Don’t come at me like that. I will kill you. For as long as you are weak, you will not be coming with me to train. You are not even worth the trouble of having a free week trial and a tour of the Fighter’s Inc. facility. Just because of this attack, don’t even bother coming in tomorrow. I will cancel your free trial and get my refund.”

Sackie whimpered in pain as she felt her back pressing against the wall. Ash moved her up against the wall. She glared with hatred for the twin beast and spat, “You want to follow me? Then release Sani and Sammi from your friendship. Scorn them. Hate them, but don’t say it. Show it. Profess your strength and hurt them. Show them.”

Sackie continued to whimper as she tasted blood from her lips. Shaking her head and averting her gaze, she responded, “No. Please don’t do this. Let me go!”

Letting go, Ash dropped Sackie onto her feet. She spat as she gripped her fist, “You are nothing! As long as you follow them you are the same as them.”

She rammed her fist onto Sackie’s stomach. The twin beast groaned in pain as she sank onto the ground. Hiding her face inside her knees, she cried softly. For a thirteen year old, the Paxxian cried like a youngling. Her body was shaking in pain as she wept. With a disgusted snarl, Ash turned away from Sackie and left her. Walking along the sidewalk with her features still in a cold scowl, the aura of hatred and rage emanated from her.

Part 10.7 of 7.10: Sammi, the cleaned and manicured birthday girl

It was mid afternoon. In another building far across town, several people stood around the room. There were party flavors around the table and chairs. Cake was on one of the table along with the presents. Sani held Sammi’s hand as Sammi looked around the room. The little girl’s features were clean.

Her long curled bleach blond hair was pulled together by her barrette. On the ends were her pink tips. Her manicured nail polished hands were visible with hot pink nails. She had her pink lipstick with gloss. For her birthday, Sani took her to a salon to give her a clean and manicured pretty look.

Looking around, Sammi inquired in Spanish, “¿Dónde está el Stryker?”

Sani wasn’t paying attention as her main focus was on her boyfriend in front of her. She had her nail polished as well with a clean manicured look on her features. Saint Mark de Ryac had his hand around her waist. They embraced as their lips touched each other. With her fingers, she stroked the cross hanging around Marc’s neck.

Turning around, Sammi looked at Sani and pulled at her arm. She asked with exasperation, “Dije ¿Dónde está él? ¡Quiero verlo!

Unlocking her embrace, Sani moved back and smiled sweetly at her nineteen year old boyfriend. She touched Mark’s lips with her finger. Mark stroked her hair and kept his arm around her waist. Turning to her friend, Sani responded in her native tongue to the girl, “En un minuto, chica. Dijo que va a ser tarde. ¿Por qué no obtener su regalo y abrirlo? Es el pequeño regalo junto a la silla.”

Sammi gasped and exclaimed happily. She bounded excitedly up and down. Coming close to kiss her on the cheek, she responded, “¡Eres el mejor! ¡Yupi!

Letting go of Sani’s hand, Sammi skipped away as Sani withdrew her hand. Mark touched her jaw and moved her head slightly. Sani touched his hand as he responded, “Eres un gran amigo a tu chica. Que yo sepa. De estropear a tu chica. En el buen sentido.”

Stroking the cross resting on Mark’s chest, Sani smiled and responded, “Gracias San Marcos. Si alguien hiere a mi niña, se les lastimo. Nadie toca a mi niña y sobrevive.”

Pulling her closer, Mark spoke as he kissed her, “Te quiero, mi amor.”

Sani embraced him again with another kiss. Marc stroked her hair and held her waist close while Sani touched his cheek and wrapped her arm around his shoulder. Sammi stopped before the table and turned to watch both couples embrace. She noticed a lot of touching. Her expression changed to disgust as she exclaimed softly in Spanish, “¡Puaj!

Turning back to the table, she looked for her present. Finding it, she squealed picking it up. Seeing that the small present was from Tyler, she turned it around and shook it near her ear. The sound was muffled. Gripping it, she started bounding up and down excited as her curled bleach blond hair bounced up and down in the air.

A voice came from her other side as Tyler responded, “Hey! Don’t open the presents yet!”

