Book One: The Innocent Heart

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From Trainee to Fighter

Part 11.1 of 1.8: The first combatant. Beast Vs Veers.

The crowd surrounding the ‘Pit of Hell’ roared with anticipation. The ring was aptly nicknamed because when you enter the pit, you enter Hell. The two new fighters entered the ring. It was July. Ashlyn Sadie Techryn turned fourteen. This was her chance to show herself. She finished her three years of training. On her wrist was a band. It was her first mark of a newbie fighter. Ash was this new challenger to be reckoned with.

Clenching her gloved fists, her rough muscles showed. Ash stared back at her challenger with a dark, cold scowl. Letting out an intimidating growl, her lips were slightly open as her face was cringed with hatred toward her enemy. She wore only a tank top and fighting gear. Her bare skin showed her rough eight packs, her rounded muscles and slightly raised broad shoulders. Bringing her arms down, she flexed as her fists clenched showing her strength.

The holo shimmered appearing between the two fighters. It was the announcer. He shouted through the cheering crowd as he opened his arms, “Welcome all to the spectator of fights! The first fight of all fights between two newbie! First challenger on the right! You know her! You’ve seen her around! She is the one you do not want to face even in combat! Her strength and prowess in her fights is known! However, this is her first real fight! Only fourteen year old, welcome Ashlyn Techryn ‘The Beast’!”

The crowds roared calling by her pit name. Her intimidation caused her challenger to stumble. He lost his confidence slightly. Compared to the beast, the man had smaller muscles. The announcer shouted as he pointed at the second challenger, “On the left is another new challenger. New to the sport, he is the underdog that will soon become a champ. He is only fifteen and a hundred forty pounds. So low on the food chain, he will rise up to become worthy! Welcome Raymundo Veers!”

Some of the crowd roared for him calling his name Veers. Ray placed his fists up with confidence. He jabbed several time with his fists speaking, “So, the Beast, huh? Well, you don’t look like one, so why don’t you change the name and get a new, weaker name.”

At that insult, Ash let out a roar. Her dark eyes glimmered with red slightly as her beast surfaced. Her pure hatred blasted the fighter as she breathed harshly with a growl. The smaller fighter gulped backing again. She watched him dance around jabbing a few punches at her. He moved back and forth getting closer to her. However, he was losing his confidence again as he just finished training the same as her.

The announcer looked at both challengers and inquired, “Are you ready? I said are you ready? Remember the rule! There are no rules! Alright begin!”

The announcer shimmered out of the ring. Ray let out a yell as he charged first. He rammed a few fists toward her. Ash stood letting him hit her. She grunted feeling the blow across her jaw and her chest. Ray danced back and around the stationary beast. With a snarl, the beast turned around and scowled at him. She breathed heavily and clenched her fists with anger. The male fighter charged in again with another punch. Ash firmly blocked the blow and counter jabbed harshly at his face. It caught him off guard as Ray stumbled back. Running back in, he rammed another punch below her.

She grabbed his hand and pulled as she rammed her other fist onto his face. He ducked and pushed his body against her. Fighting against her body, Ray attempted to run her down. However, she pushed back with her own strength.

Grabbing his head, Ash lifted his face and rammed several blows on his face and finished with an elbow strike. The small, sturdy fighter grunted in pain as he started to bleed. Losing his grip, he was shoved back. Taking his chest, the beast let out a roar thrusting him across the pit. She ran and thrashed him against the cage. Ray spat blood as he grunted in pain holding her wrist. Stepping back, Ash watched Ray stumble to his feet. Taking her fist, she punched the dazed fighter.

Part 11.2 of 2.8: The Beast with the upper hand.

Ray lost a tooth as he spat blood falling to the ground. Grabbing the floor, he started coughing. The crowd roared with anticipation calling for the beast. Looking around, Ash scowled with coldness at the crowd. Raising her fist, she grunted and rammed it fist down as she kicked Ray on the chest. He crashed into the cage with a groan. Bending down, she grabbed him by the nape of the neck. She lifted the weakened fighter and punched him on the chest.

Ash thrust him against the cage harshly as Ray fell. He limped over. Grabbing his neck, Ash gripped his chest and hoisted him overhead. Using all her strength to lift the weakened fighter above her, the beast exhaled a roar, increased her grip and thrust him across the cage. Veers crashed onto the cage and fell unconscious onto the floor. Hunched over with her shoulders bristling, Ash pumped her arms and flipped her dark curled hair back and growled furiously baring her teeth.

