Book One: The Innocent Heart

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The Man in Uniform

Part 19.1 of 1.10: Fate of the Thorny Rose

The fires from the burning building raged during the night. It flickered and reflected from Ash’s dark pupils. The beast was curious on what happened to the bar. Before her and to the right was the half burnt and torn plate with the name, Thorny Rose.

The sounds of sirens blared in the dark as the firefighters rushed to stop the blazing inferno. Several police lines blockaded the road to keep the people back as they rushed to look for the survivors.

Besides her holding her hand was Mackie as she looked on. The Paxxian watched her and the boy in front of them. She was unconcerned with the blazing inferno. Cameron held Ash’s other hand and knelt down. His mouth moved as he whispered and spoke, but the beast was distracted by the blazing inferno and the sirens. She didn’t hear him.

Ash saw the bodies as the firefighters pulled them out in stretchers. They were zipped closed and scanned for identification. Using the Terrian Alliance technology, they quickly scanned whatever remained left of the dead bodies. The bodies totaled twelve as they were laid to rest on the ground away from the burning heat.

One of the devices hovered over the unzipped bag with the body inside. Its blue light scanned the inside as a technician monitored with the controls. The device beeped as a holographic image appeared below it. It was a man’s face from an old portrait. A name was written out, Jake Coogan.

Unconcerned with the image, the technician pressed the button and labeled the dead body. He controlled the hovering device and moved on with the next body. Ash watched the scene as it unfolded before her eyes. Over time, the raging fire lessened with the awesome power of water from the hoses as the firefighters warred with the flames.

Somewhere within the building, another firefighter came out with another closed bag. Setting it down, the device hovered and scanned it. From the burned charred remains of what used to be flesh, it was quickly identified. A holographic image appeared under the device. It was of another man.

Another name was written out, James Techryn.

Not far from the burning building, a lone man in his thirties watched. He wasn’t watching the flames from the building or the firefighters or concerned with the dead bodies. His curiosity and observation was more of Ash and two other people, but more specifically the young sixteen year old girl. The man was in a black uniform and holding a corned beef hash sandwich.

Taking a bite, he watched Ash silently and with interest. The man smiled recognizing her from eight years ago. It was that day when he remembered that his boss assigned her case to him and made it his responsibility to watch her.

Part 19.2 of 2.10: Seven years, nine months ago near the Great Lakes in Michigan

The year 2453.263 as it displayed in the headline of the news report the man was reading. The date was October 2nd. The cup filled with steamy liquid was placed before the man. The waitress responded with a courteous smile, “Here is your Earl Grey tea, Mr. Secretary. Careful, it’s hot.”

The uniformed man looked up once not smiling or nodding. He ignored her and reached for his coat pocket for a small bag. As the waitress left, he ripped open the small package and sprinkled powder into his tea. Stirring it, he blew at it as the steam rose from the hot beverage. Sipping the hot tea, he read the headline on the news report on his tablet titled, ’John Kansa Hommins’. On the bottom was a small summary, ‘A child who lived through a traumatic event moved with his father out of country. Click to read the full article.’

Putting the mug down, he tapped the touch screen of the tablet where the article was. It brought up a large blog allowing him to read the news. Thinking on a bit earlier, he mused in his thoughts. Just recently he was given a new job of watching her. This new girl who just popped up in their radar was of interest to his bosses. This girl was named Ashlyn Sadie Techryn. Her caretaker was James Techryn.

Since the death of her mother, James had been taking care of his daughter in his own way. The way he raised her, the man should have ended her long ago. However, since she was still alive, it made the SIAD suspicious of his motives. The bosses made it the Secretary’s job to investigate while watching her movements. During his investigations, it was his job to clean up after her. The Secretary was distracted momentarily from his reading as the plate was placed before him. The waitress smiled responding, “Corned beef hash sandwich, sir. Enjoy!”

