Book One: The Innocent Heart

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Inevitable Fate

Part 12.1 of 1.10: Journey’s beginning and Journey’s end

Only several hours passed. Right after experiencing the greatest turning point in her life, Ash listened and remembered the words of Lord Xaverius. She took it to heart as she returned to the Underground. She had already seen Sackie fight her first match and won. Now it was Sammi’s turn. Facing the cage, Ash weaved her fingers through the small holes. Sammi was punched back by her female opponent. She stumbled and tasted blood.

Touching her sore jaw, the pretty fighter yowled and spat blood onto the ground. Wiping the blood, she scowled at her enemy and clenched her pink fingerless gloves into fists. Her fourteen inches biceps were visibly bulged as the pretty girl stared back. She had on her pink fighting gear as well as pink elbow and knee guards. Her curled bleach blonde hair was tied tightly into a braided ponytail with violet-pink tips dyed in the end.

The other woman with crimson dyed black hair that the spectators called Nara hunched her body over and spat. She was Asian. Raising her fist, she taunted the pretty blonde with her accent, “Go back to your makeup room, pretty little girl. Play with your dolls. Fighting ain’t for you.”

Sammi yelled insulted and charged. Nara pushed forward with her strength. Being a bit bigger than her, Nara grabbed Sammi’s torso and lifted with a yell. She rammed her back down trapping her onto the mat with her strong arm. Sam flailed on the floor as she wriggled trying to get out. Nara scowled at her as she smirked whispering, “Give up bitch.”

Ash watched the dark tanned woman wipe the pale skinned blonde hair girl on the mat. Sani yelled as she slammed her hand against the cage shouting in a heated Spanish tone, “¡Lucha, Sammi! ¡Usted puede hacerlo! ¡Recuerda tu entrenamiento! ¡Vaya a chica!

Sackie stood beside Ash as she looked concerned. Sam grunted as Nara raised her fist and pummeled her. Sam’s face was getting bruised and bloodied. Putting her fists up, she found a weak spot against her opponent. Taking her chance, she rammed her fist hard at Nara. Nara rammed her fist down again. Sam moved her head to the side making her fist miss.

Sani yelled crashing against the cage, “Sammi! ¡Utilice su fuerza interior! ¡No me defraudará chica!"

Keeping her arm against Sam’s chest, Nara raised her fist again. Grabbing the wrist on her throat, Sam used her other hand and rammed another blow against her face. Nara rammed down with her fist knocking Sam’s jaw again. With another punch, Sam flailed it against her opponent and moved her body around.

It left Nara in a daze letting go of Sam’s chest. Pushing herself from under, Sam flipped her agile body around and delivered her kick bashing against Nara’s jaw. Her opponent flailed to her side as she spat. She crawled toward Sam as Sammi flipped herself up. Turning around, she dealt another roundhouse kick. Nara grunted as she was kicked aside. Letting out a yell, Sammi pumped her strong arms and skipped back. Taking a run around the cage, she ran up and flipped.

Nara went to her knee as she got up. Sam flew from the cage and tackled Nara onto the ground hard. Holding her down in a submission, Sammi pummeled Nara’s face onto the mat. Sani and Sackie yelled cheering Sammi on. Ash simply stared as she coldly watched her pummel Nara onto the mat leaving behind an imprint. With another blow, Sam slammed her fist onto Nara again breaking her jaw.

She kept her arm against Nara’s chest and spat onto her face. She yowled, “¿Quién es feo, ahora?

Nara grunted as she groaned weakly. She tapped Sam several times on the arm giving up. Letting go, she gathered spit in her mouth and spat a mixture of blood and saliva spittle onto the woman’s face. She spoke harshly insulting her, “¡Puta fea!

As the woman turned over to her side with a pained groan, Sammi stood and pumped her fists on the air with a shout, “¡Hurra!

The announcer shimmered and grabbed both fighters’ hands. He rose Sammi’s announcing, “Sammi wins by submission! She will continue to become a fighter!”

Part 12.2 of 2.10: Sammi’s journey continues as it seems by lucky chance.

Nara groaned collapsing onto the ground. She was badly beaten and bruised. Sam jumped around and groaned in pain as she feeling her bones crack. She limped over to the exit as Sani received her. Sammi hugged Sani like a child would do to a mother. She wrapped her legs around Sani’s hip and rested her arms around Sani’s broad shoulders. Sam rested her head on her breast.

