Book One: The Innocent Heart

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The Eye of What's to Come

Part 14.1 of 1.8: As the slumbering beast slowly awoke, she discovers...

A single bed with white sheets stood on the waxed floor. Inside the covers was the resting form of the beast herself. Ashlyn lay sleeping as her head rested against the white pillow. The machine beside her beeped silently. It kept her life signs recorded. Ash was at the hospital. It was a month later after New Year’s Eve. Outside, the snow drifted onto the ground. Several sheets and a large bowl filled with water were on the table next to her. A single small hand rest rose over the ground resting next to the bed.

Several tubes ran from her arm and into the bag beside her. It was feeding her liquid while keeping her body stable. She had been in a coma for a while. A single television rested attached on the wall. It flicked on as the news came on. The music sounded in the background as the words scrolled across the screen. It said, ’TAUN. We bring you the daily news and updates’.

The tense, dramatic background music sounded as the image of a woman appeared before her desk. She sorted her tablets and smiled before speaking, This is the Terrian Alliance Universal News bringing you the daily up to dates of what’s going on with Earth and our colonies as our allies all work together towards a common goal to bring you safety and security. Please check in frequently.

Ash woke to the sound of the ’Vision with a silent groan. Her life signs monitor beeped. It was muffled as the news lady resumed, To those of you joining, I am Michela Rhyames your news anchor. I will bring you up to date with the current topics starting with the welcome of one of our valiant starships. She started her voyage into the stars thirty years ago. The light dreadnought TAS Caraustar is coming home. Our Commander in Chief Admiral Joriah Tiarus leads the celebration.

Curious, Ash looked up and stared at the television. She listened to the anchorwoman.

In other news we bring you with a tragic update. A week ago, a sudden death struck all of us who were watching the Underground fight between ‘The Beast’ and her challengers Sani, Sammi and Sackie. At the end of their fight, Samantha Willows lost her fight as she died suddenly when her body was crushed and her heart failed. She was at a young age of twelve. Many who knew her mourned her death even Sanità Ayuers. She had to be hospitalized after receiving traumatic brain injury from ‘The Beast’.

Ash curled her lips into a sneer. She smirked at the news. It couldn’t be better. Sammi would not be missed as it was her who conspired to poison the beast herself. Whether she had it coming or not, Sammi was the one that Ash was forced to push out of her way. Looking at the television, the image changed into a crime scene as the anchorwoman spoke. It was room ’The Beast’ was poisoned.

Also the Terrian Alliance Intelligence Defense worked with the Special Intelligence Alliance Division to investigate the incident involving a group of friends in the party. From the scene, it looked like ‘The Beast’ being poisoned before the match. She however survived. Upon further investigation it looked like one of the glasses was poisoned. The perpetrator didn’t clean well however. It was Sanità Aueyers as she allegedly poisoned ‘The Beast’ by cheating her out of her hard-earned victory. After being hospitalized for a brain injury, Sanita has been arrested following her charges which included-

Turning to the door, Ash noted a nurse entering carrying fresh towels. Turning back to the television, she noticed some new moving images including Sani being led away by cops. She was in her orange prison uniform. The paparazzi were flashing them with holo-cameras. The prisoner looked sullen and angry as she hid herself from the cameras. Saint Marc de Ryac was on the vision keeping his arm around his seventeen year old girlfriend. He was waving the cameras away while covering her. The cops led them through the cacophony of people.

-theft of property, torture, poisoning, maiming, discharge of a weapon in a crowded facility, and murder. Following these charges, the judges convicted her and incarcerated her to the New Alcatraz facility for rehabilitation. Her boyfriend joins her hoping to see her exonerated. However, the charges and evidence were clear. Sanità Ayuers not only committed these crimes, she was the cloaked woman holding the weapon that killed a building superintendent when she was thirteen. No stranger to violence, she is ruled incapable of living with society to obey their rules. Her mental capacity has shifted due to her brain injury and she is damaged. It was blamed on her troubled childhood.

Part 14.2 of 2.8: A new doctor…

The scene on the vision shifted returning to the anchorwoman behind the desk. She picked out another tabled and looked it over. Looking back at the camera, she cleared her throat and resumed as the scene changed transiting along several images of a male medical doctor. Later, it showed a video of a crowd, several people on the platform and several gunshots as the crowd screamed with the chief of staff covering the Commander in Chief.

