Book One: The Innocent Heart

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Close to the End

Part 17.1 of 1.9: The Strykers

Several weeks passed into the month of December. It was the start of Christmas break. It was the only holiday that the Stryker cease their fighting matches to respect tradition. However, it did not mean they stop training. Ashlyn stood before the holo of a Christmas tree in the middle of the lounge and scowled at it.

Mackie held gripped her hand as she copied her scowl. Ash hated Christmas because she could never understand the holiday. With Mackie being bonded with her beast, the twin beast had no choice but to follow her actions by reacting with disgust for the tree and the presents. Her short tail whipped to the side and sank dejectedly.

A light tap on Ash’s shoulder and an arm wrapped around her bulked bicep startled the beast. Turning to her side, Ash snarled baring her fangs. Recognizing the female fighter before her, Ash cooled down as Amara smiled back sweetly. The twenty-one year old fighter replied, “Hello love. You like the tree? I helped make it.”

Ash nodded and responded with a lie, “It looks nice.”

Amara gasped with the slight insult as she retorted with a growl, “Nice? That’s all you can say? Nice? I worked hard on it. I’m sure it’s more than nice!”

Ash shrugged casually. Amara sighed with annoyance grasping Ash’s hand. Keeping her arm wrapped around the beast’s bicep, the Xaverius twin pulled her close to the tree. She exclaimed pointing at the lights, decorations and the wrapped boxes, “Look! See all the decorations and the lights. Aren’t they pretty? Most of those presents are from me because I’m really good with presents. I know what to get for everyone including you and of course Mackie!”

She smiled at the twin beast still holding Ash’s other hand. Mackie looked back at Amara and nodded solemnly. Ash stared at the tree. Uttering a low growl, she curled her lip in a snarl baring her fang with disgust. Amara looked at her and stroked her arm. Getting her attention, she responded, “Thanks love for sparing my feelings. I know how much you hate Christmas. Since this is our first Christmas together, I hope that we can treat you enough so that you will start to love it more.”

The Christmas tree holo shimmered. Taking her arm out of Amara’s hold, Ash walked away from the tree. Amara quickly approached from the side and inquired, “Where are you going, love?”

Not looking at her, the beast responded with a growl, “Out of here. I want to be alone.”

Gripping the hand of her twin beast, Ash led Mackie across the room and left the place. Amara stopped in the middle of the room. She sadly watched the twin beasts walk away. Pax came up behind his sister and tackled her placing his arm around her shoulder. Amara changed her expression to excitement as Pax spoke, “Cheer up sister! It’s almost Christmas!”

Releasing his hold, he allowed Amara face him. She responded softly a bit deflated, “Yeah.”

Pax stood there and fist punched her shoulder as he cocked his head inquiring, “Why so sad?”

Shaking her head, she made another attempt at a smile as she punched back and tackled him onto the chair. She responded cheerfully, “Nothing! What’s with the questions?”

Pax grunted loudly with a puff of air as his equally strong sister pounded on his chest. The chair toppled back as the Xaverius twins wrestled each other onto the ground. They pulled and pushed in a fit of laughter while tickling each other. The holo Christmas tree shone brightly as the lights danced in the middle of the room.

Part 17.2 of 2.9: Visiting their favorite tattooist might lighten their spirit on this great holiday?

As both Ash and Mackie prowled along the promenade, they stopped before the tattoo parlor. Squeezing the hand of her dark beast, Mackie turned to Ash wondering, “Why are we back here?”

Ash shrugged looking at her. She replied, “I don’t know. I have more questions, but-“

Ash snarled turning away from her. The beast was getting confused. Touching her on the jaw, Mackie responded moving to look at her dark eyes, “Want me to come in with you?”

Ash shrugged and kept her tight grip on her claw. Twisting the knob, she opened and entered as Malek turned around. He exclaimed beckoning at them, “Ah come in you two! What can I do for you?”

