Book One: The Innocent Heart

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Sanità’s Incarceration

Part 20.1 of 1.10: One year and six months ago from Sanità’s perspective

It was the first of February of the old year twenty four sixty. Sanità stared at her enemy. Standing on the sidelines in the ‘Pit of Hell’, she watched San Marcos fight her mortal enemy ‘La Bestia’. Seeing him on the ground and the beast atop him, her heart jumped into her throat. It throbbed and beated its way out. Cupping her hands on her mouth, she screamed in Spanish, “¡Suelte ahora!”

With fearful wide eyes, she watched ‘La Bestia’ pull with her powerful jaws. Her fangs ripped Mark’s throat shredding his vein. Jerking her head back, her curled dark hair flipped around her head before resting on the nape of her neck. Blood spurted across the mat onto the cage. The beast snarled opening her fangs and licked the blood from her sharp canines. Her natural dark eyes shimmered red fiercely.

Sanità gasped covering her mouth. The fighter uttered his last gasp with a shocked expression. His chest rose against the beast’s hand inhaling before exhaling. Coughing blood, he lay prone on the mat with a groan. Saint Mark de Ryac de la Cruz was dead. His neck wound bled dark red. As ‘La Bestia’ stared at her former leader with a snarl licking her fangs, a smirk crossed her features.

Sanità exhaled sharply. Placing her hands down, her fists clenched. Something inside of her snapped as her expression changed into anger. With newborn hatred and wrath for ‘La Bestia’, the stocky build fighter howled with rage as she clenched her fists and flexed her rippled muscles. As ‘La Bestia’ rose to her feet with a taunting smirk, Sanità charged. Gripping the beast on her torso, she shoved her against the cage with a snarl and lifted with her upper body strength.

Growling with rage, Sanità spat and screamed in her heated Spanish words, “¡Tú lo mataste! ¡Te mataré! ¡Lo asesinaste! ¡Usted pagará esto en sangre! Lo juro en mi vida!”

As ‘La Bestia’ gripped the wrists of her attacker, she smirked with a mocking expression. Sanità ripped a howl raising her clenched fists. Her figure shimmered and vanished. Her holo form disappeared from the ring as she found herself in another place. ‘La Bestia’ was no longer in front of her. The cage and mat was replaced by a single, large square room with blank, concrete walls. Her cross fell loose as her holo returned to her body where it was located in the New Alcatraz prison.

Gasping and breathing with rage, she grabbed her head and howled sinking to her knees. Clenching her fists, her muscles bulged. Looking up, she saw several NA guards rush in. With anger, Sanità charged in a bloodied run toward them roaring. She lost her loved one. One of the guards raised his hand pressed the device. It delivered a painful shock as Sanità’s body recoiled. Her back arched in pain. Grabbing the nape of her neck, she fell on the ground with her fist down.

She yelled in pain as three guards rushed toward with energy batons. As they beat her down, batons hit her head followed by a bash against her side. The woman screamed in pain as her body surged with electricity. Falling unconscious, the leading guard placed a device on her and activated it as the woman vanished from the room in a blinding light of the teleporter. Appearing in her own cell, she lay on the floor stunned.

A man sat in the middle of the prison cell. On his hand was a tablet. He was accessing information. A table rested beside him. The cell was small, but big enough for both him and the prisoner. Sanità was on the bed unconscious. She wore her orange prison uniform. Her wrists were bound in chains. Her head was bald with a single bar tattoo. The tattoo contained the serial numbers. The man waited patiently for her to wake.

The prisoner made a sound and arose with a groan looking to her side. Seeing the man watching her, Sanità scowled. Uttering a snarl, she sat up to her full stocky build size on her bed. Her chains locked in clicking noisily. Looking down, she noted that her hands were bound together and locked onto the floor. Pulling at it, she found it was locked in place. Looking up, she opened her mouth with a snarl baring her teeth with anger.

