Book One: The Innocent Heart

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First Blood

Part 13.1 of 1.9: On New Year’s Eve…

It was December thirty first. Ashlyn neared her mid-teens. The fourteen year old walked along the corridor. It was empty. Everyone was out celebrating. Sani announced she had a surprise for the girls. The entire night was theirs. With a cold, harsh scowl, Ash entered through the doorway. Before her were the three girls around the table.

Sackie and Sammi chattered with each other drinking their fizzing drink. Being older, Sani drank her alcoholic champagne while her two other girls each drank their own non alcoholic sparkling apple cider. The stocky built Alpha leader watched her two girls chatting among each other.

Turning around, Sani shouted in Spanish waving at Ash, “¡Estás aquí! ¡Entrar! ¡Estamos celebrando!

Ash warily walked through the room toward the girls. Sammi broke off from Sani’s side and skipped across the room toward her dark beast. The young twelve year old giggled with happiness and smiled. Wrapping her arm around Ash’s arm, she pulled her along and took a sip out of her non alcoholic drink. Ash uttered an annoyed snarl, but allowed the little blonde haired girl lead her.

Reaching the table, Sammi let go and grabbed the only empty glass next to the sparkling apple cider bottle. Taking the glass, she turned to Ash and handed it to her, “Here Shalyn!”

Under the cold, watchful eye of her leader and her brown haired twin beast, Ash accepted the glass as Sammi picked up the sparkling apple cider. She poured her the drink and beamed as she shouted giggling, “Here you go! Enjoy! We’re having cake next, but it’s not here yet.”

Ash looked at Sani. Sani nodded raising her glass in a toast, “¡Bebida, mi bestia! Drink up! Toast to our victories. ¡Bendice a nuestros grandes victorias!

Sani drank her champagne. She expected Ash to do the same. There was a deathly silence in the room. No music was played in the background. Looking at Sackie, Ash noticed her expression was blank as if her mind was elsewhere. She was barely paying attention while raising her non alcoholic glass.

Sammi wrapped her arm around Ash and raised her glass clinking it against Ash’s drink. With a low growl and a suspicious glance on her drink, she sniffed it once. Taking a drink, she gulped her sparkling cider and exhaled.

Quickly as Sani placed her empty glass on the table, she grabbed Sammi on the hand and pulled her. Sam obediently stumbled toward her and reached up to give her tall leader a kiss. She hugged her as Sani watched Ash coldly.

As Ash turned slightly around, she stumbled back. Dizziness struck her as she let out a snarl. Her stomach constricted and her throat hardened. Letting out a cough, Ash grabbed her throat and let out a wheeze.

Sackie stood back and looked at Ash with a slight gasp. A concerned expression crossed her features. However, the other two girls looked on coldly. Even Sammi’s expression turned from cheerfulness into cold hatred.

Raising her glass, Ash stumbled across the floor and tossed her drink. The glass shattered as she fell onto the floor. Her breathing slowly became shallow as it was getting hard for her to breath. Looking up, she howled scowling at her former leader, “You poisoned me!”

Sani coldly scowled back as she stood flexing her arms. Pouring herself another drink, she drank a gulp before responding harshly, “Ha llegado el momento, Shalyn. Time has come! We three amigas stand alone. La bestia no es más. Beast es no more. Estás mal, Shalyn. You evil! ¡Te duele nosotros niñas! You hurt us! Ya no serás nuestra hermana. Our sister no more!”

Part 13.2 of 2.9: Tasting her first betrayal

After listening to her harsh words, Ash howled stumbling onto her feet. Placing the glass down, Sani walked over to the beast. Ash tried to move forward, but she grew weak. Stepping forward, she lost her footing. Sani caught her as she cupped her head and pushed down against her chest. Her muscles were thick.

Laying her down on the ground, the leader coldly responded explaining in the mixture of Spanish and English, “Morirás en pocos minutos. You die soon. Cóctel de veneno. Polvo mezclado con bebida. Powder en glass es poison. Drink mix. Te envenenaron! You poisoned! You die! Vas a morir. Nadie se te extraño. No one miss you. ¡La bestia no es más! The beast no more!”

Ash coughed again with a groan. She felt her muscles growing weaker and her strength waning. Sani got up. Sackie lowered her arms and looked horrified. After hearing what Sani had done, she yelled rushing forward toward her. With her hand, she grasped her leader’s chest and demanded, ”¿Qué hemos hecho? This wasn’t what we agreed to! All we planned was to drop her from the group not kill her! ¡Acordamos no matarla! What have we done?”