The man looked at the waitress emotionless. Reaching into his other pocket, he withdrew a small credit paper slip. It was a tip containing a certain amount of credits that she will receive depending on the kind of meal he received. It would be automatically converted into an electronic credit while deducting the percentage of the taxes he was charged. In this world, it’s a blessing in disguise. The waitress smiled accepting his tip with a reply, “Thank you very much, sir!”

As the waitress left, the Secretary picked up his sandwich. He was about to bite into his sandwich when an electronic communications buzzed in his ear. Exclaiming in disgust, tapped his ear. As he bit into his sandwich, he listened to a woman’s voice, “Mr. Secretary, you are getting a missive from him. It’s urgent, so I am sending it to you via your communications tablet.”

The communications ended as his tablet was actively beeping. The man placed his sandwich down and tapped the blip once bringing up a lone spinning icon. The icon was SIAD. It wasn’t an image video communication as it was only a communiqué.

He listened to the dark, husky tone, “Mr. Secretary, I have been recently informed that she killed someone. There could be a witness who saw it happen. You are not far from the location however. It’s in a park nearby. You are to find her father and inform him. Remind him why he is here. Your job is to deal with the witness and make sure he cleaned up after his daughter. Continue to watch them.”

The communiqué ended. As it was only a message, the man was not required to respond. He was required to obey. Taking another sip of his tea, the man in black uniform stood. The same waitress walked up to him and inquired, “Sir, you are leaving?”

The Secretary coldly responded, “Yes. I will take the sandwich to go and I will be back for it.”

“Yes, Mr. Secretary,” she replied turning quickly as the man reached into his coat pocket for another credit tip. He tossed it aside the cup and picked up his tea. Drinking his fill, he finished it and placed it back upside down with a long exhale. He sighed pleasantly. Moving his head slightly, he cracked his neck and reached into his other coat pocket. The man pulled out glasses with dark coated lenses.

As the man walked forward, he flicked the dark glasses once to activate it. The specs itself sparked as he placed it on his eyes. These glasses weren’t sunglasses in a sense. They were a special type of technology. Pushing the door open, he walked outside into the sunlight. The electronic sunglasses were active sending energy sparks onto his pupils. The active sparks were receiving and sending data. For any normal human, the sparks would send some burning discomfort. However, the uniformed man was anything but normal. He didn’t feel the discomfort.

Part 19.3 of 3.10: Taking care of that last witness…

Moments later, the uniformed man walked across the parking lot and stopped before a man seated in the driver’s seat. He was looking at the map displayed on his tablet. Cleared his throat, the Secretary removed the sunglasses. The man to turn and recognized him but remained silent.

The Secretary firmly responded, “Mr. Techryn, don’t you have a daughter to look after?”

James stared at him. He moved around in is seat and inquired, “Why do you ask? Why does this concern you?”

The man in black replied, “It concerns my bosses if you do not keep an eye on your daughter or the powers that be will take her away. Do you want this to happen?”

James scowled at him. Without saying anything, he got out of his car and slammed it shut. The large man stormed across the ground toward the path. As the man placed the electronic sunglasses back into his coat pocket, he followed him slowly. Allowing James to run further ahead, the Secretary paced along the gravel path taking a simple walk in his uniform and dark sunglasses. It was active sending sparks into his eyes.

A short time passed as a young woman appeared from the end of the path. She blindly rushed toward him. Seeing the man in black, the woman shouted, “Hey!”

The Secretary stood there and watched as the woman approached him. He waited for her reply. The woman gasped shouting, “I can’t find him!”

“Who?” he asked and she responded, “My husband!”

Touching his sunglasses for a brief moment, he placed his hand on her shoulder. Looking up, he saw two forms headed toward him. Reacting quickly, he stepped forward toward her making a stumble and kicked the woman’s shin. The man tripped as the woman stumbled. She fell on all fours on the gravel. The man mumbled an apology, “I am sorry. How careless of me. Are you alright?”