Also, following a series of sudden and shocking events, several assassinations took place. They were caused by the Xaverius clan as they secretly plotted and murdered two people, the president’s chief of staff and a medical doctor. Doctor Walter Steeds was a proud British doctor. His advances in medical science have helped us along with his books he wrote. His advanced degree in Medical Science and Physical Education earned him the right to take care of us. He will be sorely missed. The failed third assassination was a foiled attempt. Our Commander in Chief Admiral Joriah Tiarus was the target of a nearly fatal incident. He was shot in the arm as his chief of staff pushed him out of the way of a second bullet that came soon after. He saved the president’s life. His sacrifice will not be forgotten.

The television shut off. Ash turned to the doorway as a female medical doctor approached carrying the remote and her case. Placing the remote into her pocket, she withdrew a stool and pulled it along with her toward the bed. Sitting down next to the bed, she placed the case onto the raised platform. Taking the stethoscope from around her neck, she placed it the two ends into her ear and moved the round ocular object over Ash’s body.

The doctor spoke, “I am Kaitlyn Beckett. I am your new orthopediatrician. Doctor Steeds was unfortunately killed so you were brought into my care. I will now take care of your medical needs and answering any of your questions. You were in a coma for about a month as you nearly died.”

Removing the cover from Ash, she placed the ocular device on her chest. Ash stared at her new doctor with curiosity. Satisfied, the doctor removed the device and placed her stethoscope around her neck. She responded with a smile, “Currently I am the Tiarus family doctor. I was there for basically everything because the Tiarus family was well known. Not only do I tend to the admiral, I also tend to his two sons Tyler and Vana. I was there when Vana was born. Afterwards, his mother perished in the night due to complications of birth.”

Kaitlyn inspected Ash placing her hand on her face. She checked her neck bones, her pulse and her eyes. Taking her jaw, the doctor opened her mouth and inspected her canines. They were sharp as some fangs were larger than others. She took note of this curious development and replied, “I made this appointment. When Walter died, I immediately took your case. Your case fascinated me. After one week of studying his notes, I made myself familiar with your condition and continued to check up on you. For instance your canines-”

Ash sat up as the doctor touched her teeth inspecting her sharpened incisors. Kaite resumed, “It was dormant as your body underwent change. You were pummeled and abused to a point where your body took the blows. You nearly died because your body couldn’t take the abuse. You are not human. Not really. Your sharp canines are one example. Your skull is a second example. It is a lot thicker now than before. Your bones also became stronger to a point of being unbreakable. Your body, even though you are thirteen, has advanced in age in two years. Your metabolism and adrenaline are increased but balanced.”

Part 14.3 of 3.8: The beast’s identity...

Ash spoke interrupting her with a low growl, “What am I?”

The doctor responded explaining, “We don’t know. Not really. You are an unknown. You have pieces of different DNA combined to one person. You are a genetically modified humanoid. You look human so you may pass for one. However, do not be fooled. You are better than human. You are the faster, the stronger and the smarter breed. Your DNA has been spliced so that you are not only human, but you are Siriian as well. You also have certain unknown animal DNA. That could explain away your canines and your hunger for blood and violence. However-“

Turning to the case on the table, Kaite opened it. Moving the raised table toward Ash’s bed, she took out the medically cylindrical canisters. Arranging them beside the case, Kait noted the dark red liquid and replied, “Your body is always in motion. It is always shifting and changing. Your blood keeps switching between red and black. It is confusing your system and it is why you are feeling the effects of your condition. Your blood is incompatible with your body as you were born through the unfortunate instance of a human and Siriian DNA. You are dying and you will continue to do so. You are being kept alive everyday through the use of this dark red liquid medicine. It is the only way to keep your body from falling apart, you understand?”

Ash stared at her doctor and nodded once. It was understood. Her doctor cleared things up and explained her condition well. Kaitlyn took the medical cylindrical device. Taking the canister with the red liquid inside, she placed it into the empty slot of the medical device. Turning to Ash, the doctor responded with concern, “About the incident before after in the morning after New Year’s when you were with the other girls, you were poisoned. The investigators who gathered information in that room discovered traces of Hemlock in the glass that was broken. You weren’t only lucky, but your body was able to resist the poison by expelling it out of your system.”

