Book One: The Innocent Heart

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The Twin Beast

Part 16.1 of 1.9: Side by side with an inseparable, unbroken bond.

It was the start of March, two months after Ash’s betrayal by Sani. The twin beasts were in the Underground. Walking along the corridor, Ash and Mackie stopped at the dead end. Mackie looked at it with a curious look, but Ash responded as she touched the wall, “There is a secret door here that will take me somewhere. I need more information, but I need privacy as well. This is a place where only I and other chosen people know of it. You haven’t been chosen, so I will have to ask you to remain.”

Her twin beast nodded understanding. She replied, “Of course Ash. I will stand guard and await your return. Can I ask what information you are seeking?”

As Ash felt around the wall, she found what she was looking for. Pulling against the small niche of the wall, something clicked. She let go as a display popped out of the wall. Turning to her, she responded, “I cannot say. Just wait here Mack. I will not be long.”

Ash approached the display and waited. She turned her dark eyes behind her. Mackie growled turning her back to Ash and faced the corridor. She kept her legs spaced and arms on her side with her fists clenched. Her body remained stoic as she assumed the guard position with her cat-like yellow eyes facing the opposite of the dead end.

Ash focused on the keypad and entered a password. The display scanned her and the wall before her shimmered. Touching the shimmering wall, Ash went through it into the darkness of the room. She felt the hairs on her skin tingle as a blinding light of the teleporter whisked her away. The whining hum faded as the darkness returned and the wall ceased its shimmering. Feeling a wind behind her, Mackie stood guard without distraction.

The blinding light lighted up the teleporter room. Ash appeared as the light faded. Looking to the window beside her, she noticed the same green colored methane atmosphere and that same sulfuric smell. Exiting the teleporter room, she walked along the corridor. There were a few people chattering as they passed her.

Ash passed several rooms and looked in to see several more people sitting around chattering. The balcony in the end of the room had several huge windows. Before the windows, some people looked out at the stormy clouds. The balcony overlooked the mountains of Venus. Turning back to the corridor, she walked along and veered right entering the holo room.

The empty white room activated as several objects appeared in the room. A table and a spherical holo viewer took their place side by side. The V.I. holo of a female figure shimmered. She was clad in white clothes with brown hair tied into a bun. The woman smiled recognizing the beast before her. She responded in a clear feminine tone, “Welcome back Ashlyn. It has been three hundred seventy one days since you have been in this room. What can I do for you today?”

Ash scowled at the holo figure and responded, “I require information about the Paxxians.”

The woman shimmered and smiled replying, “Of course. Wait a moment. As it is a broad subject, there is a wide variety of information available. Please specify.”

As she spoke, the blank white room shifted growing dark. The only light illuminated from the floor as Ash looked around watching the room activated in a simulated motion. There were stars that covered the darkness. Several images flashed in the room. Each had the different Paxxian in place. However, they were all not the same. Some appeared more human than Paxxian.

While Ash pondered on her words, she thought back. Since Mackie became bound by service to her, Ash tried to figure out the best way to lead her. She hadn’t been in this room for a while since Mackie started following her everywhere. Being in this room, she is doing this for her twin beast so she can get a better idea of who Mackie is. Clearing her throat, she responded, “The basic skeletal structure and history.”

Part 16.2 of 2.9: Discovering the Paxxian

Several images came on and accessed. They moved to the front with the image of the Paxxian skeletal system of both male and female. They had cat like features on a human skeletal figure. The image shifted as the scene changed to a forested area. It was a world of lush forest and brushes. Several furred species of big cats appeared.

The woman responded, “Their skeletal system are the most resilient as they are bendable. They were born from the big cats known as the Felinian. Native on the jungle world of Kyraou, they were fierce specie of furry big cats. They were named that by the world’s first human colonists that landed. When the colonists discovered the big cats, they learned of their reputation of being fierce hunters with a code of honor. They were even welcoming of the humans and interacted with them. However, the Felinian were protective of their territory. That caused a few problems within the colony.”