Gripping the wrist of her twin beast, Sani twisted her hand. Sackie yelped in pain as her Alpha leader spat, “¡Era necesario! It necessary! La bestia es peligrosa! You see her strength y power. Escúchame. ¡No tenemos opción! No choice! Shalyn es dangerous!”

Sackie shouted as she thrust forward against Sani. She yelled, “No! You said we would never kill her! How could you! ¡Me mentiste! You lied-“

Sammi watched both Sani and Sackie bicker among each other. Her expression was cold as all her happiness was taken from her. Following in the footsteps of her leader, she turned to Ash. Ash struggled for breath on the floor gasping for air and coughing. Setting aside her drink, she skipped toward her. Taking her position, she sat on Ash’s stomach.

Ash gripped Sammi’s shoulder weakly. Sam stared back grabbing her jaw. Bending closer, she whispered, “¿Por qué no mueres ya? Die already Shalyn! Sani always hated your guts and I never liked you the moment we met. You are cold. You hurt me. ¡Usted me ha dolido! You deserve what you get.”

Ash coughed and groaned trying to keep her eyes open. With a growl, Sam grabbed Ash on the chest and lifted her. Raising her pink fingerless gloved fist, she pounded on her face and dropped her on the floor. Sitting dominate over the fallen beast, the strong little girl raised her arms and pumped her fourteen inch biceps with a grunt. Looking down at the beast, Sam smirked coldly. Dropping her arms, she grabbed her chest and dealt another blow across her jaw weakening the beast.

Sani pushed back Sackie and shouted grabbing the nape of her neck, “Usted tiene la opción ahora! You have choice! Estás conmigo o con ella! ¡Elija ahora! Me o her!”

Sani motioned with her thumb toward her as she gave Sackie a choice and finished pointing toward the fallen beast. Sackie gasped breathing heavily. Closing her eyes, she shook her head and reopened with her final response gripping Sani’s hand, “¡Elijo usted, Sani! I choose you! ¡Perdóname! Forgive me! I never meant to question you.”

Part 13.3 of 3.9: One final gasp

With a cold smile, Sani nodded as she lightly slapped Sackie on her cheek. Grasping the nape of her neck, she connected her forehead against hers as she responded, “Olvidarse de ella. ¡Te perdono! Bienvenido de nuevo, mi niña! Welcome back!”

The Alpha leader kissed her omega on the forehead as Sackie closed her eyes. Tears formed around her ducts as it trickled down while she hugged her Alpha. Sammi remained seated on top Ash. She spoke, “Shalyn. Pequeña perra. Have you fallen so far and haven’t gotten up? Have you gotten too fat and lazy to even mind? Su sólo un poco veneno. It’s only a little poison. It was my idea by the way.”

Bending down close, Sam grabbed her ear and whispered softly, “It was last minute as I whispered into her ear. Sani always listened to me, you know? Ella es como mi madre y que la amo. My mother was never around so I looked up to Sani like she’s my mother. I love her because she takes care of me. Where is yours by the way? ¿Dónde está tu puta? I bet she is somewhere whor-”

With a snarl, the beast awoke for a moment to the insult. Grabbing Sam by the neck, Ash let out a roar with a renewed boost of strength. Grabbing her wrist, Sam struggled as she yelped painfully. Turning to her girl, Sani shouted pushing Sackie aside. With a roar, the stocky seventeen year old Alpha reached down and scooped Sammi aside with her large arm. Gripping Ash’s wrist, she wrung it aside.

After securing Sam, Sani grabbed Ash by the throat. She lifted the struggling beast. Ash grabbed at her wrist and flailed her legs. Raising her fist, Sani pounded Ash across the face. She shook the beast and yelled pounding with her fist in her angry Spanish, “¡No hacer daño a mi niña! ¡Te arepentirás!

With a final thrust of her fist, she pounded her jaw. With her hand on Ash’s throat, Sani took her other hand and grabbed her chest. She lifted her with her strength over her torso and released a roar. With her back and her entire upper body force, she threw Ash across the room and onto the table. Ash crashed breaking the table setting in half. She was knocked unconscious as the poison slowly took her.