The beast snarled curling her lips with hatred. The announcer appeared and exclaimed walking over to Ash. Taking her hand, he raised her fist and responded, “There you have it! We have a winner! By instant KO, the beast will continue forward!”

Snapping her hand away, Ash flexed her muscles as she let out a victorious roar clenching her fists. Her long damp dark curled hair was flipped back. Bending down with her knees, she brought her arms down as her traps bulged. Exiting the ring, she was met with her three girls. They clambered on her cheering for her victory. Sani exclaimed grabbing the nape of Ash’s neck and connected her head against hers. She responded, “Shalyn! ¡Buen trabajo! How it feel to win?”

Clenching her fists, Ash snarled at her with an affirmation nod. Sani was satisfied letting go. Taking Sackie by the arm, she announced, “Sackie se inicia en una hora. We get her ready! Sam, estás próxima. You next! Hazme orgulloso, chica. Make proud!”

Sammi nodded moved the strand of her curled blond hair behind her ear. Gripping her pink fingerless glove into a fist, she held it upright toward her leader and responded in Spanish, “¡No te preocupes! Voy a hacer mi mejor esfuerzo.”

Sani smiled at her girl grabbing her head. She moved her close for a hug. Sammi wrapped around her body copying her hug. Ash snarled at them both with disgust. As Ash knew, Sani had already done her fighter test a couple years back. Turning fifteen was a big thing for her leader as she faced her first challenger and won proving herself to be the best fighter and leader of her girls. Currently seventeen, Sani faced her matches against fighters while she trained her three girls. Compared to Ash, the blonde haired leader remained the strongest fighter matched with the beast’s strength.

Sackie was already ahead of the girls. Jabbing and thrusting her fists in the air, she jogged towards the training room. The twin beast tried to copy Ash’s intimidating scowl. As Sackie rushed into the training room, she saw her trainer. Deciding to train her moves on him, she rushed toward Trac and placed him on the defensive. Trac placed his fists up blocking her moves. Sackie bounced past him toward the training bag. She began hitting it.

Trac walked toward the three girls as he placed his hands up. He split his hands sideways as Sani let go of Ash. The red clayed colored trainer spoke, “Sani, Sammi, I will need to talk to Shalyn in private if you don’t mind.”

Sani smiled grabbing Sammi’s hand. Approaching her trainer gracefully, she grabbed his muscular arm and reached up to peck him on the cheek with her lips and replied sweetly, “¡Por supuesto, amorcito!

Trac let out a sigh as he watched the two girls approach Sackie. They helped their twin beast train for her next match. Placing his hand through the doorway, Trac responded, “Shalyn, I have no destination in mind. I actually want to walk with you for a moment because I have an offer for you.”

Part 11.3 of 3.8: The Mekoiian…

Ash nodded pulling her dark curled hair back into a pony tail. She walked with him while listening. Trac replied, “Of all the trainees I have trained to survive the pit, you exceed my expectations. Only a few besides yourselves have proven their might and became outstanding SIAD agents at a young age. It is with their blessing I will train you to become one of them with your permission of course.”

The corridor was quiet as they walked along. Ash thought for a bit musing. All her life she had been abused by her father to get stronger. He whipped her and made her survive his onslaught. She had been forced to hurt people because of him. Not once she got a choice of what she wanted to do. After that match and turning fourteen, her trainer recognized her for a woman who can make up her own mind by offering a choice.

Trac was silent for an alien as he waited on her patiently to think. He already had newfound respect for her strengths and prowess. Turning into the corner, Trac led Ash along. After a few more stray thoughts, they stopped before the fork of the corridor. It split off into two paths. Turning to him, she inquired, “Why would I join the SIAD? Just what will I get from them?”

The red eyed, orange skinned alien crossed his arms spoke. His manner was casual as he explained, “Well, they are responsible for all the things directly related to the investigation and defense of Earth and her colonies from people who would do her harm. They would do things outside of their morality for the interest of keeping Earth safe steeling her for a greater future. They pay well for their agents so that the rest of humanity won’t have to do things they don’t want to do. Joining them would mean taking that huge responsibility. You do what you want however you will do as long as you follow their directives. Seeing you in this fight against your first combatant has made me really consider offering you this one time chance of becoming an agent of the SIAD. I will understand if you don’t and this will be the last you hear from me.”

Ash nodded giving him a dark emotionless look and stared replying, “I accept. What will I have to do?”