Looking up, Sammi’s eyes went wide and turned into a half crescent as she cooed smiling. She shouted in English as she opened her arms, “Stryker! Yay, you’re here!”

Keeping her present close, she rushed and skipped toward Tyler. Tyler was holding the hand of her Tricetra girlfriend Teena. He responded to the girl’s cheerful happiness, “Sammi!”

Part 10.8 of 8.10: Opening the present…

Sammi tackled hugged Tyler. Teena giggled as she kept her hold on Tyler’s hand. Tyler used his other arm to hug the twelve year old and lifted her from the ground. Sammi giggled kissing him on the neck. Tyler gently placed her back down. She responded waving the present at his face, “I wanna open this! Can I open this? You’re my best friend!”

Tyler was about to respond but hesitated as Teena went to his ear. Cupping her hand around his ear, she whispered. Sammi watched them with wide open eyes curious on what they were talking about. When Teena finished, she smiled sweetly to Sammi. Tyler nodded and responded with a sigh, “Okay. As long as you find my present so we can open it the same time.”

Sammi cheered as she bounded with energy toward the table, “Oh yay! Okay!”

Turning to Teena, Tyler smiled at her and gave her a kiss. He touched her chin and they embraced. On the table, Sammi looked around on Tyler’s side of the presents. Picking out one, she skipped toward Tyler as she bounded happily toward them. Her curled bleach blond hair continued bouncing behind her. They were tied back with a barrette. Stopping before them, Sammi giggled bashfully as she placed both presents behind her back.

When Tyler and Teena unlocked their embrace, they looked back at the little girl. Tyler inquired at the short girl, “You found something?”

Sammi laughed as her face flushed red. She nodded handing him his present. Tyler accepted and exclaimed as he noticed her clean, nail polished hands. He inquired, “You got a manicure today?”

She nodded showing her nails and wriggling them while responding, “Yup! Mi chica treated me at a salon. Don’t you just love my hot pink nails?”

Tyler nodded pointing at the present she was holding. He replied, “They will look even better when you open your present first.”

Sammi exclaimed. She squealed taking her small wrapped box. Teena smiled at the twelve year old. Her cheerful attitude made the Tricetra happy. Taking the wrapping, the little girl tore the present off and removed the top. She gasped again removing the pink finger less gloves. Looking at him, Sammi inquired with a cooing sound.

Tyler responded, “They are called BoxNet two point oh hundred. Not available yet but I pulled some strings. I know people who know people who know people and so on. This is the beta version so you’ll be testing it out. Try it on. It works great!”

Sammi giggled as she dropped the box and placed the pink fingerless gloves on. She cooed responding, “Oooh, they feel weird.”

Waving her hands and clenched it, Sam continued waving it. Her feet were moving as she bounced again. Tyler smiled at her and responded, “Glad you like it. The weird feeling is just the sensors getting used to your hand. Keep wearing it. Eventually you’ll get used to it. If you don’t like it, I can always take it back.”

Sammi shook her head as she responded, “No! I’m good. I love it! Thanks Tyler!”

Part 10.9 of 9.9: The party beasts have arrived

Before Tyler could look at his present, a door opened. Ash entered. Her scowling features remained as she looked around the room. He waved at her, “Hey Ash! Glad you’re here!”

Ash walked in a few more steps. Sammi switched her focus on her and skipped toward her. She gave the dark beast a huge hug and responded, “Thanks for coming, Shalyn!”

Ash uttered a disgusted snarl moving her arms back. Sammi kept her pink fingerless gloved hands around her stocky torso. Backing up, she looked around as her expression fell a bit. She inquired, “Where’s Sackie?”

Ash responded with a shrug. Before she could say anything, another person appeared through the door. Sackie responded as she opened her arms, “Sammi! I’m here!”

The dark beast turned toward her twin beast with a snarl. Sammi exclaimed as her cheerfulness returned. She bounded toward Sackie’s open arms. The brown haired Paxxian lifted Sammi as Sammi pecked her with kisses. They hugged strongly. Keeping her from the ground, Sackie held onto Sammi’s waist and stroked her hair with another. She responded, “I’m here Sam. I wouldn’t miss your birthday for anything. You are my friend.”