Sani breathed with anger and hatred for the beast. Soon, Sammi’s crying reached her ears. Cooling down, Sani turned to her girl and crouched before her. Sam whimpered hugging Sani. Her leader whispered in a soft Spanish tone, “¿Estás bien? ¿Estás herido? Ella está muerta ahora. No te preocupes. ¡Estoy aquí! ¡No llores!

Sam sniffed as she whimpered softly hugging Sani closely. Sani grunted lifting her. Sam wrapped herself around her strong leader as she snuffled into her warm breast. Stroking Sam’s bleach blonde hair, Sani turned and left the room. Sackie looked at the prone form of Ash with pity. Clearly Sani was the stronger Alpha. Without much of a glance, the twin beast turned her nose up and left the room.

Ten minutes passed. Ash’s stocky build figure remained prone on the ground among the broken table. Her face laid on the side as her mouth was open. A liquid from her drink dripped from her lips onto a small puddle on the floor. It was quiet in the room. It had been for a while. Suddenly, Ash’s body flinched. Her muscles shifted as her torso tensed. Her face shifted with an involuntarily movement. With a groan, Ash creased her features into a tight expression of pain.

As a low, inhumane feral growl was uttered from within her throat, Ashlyn awoke suddenly. She immediately pushed herself onto her side and groaned expelling the rest of her poisoned drink out of her system. Her stomach expelled the poison. Gripping her chest, Ash groaned as she laid face down on the floor with her arm across the ground. Grasping the debris of the broken table, Ash pushed them aside with another growl. Her dark curled hair fell across her face.

Part 13.4 of 4.9: Seeking vengeance for the betrayal of a promise

Collecting her renewed strength, Ash got to her knees. With her curled dark hair overshadowing her face, she opened her eyes to reveal her glowing red eyes. With every heavy breath she made, her rage increased in tempo as her breast heaved. Gripping her fist, her stocky muscles bulged as she flipped her hair back. She let out a roar as her upper body tensed. Getting her off the ground, Ash shook her head and glowered with her red shaded eyes. The beast was angry. She stormed out of the room.

Sniffing with her sharp nose, she followed the scent of Sani. A moment of walking along the corridor, she approached the closed door into the training room. She could smell the lingering scent on the door. With anger, she rammed her upper body strength bashing against the door and crashed through the doorway. The hinges on the side of the door broke.

The broken door crashed onto the ground. Ash breathed heavily with anger as she scowled with hatred across the room. The only form seated on the desk was the red clay colored Mekoiian. Trac turned startled. Seeing it was Ash, he inquired sharply, “Ash! What is the meaning of this?”

Ash scowled at him with her harsh glowing eyes. She responded coldly with anger with her broken English, “Betrayed me. Cast out! They poisoned me! I survived!”

Trac looked at her. Seeing that she was telling the truth, he responded with a concerned expression, “They won’t get away with poisoning and tossing you aside. This may be the Underground with no rules, but they held a contract with the upper body. The people in charge receive funds to maintain each team. Sani knew this. However, she broke the unwritten rule. You don’t betray your own no matter what. Because of this, my contract with them is severed. She will have to find a different trainer.

It wasn’t enough for the beast. Ash spat harshly, “I fight them! Make pay!”

“All three?” Trac stared at her and inquired. Seeing that she was serious, the Mekoiian trainer decided not to argue and pulled out his tablet from the desk. He inquired, “Sure. What kind of match? One on one or three against one tag matches?”

Ashlyn shook her head speaking in broken sentences, “Death! Them dead! All of them!”

His dark red eyes were wide open as he stuttered a bit, “Uhh you sure? Three against one and to the death could be a bit tricky.”

Clenching her fist, Ash snarled angrily and roared impatiently at the Mekoiian. Her body trembled with anger as her head visibly shook. The beast flinched uncontrollably advancing her trainer.

He backed raising his hand responding hastily, “Alright! Alright! I put you on for within the hour. The girls will be notified. You start in thirty minutes!”

Letting out a low growl, Ash left him. Trac started breathing hard. He began to perspire as he was under a lot of pressure. It was not just her. The SIAD started to lose their respect and patience for him. The past was slowly catching up to the anxious Mekoiian.

Part 13.5 of 5.9: Raising her fists, she will end...

Thirty minutes passed. Ash changed into her tank top and fighting gear including her fingerless black gloves. Ash was prepared to fight. She walked towards the pit with brooding anger and wrathful rage. Among the cheering from the spectators, the gate into the ring opened. Walking up into the cage, she scowled ahead of her.