Trac smiled as he placed his hand across to the left corridor, “You made a wise choice, Shalyn. Come with me, there is something I want to show you.”

He crossed the direction of the long corridor. Ash followed as the alien replied, “This corridor isn’t the most used because there is nothing back there for the rest of the population. A room is kept secret and hidden. Only the SIAD agents know about it as well as those who go through this initiation first before given this secret location. They have given me permission to invite you in. You will share the secret location to no one. You have a future as a great SIAD agent, so I am willing to train you.”

Ash silently walked along the corridor toward a dead end. Trac approached a wall and placed his hand on it. Moving his hand across the wall, he searched for a trigger. Finding it, he pushed down into the niche and twisted. A firm click sounded. Releasing his hand from the wall, a secret compartment opened. A keypad display popped out. Typing a few words, he entered a secret password. The wall shimmered as Ash recognized this same technology she saw before when she entered the Underground the first time. Trac disappeared through. The wall shimmered as Ash followed. It was dark for a few moments. A second later, blinding light flashed around her. Ash groaned closing her eyes. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise.

Part 11.4 of 4.8: The choice and a secret location...

After a few seconds of being dazed, the first thing Ash heard was a heavy storm. Opening her eyes, she looked outside the window. Methane colored gas covered the atmosphere. A smell of sulfur from the air passed her nostril. She looked at Trac curiously. He explained, “Only a few of those know the password. Those who enter the wrong thing or does not have access will get sent elsewhere. It is a secret holding dark cell where they must sit and await trial for trespassing. It’s not pleasant.”

Ash nodded walking over to the window. She looked outside into the strange green colored air. Trac spoke shifting a bit with discomfort, “It’s not Earth anymore. It’s her twin Venus. Currently a station is orbiting this world keeping her safe from prying eyes under the guise of a science ship. This science vessel is studying Venus’s volatile atmosphere while trying to find a way to put oxygen back. They failed each time. It worked thus far for nearly two hundred years now. Come.”

Ash followed him gathering a question in her sharp brain. She inquired, “You say those who aren’t cleared to come here are sent elsewhere? What about-”

Trac shrugged leading her to a bigger room. Leading her down underground, he spoke, “They made it so you have the access of a SIAD trainee, but that’s the lowest rank you can get for the moment. It will be limited. However, don’t worry. I’m sure if you work your way up they will give you a better access.”

“This place,” he cleared his throat while waving his hand around the room, “Will be active with holo vision program. They will offer you or anyone with access to a whole variety of training or mission objectives. It could also be used as a place to get together and relax like a den of sorts. Come here often and get you could get a VIP access. You will also meet new agents. I don’t need to warn you. Some of the agents around here are tad unpleasant or they could be your kind of people. You can never know.”

As Trac approached, he took her hand and placed a chip on her open palm. Ash studied the chip with her curious, blank expression. He showed her the way out finishing his little tour responding, “Come we must leave. This chip I gave you contains everything you would need as a SIAD trainee. Study it, do not lose it and do not share this location with not an agent or anyone.”

Ash nodded understanding. She kept the chip close. The Mekoiian’s dark red eyes and his presence confused her. Because of that, she allowed him to guide her. She needed guidance or a willing hand to offer help. Accepting it, she followed him out of this secret area and back to the Underground with the rest of her girls. The hour passed. It was time for Sackie’s first test.

Part 11.5 of 5.8: One School and One Instruction…

Following the next morning, Ash roamed the halls of her school listening to her MP3 player. Turning around the corner, she grabbed the knob of the closet and opened. Before her was shimmering holo of the Earth’s moon. Changing her expression into distaste, she growled with irritation stepping onto the soft surface of the simulated moon. The door behind her shut automatically as the doorway vanished. Turning around, she saw the gray mountains of the moon surface and the Earth behind it.

Robert Guielspe waited for her next to a cave. He motioned beckoning her to approach. Putting away her MP3 player, Ash obeyed his instruction and pushed forward across the rocky surface. The old holo teacher inquired, “Remember my instructions about Joston Charles and my son before? I just wanted to re touch a few things and to remind you again.”

Ash hissed baring her teeth as she followed him into the cave. The beast didn’t like remembering things again. The underground cave wasn’t big as she suspected. She walked down the soft soil into the cold depths of frozen stalactites and stalagmites touching each other. The surface of the water was frozen. However, a stream still flowed beautifully beneath the frozen surface. Ash could feel the cold numbness of this place. Following him into a cavern, she saw several people around a standing coffin. Inside this coffin was a man. He wore an old Pro World War Three space suit. His eyes were frozen open as his crystalline body stood erect. The holo VIs around Ash and Robert excavated this person from his sleeping coffin.