Lifting her, the stocky built Alpha leader carried her away from the pit cheering at her girls proudly. She switched between her Spanish and English, “Yeah! Vaya a chica! ¡Lo hiciste! We, las chicas, complete! ¡Somos luchadores! We fighters! ¡Me siento orgulloso de todos ustedes! Me proud!”

Sammi hugged her close and whimpered softly. Her face bled from her bad bruises. She whispered whimpering, “Estoy en dolor. Ahora mismo miro feo. I look ugly.”

Holding her girl in place, Sani moved her back a bit leaning her back against her arm. With her other hand, she stroked the little fighter’s bruised features and shook her head responding back in her native tongue, “No, eres hermosa. Eres mi luchador hermosa. Mi niña hermosa. My pretty girl.”

Sammi smiled as Sani kissed her on the forehead. Sam kissed her cheek and hugged her. Sackie came closer to Sam and whispered touching her head, “Don’t worry ’lil fighter! We’ll fix you up easily. We’ve got the technology. We can make you faster. We can make you stronger. We-“

Sammi giggled seeing where she was getting at. Gently, she slapped Sackie on the face shushing her. Sackie smiled at her. Sani carried her away from the pit. Ash followed them. Stopping before the corridor, Sani turned to the two beasts and spoke, “Centro medico. I take her to medical. Ustedes dos pasar el rato. You two hang. No voy a ser largo. Not long. ¡Chao! ¡Más tarde chicas!

Sackie nodded responding, “Hasta luego, Sani! Get well soon Sammi. You did great out there.”

Sammi smiled weakly and nodded. Closing her swollen eyes, she laid to rest on Sani’s strong form as the bulky seventeen year old teen carried her down the corridor with ease. Sackie turned around as saw Ash slinking off in the other direction. Rushing after her, she shouted, “Hey! Wait up!”

Ash mumbled not turning around, “No.”

Letting out an annoyed sigh, Sackie caught up and grabbed her arm. Ash turned on her with a snarl. The twin beast kept her hold on her arm and responded, “Shalyn! You didn’t say anything back there! Sam won! Say something! Aren’t you happy she won?”

Ash scowled at her and snarled. She spat whipping her hand away, “Why would I care if she won or not? She got lucky. Next time, it would be her death as her journey would end. I feel pity for the other fighter, but then again she wasn’t good enough. I am neither happy nor angry. I feel neither, so do not ask me this stupid question again. It is beneath you.”

Ash turned away from her and walked along the corridor. Sackie gasped responding, “Shalyn! Sani won’t be happy to hear this. You can’t just say that! We are a team.”

Ash shrugged not caring what Sackie said. Escaping into a dark room, she dug into her pocket. Taking out her medicine, she injected the cylindrical device again into her bicep and pushed down. Sackie entered the room and watched as Ash took care of her sickness.

Part 12.3 of 3.10: Two sides collide...

Putting the medicine away, Ash crossed the room through another door. Sackie followed her. They patrolled along the dark corridor until Ash heard something ahead of them. It was Cameron and Tyler. Changing her demeanor, Sackie let out a cold snarl scowling at the boys.

The two rivals were arguing. Ash watched both boys get into a fistfight. Letting out a snarl, she walked menacingly toward them. Sackie stood by respectfully knowing it was Ash’s business to deal with the boys and not hers. The dark beast knows them best.

Ash’s snarl stopped the boys. They looked at her. Letting out a harsh growl, she inquired, “What are you two doing?”

Cam stepped up to speak, but Tyler pushed him responding, “Nothing, he was just-”

With a snarl, Cameron punched him across the jaw. Tyler stumbled to his side with a grunt holding his face. Cam approaching her responding with enforcement, “Ashlyn, you can’t do this anymore. This blood fest and hanging out in the underground. I know why you do this, but really he – ugh.”

Cam was thrust back painfully as Ash let out a roar punching him on the face. She spat, “Do not mention him! You can’t know my intentions without really understanding what I’m trying to do!”

Pausing for a moment while breathing harshly, Ash watched the boy withered a bit on the floor to stop his nose from bleeding. He stared back and let out a fearful gasp holding his hand out. Ash growled grabbed him on the throat. Sackie observed her other beast.