The three girls stood together as they prepped themselves. The beast snarled getting their attention. Sani looked up and scowled with hatred for her. Sammi kept to the left guard of her leader while Sackie stayed to the right guard. Of the two girls, Sackie was the only one with a confused look. She was unsure of her loyalties. Looking at the beast, the brown haired Paxxian hesitated.

Ash stood there glaring at them. Staring at Sackie for a brief moment, she looked at her features. Her beast cooled but kept her guard up. She could see that her twin beast had started to lose confidence in her leader. Self-doubt was clear on her expression.

Turning to the center, Ash watched her former stocky leader approach. In comparison between the two Alphas, both were of equal solid stocky build packing with muscles. Sani spat coldly, “¿Vive usted? You live? Morirás, bestia! You pay for all the hurt. Tendrá que pagar por esto!

The announcer appeared in between them. The man spoke with enthusiasm raising his arms, “Welcome all to the Pits of Hell where we will see the first death match in a long time of three against one! It’s been a long time since! Here are the crowd favorites. The challengers Sani, Sammi and Sackie will fight the champion Ash ‘the Beast’ Techryn! Can’t you just taste the anticipation in the air? I know I can! Remember! No holds barred!”

The announcer shimmered off. Sani scowled at Ash as Ash uttered a snarl. They faced off one on one. The two girls, Sackie and Sammi, walked the opposite direction as they went around the ring. They waited their chance. For now, it was a fight between two Alphas. As they know in any group, there was only one Alpha that leads. Standing face to face, both Sani and Ash were the same size, height and weight. They were huge. The only difference was the age as they were three years apart.

Ripping out a roar, both alphas charged against each other. They thrust their body against each other in a fit of strength. Ash pushed up with her upper body strength as Sani matched her evenly. They spun their bodies around across the mat. Thrusting forward, Sani let out a yell bashing Ash against the cage. Ash shrugged it off as she moved her fists back. She pounded Sani across the cheek. Sani shrugged it off as she held her in. Using her arms, she constricted Ash’s body and lifted. Ash held her body against Sani as Sani moved her over.

Sani pounded on the mat as she rammed with her full body force against Ash. Holding her down, Sani wrestled with her strength. Grabbing her head, Ash gripped the nape of Sani’s head and clenched her fist. She pounded Sani’s face several times. Sani took the beating shrugging it off. Gripping Sani by the neck, Ash wrapped her other hand around the head and pulled her close. Wrapping her legs around, she moved Sani around. Getting on top Sani, Ash began her ground to pound attack.

Part 13.6 of 6.9: ...the pain, the suffering...

The girls stood side by side as they waited for their chance. Seeing their leader on the ground, Sammi turned to Sackie and responded tapping her shoulder, “¡Es hora! Remember what we have to do?”

Sackie nodded with hesitation as they approached Ash. Grabbing the beast on her torso, they pulled her off their leader. They held her in place as Sani groaned getting to her side. She spat blood. Ash roared as she was pulled back. The girls held her in placed as they placed their leg and hand holds wrapped around Ash’s arms and legs. She couldn’t move and she stood there watching Sani.

Sani quickly got up and faced Ash. Wiping blood off her lips, she responded with a cruel sneer, “Chicas buen trabajo! Sostiene allí como hemos practicado! Hold her!”

Sackie stared at her leader. She was unsure if this was proper. Her self-doubt was still clear. However, Sammi couldn’t care less as she responded with the same cruelty, “¡Matarla! Lastimarla y hacerla pagar¡ Make her pay Sani!”

Sani nodded at Sam and turned toward the cheering crowd. Pumping her arms, she strutted around the pit. The Alpha knew she was on camera in front of a thousand more spectators. Looking at the crowd, she knew many of them had translators. They will know and understand her words. Raising her fist, she boasted for the crowd in her Spanish, “¿Cuántos de ustedes quieren ver la muerte de la bestia? Este es un combate a muerte! ¡Míreme tratar brutalmente la bestia! ¡La rasgaré a fragmentos!

Ash snarled under breath watching Sani boast. She whispered to the Paxxian holding her left shoulder, “Sackie, is that your honorable leader?”

Sammi rammed a punch against Ash’s spine as she whispered sharply, “¡Cállate, Shalyn! You don’t get to say your last word before death!”