Part 20.2 of 2.10: Meeting the man who bound her in chains

The man cleared his throat and responded, “I am Drake Colton Tristan. I will be responsible for your rehabilitation and hopefully aide you to your quick recovery. A lot has happened to you as the past few months changed you. Hopefully, I will be assisting in helping you retain your status once again as a free woman outside of New Alcatraz.”

Sanità scowled at the man in silence as her lips were curled into a feral snarl. Drake sighed and briefly scanned his tablet before speaking, “Let’s began. I have a translator, so feel free to speak in your language however makes you comfortable. You are Sanità Ayuers and born in Culca Bolivia, correct?”

The seventeen year old stared at him silently with cold hatred. Drake resumed, “I am making sure that you are the right person I am talking to. You have quite the history. A turbulent childhood you have. Your father drank and got killed in a bar fight when you were three. Your mother tried taking care of you but she gave you up. So, you were taken up by a nearby orphanage by the age of four.”

An intermittent angry growl sounded as Sanità breathed heavily with a low snarl. Drake spoke, “The orphanage raised you till eventually someone adopted you and you moved to the states. You retained your Spanish. However, you had difficulty with your English so you kept your Spanish and never resumed your English studies. You were raised and cared for by your English parents until- “

Drake looked down at his tablet and browsed it. Clearing his throat, he pointed at a passage and resumed, “When you turned eight, they vanished. They were gone. Their bodies were never found and no culprits were caught. It happens in the system. As good the Terrian Alliance was with their crime system, it does not mean we are crime free. They still happen. Even at the young age of eight, you still were able to survive and find another family. Delgado de la Cruz happened to be in the area to take care of you. And the rest you know of.”

Looking at the angry prisoner, Drake cleared his throat and finished, “Well this was simply an introductory session. Tomorrow, we will discuss your criminal charges and move on from there. Food will be sent along to your shortly as a guard will stop by. You need to eat something. See you then.”

Drake shimmered as the holo disappeared. The door to her left side unlocked. Baring her teeth, Sanità snarled turning to her left as the guard entered with a tray. On it were two items. It was a bowl of soup and a box. Placing the tray down on the table, he looked at Sanità. Withdrawing a key, he bent down and unlocked the device holding her. With a single twist, the metal lock clicked open.

Removing the lock, the guard returned to the table. The seventeen year old stocky woman watched the guard point at the two items. He spoke, “Finish your soup to the last drop. Your meal is chicken vegetables in beef broth. Your mail came in and passed inspection. Whatever is inside you keep, but if you use it against another prisoner we will take it from you. We are always watching, so behave.”

Turning away, he left the cell locking the door behind him. Standing up, Sanità moved as the locking device clicked pulling her chains easily across. Taking the box, she tore it open. Inside was the cross that San Marcos gifted her. Taking the cross by the chain, she placed it around her neck. Putting the box aside, she took the bowl of chicken soup with both hands. With his words in mind, she lifted the bowl to her lips and drank her warm chicken soup all at once. Gulping it down her throat, some of the broth spilled and trickled down her strong arms.

Part 20.3 of 3.10: Taking her memento and drinking to her fill

With an exhale, Sanità licked the last drops of the soup from the bowl and licked her lips. Looking at the bottom of the bowl, she noted several words in Spanish along with an alien design below it. The design was alien to her but she recognized it as a sigil. Soon as the warmth of the bowl left, the words and the alien sigil vanished leaving behind an empty bowl. However, the Spanish was understood as she translated it in her mind,

No te olvides de tu obligaciones. Recordar tu entrenamiento.

Exhaling a breath, she snarled putting the bowl down. Nodding, she understood the meaning. ‘Do not forget your obligations. Remember your training.’ Recognizing it, the stocky build female placed the empty bowl and the box back onto the tray. Taking the tray, she carried it to the door and set it on the floor to the side. Touching her flailing cross, she tucked it inside her prison uniform and turned. Her bounded chains made metallic clicking sounds pulling the metal along into the floor as she returned to her bed. Sitting down, she lay resting on her side and closed her eyes.