Ash lifted him without effort. She gave him a cold harsh glare speaking, “You talk too much. That makes you weak, Sheppard. You keep constantly getting in my way and I am finished with you.”

Releasing her grip, she gave him another blow on the chest harshly with her fist bringing him down onto his knees. Grabbing him on the head, Ash primed another blow. Tyler came over her side cheering her on, “Yeah, Ash! Go! Finish him off!”

Feeling just a tad more pressure from the Stryker himself, she let go of Cam’s head. Turning onto Tyler, she delivered her punch at Tyler. Tyler stumbled back holding his bleeding nose. Turning around, Ash grabbed his chest and thrust him against the wall. Tyler was in pain and confused. Letting out a growl, she grabbed Tyler’s throat and lifted him effortlessly with his back against the wall. He was gasping for air while grabbing at Ash’s wrist. He stuttered, “Ash what?”

“And you,” Ash bared her teeth with a snarl shaking her head in anger. She spat, “are always in my side constantly from the get go. You bother me with needless requests not asking what or where I want to go for myself. You are always trying to start stupid fights with him! Out of all people you try to get me to kill him. Why?”

Part 12.4 of 4.10: Teaching the boys a harsh lesson…

Squeezing his windpipe, Ash screamed at him, “Tell me why, or I will snap your neck!”

“Ugh! A-as-can’t breath-ugh,” Tyler tried for air gasping. He flailed as she squeezed harder. Firmly she let go. He groaned weakly onto his feet almost falling on her. Grabbing his head, she pushed him back against the wall and punched him harshly. Letting him fall on the floor, she watched him groan in pain. Blood trickled out of his mouth as he looked up again inquiring, “Why?”

Ash let out another response, “I am here because of you and I must accept my fate.”

Not finished with him, she grabbed him on the throat. Tyler grabbed her wrist as she effortlessly dragged him across the floor. Painfully, Tyler tried to get her fingers from his throat. He wasn’t losing air, but he was uncomfortable.

Not forgetting her other ‘friend’, Ashlyn reached down and grabbed Cameron’s throat. With another enforced grunt, she lifted him. Slowly, she brought Cam close to her face and responded, “Sheppard. For so long as I have met you since that day, I hung out with you. Not once you tried to get me to talk about him. Instead you were constantly trying to get me to run away from him. You are harmless. You never meant to lead me astray, but you are still weak Sheppard. You will always be weak.”

Scowling back at her with anger, Cam grunted while wriggling under her grip. As her body shuddered coldly, her dark eyes turned slowly into a harsh red glow. With a final growl, she laid him on the floor and dragged the boys across the dark corridor. They struggled trying to get out of her strong, tight grip. Sackie followed her twin alter ego. Ash’s red eyes shimmered harshly through her curled dark hair. The beast had surfaced and she was angry.

Unheeded by the boys’ protests, Ash finally reached a dark training room. Lifting them both without effort, she stared with at them with her harsh red eyes. They gasped with fear. The beasts’ eyes were cold. She held no feelings for both boys and sought to end them here away from prying eyes. Pulling them close, she tossed them across the floor. Watching them with distaste, the beast studied them watching to see if they would make a move against her. Sackie watched from the doorway guarding to make sure no one else comes in to intervene.

Tyler made his first move as he got up holding his hand forward. He pleaded, “Ash, please. I don’t want to fight you. I really don’t.”

Letting out a low harsh growl, the beast walked forward. Tyler backed from her holding his hand out still pleading, “I am on your side, please. I-I love you for who you are.”

Something in the beast clicked and she snapped. Letting out a roar, she thrust his hand away and delivering her own punishment. With a clenched fist, she punched him onto his chest and knocked him on the face with a blow. Tyler stumbled. Grabbing him on the throat and chest, she lifted and thrust him harshly against the mirror with a roar. She cracked the mirror as he groaned in pain.

Part 12.5 of 5.10: One who is weak, and the other strong. You can venture a guess who.

Letting go, Ash let him sink into the ground. The beast breathed harshly. There was blood on the mirror. It streaked down across the cracks. Looking at herself on the reflection, her red eyes glimmered back watching as Cameron stood slowly. Making his move while raising his fists, he let out a growl not liking her for a minute. He spat angrily, “I am not weak.”

Ash snarled advancing him slowly. She spoke, “Yes you are.”

Letting out a roar of anger, he shouted, “I am not weak!”