Sackie let out a snarl listening. Sani turned to Ash and clenched her fists as she remained hunched over. Her traps bulged and her arm muscles rose as Sani flexed. Her face bled. Approaching Ash while raising her fists, she rammed it across her face. Sani jabbed harshly again pounding Ash’s face. The beast grunted spitting blood. Sani abused the beast and jabbed across her chest. Sackie shifted in her weight while watching. Sani dealt an upper cut across Ash’s jaw harshly. Ash grunted in pain spitting blood and a tooth.

Ash took it and scowled back with furious red eyes at Sani. Sani turned her back again and raised her fists. Slowly she moved her arms down pumping them as she flexed. She was prepping her final blow.

Taking her chance as she turned to the twin beast beside her, Ash whispered, “Sackie, you are a Paxxian. You are an honorable fighter and a worthy opponent. Only the strongest survive. If I am to die here with no chance for me to fight, it will dishonor my memory and leave you empty. You-”

Ash grunted as Sammi punched her again with an angry shout, “¡Cállate!

Ignoring the pain, Ash pleaded for her life, “Don’t let me die without honor, Paxxian.”

Part 13.7 of 7.9: …From her master that holds the leash.

Sackie grunted looking up. A thought entered her mind automatically. As Sani turned and charged raising her fist, the twin beast let out a roar as she let go of Ash’s side. She went into the front of her Alpha leader holding her hand out shouting, “¡Pare la-

Unable to stop herself, Sani rushed and punched Sackie across the face. The leader gasped with shock. Sackie took the blow as she stumbled back. Ignoring Ash and Sammi for a brief moment, Sani shouted angrily grabbing Sackie. Thrusting her back against the cage, she snapped, “¿Qué has hecho?

Sackie was dazed from Sani’s blow. The twin beast had no answer. Her head was ringing. Sammi kept her grip on Ash. Seeing Sani knock Sackie out, the little girl’s eyes went wide with shock. She wasn’t prepared for the next thing. The beast uttered a low snarl. Taking her chance, she shrugged her shoulder and wrapped her arm around Sammi’s arms. She trapped the stunned, mortified little girl in place.

With wide eyes, Sammi whimpered with fear before the Beast. Pulling her forward, Ash snarled as she clenched her fist and rammed with her punch. She pounded Sammi on the face with a stunning haymaker. Letting go of her arms, she watched Sammi stumble back in a daze. While holding Sackie in place, Sani turned for a brief moment watching her girl stumble back.

Raising her fist, Ash prepped her body as she twisted with her waist. She spun around and dealt a roundhouse kick thrusting her powerful leg forward. It caught Sam full on her chest. The bleach blonde haired girl with pink fingerless gloves took the crushing blow as she flew across the pit. Sani watched with wide eyed fear for her. Sammi felt her ribcage crack under pressure. As the twelve year old girl crashed into the cage, she gasped once.

With wide eyed fear and shock, Sam clutched her chest and gasped for breath. Her heart slowed to a few beats. Ash watched coldly as Sam collapsed onto the ground. She gasped again and expelled blood from her mouth. It splattered on the mat as Sam fell forward onto the ground. Uttering one last gasp as her back rose painfully, she exhaled as she ceased moving while her eyes remained wide open with shock. Her final image was her leader as Sani gave a mortified look.

Ash turned to both Sackie and Sani. They both stood in shock. The dark beast scowled at them with cold hatred and disgust. As Sani started to move, the realization hit her as she screamed with fury. Something inside of her snapped as she yelled, “Sammi, ¡No!

Letting go of Sackie, Sani turned Ash and roared as she charged, “¡Pagarás por su muerte!

With a full bloodied charge, the seventeen year old hulking ball of wrath rushed toward Ash with speed. The beast prepared as she steeled for her blow. However, as Sani grabbed her waist with her ramming power, she caught Ash off her guard as Sani lifted with a roar. She leapt up slightly from the ground and pounded Ash against the mat. Ash groaned as her breath was taken away. Sitting over Ash, Sani grabbed her chest and lifted. She pounded at her face with several harsh blows.

Ash grunted as she bled. Delivering a final blow on her jaw, Sani grabbed her chest with both hands and lifted. Sani’s gloved fist began to bleed. However, she ignored the pain. With anger and rage on her face, Sani stood as Ash struggled grabbing her arms. Sani forced Ash back at the cage and pounded her. With her massive upper body strength, she trapped the beast against the cage and ripped several raging savage blows against her face.