As Mackie closed the door behind her, she released her hold on the beast and leaned her back against the wall next to the doorway. Crossing her arms, she watched Ash approach the Siriian. Her tail flicked to the right and wrapped around her leg.

As Ash approached and sat on the bench, Malek looked closely to her eyes. He sighed and responded pulling up a chair. He mused, “No tattoo today? That’s a first. Am I your therapist now?”

Ash snarled at him. She uttered a growl scowling at his dark eyes. Raising his hands, he responded sitting up and lowered his hands, “Alright. No jokes. Got it. So, you have questions?”

The beast was confused. Shaking her head, she bared her fangs and responded, “It is weakness to ask too many questions.”

Malek widened his expression raising both of his eyebrows. He exclaimed, “Ah. It is if most sound weak and tasteless. However, asking questions does aid you. For instance, if you wanted to know where an important objective is, then you would interrogate the person and gather the information by using however you got in your arsenal. If you do simply ask, then make sure the question is strong and to a point so that it strengthens your resolve.”

Ash stared at him. After listening, she thought for a bit and mused, “Why are you so willing to give me marks after my kills and other victories? No one-“

Malek literally made the point by the tip of his finger as he placed his hand horizontal before him. He responded interrupting the beast’s train of thought, “Ah! I am not them. I am an alien and I do have a different set of morals. I love doing this and seeing you fight only makes me willing and motivated to usher you closer to your objective. You have a gift and you don’t squander it. Remain strong and train yourself to become stronger so that enemies will fall before you.”

Mackie leaned back against the wall. Her tail wagged as she listened to the wise words of their tattooist. Most of what he said clicked for the twin beast. Looking at Ash, she hoped that her beast would truly understand and not be confused anymore.

Ashlyn was in her thoughts as she pondered on the man’s words. Malek moved the chair closer and reached over with his hand. All of a sudden, Ash ripped out a snarl at the invasion of her personal space. Thinking nothing of it, he took Ash’s chin. The beast flinched slightly baring her fangs at the Siriian. Something in his dark beast-like eyes reminded her of her own father as if James and Malek were one and the same. Even though James does look human, his eyes tell a different story.

Part 17.3 of 3.9: The Beast being confused further...

Malek stroked her cheek and moved a strand of dark hair out of the way. Tucking it behind her ear, Malek responded as he rested his hand on the bottom of her chin, “I do not know where you get your training from or why you do what you do. Your actions don’t seem human either. You have this insatiable will and appetite that makes you inhumane. That causes me to believe that you aren’t at all, but I don’t know. I have seen this before somewhere, so it’s possible-“

Feeling the invasion of space on his part, Ash snarled. She harshly smacked his hand away. Without a thought, she turned away from the Siriian and rushed out toward the door. Gripping the handle, she pushed the door open and stormed out of the room. Mackie sat back up and glowered at the dark eyed Siriian. She curled her lips and snarled. Malek stared back with harsh beast-like eyes saying nothing.

Shaking her head, Mackie left the room and closed the door. Seeing her beast standing alone in the middle of the Promenade, the twin beast rushed to her side. She grasped her hand, but Ash snapped it away feeling her privacy invaded. Turning to Mackie, Ash snarled as her eyes shimmered red slightly. She responded, “Give me my space. I need time alone.”

Mackie stood erect as she sadly watched her dark beast leave. Ash vanished into the darkness of one of many corridors leading out of the Promenade.

The following afternoon, Ash found herself back at the hospital for her next appointment with Kaitlyn. She stared at her doctor watching her prep her medicine. Kaite took the canister filled with dark red liquid and placed it into the cartridge. Putting it into the cylindrical medical device, she placed it onto the back of her neck muscles and pushed the trigger. The liquid eject from the needle into her blood vessels and dispersed throughout her system. She rubbed the injection spot with a sanitized wipe sealing it. Placing the medical device down, the doctor faced her patient.

Kaite responded with a smile, “That should do it. Do you have anything you want to talk about?”