Blocking her view, he looked up to see James, Ash and their black dog passing him. He muttered the girl’s name under his breath and nodded at her. As they left his sight, the Secretary helped the woman up and inquired, “Your husband? Where did you last see him?”

“I don’t,” the woman began as she tried to remember and spoke, “but there was a girl earlier. I tried speaking with her, but she attacked me and then there was her big black dog-”

“Take me there,” he interrupted helping her across the path. Soon, coming before a few stones and a bench, the woman walked trying to think. That gave him time to look around a bit. Seeing nothing, he removed the sparking electronic sunglasses. The Secretary approached the woman.

Part 19.4 of 5.10: Scraping her memory through her pupils…

The woman turned to him with confusion and muttered, “But she was-”

The secretary didn’t give her time to react as he grabbed her with his arms. Pulling her close, he placed the glasses dark coated lenses on her. The man waited watching her coldly as she gasped with pain and discomfort. The energy sparks from the sunglasses arched onto her pupils burning it. It was what an eye scaper would do to remove or manipulate a certain memory.

A few moments passed as the woman flinched several times. The Secretary removed the dark specs. The woman stared back at him hypnotized. She was completely submissive under his control.

The man spoke, “I am Dieter Bauer. I am known as the Secretary. You are Patricia Lassi Owens, wife of the recently deceased Giles Ty Owens. You lost him two months ago in a car accident. It was a very traumatic period that caused you to forget everything that has happened in the two months up to this point. You have been in therapy and it ended today when you finally moved on. Your husband is resting peacefully and you found a place somewhere where you will live in peace knowing that he is safe. If at any reason you discover the truth, you will be in a trance again and I will come to fix this again. You will awaken to the sound of my fingers snapping you from this trance.”

The woman stared blankly as the secretary placed his fingers beside her ear. He snapped his fingers bringing her out of trance. She muttered with a confused expression looking at him. The woman walked off along the path out of his sight. The Secretary smiled coldly. He did his job. Placing the sunglasses back into his coat pocket, he clicked his ear piece, “It’s been done. Please inform him and assure him that the plan is still in progress.”

After the update, the Man in Uniform paced along the path to do his job which was to watch the growth of Ashlyn Sadie Techryn and to monitor James Techryn making sure he doesn’t slip. If he does, the Secretary will be there to watch James fall and take his daughter away for good.

Back into the present, the same man in uniform watched. Taking another bite from his corned beef hash sandwich, he listened to the conversation. The fire from the burning building beside him raged on as the firefighters fought it.

Part 19.5 of 5.10: Cameron trying to take the woman he loves away…

Cameron held Ash’s hand kissing it once while regarded her with feelings. He spoke, “I forgive you and I won’t give up. No matter how many times you beat me down, I will always get right back up. Come with me and I will free you from your father. This I promise.”

Mackie watched on. Ash snarled whipping her hand away with her reply, “I’ll never be free from my father Cameron, no matter how far I go. However-” she stopped for a moment. Looking up and to her side, Ash sensed that she was being watched by that same man in uniform she saw in the past.

Standing up, Cameron placed his hand on her chin. Baring her sharp canines, Mackie snarled at him. Ignoring her, he spoke, “Ashlyn, this is your own path and your destiny. Come with me, please. He is evil and whatever fate that befalls him, it is what he deserves. You still walk and you are not alone. He may have left your presence, but I will remain ever at your side. The orphanage-”

As Ashlyn listened, she looked for the man. Seeing he was no longer there, she let out a growl pushed his hand away. She grabbed Mackie’s hand and responded to Cameron, “I can take care of myself.”

Cameron replied, “That you can I won’t deny your strength but the Terrain Alliance won’t allow it. You still need structure and family. Since you were kicked out of school two years ago, you still need schooling if you are to take your place to assure your position for the future. The orphanage will take you in. It is also a boarding school where you will take lessons with the other kids around your age-”

Ash growled letting go of Mackie’s hand. She advanced him firmly against the wall as Cam brought up his hands against Ash’s breasts. He kept her back when she spat harshly, “You didn’t tell them about me, did you? What I’ve been doing-”

“No,” he spoke firmly, “I kept secret of your activities underground. They only know of what your father did. They will take you in until someone decides to adopt you or you will grow as they give you the proper structure you need and growth. You need this, Ash.”