Ash was caked with blood. She took a lot of blows but she shrugged her off. Sani ceased and grabbed Ash on the head. She rammed forward with a head bash. Ash was stunned with the blow as she sank to the ground with her back against the cage. Sani rammed her other head bash connecting with Ash’s cranium. Sani’s head started to bleed, but she felt nothing while pounding her enemy to the ground. Dealing several kicks on Ash, the Alpha beat her down.

Part 13.8 of 8.9: The full wrath of a seventeen year old Alpha leader

Sackie approached Sani from behind. Watching her leader brutalize the beast, Sackie didn’t want see it anymore and shouted, “Sani!”

Ignoring Sackie, Sani thrust her fists at Ash harshly. Sackie approached Sani and grabbed her shoulder. She pulled getting her attention, “¡Parar!

With an annoyed snarl, Sani rammed her elbow backwards catching Sackie on the jaw. Sackie stumbled back as Sani turned onto her former friend. With a snarl, she spat at the twin beast and thrust her arms against Sackie pushing her back with a shout, “¡Pagarás por la muerte de Sammi!”

Compared to Sackie, Sani was still the bigger girl. Even though Sackie worked on her muscle strength, she still retained her cat like agility and speed. Holding her hands up, the Paxxian responded backing up before her Alpha, “¡No, espera! I didn’t-“

With a roar, Sani pumped her arms with her fists upward. She moved forward with a thrust and caught Sackie by the shoulder. Pulling Sackie in close, she kneed her and followed it with an elbow across Sackie’s face. The twin beast stumbled. With her grasped hand, the Alpha leader grabbed the dazed Paxxian by the chest. Pulling her close, she rammed her other fist at her face. Sackie was at the disadvantage as her Alpha abused the Omega.

Sackie struggled at the might of her Alpha. She couldn’t attack her leader because of her Paxxian life debt. Sani pounded across her face with her fist. With a roar, she lifted her with her inborn strength. Sackie whimpered flailing over the ground and pleaded in Spanish, “¡Pare por favor!

Without a thought, Sani gripped her fist on her side clenching her bulged muscles. She rammed her fist against Sackie’s face. The twin beast grunted again spitting blood. The Alpha dealt another blow across the jaw. Using her upper body, she thrust the Paxxian across the mat. Sackie fell across the air and crashed onto the cage. She collapsed on the mat with a groan. Sani snarled storming across with fury and bent down grabbing Sackie by her torso. She lifted her harshly as Sackie struggled against her Alpha. She flailed with her legs as her back crashed against the cage. Sani gritted her teeth. Taking her fist, she caught Sackie with a blow against her abdomen.

Behind them, Ash groaned on the ground. She was bruised and swollen. Kneeling over, she coughed blood. Inside her mouth, something pulled away. Sani’s blows broke loose something inside her mouth.

Spitting again, a tooth fell from her mouth. Gripping the mat, Ash crawled onto her knees and coughed. Her features shifted as her swollen bruise healed. She felt her skull shifted as it morphed slightly causing her jaw to enlarge forward. Her cranium hardened as she felt the thickness of her skull. Coughing again, more of her teeth fell. In her jaw, several more growths appeared as her new set of teeth popped in slowly. They were sharper.

Part 13.8 of 9.9: Something changes within the beast.

Feeling her new set of teeth, she cut her tongue on her sharp canine. Her face was still bruised but she somehow healed. With renewed strength, Ash grabbed the cage and stood slowly. Turning around, she coldly watched Sani pound the stunned Sackie. With a sneer, she snarled baring her new sharp canines and approached Sani from behind.

Sani thrust Sackie back into the cage and lifted her up with another roar. Sackie struggled against Sani whimpering in pain. She tried pulling Sani’s head back, but the Alpha pressed on angrier. Looking up, Sackie gasped watching Ash approach. She saw her fangs as Ash opened her mouth with a snarl.

Grabbing Sani from behind, Ash wrapped her arm around Sani’s throat. Sani let go as she struggled against the beast’s strong hold. Ash wrapped her other arm across her chest trapping her arms. She held her in place as Sackie sank back onto the ground. Ash spat coldly scowling at the twin beast, “Sackie, look at your leader. Just once see her for who she is.”