Ash stared at her. She pondered and inquired curiously, “You say you are the Tiarus family doctor? Can I ask about the family? I didn’t know Tyler had a younger brother named Vana?”

The doctor shook her head. It wasn’t a proper question even for her. She responded, “I am sorry. I can’t because of the doctor-patient confidentiality. Even then, it is too personal for me. This is a professional facility, so I need to keep things in between myself and each patient.”

Ash nodded understanding her reasoning. Standing from the bed, she replied, “Okay. Am I free to go?

Kaitlyn smiled nodded responding, “Yes. I will make the appointment and see you again in a week. Have a good Christmas break.”

Without a word, Ash left the room. She headed down the corridor of the hospital and paused before the teleporter room. The beast hesitated for a moment pondering. The fifteen year old hadn’t seen her father for a while. She had more questions for him. Stepping on the teleporter pad, Ash pressed the button on the display for his location. The teleported activated as she vanished in a blinding light.

Part 17.4 of 4.9: Seeing her father once again...

James tended to the backyard of his isolated house in the middle of the snow laden forest. He pulled at the firewood and chopped them up on the fresh stump he previously cut. Taking the pieces, he bundled them and tied it off with rope. A gust of cold vapor billowed from his mouth. Taking his ax, he looked up as a blinding light illuminated the already bright area. He scowled with a snarl watching as his daughter appeared.

Ash approached him cautiously. She started to feel the chill in the air so she pulled in her coat. Resting his ax on his shoulder, James spat with a question, “What?”

Ash looked upon him and gulped. Blowing an air of cold vapor, she spoke softly, “I have questions.”

Gripping the handle of his ax, James responded with a stare, “What is it?”

The beast pondered as she carefully gathered the proper words for the question. Finding it, she inquired, “How did you meet mom?”

At the mention of his wife, James gripped the handle of his weapon. A harsh cloud of cold vapor pushed through his mouth as he breathed hard. Taking the ax, he swung it and rammed against the stump of a tree. The sharp edge of the ax cut deeply into the top of the wood. Ash flinched at the sound. Dropping the bundle of firewood, he snarled clenching his fists. A red glimmer shone briefly across his eyes as he spat, “Anything but that. If you don’t have any other questions, then get out of here! Go away.”

Ash could feel his rage build up. However the persistent beast tried again angrily. A billow of cold vapor floated away as she argued pushing her body forward pointing her finger, “You do things to me. You say things that confuse me and make me angry, but all I want is your approval. I have done everything you want. I got strong for you. I am strong because of you, but I am also angry. Why won’t you even talk about mom? Why do you never talk about her? I am your daughter! I am your blood!”

James clenched his fist as his thick muscles were pumped on his arms. He snarled baring his teeth and spat harshly, “It is none of your concern. You only do what you will do and never ask questions to force anything out of me. It’s a bad move and the one you will regret.”

Another puff of cold vapor billowed out as Ash sighed with exasperation. She was irritated and angrily spoke, “What I am trying to understand is why I am alive and mother isn’t. What happ-“

The beast stood fast as James ripped out a roar. His cold breath billowed for about five seconds of his roaring. His true red eyes glowed brilliantly as he shouted with pain in his voice, “You are the reminder and my failure to keep her alive when you were forced into the world and you expect me to care for you? You are nothing but a fleck of living cells and spliced DNA thrust into a tube-“

As James ceased shouting, he stormed across the snow and raised his fist. He dealt her a blow across the face. Ash stumbled back spitting blood from her mouth. It stained the white snow as the beast tripped onto her back in a daze. Blood trickled down her mouth.

Part 17.5 of 5.9: Even fresh on the snow, blood runs deep...

Feeling the pain on her jaw, Ash wiped the blood off. Scowling at her father, she copied his rage as she increased her own. Baring her fangs, she ripped out a roar standing on her feet. Her dark eyes glowed red as it met his red eyes. Her adrenaline went into overdrive as she pumped her arms showing her strength against her father’s bigger muscles.