Ash snarled while deep in thought. Shaking her head violently, she backed. Turning to Mackie, she stroked her cheek and spoke, “Mackie, I release you from this bond- “

Mackie had been listening to this entire chain of conversation between Ash and Cam. The Paxxian wasn’t happy. With a final response, she snarled, “No!

Cameron raised his hand and gulped backing from her. Ash scowled at her and tried again, “Mac-“

“No,” Mackie yelled roaring. She turned to the boy and spat, “You will not take her! I don’t want you to take her!”

“Mack!” Ash firmly responded taking her arm. Mackie snapped her arm away and growled at her, “You don’t get to sever our bond! Not like this! I don’t want to be free Paxxian! A free Paxxian isn’- “

Ash placed her hand on her chest and firmly responded, “Back off Mackie. Watch your aggression! Control it. I need space. Please, I ask you give me what I need!”

Mackie whimpered shaking her head. A tear trickled down her duct. With a roar, she turned and went on all fours. With her tail whipping to one side, she lumbered off into the darkness returning to the Underground. Ash watched her leave. With a cold shrug, she turned back to Cameron and responded offering her hand, “Let’s go.”

Part 19.6 of 6.10: To hide the beast, you must coat it with beauty...

Cam took Ash’s hand and pulled her to a store speaking, “The orphanage knows nothing about your tattoos, so I have a way of hiding them. You know something called Second Skin right? It’s a new thing recently being sold worldwide and in different variety of colors. Just apply it on your skin to hide a mark or an entire bruise or simply change your skin tone to a different color.”

Leading Ash around the store, Cam browsed the shelves searching for a container. Finding the product, he grabbed it rushed toward the register. The beast followed him and observed him paying for it. Leading her outside, they walked toward the transporter. Turning to Ash, Cam watched her removed her shirt. Taking the box, he applied the powder onto her back. It merged and blended into her tattoos. Ash felt nothing as the powder itself hid the beasts’ tattoos away.

Getting Ash’s attention again, Cameron handed her the box and spoke, “Use it whenever you need to, but keep hidden your tattoos. They must not know. Come.”

Grabbing her hand, Cam led Ash into the teleporter and typed a few commands. He responded, “The orphanage prepared you a bed. Tomorrow they will sign you in and give you a proper room with the girls. This time, I will see you every day and I will be there for you.”

Ash remained silent as they were whisked away in a blinding light of the humming teleporter. They appeared inside a new building. Before her, a bed was made. Grasping her hand, Cam got her attention as Ash turned to him. Touching her face, he pushed himself into her space and tried to kiss her. Ash placed her hand on his chest stopping him and inquired, “What are you doing?”

Cameron stared at her and responded unsure, “Umm- “

With a snarl she responded, “This is not the time or place, Cameron. Go. Let me sleep. I am much too tired. Do not ever invade my space like that again, okay?”

He spoke respecting her wishes, “Alright. I apologize then. I’ll see you in the morning, Ash.”

Ash watched him walk away. Looking at the bed beside her, she stared at it. Comfort was the last thing on her mind. Ignoring her comfortable bed, she lay on the carpet trying to sleep. After a few seconds of making herself comfortable, she fell fast asleep.

The following morning came. The television turned as the T.A.U.N. words scrolled by. The anchorwoman’s voice spoke in the background. Ashlyn woke up to something wet and sloppy across her face. Uttering a snarl, she woke up baring her fangs at the animal that woke her up. The small dog whimpered and barked causing Ash to pause. She cocked her head at it. It panted cheerfully as Ash opened her mouth showing some of her fangs snarling at it. Letting out a small growl, the small dog yelped happily wagging its small tail.