The scene shifted and changed into forests burning to the ground and the big cats fighting with the colonists as the woman resumed, “Eventually friction was caused as the lines between the Felinian and the humans snapped. A simple territorial dispute went from a few shoving to murdering a few Felinian. They went to war and slaughtered each other. They fought over territory and fought back and forth to a point of a stalemate. Seeing enough death and killing, both leaders of each faction met with each other and made a pact.”

Ash watched curiously as the scene shifted to a single glade with the forests around her. A single rock was on the center and the two people sat before each other. One Felinian and one Human were talking to each other. Ash listened to the holo, “They created the world’s first treaty. It went from seven days and seven nights. They discussed what must happen and brought out a new set of rules for their people to follow. The treaty stated that in order for them to get along with each other, they would have to intermarry and create a hybrid of both. They created the world’s first Paxxian.”

The scene shifted as several Paxxian came into view. They all jumped and bounded across trees. They were both male and female. Their figures were slightly furred that are not shaggy because their fur was clean with some spots. They had the human features but retained their face spots and cat like eyes. Their fangs were long and sharp as their canines were made for chewing and consuming raw meat. Their hands had claws and a long tail sprouted from their behind.

Ash listened to the same tone of the female holo, “The two counterparts of one Felinian and one Human of either gender merged. They mated and created a new strain of creatures. It was the hybrid of both but with the love for neither parent. The Paxxian were far stronger and better in eyesight. They had more agility, strength and fiercer with uncontained raw power. When they were born all at once, their maturity grew slowly. By the time their puberty hit, the juveniles rebelled against their parents.”

Ash listened to the scene as the Paxxian juveniles laughed and tackled each other. It shifted to a room where a whole bunch of them were together. They were talking as the holo female presented her information, “Soon as the juveniles of both parents realized their strength and power, they pushed away. Because of their immaturity, their aggression and ferocity were raw and unrefined. The juveniles decided that the best way they would survive is by living together in one territory. Soon as they found one, they threatened the other Human and Felinian to stay away. They would even go to war if they needed to. They despised those that weren’t Paxxian. Eventually, they went to war and it was bloody. During that process, the Felinians were either killed or driven off their own territory and scattered the remainder of the surviving humans across the world.”

Part 16.3 of 3.9: That is a lot of information on the Paxxian...

Ash’s expression remained stoic as she gathered the information provided by the VI holo. The scene shifted as the Paxxian cheered among each other appearing triumphant while wielding their weapons. A huge bonfire burned as it crackled and popped. The woman resumed, “They were the victors. They grabbed a lot of territory in such a short time. They have the accelerated growth rate of cats. However when they hit their juvenile years, they slowed in their metabolism. They have the longest rate of immaturity but once they are mature enough, they become the true killers and war masters. They would keep both races as either trophies or slaves. They hated their parents. They considered the Paxxian superior and their parents inferior.”

The scene shifted to display several bands of humans together with the Felinians. They worked together as the woman finished, “Seeing their mistake, the humans quickly sent off a distress call to Earth. As the signal reached the nearest Earth warship, they came to their aid. When the Terrian Alliance sent their reinforcements, they held the sky advantage as they bombarded the dominate Paxxian into submission. Eventually they ceased all hostile activity when they were visited by the SIAD. Something happened to the Paxxian that caused them to become tame. Ceasing their aggression, the Paxxian realized their mistake and asked for a reprieve. Since then, they have been tending to their broken alliance with their parents they have wronged. Now-“

Growing bored, Ash snarled baring her fangs and spat, “Enough! Give me the fighting tactics of the Paxxian.”

The scene vanished changing to a glade in the middle of the forest. On the ground was a ring of stone. It was the fighting area. The woman resumed as Ash watched the simulated fight scene between two Paxxian fighters.

The twin beasts prowled along the sidewalk of the city. A year passed. Wintertime came quickly as the leaves had already fallen to the ground. The month passed from the end of November into the first of December. It began to snow. As the snow drifts slowly fell onto the sidewalk, the beast pondered on a few thoughts to herself. Walking toward a building at the end of the street, Ash found herself thinking about Cameron. It hit her suddenly. She hadn’t seen him since that day her beast came out and sought to end them on her fourteenth birthday. Cam must have gotten the message because he didn’t come to see her when she was in the hospital after a month of coma.