“Prove it!” The beast let out a harsh shout rushing at him with the full fury of a vengeful beast. Her red eyes were hotter than ever. She delivered her blows across his head, but he ducked nimbly. He countered with his own punch clocking her on the chin.

Aiming his fist, he rammed another blow at her chest. His fist thudded harmlessly against her tough abs as he grunted. Ash retaliated with a blow on his face harshly. His neck snapped back. Feeling the tenderness of the blow, he fell onto the ground dazed. Ash turned her attention at Tyler. She watched him rise to his feet again with a wobble.

Cocking her head slightly, the beast advanced him coldly. Tyler raised his hands responding, “Ash, please. I am at your side – ugh,”

Ty was cut off as she grabbed his throat and pushed him harshly against the broken mirror. He was

in pain groaning with discomfort as the shards dug into his back. Finally, Ash loosened her grip and forced him to look at her in the eye. She spat, “Tell me once again before I kill you. Who sent you and why are you always at my side?”

Tyler groaned speaking again, “What are you talking about? I love you! Isn’t that-?”

He was silent feeling the pain as the beast gripped again letting out a cold snarl. Ash spat, “You are lying! I can tell. Tell me the truth. Just this once tell me and perhaps I will let you go.”

Tyler tried to remove her strong grip from his throat. However he failed each time as Ash’s grip was powerful. Not seeing another choice, he admitted, “Okay Ash please. I want you to know it was my choice. He let me chose. Urg, let go.”

Ash was still pushing him against the broken mirror. He groaned in pain as Ash shouted, “Who?”

Tyler responded, “My father. He-he has connections with the SIAD and they tell him things that he has no choice but to follow. He had me report to the SIAD on your progress. Please.”

He started sobbing in pain as he groaned. Ash let go of him and thrust him on the floor. With newborn raw anger, she advanced him again flexing her arms. Letting out an angry snarl, she watched him rise to his feet. The beast was ready to kill him here and now. The boy was a spy for his father. Getting up, Ty messaged his neck. He raised his hand and responded, “Ashlyn, I want you to know that without me, you wouldn’t be here. You owe me! In fact, you would be elsewhere with your father and that-”

Ash let out another roar silencing him. She rammed a punch at his face. The harsh blow sent him across the floor stunned. He fell onto the ground in a daze. Curling her fingers as her gloved hand opened slightly, she removed her hidden dagger from her pocket sheath in her cargo pants. The beast came prepared. She was going to slaughter Tyler and remove his eyes. No one will know.

Part 12.6 of 6.10: The strong will always gain the upper hand...

Cameron quickly rose to his feet and shouted from behind her. He came running and thrust her against the window grabbing her dagger. The boy held her there staring at the beast coldly as he spoke, “You won’t kill anyone, beast. You bring her back. Bring back the Ash that we all know of.”

The beast roared wringing herself free. She smacked him harshly with her free hand and thrust him back with a dagger slash across the chest. Cam dodged barely letting her slice his shirt. He ducked several times as she thrust with her weapon. The beast was growing annoyed and angrier. Finding his chance, Cam grabbing her dagger, twisted the handle around and elbowed her harshly against the chest. He thrust her back as she lost the grip on her dagger.

Holding the dagger, he tossed it aside and growled as he looked back at the red eyed shimmering beast. Letting out a yell, he charged at her quickly and ducked her blow. Latching onto her, Cam thrust her harshly against the mirror cracking it again. Grabbing hold of the back of her head, he pressed firmly with his arm against her throat suffocating the beast.

“Who is the stronger now, beast?” Cameron smirked as he attempted to quell her rage. Where Tyler failed, Cam succeeded. He was saving both of his two friends. He recognized the beast for which she really was. She was dangerous. Falling onto her knees, the beast moaned weakly. He firmly brought her down whispering, “I don’t love you, beast. I love the person you hold and I want her back.”

The beast groaned with a shudder as her red colored eyes returned to her normal natural blank dark eyes. Moving her hair away, he gently let her on the ground feeling her pulse. It was steady still throbbing. Stepping back satisfied, he let her sleep. Walking over to Tyler, he felt his pulse. Tapping his communications device on his wrist, he spoke, “Sheppard to Medical. One person is in critical-”

Sackie watched as medical beamed Tyler’s body with a brilliant flash of light. It illuminated the room for a moment. The twin beast moved forward suddenly as if to interfere. Ash groaned for a moment as she awoke. Cam approached helping her up. She spoke with confusion, “Cam? What are you-?”