It was the middle of February of the year twenty four sixty. The stocky eighteen year old was alone in her cell. She hung from the top of her cell with her fingers weaved into the metal holes. A metal cross hung from around her neck. Pulling up, she worked her rippling muscles as the bounded chain from her wrists kept her attached to the ground. The clicking sound of the chain being pulled in and out from the little machine held her down. Sanità pulled herself up and down as the metal chain acted the opposing force pulling her toward the ground.

Her movement slowed as sweat coursed down her half naked body. Her ripped defined mass throbbed with her heavy breathing and heartbeats. The prisoner uniform was folded on her chair. She only wore her training shorts and a crop shirt with a bare midriff. A low growl escaped her throat as she pulled herself up against the chains pulling her down. On the top of her scalp, her shaven hair grew.

A holo shimmered from her side as she let go of the wired cage. She braced herself as her heavy form pounded the floor. The echo from her fall resounded within the closed cell. Turning to Drake, she snarled baring her teeth with hatred for the man.

Drake responded, “It’s time to talk. It has been a week since you were incarcerated into the prison. To start your rehabilitation, you will work with other prisoners in the tunnels. You will mine the metal and rocks of New Alcatraz. You will gather them and put them in the carts. This is your chance to start working well with others. I must warn you though. The mines barely have oxygen so you are required to wear the oxygen masks at all times while you are inside. The miner Overseer will explain.”

Breathing heavily, Sanità scowled at him. She hated being confined. The man finished, “Put the uniform on. You will go to the door of your cell and wait for the guard to unlock you from the chains. Then, you will follow your designated route toward the mines without deviating from your path. If you do, you will be disciplined. Follow directions as given by the guards without hesitation.”

Drake shimmered away. Baring her teeth, Sanità snarled and turned to her uniform on the chair. Taking it, she put the uniform on and walked toward the exit of her cell. Her metal chains pulled along clicking and locking in place. The guard before the door spoke, “Hands on the cage door, prisoner.”

Part 20.4 of 4.10: Starting her first day at the mines

Growling lightly, Sanità scowled at the guard. Placing her bounded hands on the bars, the guard stuck his hand through and grabbed her chain. Taking the key, he unlocked it. Letting go, he watched as the free chains to slunk back toward the device. Sanità placed her orange prison shirt on. Taking the cross, she tucked the metal inside the shirt. Unlocking the door, the guard opened it speaking, “Now come out. Follow the route.”

Silently, the prisoner exited her cell. Following the flashing lights on the floor, she touched the side of the unbreakable flexi-glass trailing her fingers along. Lumbering down the narrow corridor, a door slammed shut behind her with a lock. Sanità followed the flashing red lights around the corner and down the incline. Stopping before a large door, the words across the door said, ‘Mine access. Wait for the Overseer. Follow safety directions and have a good day.’

Sanità curled her lips in disgust. The alarm beside the doorway blared as the metal door opened sideways. A man of stockier form bigger than her approached. He wore a breathing mask. Raising his finger, he spoke beckoning her, “Come forward, prisoner. I am Mal Keats, the supervisor of the mines. Follow me. You will be fitted for an oxygen mask. The mines are barely breathable. You wouldn’t last without one so make sure you wear it.”

Mal held a tablet. Obeying his instruction, the prisoner entered the doorway and followed the Overseer. He resumed, “I will show you the group you will be spending the next year with. Over here is the rest area for you to drink water or eat during break times. You will be expected to work for as long as we you need to. The rocks that contain the metal of New Alcatraz are to be mined and refined into ore. From there, we will ship it to whoever needs them and they will smelt them. You will be responsible for all the hard work helping your group.”