As Ash approached the coffin placing her hand on it, her teacher explained, “Joston Charles, the first and foremost a man who started a revolution with his own mind. He went against his own people in this lonesome expanse of space and beyond and taught us a very important thing that we all strive to remember as we set out on our own with our friends and allies that we trust.”

Robert spoke as the holo Rickard moved through Ash. He placed a device on the ice where she had her hand on it. Withdrawing it, she hissed silently at the non-responsive holo while listening to her teacher, “My son. He wanted to save him and bring Charles back home to stand trial. He wanted him to explain what he did or why. To put simply, he wanted to see his thoughts. Luckily, help was on the way from our allies the Durian. Word reached them and they sent word of an advanced technology that can slowly bring a man’s frozen body from a frozen tomb and put him into a specialized cryo tube that we still today. It was arduous work while keeping Charles’s body intact.”

The holo scene around her shimmered as it fast forwarded to the point where five tubes were set around the cavern. Only one in the center was occupied. Joston Charles’s body was in that tube. His life sign was faint failing rapidly. Ash approached the tube as Robert replied, “After a full day of hard work setting things up, Rickard led three judges into the man’s mind. I am programmed to tell you things that I am allowed to and I cannot begin to explain this technology to you. It’s classified and-”

There was silence for a moment. Turning around, Ash saw her teacher standing there. Robert was shimmering. Something was happening to the holo. Growing curious, she approached him and waved her hand through. He stood there still making the odd fritz noise. His holo was being accessed.

From behind him, she saw a shadow of a man approaching her slowly. Everything around her was frozen in place. However, she remembered that it was all an illusion or a part of a program. The only thing real was her and this shadowed man approaching her. He was unaffected by time. His form got bigger as he got closer. The mysterious man wore a cloak.

The man’s voice was rough and cankerous as he spoke, “Ashlyn Sadie Techryn. I work for the people who love their secrets. They see something in you that I do not understand quite yet. What you will see and hear you must not speak of it, do you understand? You are of age so you can comprehend this. We will allow you just this once to give you a taste of your future. The words Joston Charles said will make more sense to you this way when you see what he had done to give us a harsh reminder.”

Part 11.6 of 6.8: The Man with the X...

The man approached the shimmering holo. He removed a device from his hand and moved towards the tube. Ash saw for a moment the X shaped design on his cloak. She had never saw it before and become curious about this mysterious man. Turning around, the cloaked man held out a hand and pointed at the tube holding Charles alive. Fidgeting with the device in his hand, he spoke, “This classified technology Admiral Rickard Guilespe had gotten from the Durians. It was secret technology. Even the amphibious aliens had to step through the process of keeping the whole thing under wraps. The people weren’t ready to understand. The three judges to cover it all to make what Rick saw vanish.”

Clearing his throat, the man resumed, “To keep it under wraps until one day we will be older to understand why Charles did this to his own people. We have the words he spoke and for eons no one knew exactly what they meant. Many definitions collided with each other saying one thing or the other. What he never knew were the three judges that came with him. They worked for certain powerful people and for years they were silent still playing with people’s minds and taunting us.”

Ash growled impatiently shutting him up. She hated long sermons that did nothing. Approaching him cautiously, she inquired, “Who are you?”

The man with the X marked cloak nodded once replying mysteriously, “Your new friend and hopefully your ally. You may refer to me as Lord Xaverius or Xavier. Some call me Doctor Exxes. Now I want you to understand something. We-no, they kept this a secret because humanity is still young. They wouldn’t understand. Not for a long time. The SIAD did regretful things and moved on. They teach all of their new recruits that there is more than meets the eye. When you look into Joston Charles’ eyes and try to read it.”

X paused trying to find the words. Letting out a harsh growl as his features darkened with anger, he approached her responding, “Humanity tried to read Charles and they say many things but they have never gone inside of him. They didn’t know how. Rickard did and it changed him. It changed his perspective that even his grandfather would be against. He went against his grandfather’s wishes and changed the mission directives. He altered it slightly to allow the SIAD have certain power in some areas. Powers that Robert didn’t want them to have. Rick did all for Earth, her colonies and her allies that the people are kept safe not knowing what their agents do to protect them.”