With her finger, she motioned Ash, “Move forward please. Because of this ability to resist all sorts of poisons, your advancing body changes and your accelerated growth causes you to become stronger. Now, this medicine will no longer be injected into your biceps. Instead, it will be applied to the back of your neck into the muscle. It will be dispersed easily along many directions in your body. This way, the cocktail will be highly effective as your body continues to become stronger.”

As Ash sat up, Kaitlyn grasped her neck. Moving her dark curled hair aside, she injected the medical device into the back of her neck. Rubbing the injection spot, the doctor gently moved her back as she put aside the cylindrical device and replied, “I will do this for you at a weekly basis. What I gave you is the updated version. Instead of daily injections, you will be receiving it weekly with me in charge of this. Your dosage has been increased to compensate for your growing body and the duration it will keep your body from falling apart. I will make the appointment to see you again within a week.”

Putting the medical device away, she disposed of it into the case. Clipping the case close, Kate responded as Ash laid back into the bed, “Now, someone is here to see you. I will leave to make your new appointment. I won’t be long. When I have done this, I will return to discharge you.”

Standing up, Kaite turned and walked away from the bed. Ash watched as her doctor exited through the doorway. A moment later, another person entered the room. It was Sackie. Sitting up, Ash moved her finger forward and beckoned her to come. Sackie dug her hands into her pocket and approached the beast silently. Taking her seat at the stool, she brooded keeping her attention from Ash’s dark eyes.

Part 14.4 of 4.8: The twin beast’s true name...

Ash studied her for a minute. She spoke, “Sackie, look at me. What are you doing here?”

Finally, Sackie faced her with yellow cat-like eyes. With a gulp, she responded, “I thought I would come to see you. I-I didn’t know what to do. With Sammi’s death and Sani’s incarceration, you are the only one I come to. I’m lost so I don’t know what to do.”

Ash scowled at her and responded harshly, “If you think you are here to hold my hand, you are sorely mistaken. You are on your own. You are free. Why come to me?”

Sackie shook her head and shrugged. She spoke, “I-I don’t know. I thought-“

She was interrupted by Ash’s single finger. Ash wagged her finger beckoning her forward. Sackie pulled the stool closer as she leaned toward her. With her hand, the beast grabbed the nape of her neck. With a snarl baring her fangs, Ash thrust Sackie’s head into her chest. Sackie protested thrashing her arms around getting her off.

Ash bent close to her ear and whispered harshly, “Sani’s gone and Sammi is dead. The pact is broken and splintered. You are free and yet you come to me by a hospital bed while I am in my weakened state. You insult me, Paxxian. This will not go unanswered. Now make up your mind. Say what you need to say or scram. Don’t make me hurt you.”

Letting go of her brown curled hair, Ash scowled observing Sackie carefully. Bending her face down, Sackie responded, “As you know, I am a Paxxian. We are of the honorable race of big cats. We have a code as we are honor bound by servitude. A free Paxxian is not a Paxxian at all. In fact, as we are part human, a free Paxxian is human no matter of what cat-like features we have. When Sammi and Sani betrayed my honor code, I am forced by honor to cast them aside.”

Ash listened as Sackie explained, “Their dishonor disgusted me and I regurgitated because of this. I loved them. You are the only one who hasn’t done me wrong or betrayed me with dishonor. Therefore, I am still bound to you. I never left your side no matter how much you hate me. I stayed for a month at your side. I have every right to be here. An honor code is not love. It is a necessity to survival and a requirement in order to live a life of servitude. It is not slavery. Not really. It is bondage between companions or mates for life. You are the Alpha to my Omega. Tell me what to do. Ask me and I will do it for you without question so long it does not go against my moral code.”

Ash stared at her. What she said made sense even though her description was lengthy. Uttering a sigh, she sat up on her bed and responded, “Very well. As long as this is the only reason, it makes things easier. Let’s start with your name. As long as you are with me, we will not use pet names anymore. I am Ashlyn Sadie Techryn. You may call me Ash.”

The Paxxian twin beast offered an affirmative nod responding, “I am Mackenzie Kagan Ubex. My father calls me Mackie. You will call me thus. Thank you Ash.”

Mackie offered her hand. Ash accepted grasping her hand. They gripped their hands into a handshake as their muscles bulged. Ash pulled her close and slapped with her hand on Mackie’s shoulder. Releasing, they let go and the twin beast placed her hand on the edge of the bed.

Part 14.5 of 5.8: Her new bondage with the twin beast...