Currently in their mid-teens, the twin beasts stopped before the same gym they have been going for the past year. A shiver from the cold went down their spine. Fighters Inc offered them the training they needed in order to remain in the Strykers team. The Strykers were sponsored by Fighters Inc as does all the local Underground pit fighter teams. Turning to Mackie, Ash studied her form. She still had her same average muscles and was athletically tall. Most Paxxian had to be in order to be able to run fast and climb the treetops. If they were heavily laden with muscles, they would fall from the branches.

Touching Mackie on the mouth, Ash lifted her lips and noticed her new fangs growing in. She lost her baby teeth. Ash recognized that her Paxxian had reached her early juvenile age. She was no longer a child. Her spots started to grow in and her fur bristles were longer giving her a warmer coat. They moved slightly as the gust of cold wind blew through them pelting them with snow drifts. Her sharp canines pushed in as it pushed out her baby teeth. Letting out a growl baring her fangs, Mackie snarled feeling her Paxxian aggression and rage come on.

Part 16.4 of 4.9: The Next Stage of Development...

Taking her hand, she lifted the thick fingers up by the palm. Her sharp claws protracted as they replaced her nails. They retracted. Her hands grew thicker. Brown fur covered her hands and reached up across her arms. From behind her, a small brown tail wagged to the right. Her curled brown hair was longer as it reached halfway across her strong back. Her average sized cat-like ears were folded as the brown color blended with her brown hair. She grew taller as her. Staring into her twin beast’s yellow eyes, Ash spoke offering her hand, “Mack, are you ready?”

With a fierce expression, Mackie growled aggressively gripping Ash’s hand. Her claws protracted when she responded, “Yes.”

Letting go of her hand, Ash nodded and bashed through the door into the gym. Mackie followed her through the doorway from the cold into the warmth of the building. Her long curled hair ruffled in the wind as the doors opened with a gust of cold and warm air. She followed the beast across the room and into another door. Standing before them stood two trainers. It was Dale and Pa’Trixq.

Dale beckoned the beasts forward as Pa set up the table. A bench extended from it. Approaching Ash, Dale offered his hand. Ash accepted it as they grasped their shoulders and clapped their backs with a strong hug. Releasing from their friendly embrace, Dale nodded at Ash slapping her muscled thigh.

The twin beasts approached the bench where Pa was. Turning to the beasts, the Mekoiian exclaimed as he patted the bench responding, “Come Ashlyn. Sit here. Dale will start your conditioning.”

Ash nodded and approached him. Taking her shirt, she removed it revealing her chained tattoos on her back and muscled torso. Dropping the shirt, she approached the bench and sat placing her legs in between her seat. Mackie followed. Dale came to her side as he carried two heavy dumbbells for the Paxxian. As Mackie sat on the bench facing her, she accepted the weights from Dale with a light snarl baring her fang and replied, “Thanks Dale.”

“No problem Mackie. It is good to see you,” Dale nodded responding. He took his seat behind Ash. Taking a bottle, he squirted a gel on his hand. Touching her back, he rubbed her muscles massaging her. He trailed across her muscle lines and applied it across her chained tattoos. The beast uttered a low growl and scowled as her arms rested on her knees. She breathed heavily while hunched over facing her twin beast. Mackie faced her and lifted the weight with one arm. She grunted working on her muscle as her expression remained fierce.

Ash stared at Mackie’s expression. Behind her fierceness could tell that she was holding something back. As Dale rubbed against her traps and shoulder, Ash closed her eyes letting out a comforted groan. Mackie grunted as she lifted. Opening her eyes, Ash spoke toward her, “Mack?”

Mackie bared her fangs letting out a single grunt with a snarl. As Dale moved Ash’s dark curled hair out of the way, the stocky seventeen year old spread gel on Ash’s shoulder muscles and arm as he listened to the twin beasts’ conversation. Ash responded, “You have something on your mind.”

“You can tell?” Mackie retorted inquiring. Ash scowled baring her fangs and snarled. Mackie saw it wasn’t the time to mess with the beast so she responded while switching hands lifting her dumbbell, “Well it’s about Sani. She was my best friend for a long time since I was only six. I don’t understand-”

Part 16.5 of 5.9: Let’s talk about Sani...