He pointed at a device around the man’s head. It was beeping slowly. The man replied, “This device you see there that Charles is wearing. It allowed them to see what he is thinking. It thrust Rickard and the three judges into the depths of Charles’s mind allowing them see what he is thinking. They invaded his little world.” Pressing the device, the room shimmered plunging them into darkness.

He responded flatly, “It was dark.” There was silence in the complete darkness. Ash snarled. She couldn’t see in front of her. A wind rushed passed her as the sound of a flapping cloak was heard. It was X. She followed the sound of heavy footfalls in the complete darkness until she saw one vertical single flowing, swirling liquid. The water-like portal shimmered. Before the circle of free standing blue water, she saw a cloaked man approach the portal. Walking into it, the man with the X vanished.

With curiosity, Ash walked toward the portal and touched the swirling shimmering blue liquid. She entered and felt herself thrust along in her journey. After a few seconds, she flew out from the other end. Tripping on her own feet, she fell flat onto the rocky ground. Letting a low growl, she clenched her fists and banged it onto the ground. Slowly, she got herself up and shook herself to reality.

Looking around her surroundings, she saw the swirling plasma like storms rumbling. They all thundered and flashed. She was on a desolate rocky surface of an island in the middle of nowhere. Behind her was a swirling blue mass of the portal she was thrust through. In front of her were people. Beside several holo people, she saw the cloaked man. The X marked design was still visible on his cloak. He motioned Ash to come towards the three judges that surrounded Joston Charles and Rickard.

Part 11.7 of 7.8: The Sentence

The man surrounded by the admiral and the three judge looked around for a moment confused. Ash recognized the man from her holo-journal as Joston Charles. He spoke in a demanding tone, “What is this place? Where am I?”

Ash listened on as an observer as she stood beside Xaverius. Rickard responded, “We are in your mind, Mr. Charles. We are here to listen to you.”

“Well I’ve always known my mind for as long as I stood and it looked nothing like this. A little decoration won’t hurt,” Charles paused for a bit looked around. When his cold eyes fell upon the judges and the man standing before him, he didn’t recognize him. Charles inquired sharply, “Who are you? Why am I here? Where is this?”

“I am Admiral Rickard Hal Guielspe. Standing before you are the judges who will listen to you. We are still on the moon and are willing to hear you out. Perhaps we can lighten your sentence,” Rickard offered with the hope that he will talk.

Slowly Charles began to remember where he was, he realized what was going on. His features turned into a cold scowl. He gave Rick a cold shudder as he responded, “I did what I had to do. We weren’t meant for exploration. We were young and prideful. I know I was eager. I loved the idea of this colony base. Every one of us volunteered and we were chosen based on our skills. Out of fifteen thousand candidates only those with the skills and the training could make this mission. It was an honor.”

Letting out a growl, Charles advanced the Admiral. Rick backed from him as the man resumed, “You’re here to try me for what I did? You weren’t here. You didn’t know! You cannot begin to grasp-”

Rickard interrupted raising his hands while backing. He moved his hand forward to vend the man off responding, “Charles, what you did to the colony-”

He grunted in pain as Charles punched him harshly across the jaw. He was bigger than the Admiral himself. The three judges watched. Rickard was bent down as he nursed his jaw. Charles scowled at him as he kept his muscled arms on his side. He was hunched over, a bit large and muscular. Charles growled as he spoke with anger and hatred, “What I did to the colony I saved them from themselves. Their worry and their pain as the war continued from afar. There was no hope for them. No hope for humanity. We will always be fated for war. We will always hate one another, to kill one another and for what? We get nowhere. I-”

Charles advanced as Rick feebly raised his hands to defend himself. Charles struck him across the face and his chest. Rick fell to his knees groaning in pain. The three judges looked on silent. Ash watched with cold interest as Charles grabbed the admiral on the throat harshly. Lifting him, he watched Rick choke under his grip as he was brought up close. Then it happened. The surroundings around the seven people started breaking apart. Everything was falling down. Charles’s mind was shutting down. He was dying. The accused man was trying to bring himself out of his own existence.

Part 11.8 of 8.8: Inevitable she continued her fall

I,” Charles coldly spoke not caring for the Admiral’s pain. Rickard gasped for breath trying to plead the judges. However, they were stoic as the man resumed, “did what I had to do. Somewhere in me was this power and with this power I sought to end the colony. One by one they fell. I was the genius. I finally realized why I was chosen by Earth. You see, I was recruited by certain people. Their true name will die with me.”