Looking at the television, Ash listened as the scene changed to the burning building of the bar. The anchorwoman continued, “This is an update following the shocking event that happened the other night. The ‘Thorny Rose’ exploded as a bomb rippled through the bar killing the owner and the patrons inside. No one had a chance. The following people who perished are as follows. Aaron Sheft, Mike Tarays, Minni Tarays, Faith Helms, James Techryn-”

Ash gasped staring at the television while listening to the names being called. A realization dawn her. Her father was dead as he perished in the bar. The beast was free. An afterthought came after as she mused. She was literally an orphan now. Suddenly a new feminine voice broke through calling her dog’s name as the dog barked, “Delphi, come!”

Part 19.7 of 7.10: The Orphanage...

The small fluffy, curly white dog ran off toward the light navy skinned Tricetra. She bent over to pick up her dog. Looking at Ash, she smiled warmly watching the girl get up to her feet. The woman responded, “I am An’Pol Trelani. I run the Blue Suns Orphanage and boarding school for children. Come, I want to begin to sign you into our records. Cameron told me a lot about you and I am glad to finally meet you.”

An’Pol whispered something into Delphi’s ear and placed her back down. The little dog yelped a goodbye to the beast and scampered off. Ash followed the Tricetra school headmistress across the hall passing the girls and boys who got out of bed. Turning a corner, they walked through the open doorway outside. It was bright. They walked along the path to another building. Ash looked behind her to see several students walking along the small path. They wore the white blue uniforms.

Musing as she looked around her new surroundings, Ash remembered reading from an Info Archive about the Blue Suns Orphanage. It was only a few miles from her father’s home in Rockboro, Illinois at the state’s highest mountain peak. She remembered it was always cold especially when she hiked around her father’s territory. The Orphanage rested on the border line between the state of Illinois and south of Iowa. Ash once walked as far as the Orphanage and saw place herself that Cameron talked about. At that time, she was unimpressed.

For the past seven years, Ashlyn had been living in Rocksboro, Illinois with her father and now that her father was gone, the beast’s future was uncertain. Stepping behind the Tricetra Headmistress, Ash watched An’Pol grab the handle of the door into the building and pushed it. It slid open as she turned to Ash beckoning her in. They walked through the doorway.

Approaching the desk, she took the holo-book and recorded Ash’s presence in the orphanage. After getting her signature, she replied to the sixteen year old girl, “So, you must be hungry. We start eating together at eight AM. Come, its nearing time.”

As the Tricetra walked along the main building, Ash followed her outside. They walked along the path to another building. It was a big cafeteria. The headmistress led Ash inside and stopped before the main room. Ash gasped looking at all the kids sitting along the tables eating their breakfast. They were all boys and girls of all different ages from four to seventeen.

An’Pol spoke with sadness in her voice, “There are still those who would have family and try as they might, they still do not want children or have time to raise them. We must take care of them. We love them as they are our future and we strive to give them that future guiding them along. Ashlyn, you can help with that. As you’re older, you can help the little ones-”

Speaking with hope in her tone, the blue alien awaited her reply. However, she was interrupted by a shout. Cameron waved once toward his beast, “Hey Ashlyn!”

Ash turned to see Cam wave. Everyone in the cafeteria looked at her. She was embarrassed. He thought nothing of it while approaching. The fourteen year old boy wore his white blue uniform. Ash stared at him while in her thoughts musing. Cameron was her first real friend she met seven years ago in the mountains of Rocksboro while she had her dog with her. She saved him from her dog and sent her away. Months had passed and after her dog got lost, the beast saw Cameron again.

He took her hand and became friends with the beast herself even though Ash didn’t want it. She never wanted it but the boy was innocent and persistent. He was strong even if Ash was unaware of it at that time. Eventually she grew comfortable with him, but the beast still had lingering issues to deal with.

Cameron grasped her muscular shoulder taking her out of her thoughts. He inquired, “How was your morning? Is everything good?”