With an angry scowl, Ash snarled. Mackie kept her head down avoiding her glare as Ash spoke, “She was evil. I always knew that when we met. Somehow I knew. Do not even mourn her.”

Mackie gulped and responded, “Yeah, well she was my friend for nine years. She was the one who impacted my life and shaped my path. To see all that to turn out to be a lie sickens me.”

Dale rubbed the gel across her muscled torso. She felt his push. As Ash studied Mackie, she stared at her. Mackie stopped taking. With a snarl, she growled placing the dumbbell onto the ground and started to leave. She was upset and spoke, “Forget it. I’m sorry Ash.”

With a snarl and baring her fangs, Ash grabbed her arm. Dale looked up for a moment to watch the exchange. Mackie paused scowling at her. Ash spat forcing her back down, “Sit!”

Ash growled and responded, “Listen to me. Sani is a bad person. She always had been since the start. I get all that from her eyes somehow. I know this though, so I ask you. Has she ever considered you her friend? Does she ever tend to your needs over Sammi? Has she ever asked what you wanted to do? Was she a friend to you?”

Mackie paused listening to her. Her mind processed as Ash inquired, “Mack was she a friend to you? Everything you two did was for her only. Have you ever done something for yourself with her or did she leave you alone to tend to Sammi’s needs? Tell me. Is that friend a selfless person or selfish?”

Pointing her finger, Ash beckoned her closer and grabbed her hand. Sackie’s brown tail wagged to the side. She came closer across the bench. Touching her cheek, Ash stroked it while placing her hand behind her neck muscle and spoke with enforcement in her words, “Sani, Sammi and you all hung out as girls, correct? Have you ever had one instance where they both treated you or asked if you wanted to do anything? What do you do?”

“Umm,” Mackie looked down for a few brief seconds pondering. Looking up, she growled as it dawn her and snarled baring her fangs, “She was never my friend. She-”

Gripping Ash’s hand hard, Mackie’s feral aggression came on as the fur on her back bristled. Her yellow eyes scowled at Ash as she breathed heavily. Ash stared at her watching. Dale ceased her conditioning and placed his hands on her shoulders. He started massaging her neck muscles. Baring her fangs, Mackie scowled at her aggressively.

“Mack?” Ash inquired curiously. The twin beast snarled as she gripped the side of the bench. Her muscles bulged as she spat with anger, “We should have killed her! She should have died then!”

Ash nodded gripping Mackie on her shoulder. Stroking her neck muscles and traps, she responded with enforcement, “You should have killed her, Mack. Next time you will get your chance.”

Mackie sighed uttering a growl. Musing, she responded, “Yes. She betrayed me. She was my friend and she betrayed me! I never had friends like them. I felt like I had to protect them. I felt-“

Part 16.6 of 6.9: With the Beast’s guidance, the Twin Beast will soon move on...

Mack,” Ash interrupted her and responded tendering her aggression, “Don’t need to say anymore. You are a Paxxian. It is a part of you. That makes things easier.”

Mackie nodded and stared at her fiercely. Her brown tail wagged as she replied, “I got a holo-message from my father. I hadn’t heard from him in a long time. I-” She snarled hesitating.

Ash listened and pushed for more, “What about him?”

Mackie growled with a sigh. She nodded and responded with frustration, “He was right, you know? He was right about Sani when he warned me about her. I got mad at him and we split. We haven’t talked for seven years. He saw her and somehow instantly knew. Just one look over and he knew! What did he see that I was too blind to even care? I am not Paxxian if I haven’t-“

“Mack,” Ash interrupted her with a snarl and spoke harshly, “Do not say that. You are Paxxian. You were only a youngling. A child! What about the message?”

The twin beast replied, “Right. After Sani attacked and thrust me aside, a family friend contacted my father. He sent this holo-message to me as he was concerned about my health. He wanted to get in touch with me. I-umm, I felt guilty and embarrassed. I do not want to talk to him because-“

Touching her on the chin, Ash moved her to face the beast and responded, “Talk to him. Send him back a message. Let him know you still love him.”