Standing his ground, James scowled at her muscled torso and spat harshly, “What I di-. No! What I failed to do I care not to explain myself to you. You are nothing to me. You are still weak. What you do and how you got to be where you are means nothing to me. You will always be weak because I know who you truly are and how you were born.”

They were no longer shivering in the cold because their blood was boiling. They were both filled with rage angry at each other but within spitting distance. At being called weak, Ash gathered all her strength and ripped out another roar of hatred. She rushed at her father. However James stood his ground as he raised another fist and punched her across her jaw.

He broke the beast’s jaw as Ash grunted spitting blood onto the ground. Her sharp canine was loosened and she spat it onto the snow. The beast faced him as James dealt her another blow across her face onto the snow. Ash grunted as blood trickled from her mouth. She crawled on the snow in a daze. Compared to her, her father was still larger with stronger muscles than her.

Scowling with anger at his daughter, he stepped over and grabbed her on the nape of her neck. He lifted her harshly as she snarled. Turning to her father, she spat blood into his face. Taking his hand, he gripped the beast on the throat. Looking closely at her scowling red eyes, he noticed her eyes shifting. Her pupils dilated and shifted from human to beast-like and shifted back and forth. When he looked at her sharp fangs, James’s angry expression was gone as he gasped with realization.

Ash spat as she struggled against her father’s strong arm and hissed snarling at him. Snapping her mouth shut, she tried to bite at him. Letting her go suddenly, James stepped back. Ash stumbled as she crawled across the snow and scowled at him. The beast hissed with another snarl.

James pondered musing as he backed several steps. He replied, “The beast. This experiment has become more-. You are not Ashlyn are you-“

His words cut her deeply. Feeling another hot boiling of rage coming forth, Ash roared again, “Do not call me an experiment! I am Ashlyn Sadie Techryn and I am human! I not some experiment!”

As she quickly got up and charged at her father again, James extended his reach and grabbed her on the throat. This time, he was holding her back. Irritated, he spat, “No? Don’t confuse yourself with what’s real and what’s not. Your strength isn’t human. Do you want to know why your mother died? It was your tainted blood that killed her. It was the beast that killed her and you reside in that beast’s body. I created you and I can kill you any time. I hold the power and the will.”

Ash struggled and snarled. It got harder for her to breathe as his grip increased. She was slowly losing oxygen. Blood trickled from her mouth and onto the snow staining it deep blood red. It drained down the line of the snow as it ended with a puddle of the beast’s dark red blood. Ash exhaled as a billow of cold vapor floated across the air.

Part 17.6 of 6.9: As the Beast’s hatred for her father grows

James moved her closer to him and finished, “If I could end you, I would and we wouldn’t be speaking today. Do you know why I haven’t? They watch my every move. They are the ones that hide in the shadows speaking behind the backs of the Terrian Alliance. They are the cowards that hide and yet they are the spokes that spin the wheel of fate and destiny. They watch you too, you know? They watch the beast grow strong in the hopes that one day she would join their ever growing ranks.”

Letting go of her neck, James released as Ash sank onto the blood stained frozen ground. With a snarl, he curled his lips and spoke, “I won’t even try to hurt you anymore, beast. That’s a promise. I am done. I am finished with you and everything in this godforsaken world. Don’t even come crawling back to me anymore. You are strong enough to stand on your own, so there is no point in coming back.”

James left her in the cold as he grabbed the bundle of wood and laid it across his large back. Grabbing the ax that cut into the wood, he pulled the handle and turned walking away. Ash lay unconscious on the snow. Oxygen left her system as she laid on her back. Suddenly, her form flashed a bright light as the whining hum of the teleporter whisked her away from the cold snow laden forest of her father’s homestead. She reappeared in the Underground into a new area. As her body rested against the wall, her hand laid on her stomach as her other hand was on the floor.