Cam stared at his beast. Embarrassed, Ash remained silent. Sensing that, An’Pol spoke, “Cameron, you’re staring. Why don’t you take over and show her around. Get her settled in. I’m sure you’re eager to get her started. School starts soon, so I should be getting ready anyways.”

Part 19.8 of 8.10: The silent beast musing as the boy attempts to grab her hand again…

Oh! Sorry. Alright, come on,” Cameron grasped Ash’s hand and took her to the kitchen. He pointed towards the buffet, “There let’s go get something.”

Ashlyn sniffed the food. It was good and warm. The hungry beast within couldn’t resist. Walking over, she grabbed a big plate for a huge helping. Cameron did the same and followed her along the buffet looking at all the breakfast food available to there. There was omelet, hash, potatoes, breakfast steak, veggies, as well as bacon and sausage. Ash took each one of them and moved her tray along. Stopping before the drink section, she took out a milk box to complete her meal.

Taking the tray, Ash left the kitchen. Stopping before the main hall, the beast snarled baring her fangs. Cameron approached besides her holding the tray. Looking at the crowd of kids eating on the tables, he pointed at the big, sociable chamber in the back speaking, “Hey, we can-”

Ash was still silent a she took a left away from Cam. Taking the exit, she walked out of the cafeteria. Cam shouted running after her, “Wait! Can we just-”

The door closed barely as the boy pushed the door and rushed after her. Ash was quiet. Not wanting company, she walked along the path outside. It was a beautiful day outside and she felt awkward. Baring her fangs into a snarl, she shook her head trying to get stray thoughts out. Cam followed. As Ash found a bench to sit down near the trees, the same pink/violet flowers fell gracefully around her.

Cameron walked up to her. Ash looked at him and blinked her vacant dark eyes. Looking back at her plate, she took a sausage and bit into it. The wind ruffled through her dark curled hair. Cam looked around the park and sighed responding, “You’re right. It’s a pretty day outside. It was too noisy in the cafeteria anyways. Mind if I join?”

Ash stared at him and shrugged nonchalantly. Turning back to her food, she finished her sausage and chewed her food softly. It was nice to be able to eat without being constantly abused or being watched with the angry eyes of her father. Cameron took his seat close to her and spoke, “Hey, you’ve been quiet. You okay?”

Ash moved a bit to her side an inch away from him and ate in silence. Cam blew a sigh. Looking at his food, he started eating. The boy loved her and he was trying to understand her without getting his head bitten off.

After eating and drinking his juice, Cam placed his plate aside. Inching a bit closer to the beast, he stretched and groaned pleasantly rubbing his stomach. Moving his other arm over Ash’s shoulder, he rested it in there. Feeling the touch around her stocky build shoulder muscle, she looked at him with a cold expression. The boy gave her a goofy smile.

Snarling lightly, the beast shrugged his arm aside and placed her plate down. She left the bench with the desire to be alone. However, the persistent boy ran after her. Ash knew he didn’t mean any harm. The boy was innocent and harmless. However, right now she needed to be left alone.

Not letting her off easily, Cam left his place on the bench and jumped forward grabbing her hand. He spoke, “it is okay, I’ll show you around. We can do this before class starts, it’s cool.”

Part 19.9 of 9.9: Is this Second Skin a new beginning?

Ash stopped and looked at him staring at his innocent child-like expression. Firmly wringing her hand free, she snarled lightly breaking her silence the beast had been holding since this morning and spoke, “Cam I’m sorry, but I need to be alone for a while. I’ll see you.”

Cam stood there watching her walk away. He couldn’t understand. All the things he tried to explain and she still doesn’t get him. Sighing, he shrugged responding at her retreating back, “Alright, see ya.”