Sammi giggled placing her hands into Sackie’s brown hair stroking it. She kissed her on the cheek as Sackie placed her down. Looking up, Sackie met Ash’s scowl and copied it baring her teeth. Ash scowled at her coldly. Grasping Sackie’s hand, Sammi pulled her along.

Ash approached Sackie and grabbed her waist lightly. Sniffing out her scent, she inspected her and whispered inquiring, “Your injuries?”

Sackie scowled as she snarled at Ash. She whispered, “Repaired no thanks to you. I had to check out in a medical office. Just so you know, Shalyn, I hate you now. Hope you’re happy.”

With her hand, the twin beast thrust Ash aside pushing her. Sammi held hands with Sammi across the floor. Ash watched her twin beast. Letting out a low growl, she smiled coldly whispering with a snarl, “Good.”

Tyler and Teena walked toward the table hand to hand. She kissed Tyler on the cheek and stroked his bicep. Sani left Marc’s embrace as she kissed him on the cheek. Turning away, she walked toward her girls while Marc joined Tyler at the table. Sani walked gently toward Sammi and Sackie. She spoke acknowledging Sackie, “Hola Sackie. ¿Shalyn bueno? Problem?”

Sammi fitted her gloved hand into Sani’s hand and grasped it. She cocked her head as she listened to the girls. Sackie turned to Ash. When Sani touched Sackie on the shoulder, the twin beast turned back to her and shook her head. She responded, “No problem at all, Sani. Bueno. Wouldn’t miss the party for anything, right?”

Sani smiled and nodded responding, “¡De acuerdo!

Sackie turned to Ash. Ash stared at her, but nodded once. They would keep what happened between them for now. It wouldn’t do any good if Sani learned of this. Turning away from the girls, Ash refocused her attention on the other group. Tyler and Marc were talking among each other and laughing. Teena held Tyler’s hand and arm as she laid her head against his strong shoulder.

Sani gripped Sammi’s hand gently and moved it aside to inspect her pink fingerless gloves. She smiled at her responding, “¡Veo que tienes los guantes de nuevo! ¿Son buenas?

Sammi giggled and shrugged replying, “¡Sí!

Sani nodded and pulled her along. She spoke to her, “¡Hagamos que esta fiesta! The party start soon. Los invitados llegarán. Come on! ¡Vamos!

Sammi bounded happily and turned her head to Sackie. She wrapped her arm around Sackie’s arm pulling her along. The little girl spoke, “¡Ándale! Get your butt moving, Paxxian!”

Sackie smiled at her as she was pulled along. The girls headed toward the other group. Ash remained standing in the middle of the room observing the events. All she could portray was cold hatred. Her father made her this way. She never celebrated her birthdays so therefore there was no point of her celebrating anything. However, she came simply because Sani requested her presence to keep Sammi happy. If Sammi was unhappy, then Sani would be unhappy with Ash not that Ashlyn would even care what Sani thinks of her.

Slowly, Ash moved forward toward the group of friends. Tyler noticed her and waved as he exclaimed. He was happy that she was here. Gripping Teena on the hand, they walked toward Ash. Teena cooed as she inspected Ash’s strong form. She responded touching Ash on the shoulder, “Wow! You are huge!”

Ash uttered a low growl at being touched. Tyler thought nothing of it as he boasted responding, “Yeah well, she is a fighter Teena. Of course she needs to get stronger. One day soon, she will become the best. You’ll see! I’m proud of her.”

Tyler laughed as he exclaimed offering his fist. Ash scowled at him. Tyler shrugged and hand fisted her shoulder before clapping her arm. He responded beckoning her forward, “Come on! There’s cake! It’s okay if you didn’t bring any presents. Just your strong presence is enough.”

Turning to Teena, the Stryker kissed his girlfriend on the lips. As they turned around, Teena lightly stroked Ash’s arm and pulled her along toward the table. Ash allowed them to do that even though she hated being touched. The beast was trying hard to get along, but how could she? Ashlyn can’t feel love or share it. All she could do was feel cold rage and hatred. That was how she felt. Without the love of a mother, all Ashlyn could feel was her father’s hatred toward his daughter.

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