The lone man in black uniform approached. Taking out a device, he bent down and scanned her body. It flashed as the device healed her split lip and injuries she sustained from her father. The man studied her momentarily with silence. Reaching into his pocket, he took out a cylindrical device and applied the pressure against her neck. Ash groaned as she awoke coughing. Covering her mouth, she coughed in pain sitting up. Looking up at the man, she snarled scowling at him.

The man put away his devices and responded, “I have been sent to make sure you live. We cannot afford mistakes and discard those who fail to make an impact for the future. You-“

Immediately upon recognizing him, Ash ripped out a louder snarl as she grabbed his throat interrupting his word. The man grunted gripping her wrist. Cocking her head, the beast growled baring her fangs as she remembered that it was the same man she passed seven years ago on the path.

Soon as Ash caught up with her father, she ran along the trail with her dog running alongside. She noticed two people coming up on the trail. They were stationary as the woman was lying face down on the trail. She was the same woman from before. It looked to her as if she tripped. Another man, well dressed in a black uniform, was helping her while blocking her view. He looked up seeing Ash run pass. The man in black offered a slight nod. On his lips was a smile. She ran pass not caring about whom he was and if the woman saw her again.

The scene flashed back to the present. Still gripping the man on the throat, Ash glowered with her eyes to read him. However, she saw nothing but a blank empty darkness. She murmured pondering, “Why-“

Quickly as he did, the man recovered twisting her wrist. Ash released his grip as he retouched his black uniform. Taking the jacket, he fluffed it and rubbed his neck. Turning his head sideways, he cracked his neck and cleared his throat responding, “Please do not mishandle me. I work for them and they assigned me to watch after you. You cannot kill me. I have seen your actions and I approve. Keep your strength and grow stronger. It is the only way for you to get closer to your objective.”

With a snarl, Ash scowled at him and inquired, “Who are you?”

Part 17.7 of 7.9: The cryptic words of the Secretary...

Letting out an exclamation as his features brightened up his dark uniform, he replied simply and courteously, “Why I am the Secretary of course. I watch after the records. I am responsible for all the recorded data. You may consider me the keeper of secrets as I know each and every one of them. When the task require of me, I do what they tell me to do. Those who are in charge are who I am talking about. I keep track of things and people. I keep track of you. Ashlyn, I must take my leave. Continue to do what you do and when the time comes, you will know what we expect of you. Good luck.”

The Secretary vanished in a blinding light. He left the beast very confused and she hated to be confused. Uttering a snarl, she rose to her feet. Her beast was calm and tame. Anger and rage somehow vanquished from her as she portrayed an ease. For the moment she felt at peace.

Walking across the room, Ash exited onto the corridor. With a sniff, she turned and in front of her was her twin beast. With a curious glance, she inquired, “Wha- How?”

Mackie stared offering her mischievous fanged grin and shrugged, “Don’t ask. I am Paxxian.”

Ash blew a sigh shaking her head. Seeing something that changed from within her beast, Mackie took her hand and inquire with a concerned tone, “What is it Ash?”

Staring back at her twin beast, Ash sighed. Gripping her hand, she responded lowering her head, “My father.”

Sensing distress from her, Mackie touched her chin trying to match her eyes and asked, “What did he do?”

Ash stared back into the yellow cat-like eyes of her Paxxian. She spoke, “He hurt me again. He said hurtful things and drove to abuse me. When I asked about my mother, he-“

She was interrupted as Mackie reacted with sadness for her beast. Tears filled her eyes as it left her ducts streaking down her face. Letting go of her hand, she hugged her with a roughness that stumbled the beast back. Mackie whimpered responding, “Oh Ash, I am so sorry. Say no more. Your father is evil! I am here for you always, you know?”

Ash nodded wrapping her arm around her twin beast. She matched her strength with a strong bear hug whispering, “Thanks little beast.”