Cameron asked again as he helped her upright, “You don’t remember?”

Ash looked at her reflection again. Seeing her dark vacant eyes, she shrugged replying, “Bits and pieces but not much,” Stopping short of saying anything anymore, she looked behind him looking for someone. She asked, “Where’s Tyler?”

Letting out a shrug, Cam responded, “Away from here. Who cares? He’s not here. Ash, let’s get out of here just this once, please?”

She let out an annoyed grunt pushing him with a firm response, “No.”

Cam spoke again, “But why? It’s too dark in here.”

Ash shrugged pushing him away. She needed her own space and responded, “I like the dark. It’s nothing that you would understand Sheppard. Now get out of here. You don’t belong here. I don’t abide weaknesses walking around the underground.”

Cameron growled harshly, “I am not weak.”

Cam tried to go after her again but was harshly pulled aside. Sackie pushed him across the room with

a snarl and spat harshly, “Get out of here! You heard her weakling. Scram or I will hurt you!”

Cameron raised his hands in defeat and ran out. He left the twin beasts alone in the training room. Turning to Ash, Sackie watched her dark beast. Ash scowled at her coldly. Letting out a snarl, she walked out bashing her shoulder against Sackie’s shoulder hard. Sackie stumbled back as Ash walked out onto the corridor. Rubbing her shoulder, the brown haired Paxxian turned and followed Ash catching up.

Part 12.7 of 7.10: Another small shift in her journey into the dark...

The following morning, Ash woke up to the same piano music. Her father was withdrawn and depressed than usual. Walking around the corner of the hallway, she watched him play on the piano with that same song. James still hated his daughter and still blamed her for the death of his wife. Ash couldn’t care less as she left the house. Tapping her wrist, she activated her teleporter and vanished in a blinding light.

Appearing in front of her school, she entered through the doorway. While walking down the halls, she noticed the school was deathly quiet more than usual. Something was up as she could tell. Approaching the closet, she opened the door. Entering through the doorway, she came before her teacher. Letting out a cold snarl baring her teeth, Ash scowled at the holo. She nearly ran into him.

Stepping aside, Robert let her through to see the headmaster and a few teachers lined up. The man in charge cleared his throat speaking, “Ashlyn, I have talked to the teachers around here. I saw what they thought of you and what you have done so far. You have damaged both the reputation of this school and your relations to the kids. I’ve had parents removed kids from school cause of you abusing them. I have let that slide, hoping to see a change in you, but you haven’t proved any. So it brings me to this conclusion that, you are deemed to be incapable for change or to have proof that you have the basic understanding of your actions.”

Stopping short by her interruption, Ash let out a growl with her reply, “Pathetic! You expected me to change my ways even though I know all of you are capable of stupidity and weakness. My father was right. Do what you have to do. I couldn’t care less.”

Letting out a sigh, the headmaster held a device up. He responded, “So be it Ashlyn Sadie Techryn. It is by me and the witness of those involved we will dismiss you from school due to differences of opinion. I will send you straight back home. Your father has been notified and will deal with you.”

Ash’s dark eyes opened wide for a moment with pure fear. He pressed the device as Ash vanished from the room in a blinding light. She reappeared in front of her father a bit too close. Raising his fist, he smacked her hard across the face with her rod. Activating it, he rammed it again from another side as Ash stumbled back. He jabbed her harshly across her chest bringing her down onto the floor.

Letting out a snarl, James brought the rod up again and grabbed her on the throat. Lifting her, he brought her up to his view. Ash struggled as she squirmed with discomfort in his grip. Speaking harshly, he spat, “I do not presume to know what is going on with you in school, but your idiotic principle brought the matter to me quickly about kicking you out, you got me involved. I told you.”

Gripping her neck, he squeezed with the enforcement of his words, “Never-get-me-involved!”

As James let go of her throat with a growl, he whapped her again on the face harshly. Ash grunted painfully falling back. She tasted blood on her lips as she coughed. Letting out a snarl, he flicked his rod as he advanced her, “I am done with you! Strong or not, I will end you! Once I do I will have started over again with this experiment.”