Mackie stared at her fiercely and inquired, “But what about-“

The beast interrupted her as Ash brought her hand down onto her twin beast’s shoulder blade. She spoke with enforcement, “I envy you, you know? While we both lost our mothers when we were young, you still have the love of your father. I do not have mines because he hates me. He still blames me for her death. While I can’t talk to him without getting him upset, you still talk to yours. Don’t lose sight of him. Send him another message. Let him know he still has his daughter.”

Staring at her beast, Mackie whimpered slightly. She felt her eyes wet and sniffed. Wiping her eyes, she responded, “That was-umm. Okay yeah, I will send him something. Thank you Ash! That meant a lot to me. My father is human. He is a Talon Hunter and a marine, you know?”

Ash nodded keeping her hand on her shoulder. Mackie whimpered as she sniffed feeling emotion. Grabbing her on the shoulders, she embraced her beast with a sigh. Her brown hair fell over her shoulder. Ash sat there feeling her purring body against hers. She was caught off guard and unsure. Touching her back, Ash push her close embracing her twin beast. Rubbing her back, she touched her waist.

Moving her back, Ash touched Mackie on her face wiping her tears. Mackie sniffed as she whimpered silently staring at her. She felt a lot of emotions in her but held back her crying. The twin beast didn’t want to break down in front of her. Sensing that, Ash offered her understanding nod.

Part 16.7 of 7.9: The Twin Beasts’ bond grows ever stronger as they walk side by side

Little beast,” Ash spoke offering her hand. Mackie gasped as she curled her hair back around her folded ear with her finger. She stared at the hand cooing and accepted it. Gripping her beast’s hand, Ash finished with resolution, “Let’s get out of here.”

Mackie nodded with a smile. She watched her with newfound respect as Ash got up from the bench. Dale met her halfway touching her waist supporting her heavy body. Gripping her shoulders, he slapped her thigh and inquired getting her attention, “You leaving already?”

“Yeah Dale, I’ll see you later,” Ash nodded as she turned and responded to the stocky build trainer. Gripping her shoulder, he nodded offering his fist. Ash bumped it as he slapped her waist gripping her muscled flank. The stocky seventeen year old trainer slash bodybuilder turned away and approached the Mekoiian Pit Traceur near the table next to the mirror.

Gripping the hand of her twin beast, Ash led her across the training room out of the gym. Mackie walked closely while grasping her hand. Her claw protracted as it touched the skin of the hand. With her other claw, she stroked her beast’s bulged bicep keeping her arm close. Her short tail wagged to the left as it lightly wrapped around Ash’s leg. She purred keeping herself warm against the bitter cold air.

As they turned the corner, Tyler approached them from the alley. Mackie’s ears perked up as she scowled at him. Uttering a snarl, she released her hold on Ash. Stepping her foot forward, Mack aggressively snarled at him as her claws protracted. Seeing her angry, Tyler gulped and offered his hands backing up. Ash stood in front of her twin beast and held her back responding, “Wait Mack.”

Baring her fangs, Mackie snarled at him. Tyler responded, “You can’t still be mad? It wasn’t my fault. I didn’t know it was going to explode I swear.”

Holding her aggressive twin beast back, Ash scowled at him and spat, “What do you want, Ty?”

Tyler gulped and pointed at her responding, “If you can keep your beast back, I have a possible match just for her today. Someone named the Hazer challenged her to a death match. He said something about the hunt for the blood of Paxxian is on. He must really want her dead.”

Mackie breathed heavily with boiling rage baring her fangs at the Stryker. Turning to her twin beast, Ash touched her jaw and looked into her eyes. Their eyes met and Ash nodded turning back to Tyler with a response, “Make it so, Ty and be quick about it.”

Tyler sighed responding, “I will Ash. Just so you know, I can’t have Mackie all aggressive over me. You need to tender her rage somehow or she can’t be in the team anymore!”

As Tyler turned to leave, Mackie pushed against Ash’s hand on her chest as she ripped out another aggressive roar at his retreating back. Gripping her twin beast on the shoulder, Ash spoke pulling her back sternly, “Tyler is right, you know. You need to control your aggressiveness. You are still a juvenile. That means your emotions are still raw and immature. This fight will tender your aggression against your challenger, but it will not be enough.”

Mackie turned and scowled at her. Baring her fangs she nodded as they followed the path left by Tyler into the Underground.