Wiping her tears off on Ash’s shoulder Mackie withdrew and sniffed wiping her face dry. With a sniff, she stared at her and grasped her hand again replying with an enforced grunt, “You know what we should do? We should go to your father and make him pay. I’ll even get tha-“

Ash shook her head interrupting her twin beast with a light smack on her cheek and responded, “Don’t even joke, little beast. Someday my father will pay, but for now I’m leaving him alone. He is not even worth my time anymore.”

Mackie stared at her and nodded replying sadly, “Okay, whatever you say.”

Part 17.8 of 8.9: The Twin Beasts side by side once again

Satisfied, Ash nodded and grasped her hand. She led her twin beast down the dimmed corridor of the Underground. After walking the many corridors and through the rooms, they found their way back to the Strykers base. Christmas decorations with light were strewn about on the door frame. The twin beasts both uttered a snarl disgusted by the sight.

They entered through the open door of the building and walked into the lounge room. The Stryker team sat around in a circle chattering. They each sat on different sofa chairs facing each other. Seeing them, Tyler responded as he waved his hand, “Hey Ash! Mackie! Come over here and hang with us!”

Teena sat beside her boyfriend as she smiled at Ash sweetly waving her hand. The other two male team members, Tra Lyth Vol and Tay Toshie, acknowledged them with a wave of their glass filled champagne in the air. Ash remained silent. However Mackie spoke out loud at the group for the twin beasts while waving, “Hey! We’re good for now! Enjoy your chat!”

The sofa chair group raised their glasses at the beasts in acknowledgement and chattered among each other. They laughed out loud at a joke Tyler said.

Gripping Ash’s arm and hand, Mackie wrapped her own arm her dark beast and led her across the lounge. They entered the gym from the right side. Seeing the Xaverius twins sparring with each other, Mackie stared at them curiously with a cooing sound. Amara and Pax spar each other as they went around the ring. They ducked and showed off their brilliant moves. It was like watching art move with grace. Mackie released the grip on her beast and approached.

Pax looked up for a moment to watch the twin beasts. He was distracted as his sister delivered a blow. Stumbling back, he yowled in pain holding his bruised jaw, “Ow! Hey I was distracted!”

Amara scowled at her brother and jostled him harshly teasing, “Well, you’re dead now so I won. Hah!”

Turning around, twenty-one year old woman shouted across waving at the twin beasts, “Hey Ash! Mackie! How was your day loves?”

Ash stared back passively and portrayed her cold expression saying nothing. Mackie looked at her dark twin beast with concern squeezing her hand. Seeing something was wrong, Amara responded by pulling at the rope. She jumped over the ring as she hit the floor with a thud slapping her hand on the ground.

Collecting herself, the young woman approached them. Pax shouted at his sister, “Hey where you going? You forfeit? We aren’t done!”

Turning around, Amara opened her arms and retorted smartly, “I forfeit.”

As she turned around still walking, the woman exhaled as Pax yelled pumping his fists in the air. He jumped around opening his arms and made cheering noises from his mouth. He brilliantly displayed self-praise and spoke to an imaginary audience, “And the crowd goes wild! Pax Romania has won. He fought the evil queen of Praxis and won! Will this day get better?”

With a sigh and a shake of her head, Amara raised her finger and circled her fingertip into her ear. She whispered softly with amusement, “He’s crazy. Clearly I am the better fighter than he is, aren’t I?”

Part 17.9 of 9.9: Ash and Amara’s alone time

Mackie nodded favoring the other Xaverius twin. As Amara stopped before the twin beasts, Mack replied, “Of course you are, Mara! In a spar between the two of you, I’ll always pick you!”

Amara smiled sweetly at the twin beast. Letting out a gasp, she cooed, “Aww, thanks love. You know, you should spar my brother. I would like to see you rip him a new one. He still needs some humbling.”