Cameron turned toward to class. He would still see her around and would have to somehow find a way to catch her. Ash walked along the path. Stopping before the building, she turned to see the little dog approach her. Delphi barked happily running toward her. Its little tail wagged. Bending over, she let the small toy dog walk onto her hands. It panted and licked her. Ash stroked the dog’s head. Studying Delphi, Ash recognized her as a Maltese breed of small toy dogs.

Ashlyn Sadie Techryn was no longer a wild beast. She was tamed. After killing the Pit Champion and leaving his spot empty while forfeiting the trophy, the beast had simply killed him without a thought. Turning sixteen was huge. It changed the course of her destiny and altered her future. She was on a new journey of her life. With her father gone, she had a chance to make amends.

The dog panted as Ash lifted her into the girl’s strong embrace. Snuggling up into the stocky arms of the tamed beast, Delhi barked. Ash stroked the little dog’s head. Walking along the path, Ash carried Delphi as it snuggled into her strong torso licking her sixteen-inch bicep. A strand of dark curled hair fell across her dark eyes as the wind blew gently around her. The beast may be tamed, but that was just an eye of the hurricane. Once the eye’s gone, would she resume her path of destruction? Or will she finally take Cameron Sheppard’s hand? This was her Second Skin. This was her second chance.

The day before far across the east along the great Sands, two large rock-like lands floated above. It was late morning of July twenty ninth in the Terrian Alliance year of twenty seventy one. The old year was twenty four sixty one. New Alcatraz was a mighty floating island fortress above the Sands. It was made of a rocky surface but kept its population inside a large barbed wire that surrounded the edges of the prison. It was to keep the prisoners and guards secured inside to prevent them from falling out.

As stated in historical records, it first came as an asteroid years ago. The people were terrified. As the giant rock slowed when it hit the atmosphere, it stopped spinning and split into two halves. Now nine miles long and nine miles deep, the two equal halves became the floating islands as they traveled across the globe hundreds of miles from the Sands. The people determined that it must have come from some kind of advanced race with this kind of technology, but it was a mystery.

From the bottom of the prison, a massive explosion rumbled blowing out tons of rocks creating a massive hole. The rocks fell toward the Sands and hit the salty sandy dunes. Smoke from the flames billowed. From the hole, a figure appeared. It was Sanità. A breathing mask covered her mouth. For nearly a year and six months she had been a prisoner, Sani found a way to escape. She was now nineteen years of age. Her body mass expanded due to her consumption of heavy diet and her bodybuilding during her incarceration inside. She was stronger than ever.

The heavily stocky build woman braced herself looking down from the massive hole. No longer did she wear her orange prison uniform. Instead, a black uniform covered her entire body up to her neck. It showed her bulked muscle lines across her body. A long side cut hair lay on the side of her scalp. On the other end of her naked scalp was her prison tattoo. Her hair fluttered in the wind as it gusted up to fifty-five miles per hour. Gripping the sides of the rocky doorway, she moved her body back and thrust herself out through.

Sanità fell across the air as her suit solidified her body to brace herself for the shock of landing on the Sands. Her hair fluttered in the air. Small pebbles from the gaping hole in the side of the prison fell free. As her feet hit the Sands with a thud, she landed face flat onto the sand falling unconscious. Quickly as her suit touched the Sands, it blended into the technology as the black shifted into a brown camouflage. Soon, the stocky figure of a woman blended into her surroundings as she sank.

Unconscious, the woman slowly sank as her heavy weight pushed her under the damp salty sandy dune. It completely submerged her as water lapped around her head and dampened her dirty blonde hair. Above her, several air vehicles swarmed like a bunch of angry hornets from a disturbed hive. It investigated the hole in the prison and flew across the Sands searching.

The strand of her damp hair fell to one side as the aerial fighter roared across her camouflaged form. The woman remained cloaked from view as her unconscious body sank into the Sands. She was prone. On the nape of her neck was a small, bleeding wound. From within, the woman gasped once breathing from her tube as her hand moved thrusting itself to the surface. Her body twitched as her hand moved slowly across the watery sand dune. A low intermittent growl was heard from within the Sands proving that she was alive and angry.