As the blinding light of the teleport illuminated the darkness of the Underground for a few seconds, it faded revealing two strong forms of the twin beasts. A thick nose ring returned to the bottom of Ash’s nose. Ash looked to her side and scowled nodding at Mackenzie. Compared to Mackie’s tall, strong athletic average muscles, Ash’s body was larger and bulkier. She was the new Alpha and her twin brown haired beast was willing to follow her. Mackie nodded scowling back with her harsh gaze.

Turning back toward the dimmed corridor before her, Ash walked forward with heavy strides. Mackie followed her as they went around the corner. A young man walked from the opposing corridor and nearly ran into the beast. With her dark eyed scowl, Ash snarled baring her fangs. Grabbed his throat, she recognized him and spat, “Tyler.”

The Stryker struggled against her grip and grabbed her wrists. The beast glowered as a red glimmer shone briefly in her dark eyes. Tyler responded, “Ah! Ash let go! I was coming to meet you.”

Without flinching, Ash dragged Tyler and rammed him against the wall. Letting go, she moved her other arm and pressed against his trachea. Baring her teeth, Ash came close to his face and snarled. Mackie stood by and watched coolly while crossing her arms. Tyler noticed Ash’s fangs and gulped. She spat with fury, “Say what you wanted to say. I have no patience for long silences and unbroken pauses. Speak!”

Moving back, Ash released as Tyler stumbled. Hunched over with her fists down to her side and her arm muscles flexed, Ash harshly scowled at Tyler. Her lips on the left side of her mouth was curled into a snarl baring her sharp fang.

Looking up, Tyler gulped feeling intimidated now more than ever. Not wanting to piss off the beast, he hastily replied, “While you have been gone from the Underground for a month, I have been preparing for your return. First, however, I want to congratulate you on your success. You should stop by a tattooist to treat yourself.”

Another harsh growl ripped out of her throat as Ash advanced him. She raised her fists. Tyler quickly raised his hands and backed into the wall. As her torso got close to him, Tyler placed his hand on her breast. He responded quickly, “Wait, I’m not telling you what you should do. Do not misunderstand. Those are only suggestions. What I wanted to talk about is Saint Marc de Ryac. His girlfriend is in prison and he is angry. He hates you and is in direct conflict with your path.”

Taking his hand, he touched Ash on the back of her neck and responded directly to her, “I can’t have him in my team anymore. I still like and respect your strength. I would really love you to join my team, but it is still up to you. All I am saying is Marc has you in his sights. Take care of him and the spot on my team will be available. You understand?”

With another growl, the beast’s calculative mind processed his words. With a nod, she backed from without saying anything. It was right timing. Without another word, she turned away from Tyler and walked along the corridor. Mackie uncrossed her arms and followed her dark beast. Tyler rubbed his sore neck and watched them walk out of sight into the darkened area of the corridor. He let out a sigh.

Part 14.6 of 6.8: The beast’s new enemy...

Both Ash and Mackenzie exited the corridor to enter a large area of the Underground. It was the promenade section directly under the subway rail station. The large area was filled with people walking about passing shops and holo terminals. Walking past several groups of people chattering, the twin beasts stopped by a tattoo parlor. It was a new building with a new tenant.

Gripping the knob, Ash twisted and opened the door. Through the doorway, she watched a large heavily muscled built man with dark complexion turn. He was bald with no facial hair. With a gruff, he beckoned her forward speaking, “Come in, come in. What can I do for you?”

The twin beasts entered the tattoo parlor as the door shut behind them. Ash studied the unusual man. He was large for a humanoid. His eyes and his teeth tell a different story. The man opened his mouth again. His canines were sharp. Ash determined him as non human. With a nod, she responded with a stiffened upper torso and back, “I require a new tattoo. Give me several options.”

The man waved her into the shop and replied, “Sure. First tell me who you are.”

“Ash,” the beast spoke approaching him, “Ashlyn Techryn. I am the-“

The tattooist stared at her and exclaimed as a thought struck him. Approaching her, he extended his arms toward her with a hurried response, “Of course! The Beast! I remember you now. I watched you in your matches. I am a fan. You are welcome anytime. I just only took over this ship since the last tenant moved out. All my prices are steep. However, just for you and your friend, I will only charge half for the price of two. It is a pretty good deal! Take it or leave it.”