Charles whispered into his ear making him gasp for breath. He spoke, “I am Death and it is my power to end you. With no one against me my duty is the easiest as I walk into darkness alone.”

Rick gasped as his windpipes were about to burst. Charles thrust him down again onto the floor with him wheezing grasping his throat. Baring his teeth, Charles growled harshly grabbing the top of his head. Clenching his fist, he punched his face onto the floor. Rick groaned painfully. Walking over his body towards the judges, he pointed, “Humanity was never meant for the stars. We will always be fated to be rooted to Earth. It is there that we are safe in our comfort zone until the day we all die out.”

His voice changed rising in pitch. The world around him fell apart as he spoke, “I am the beginning of the dawn that will end civilization as we know it. I am God, Death and that which will save our people.”

Finally, Charles was silent. Turning around, he faced Rickard. The admiral was on the ground breathing heavily. The world crumbled apart. Charles walked a path towards him and grabbed his shirt. With effort, he lifted him face to face as Charles made his final word.

Rick let out his final gasp with fear in his eyes. Slowly he realized what the man was trying to say. Charles finished, “The dark future comes and our fate to die is inevitable. Hope is diminished as I make my sentence. The people who died by my hands? They were chosen for this one honor of not seeing the war’s end. I was chosen to lead them to their fate quicker and painless rather than being forced to fight the war. I made my choice and I die by it. I am never going home and I know it.”

Suddenly Charles blinked out along with his falling world of his mind. Rickard stumbled and woke up in the tube. He coughed blood as he rushed out. Falling onto the ground, he vomited blood. Groaning, he wiped his mouth and got up. He was helped up by the three judges. Gazing upon Joston Charles, his tube made erratic beeping. His life was failing fast. The nurse tried to revive him. Approaching the nurse, he placed his hand on her shoulder replying, “He made his choice. Let him go.”

The nurse sighed sadly as she backed from the tube. Rickard looked at his judges and nodded. Turning back to face Charles’ tube, he gasped watching his body grow old. It made this odd transformation into a husk of cold, dried flesh and bones. His ancient body caught up with the present.

The silent judges surrounded Rickard. The admiral spoke with a weary sigh, “No one must know of what happened as we were in his mind. No one must know of this technology until we are older and able to comprehend. We keep this a secret. However, we must to let them know of Charles’s words. We must assure the people that there is still hope. They must understand what went on with the colony and I will tell them what they will hear.”

One of the judges nodded as he spoke, “Be that as it may, but what will be his sentence? The trial was never complete.”

The admiral nodded responding, “So be it. Joston Charles died before our time. This trial will be unsolved and incomplete. The case will be closed and shoved in the proper spot. It will be hidden from sight. We will not bring his trial back up again nor speak of it until the time is right. Are we agreed?”

The silent judges looked among each other and nodded with confirmation without speaking. The holo vanished replacing the scene with darkness. Finally the scene shifted as Ash found her back onto the surface of the moon. The man with the X stood before her and spoke, “What you see here you were offered this one chance to understand. Do not speak of it, but keep with you his words. You were chosen for this honor of being one of those to go out there to protect Earth, her colonies and her allies from the fate. Ashlyn, the SIAD seen and watched your growth. It is their decision to offer you the choice of joining them, because you have the drive the people lack. You will become Death. You will become God. You have the power Charles had to kill and stop those who would do the people harm.”

The cloaked man nodded once backing from her. Turning around, he approached the shimmering holo of Robert Guielspe. Placing the device back into his hands, he turned back to face her and finished, “We will meet again. I know it. When we do, I will have this offer for you that you won’t want to turn down. Remember you are being watched. Do well, do what you do, and perhaps we will meet sooner.”

Turning around, he walked away from Ash as he vanished into darkness. Ash watched as Robert activated as if nothing happened. He finished, “-you will be tried harshly by the SIAD if you knew.”

The legendary wise Guieslpe nodded satisfied. Pressing the device, he returned the room to normal. However, he didn’t get a chance to speak as Ash gave him a cold shoulder. She smirked responding, “Oh I can venture a guess. I know what you are trying to do now. So do this. Make your sentence on me. You know I won’t change, because our fate is inevitable as we reach the stars themselves. You know what? Joston Charles was right about one thing. You can’t hope to escape from your fate, so you might as well accept it. Maybe it’s time I start accepting mines.”

Ash left the old man stuttering lost for words. As the doorway opened, she left the simulated room. The janitor’s closet returned to normal as she left it.

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