Sackie grunted rubbing her sore neck while staring back at her former leader. Sani’s bloodied face was caked with hatred and rage. She spat and snarled at her while struggling against Ash’s strong, enlarged bicep around her throat. Ash replied, “See through her lies and look upon her true face. Is this the face of an honorable leader? Is she the one who wouldn’t lie through her teeth and help us in a completely selfless way? Is she the true friend who would lead a helping hand instead of being the manipulator? No.”

With a snarl baring her sharpened canines, Ash bent closer to Sani’s ear as she increased her grip. She spat at Sackie, “Look at what you have done. Look at Sammi! You’ve killed her!”

Sackie looked at Sammi. She whimpered covering her mouth. Sammi remained prone on the floor as blood trickled out of her mouth. Her eyes remained open. Having enough of Ash, Sani let out a roar thrusting backward. She pushed Ash against the cage with force that unlocked her grip on her arms. Letting go, Ash allowed Sani to turn onto her. Sani rammed her punch against Ash forcing her sideways.

Sani cracked her knuckles and grabbed Ash’s head dealing another blow. Ash grabbed her fist and twisted to her side. With her open palm, she grabbed Sani on the shoulder muscle. Thrusting forward, she pulled at her arm and kneed Sani on the chest harshly. Sani grabbed Ash as Ash thrust Sani around the pit. Reeling back with her head, Ash rammed her forehead onto Sani’s cranium. It connected harshly as Sani grunted. Grabbing her waist, Ash lifted Sani and thrust her onto the mat.

Sani was stunned with the harsh head blow. Stepping over Sani, Ash let her fists hang and knelt down on the ground. Grabbing Sani on the chest, Ash lifted and pounded her on the head several times. Sani struggled as Ash lifted again dealing another head blow. Her thick cranium connected with Sani’s forehead making her bleed again. Dropping her on the floor, Ash stood. Sani laid on her back dazed and raised her hands surrendering.

The announcer appeared beside her. He shouted grabbing her hand and lifted, “We have a winner by default! Ash ‘The Beast’ Techryn remains yet again the champion as she keeps her belt!”

The announcer shimmered as Ash’s hand dropped. Turning to Sackie, she approached the twin beast. Sackie stood and watched. She was becoming emotional. Ash responded touching Sackie on the shoulder, “Listen to me. I only want you to open your eyes and see the truth. You think I’m the manipulator?”

Ash snarled baring her fangs. Turning to the dazed Sani, she pointed at her as she shouted with anger, “See the true manipulator!”

Sackie gulped and watched as the dazed former Alpha rose from her back. She turned around and crawled toward Sammi. Letting out a sob, Sani grabbed her girl gently and lifted her. Kneeling before her, Sani caressed Sammi’s head and rocked her gently crying. She moved down and kissed her on the head. Opening her mouth, she broke down with emotion crying for her lost girl. Her body trembled as Sani stroked the bloodied bleach blonde hair and hugged her close.

Ash responded, “You want the truth? Sammi poisoned me. That was her mistake as she admitted it to me thinking that I will be dead soon. Sani knew this and yet she did nothing. From the beginning, they wanted me gone. They conspired to poison me. However-“

Ash cocked her head touching Sackie’s face. Sackie turned and stared at the beast. She spoke gazing into her twin beast’s brown eyes, “You are honorable, Paxxian. You never forgot who you were. You were there for me even when I rejected you. Compared to Sani and Sammi, you are the strongest. See the truth before your eyes and react. What will be your move?”

Turning away, Ash left Sackie to herself. Sackie looked upon both her former friends. Sani wobbled back and forth in a rocking motion crying still holding the dead, prone form of Sammi. Suddenly the twin beast felt sick in her stomach. Gripping her chest, she moaned covering her mouth. Rushing to the edge of the cage, she heaved while gripping the side of the metal bars. Her stomach emptied the contents onto the mat as she held her chest with a pained groan.

Ash walked across the mat. Suddenly, she felt her body shift. Feeling something changing as she grew exhausted, Ash groaned. Her legs grew weak as she stumbled forward. Falling down, Ash collapsed onto the mat unconscious. Her body shut down as her cardiovascular system ceased responding. The red glimmer in her dark eyes faded as her final breath escaped her mouth. Her eyes remained open in shock. The emergency whine of a teleporter sounded as her body vanished in a blinding white light.

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