As Amara pointed behind her, Mackie turned to Ash. She cocked her head. Ash turned to her twin beast and nodded letting go of her hand. Squealing with glee, Mackie rushed off toward the ring. Amara smiled at her and slapped her butt watching her bound across the floor. Mackie shouted at Pax as she leapt up with her strong legs, “Hey Pax! Come at me bro! You need some spanking again!”

Pax retorted bounding back raising his fists, “Alright Twin Beast! Let’s see what you got! And no clawing this time. It’s not fair and it hurts! Remember that I am only human.”

As Pax and Mackie began to spar, Amara turned back to Ash. Taking her arm, she stroked her chin and led her away toward the bench. As they sat down, Ash heavily plopped down taking her seat. She hunched over with her back and rested her arms on her legs. Her face was expressionless as she stared off into nowhere. Amara placed her arm across the beast’s broad shoulders and held her close.

Touching Ash’s face, Amara inquired with concern, “What is it, love?”

Ash turned to Amara and stared at her for a few seconds. For the past year of being with the Strykers, Amara was this motherly figure for her even though she was only six years older than the beast. With Amara, Ash couldn’t feel angry or upset even when the Xaverius twin touches her muscles or face. Turning away from her with a snarl, she looked down on the mat. Amara grew sad and brushed her dark curled hair out of the way. She kissed the beast on the cheek and gripped her bicep.

Uttering a low growl, Ash finally responded, “When I finally confronted my father, I thought he would answer a lot of questions. However, he answered it with more questions and punished me. He whipped and abused me and now he won’t even see me anymore. I can’t feel anything except anger and hatred.”

Amara’s eye became wet. She responded sadly giving Ash her hug, “Oh love. I am sorry. You know, you can ask me anything right? Come to me if you have any questions and I will answer them to the best of my ability.”

Ash turned and studied her a little bit. Gazing into Amara’s eyes, she thought she saw a twinkle of something. As she recognized the young woman for who she is, she returned the hug by wrapping her arms around Amara’s torso. Amara smiled hugging her. As they separated, Ash spoke, “I used to think asking questions was a sign of weakness. However, ever since I started asking them, I get more confused. I do not like being confused.”

Offering a smile, Amara nodded and stroked Ash’s chin responding, “Love, it really depends. Really, it depends on the person who asks the question. If the person displays weakness and asks, we may view them as weak. However, when a strong person asks, it is not weakness. If this person displays all the confidence in their stride and swagger with the courage to ask, it is not weakness. In fact, it shows strength and confidence of character.”

Placing her hand on Ash’s chest, Amara confirmed with her resolute response, “Ash, love, you are the strongest person I have ever seen alive and I know of no weakness you have. Your own strength comes from within you. Continue to do what you do and allow no one bar your path. I will be on your side as a constant companion guiding you. I will be the mother you ask for. I will offer advice to you as you need them so do come to me when you have questions if you need someone to clear your mind.”

With a stare, Ash nodded once and turned back to the ring. She watched her twin beast spar with Pax.

Keeping her arm across Ash’s shoulder and her hand wrapped around Ash’s bulked arm, Amara turned to watch her brother fight Mackie. With a smile, she shouted letting go of Ash’s arm and pumped her fist in the air, “Go Mackie! Run him down! Make him humble!”

Amara placed her hand around Ash’s arm. They watched as Mackie bounded back with her strong legs. She went on all fours with a snarl and bounded up as Pax moved aside. He hit the beast’s jaw and twirled around to deal a swift kick. Mackie was kicked aside, but she retaliated as her agile body bend.

The twin beast jumped and gripped Pax on the chest taking him down lightly. Her tail wagged to the side as she bare her fangs with a snarl. Grabbing Mackie by the nape of her neck, Pax wrapped his legs around the twin beast and thrust her around onto the mat. Keeping her hold on Pax, she rolled around mat. Finally Mackie trapped the Xaverius fighter on the ground. She assumed the dominate position. As both Ash and Amara observed, Amara cheered smiling happily for the twin beast, “Yeah Mackie! You got him!”

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