Part 19.10 of 10.10: Sanità, the other woman and mortal enemy of the Beast

Following the next day, the sun rose. Darkness fell during the cold night as Sanità’s warm body was unconscious. With her thermal uniform protecting her and wearing her breathing mask, the woman laid halfway submerged in the watery salty sand dune. Dew from the cold air gathered on her body. Her dirty blonde hair covered her head protecting her skull from the elements. The bleeding from the nape of her neck ceased.

A large gasp came from within the woman as her body rose from the sands. With a growl, her large arms pushed her heavy body from the sandy ground. Her hair covered her face. She had on a cold, angry expression of hatred. The damp hair fluttered in the morning wind that gusted through her large, solid stocky build.

With her fist clenched and pushed against the ground, Sanità knelt on one knee as she placed her hand her other knee. Looking upwards at the horizon, her cold dark brown eyes searched. The prison she lived in for the past year and six months ago was gone. She growled with satisfaction on her success for escaping the confines of the dark prison. The woman was free.

Grabbing the breathing mask covering her mouth, she inhaled the clean air given to her. It protected her from the water and kept her breathing while half submerged into the ever flowing salty sandy water. Gripping it, Sanità gagged pulling the mask free. A small breathing tube was attached. Grabbing the tube, she gagged pulling at the piece of it still in her mouth and down her esophagus. Finishing pulling at the last end, her stomach heaved.

Sanità groaned grabbing her chest. Liquid poured and trickled from her mouth. With her hand against the ground, she heaved clear liquid as her stomach expelled them out of her system onto the Sands. Spitting the last bit of clear liquid from her mouth, she gasped grabbing her throat and coughed several times to regain her breath to breathe the air around her. Growling, she took her hand and brushed her side cut hair out of the way. The bar serial number was tattooed on the other side of her scalp.

Looking up across the horizon, the woman shrugged off that long fall with her flexi Nano-suit that she wore. It wasn’t a hard fall. It stunned her, but left no lingering injuries because of the suits resiliency. Her former black suit remained a brown camouflage while the suit’s sensors detected her surroundings to merge her within the background of the sands.

New Alcatraz had moved over the night to the east. They left presuming her dead. The nineteen year old was free. With a cold snarl, she stood pushing herself up. A pain shot up in her right arm. Sanità inhaled sharply. Looking to her side, she grabbed the flexi nano tech armor on her shoulder blade. Feeling around the edges of the upper sleeve, she pulled ripping her arm covering with ease.

It exposed her new tattoo wrapped around her bulged arm muscles. It was an image of a poisonous cobra wrapped around her nineteen inch upper arm. The rattle ended down her lower arm on her defined, thick triceps. Gripping her fists, she watched her tattooed bicep bulge.

On the lower part of her wrist was a faint blinking light. It flashed intermittently. Her wrist device was damaged. On the center of her wrist was her knife wound. A transponder that they could be tracking her with was removed. It contained her life signs information. Far as she knows, the New Alcatraz guards assumed that she died in the explosion.

The damaged device flashed as another pain shot up through her arm. Sanità exhaled sharply gripping her hand. Holding her arm close to her, stood and walked across the flowing sands. Before her was nothing. It was all Sands. However, she knew this was her test. Remembering her obligations and her training, she would have to survive the rugged wasteland that used to be the greatest ocean of Earth before World War Three took it all away.

With a foot forward, the heavily stocky built female trudged on into the unknown starting her new journey of vengeance. In her mind was the image of her mortal enemy, the beast. Ashlyn Sadie Techryn was directly on the top of her hit list. She wanted her dead for the murder of her love, Saint Mark de Ryac, and the death of her girl, Sammi. Sani wanted the beast to pay for every pain and anguish she went through.

The morning wind gusted washing through her side cut hair. Her heavy steps sank into the wet salty sands leaving behind her footprints. The footprints stayed before it was swallowed by the ever flowing salty water.

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