As the bulky humanoid dark alien with glowing dark beastly eyes approached Ash, he extended his hand and grabbed hers with a handshake. He clapped her on the back and twisted his hand around to grip her hand in another handshake. His grip was solid and hard as their muscles bulged visibly. Looking at his body, Ash noted dark crimson tattoos on his torso, arms and legs. Compared to the beast, the man was larger in size and taller. Mackie watched them interact with each other. She stood stoically.

Thinking over his words, Ash turned to her twin beast. Letting go of his hand, she approached her and snarled baring her fangs. She responded, “Mack, let’s do this. Let us get the same tattoos on our bodies. We are the twin beasts after all. What do you say?”

Staring back, Mackie trailed her yellow cat-like eyes from Ash’s dark eyes and glanced over to the tattooist’s dark eyes. Closing her eyes, she nodded turning to Ash and responded opening her eyes, “Fine. That sounds plausible. How will this work?”

Part 14.7 of 7.8: A new tattooist...

Ash nodded and turned toward her new tattooist replying, “Agreed. It’s a deal.”

The man exclaimed opening his arms while flashing his sharp canines and responded, “Excellent! If you will come over here and sit down, I shall get started! This is an honor. As this is a onetime deal, the next time you get a tattoo from me, I will start charging you for more.”

Ash grunted not caring. Approaching him, she turned and sat down on the bench responding, “Charge me then. Put it on my tab. I care not.”

The tattooist nodded. He started walking around Ash inspecting her strong form. Ash scowled harshly into the man’s beast like eyes. Touching her torso, the man felt her muscles trailing her lines across her skin. Taking her hand, he grasped it as she clenched her fist. Stroking her bicep, trailed it up her arm toward her shoulder. Letting go of the hand, he gripped her shoulders and massaged her bulged traps.

Ash silently stared into the mirror before her at the man seated next to her. The tattooist grabbed her jaw and lifted placing his thumb on her lips. He spoke, “Open.”

Uttering a low growl from her throat, Ash bared her sharp canines. He touched her clean fangs with his thumb and pushed down. Seeing that they were sharp and sturdy, he exclaimed letting go of her chin and moved his arms around, “I know what kind of tattoo to give! You need not tell me.”

Ash looked at him curiously and inquired, “You do from all that inspecting and touching?”

The man nodded walking around her and sat behind her. Pulling the tattoo machine toward him, he responded, “I have this canny ability to look over certain people and determine what they want. This is part of why I am a tattooist. I enjoy giving people what they want without them telling me. This inspection and service is free as the only things I charge are the tattoos. Really, I only want the best for my patrons. That causes them to come back for more and we are both satisfied.”

“Huh,” Ash responded and moaned uttering a low growl from her throat as he pushed her back muscles. The tattooist massaged her back calming her and softening her tough muscles. He was pushing tension and stress from her body as he prepped her for a new tattoo. Taking the cylindrical laser like device from the tattoo machine, he aimed it toward her back.

Pausing as he held the device on her back, the tattooist spoke, “Now, I will be giving you a chained tattoo starting now. Every time you come back for more, each tattoo will be added. It is far cheaper actually than my other prices for single or double tattoos. I see from your eyes that you desire marks on your skin for each of your victories. I am willing to do this and I already have a design in mind. If you will allow me, I will do this for you. If you don’t like it, then I will just give you a single tattoo.”

Ashlyn nodded. She allowed her tattooist to begin as he gave her the design that she desired. Ash’s body moved forward as he burned his first image on her back. She scowled at her twin beast with her lip in a curl showing her fang. Mackie stared back cross armed while leaning back and kept her legs spaced in a casual manner. She observed and stood guard.

As the tattooist moved her dark curled hair over her shoulder, he applied the device into Ash’s back. The laser activated as the red beam emanated from the point into the muscle. Smoke rose as the laser burned her skin. He moved it across her muscles forming his first line.

Ash moaned feeling the discomfort from the burning laser. The man focused on creating her tattoo from his mind. She already had her tattoo of an intricate design on her shoulder. Mackenzie watched her. Her long curled brown hair reached down stopping just over her shoulder. She remained stoic and stood erect while waiting for her turn.

Part 14.8 of 8.8: A new trainer...