Part 16.8 of 8.9: Tyler’s thoughts about the twin beast...

It was thirty minutes later. Tyler stood by the cage. He looked at Ash as he watched her rub Mackie’s torso muscles and arms preparing her for the fight. Mackie snarled at him baring her fangs. She wore only her fight gear. Her brown hair was braided into a ponytail. Her feet were cat-like as well as the claws on her hands. He gulped and averted his gaze. With a couple slaps on her back, Ash responded as Mackie walked up into the ring, “Go. Fight well, little beast.”

Ash watched as Mackie bent down with her torso and prowled the rest of the way into the ring on all fours like a feline predator. Her tail wagged to the side as she crawled around the ring waiting for her challenger. Her claws protracted as she opened her mouth into a snarl baring her fangs. Ash was proud of her twin beast’s growth. She was the one who ushered her forth and guided her to become a strong Paxxian like her people.

Ash joined Tyler on the side. Turning to her, Tyler responded upset, “You know, I can’t handle her anymore. If she’s so upset at me, then what’s the point?”

Ash scowled at him and responded, “She’s a Paxxian. They are born that way. You pissed her off. Piss off a Paxxian and you sleep with your eyes open for the rest of your life.”

Tyler shrugged and complained, “It was only a simple prank. I just thought if I-“

He was interrupted by her snarl. Ash spat back, “A childish prank. If she was human, she would get over it after about a week. However, you pranked a Paxxian, Ty. Watch your history lesson in the holo. It holds tons of information on them. Aggressiveness is a part of their nature and their culture. They are felines after all. Besides Mackie’s only a juvenile. I take you’ve never had a Paxxian on your team?”

Tyler let out a sigh as he lowered her head and rubbed the top of his nose. Closing his eyes, he responded, “You know, I was hoping to not get a Paxxian on my team. They are entirely unpredictable and too aggressive. I prefer my own human team. No offense Ash.”

Ash scowled at him with a snarl. Offended by his discrimination, the beast curled her lips with distaste. Tyler looked at her and spoke, “So, help me out here. What can I do to help her get over it? I know I can’t just apologize to her. There must be something.”

Ash responded with a shrug, “Just stay out of her way. Give her personal space a wide berth. Send me her future matches. I will tell her and prepare her. Stay away from her, Ty.”

Tyler nodded and responded with a sigh, “Well she is your responsibility so I will do that. Thanks.”

They turned to the cage and watched as the twin beast prowled the ring. Her back was slightly arched. Mackie opened her fangs with a snarl as her muscles shifted while she paced back and forth on all fours between edges of the pit. Her short tail flowed side by side in low sweeping arcs. The braided ponytail from the back of her head hung loosely over her shoulder. Suddenly she stopped as her folded ear perked up. The crowd went silent as someone entered the cage.

A man entered the pit. He had on metal plate armor containing a breastplate, leg guards, pauldrons and bracers. A necklace filled with the neck bones of Paxxian he killed hung around his neck. As the challenger faced Mackie, he sneered with hatred for her. Scars dotted the man’s frame and muscular arms including a claw mark diagonally across his left eye. Mackie snarled as she rose to her feet. Baring her fangs, she placed her claws out and scowled at him. As they took their position at each ends of the ring, they paced around in the circle clockwise.

Part 16.9 of 9.9: ‘The Twin Beast Mackie’ Vs Roark Blood ‘The Hazer’

The announcer appeared and shouted opening his arms, “Welcome all to the death match between ‘The Twin Beast Mackie’ Vs Roark Blood ‘The Hazer’! With kills under his belt, will the veteran hunter add another neck bone to his collection or will his killing spree end with his death? We shall see! Remember! No holds barred! That means you can do whatever you can to finish! Begin fight!”

Roark scowled at the beast while withdrawing his daggers. They were long with sharpened blades. He advanced her starting the match as he raised his fist up with the bladed point downward in a slash position. His other fist holding the dagger point up was down below in a strike position. With her claws grasped, Mackie roared bounding across the mat with her front claws and leapt forward pushing off with her legs. She charged forward across the air and landed a few meters from him.