Part 12.8 of 8.10: Stronger than ever, the beast proves her resolve

Ash backed from him. Raising his rod, he aimed to smack her. Jumping to one side, she ducked his blow. James let out a roar as he turned again. Trailing her fingers across the wall, she touched her head with her other hand. Feeling a headache, she groaned and gasped. Her dark eyes shimmered red. Her beast returned. Feeling the rod on her back, James slammed down as Ash painfully stumbled onto the ground.

Grabbing the nape of her neck, James gripped her harshly and lifted. He raised his rod again and primed it. Turning suddenly, Ash snarled grabbing his hand. With her fist, she hit her father. James grunted with surprise letting her go. With a growl, he rammed his rod again. Ash grabbed hold of his energized rod. Twisting it to another direction, Ash punched her father’s elbow.

Ash caused him pain as she removed the rod. Turning the rod against him, she dealt him several harsh blows. It was the same punishment he used against her. He was too strong and ducked to thrust forward catching her off guard. He smacked her harshly again across the face with his other arm. With a final grunt, he grabbed her on the throat and squeezed tightly. His red eyes glimmered through. However when it met her red glimmer, he paused. James hesitated as saw some sort of strength.

Uttering a growl, he thrust her harshly onto the floor speaking, “Do not expect me to take care of you, understand?”

Delivering another harsh kick upon her, James walked off. He left her on the ground squirming with discomfort. Ash breathed heavily angrier than ever as she was full of rage.

Several months passed. Sammi, their youngest fighter, recovered from her injuries. Since her first real fight, she would change. Sam would no longer be this scared pretty girl. Instead, she would be the toughest little fighter ever to fight on the pits. No longer scared of anything, Sammi followed her leader no longer holding her hand. The little fighter stood strong and free.

Ever since their transition from training to fighter, the three girls had been serving at Sani’s every whim as she thrust them into fights. They proved their resolve and made their leader proud. However, a line was drawn. The team was split. Sammi still followed Sani while Sackie chased after her twin dark beast. Sani was starting to notice and she feared the worst.

Entering the training room after their latest fight with four against four, the victorious girls rushed in cheering. Ash entered last as she kept her scowling face on staring harshly at her teammates. Trac and Tyler were in the room talking. Teena remained as ever at Tyler’s side. Letting go of Ash, Sani walked up to them waving. She responded, “Hola el Stryker! Trac! ¿Qué pasa?

Part 12.9 of 9.10: The Stryker is back!

Tyler offered a slight nod with a smile. He kept his hand grasped on Teena’s hand. Trac responded, “Nada Sani. Tyler needs Shalyn for a moment. We should begin with some exercises again to prepare you for your next match. Come.”

¡Oh!” Sani started. She sighed smiling again and motioned her girls forward replying, “Sackie! Sammi! ¡Ven acá! Nos vemos más tarde, el Stryker!”

Grasping Teena’s hand, Tyler approached Ash giving her a courteous nod. He spoke, “Ashlyn, if I could have a moment of your time please?”

Ash nodded leaving with them. As they left, Sackie tried to follow. Sani stopped her. Sackie turned as Sani shook her head responding, “¡No! Sackie. No esta vez. ¡Tenemos que hablar! We talk!” Sackie let out a snarl as both Sani and Sammi held Sackie’s arm. She stared at her girls.

Meanwhile as Ash followed Tyler, she was confused. After being in that hospital for a while to recover from his injuries caused by her abuse, Tyler couldn’t seem to remember what she did. It was as if he forgot or had a slight amnesia. Then again, she rammed him hard against his face almost killing him if it wasn’t for Cameron getting in her way. She never wanted Tyler dead, but her beast did.

Walking across the dark halls of the underground, Tyler and his girlfriend walked across the corridor. Ash followed him heading outside. She noted he was casual and mellow. That gave Ash a chance to have a calm state of mind. Soon they walked through the doorway and headed outside. It was cold. Vapors of coldness billowed from their mouths.

Taking a cigarette box from his pocket, Tyler banged it against the palm of his hand. Offering a cig to the Tricetra, Teena accepted it. She placed the cig in her mouth. Turning to Ash, Tyler offered another cig. Blowing cold vapor from her mouth, she shivered shaking her head. Ash wanted him to do what came here to do. Shrugging, Tyler took out his cig and put away the box. Placing it into his mouth, he withdrew his lighter. Flicking it on, he lit both his girlfriend’s and his own cig.