Walking side by side with fresh tattoos on their back, the twin beasts walked along the dimmed corridor. Their tattooist gave Mackie another new tattoo on the same shoulder like Ash had for free. She liked it. Stopping before the doorway, the brown haired beast stood by allowing Ash go in first. Ash entered into the training room and noticed a single red skinned Mekoiian in the middle.

The Mekoiian turned and stood with his feet spaced casually. With a cold stare at the beasts, he beckoned them forward with his finger. Ash approached and sniffed the aroma in the room. With a snarl, she curled her lips with distaste. There was a different smell from this Mekoiian but he wasn’t their same trainer. She inquired, “You are not Trac?”

He nodded closing his dark red eyes blinking once. Placing his arms behind his back, he responded gazing at her, “Correct. Even though all Mekoiians look the same, we are technically different. As you probably know, we are a clone race. Even though each one of us are the same, inside we are entirely different from each other.”

With another growl from her throat, Ash shook her head and spoke, “I did not know this.”

The Mekoiian clone shrugged responding, “As it should be. It is not a well known fact as we Mekoiians like to keep it a secret. No matter. I am your new trainer and Pit Traceur. You may call me Pa’Trixq. I hope I will be of a better service to you than your last Pit Traceur.”

The twin beasts looked at each other for a few seconds. Turning back to their new trainer, Ash shrugged and replied, “We’ll see. What happened to Trac?”

With the same cold stare, Pa’Trixq shifted his feet uncomfortably and responded, “He was a failed clone. At first, he was good. He trained many new upcoming fighters. However, he was secretly using his funds illegally and betting on the fights. No Mekoiian are allowed to as they have a strict adherence to our personal rules. He also got close to several trainers. Too close that they formed a relationship with him. It clouded his mind and made him conspire against his fellow trainees like you two.”

The twin beasts listened as the new Pit Traceur replied, “He formed a special relationship with Sanità Ayuers and Samantha Willows to a point where he allowed you to get poisoned. He conspired with the girls to kill you. There is proof for only those with the clearance. The SIAD looked down on that as they have high hopes for you. They terminated his contract and returned his body to the homeland.”

Ash bared her fangs. She snarled lightly interrupting him, “Returned his body? You mean he’s dead?”

The trainer sighed and shrugged responding, “There are no words. As we all are a clone race, when we get returned to the homeland it is either by termination or special permissions. When we turn at a specific age, we leave our home. We are forbidden to return until the end of our life. If we do, it is instant cremation. Only certain echelon or high elders are chosen to remain on the homeland as caretakers of our cities and sties where our bodies are created and destroyed.”

Ash stared at him. She nodded liking this new trainer better than the last. He looked to be more professional and stable than Trac. Even his words were stronger. Pa’Trixq spoke taking out a tablet from the table, “Now, you have an upcoming match with Saint Marc de Ryac, correct? We should begin training. Before we do this, I would have the two of you sign my contract with your full names.”

Ash looked at Mackie and nodded. They approached their new trainer as Ash took his tablet. She pressed her thumbprint on the sensor as it opened her name and information. The border flashed green with a checkmark flashing across. Handing the tablet to her twin beast, Ash growled lightly.

Mackie took the tablet and looked at her new trainer. She snarled, “I need to change my name. Sackie was a nickname given to me by my former leader. It is a distasteful name and I never wanted it.”

Pa nodded as his dark red eyes shone brilliantly at the Paxxian. He responded, “Of course. Speak to the tablet and sign your new contract.”

Looking at the tablet, Mackie placed her thumbprint on the sensor. As her image and info appeared, she responded clearly and straightforward, “Mackenzie Kagan Ubek. Nickname is Mackie.”

The tablet beeped confirming the new information as the borders turned green with a checkmark flashing across it. Looking up, Mackie handed the tablet back to the Mekoiian. Accepting the tablet, Pa placed it on the desk and wrapped his arms around his back. Standing straight tall and staring back at the twin beasts with a stare, a smile crept across his features as he spoke, “Ashlyn. Mackenzie. I believe this is a beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

The Mekoiian’s smiling features however faded when the twin beasts scowled at him. They didn’t get his lame attempt at humor or using an old human quote. With a clear expression that stated ‘oh come on!’ he beckoned them to follow as he walked in between them replying in a light tone, “Lighten up you two. Follow me. We need to continue your training before Ashlyn begins her next fight.”

The twin beasts followed him as they walked side by side. They kept their guard on each other as they walked along the dimmed corridor of the Underground.

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