Rising up, the twin beast ducked the slash from his weapon. Roark struck forward with his other dagger. Mackie grabbed his striking dagger and held it in place. The hunter slashed with his dagger as the twin beast ducked swiftly. Opening her claws, she grabbed his slashing wrist and it to the side. Baring her fangs, saliva dripped from her canines as she ripped another roar pulling him forward.

The hunter thrust forward and bashed his head against the twin beast’s cranium. While being held in with his arms, he flipped up with his waist and wrapped his legs around the twin beast’s torso. With effort he pulled with his back. He flipped over the beast in motion as his back connected with the mat. Mackie grunted as she rolled onto her own back with the hunter atop his prey. Whipping his dagger free, he rammed down on Mackie’s throat hard.

Mackie snarled moving to one side allowing the blade to sink onto the mat. His hand gripped the handle as sweat poured from his hand. Quickly, the twin beast slashed across the man’s face. She cut him as he attempted to pull the dagger. However, he bent it as the dagger blade separated from the handle. Dropping the handle, Roark yelled as the Paxxian folded her hind legs and caught her challenger on the chest. She thrust him harshly as the hunter sailed backwards across the mat. Hitting the cage, he groaned collapsing to the ground.

Mackie’s tailed whipped to the right as she moved her agile body to the left. She placed her claw forward and snarled at her enemy. As the dazed Roark rose to his feet slowly, the twin beast launched forward with her strong legs. Quickly as he got out of his daze, he rammed his dagger forward. With her right claw forward, Mackie kept her left claw down to her abdomen keeping her guard. Thrusting the Hunter against the cage, the twin beast tore into his left plate and grabbed his dagger hand.

Twisting the hand holding the dagger to the side, her claws tore into his wrist as she snarled. The hunter yelled in pain releasing the dagger. His wrist snapped as his tendon muscle was torn. Grabbing him by the shoulder, Mackie pulled him around and thrust him back. Roark stared as his face bled from her claw attack. He stumbled back as the twin beast launched forward. While keeping his broken wrist to the side, he rammed his other fist up catching Mackie on the chin.

Mackie grunted as she landed on the mat. Her tail swished as she crawled around the hunter and thrust forward opening her fangs with a snarl. Roark grabbed Mackie on the neck with his arm as the twin beast dug her claws into his breastplate pushing him back. The hunter stumbled with the blow and fell hard on the mat. Something pierced his back as he arched painfully with a yell.

The twin beast let go with a growl as she watched. Roark yelled as he flipped over to his side grabbing his back. The broken end of the dagger was sticking out of the middle of his back in between the soft part of his armor. It had pierced his spine. His body was paralyzed as he grabbed at the broken blade. With his arm, he tried to crawl away.

Getting on all fours, a low guttural growl of the Paxxian escaped the throat as she crawled around the fallen hunter. Her fangs were open in a snarl as saliva dripped onto the mat. The twin beast was hungry for his blood. Roark whimpered with fear as he gasped for breath trying to move his paralyzed arm and torso. Gripping the hunter’s shoulder with her claw, Mackie placed him back down on his back and moved down with her upper body while bending her strong arms.

With her fangs, she bit into his jugular dealing a killing blow. It was a merciful death as Mackie felt some sort of honor from this fight. Her Paxxian aggression receded as she was satisfied with the kill. She killed him making the death of other Paxxian the hunter killed have meaning. Roark uttered his final gasp as his back arched again and collapsed dead.

The announcer came back and shouted, “There you have it! ‘The Twin Beast Mackie’ wins the match with a thrilling end as Roark Blood’s killing spree ended! Will this satisfy the honor of the Paxxian? Stay tuned!”

The holo shimmered off as Mackie prowled toward the exit of the ring. Her tail swept side to side. As Ash opened the door, Mackie placed her knee up and stood with her strong legs. Blood trickled down her fangs as she licked her mouth. Ash offered her hand and Mackie accepted it as she pulled her through the doorway. She slapped Mackie on the back for a job well done.

With a guttural growl from her throat, Mackie looked around with a snarl. Opening her fangs, she inquired, “Where is Ty?”

Ash shrugged and walked along the path. Her twin beast followed as they headed back to the Strykers personal training room for rest and cooling down.

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