Putting the lighter away, he inhaled, removed his cig and exhaled a puff of smoke. Looking at Ash, he inquired, “How are you doing so far?”

Ash let out a grunt shrugging. She hated small talk. Teena smiled removing her cig and blew another puff. She rubbed her hand on Ash’s shoulder and arm trying to keep her warm. Tyler saw that Ash was a bit impatient so he blew a sigh as he blew another puff of smoke. Placing his back against the wall with his foot resting behind him, he placed the cig back into his mouth. He was the roguish bad boy all over again. It was cold outside as a few slight drifts of snow fell on the ground.

Part 12.10 of 10.10: Once again in the cold, Tyler makes the offer to his Beast

Teena smiled at him. Moving closer to Ash, she wrapped her arm around her broad shoulder keeping her warm. The Tricetra offered her body to keep Ash comforted. She placed the cig back into her mouth and puffed another smoke keeping warm. Tyler looked at Ash speaking, “My offer is still solid, Ash.”

Ash looked at him not remembering. He sighed responding, “To join my team the Strykers. I talked with Trac. He agrees. All you have to do is to sign an agreement and you can start tomorrow.”

Letting out a growl of distaste, Ash clenched her fist. She hated it when he asks her. However, she was cold and numb. Teena kept trying to keep her warm keeping her warm body close. Tyler noticed her change of expression and quickly raised his hands. He responded, “Hey I said think about it.”

Raising her finger, Ash let out a harsh cold response, “You do this to me every single time. You do something to force something out of me making me do something that’s against my will. Do not ask me again. Not until the time is right.”

Teena nodded agreeing with Ash. Another puff of smoke billowed. Tyler sighed blowing his own puff of smoke while removing his cig. He flicked the ashes of the edge of his cig and gave in speaking, “Okay. When is the right time?”

Ash bared her teeth slightly. She closed her eyes for a moment. Finally, she opened them firmly with her final response, “When I know it and you’ll know.”

Teena smiled as she looked at Ash. Moving toward her, she responded, “It is okay Ash. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. We just want the best for you, okay?”

Ash turned and stared at the teal humanoid. She was much too cold and numb to even care about being touched by a Tricetra let alone Tyler’s girlfriend. Teena smiled sweetly as she placed the cig back into her mouth. Turning to her side, she blew another puff of smoke out. Ash stayed with them as they all hung out in the cold. They remained silent enjoying their company.

Back at the training room, Sammi rested her head against Sackie’s arm. Sani inquired, “¿Por qué? Why you hang with Shalyn? What about us? ¿No somos amigas?

Sackie shook her head. Trying to understand her current feelings, she replied, “No you are not, Sani. You used me to get what you want.”

Sani looked at her with a horrified gasp. Shaking her head, she replied, “¡No! Why you think that? ¿Por qué? Somos amigas.”

Moving closer to her beast, Sani tapped her breast as she enforced in her Spanish accent, “Nunca hago eso a usted! I would never that. ¿Que es lo que ella había estado diciendo? She said that? ¡No, chica! ¡Ella está mal! She wrong!”

As Sammi lifted her head from Sackie’s arm muscles, Sani grabbed Sam’s hand. They hugged Sackie as Sani responded touching her face, “¡Somos tres amigas mejor! Best friends! Te amo tanto como amo a Sammi. As much as Sammi! ¡De verdad! Shalyn está mal!

As Sackie listened and scowled at her, she thought for a moment. Finally with an exhale, she nodded responding changing her attitude, “Perdón, Sani. I did not mean to upset you. Perdóname.”

Both her friends smiled as Sani responded in her hasted chopped up words, “Está bien, muchacha. No need for apology. We forgive y forget. Mejores amigas. Permanecer cerca de mí. Stay close. Cuando llegue el momento. When time comes. Tres amigas. We three will strike! La bestia no es más. The beast is no mas. Ella nunca fue nuestro amiga. Shalyn no friend. ¡Quédate cerca!

Sí mis amigas,” Sackie responded confirming her friend status with the other two girls. Feeling bold and confident, the Paxxian offered a smile and spoke, “Don’t worry. I know what to do. Just let me know when.”

Both girls smiled at their brown haired beast. Their friendship was restored and they all left the training room with Sani in the middle holding the hands of her two best friends. The three girls walked along the darkened corridor of the Underground toward the fight rings to observe the fighters
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