Stepping around the corner, they entered a large blocked off area. Turning to Sanità, Mal inspected her sturdy form and replied, “It will be hard, but from the looks of you, you can handle the heavy lifting. Working here, you will become stronger as much as your body can handle the stress. The unique metal in the rocks around here will be hard to remove as they are nearly unbreakable and cannot be bent. Refining it into metal ore will be harder as it will soften the metal for smelting. Now, on the side of you is a locker for the oxygen mask.”

Sanità nodded and turned to the locker. She took out one of the oxygen masks. Grabbing the mask, Mal spoke, “Take the mask and place it over your mouth. Make sure it’s tight and it says on. Be prepared for a little discomfort.”

Scowling, Sanità took the mask and placed it over her mouth. It activated as a tube protracted from the center of her mask. It entered her throat. She gagged grabbing her throat. Stumbling back, she gasped for air as the tube crawled its way into her lungs. It released liquid filling her lungs. Gripping the side of the wall, she struggled for air. The Overseer coolly stood by and watched. After a few moments of gasping, Sanità regained her breath as the clear liquid helped her breathe.

The mask merged with her helping her breathe. Surprised, she walked to the Overseer while breathing the liquid that was in her lungs. Mal spoke nodding, “Good. The liquid you feel in your lungs will protect you from the air of the mines. You keep the mask on at all times, you understand? Without it, you will suffocate and drown. The men who removed the mask with the tube inside their lungs died.”

Sanità glared at the man silently watching him turn to the door and unlocked the barrier. Opening it, he walked through as the female prisoner followed him toward a small group of prisoners. Around them lights illuminated the large cavern of the mine. They all wore breathing masks. The Overseer shouted, “Prisoners assemble! You have a new female miner-“

Part 20.5 of 5.10: Six months later

Six months passed as Sanità pushed the mining cart heavily laden with metal and rocks along the railway. Following the small group of four, she watched them carry their laser torches. A breathing mask covered her mouth. The metal cross hung from the chain link metal around her neck. Her muscles grew another inch as she got stronger. Her stocky build hardened. She felt no pain or cuts on her scarred torso. Something in her food and drink were making her tougher as it kept her going.

As the flickering lights illuminated their way across the dark corridor, she pushed the cart. Her body was dirtier due to the dust from the rocks and the metal. Her dirty blond hair grew out becoming a side cut over to her right side of her scalp. A bar tattoo of a serial number was visible. Exhaling another breath, she scowled at the backs of her group with anger and hatred.

The cart ground to a halt and locked in before the mining access. The group dispersed into the end of the cavern and began their work. Several lights surrounding the small mining access kept the darkness at bay. Seeing a pile of metal and rocks near her, Sanità walked over. It was her job to gather every last metal and stray rocks. Taking the first piece of the heavy metal infused rock, she lifted as her seventeen inch biceps hardened. Tossing it, the metal infused rock clattered into the cart.

Sweat dripped down her dirtied features. She exhaled taking another piece of rock as the pile grew smaller till the last stray rock was left. Someone shouted at her. Snarling lightly, Sanità growled looking up as a prisoner beckoned her forward. They made a chain link toward the cart. She was at the end. Taking her position, she caught the metal infused rock as it was tossed. Keeping her stocky, strong legs in position, she used her waist to move her torso around.

Catching the rock, Sanità moved her body and tossed the rock into the cart. Tirelessly, she endured catching the metal rocks around tossing them into the cart. Moments later, an alarm blared several times for break time. The group assembled picking the last bit of the metal infused rock.

Sanità walked toward them. One of the prisoner approached carrying the rock. Tripping on a small stone, he stumbled forward falling into the female prisoner. Sanità stumbled with a grunt as the miner fell tossing the rock. On the ground, he groaned in pain. The eighteen year old stocky female growled with anger scowling at him.

Bending down, she gripped him by the nape of the neck and lifted. With a roar, she thrust her fist against the man’s face. The miner stumbled back as the growling prisoner stormed forward. With fury, Sanità grabbed the man on the chest and delivered another blow across the jaw. The group stared horrified at the strong woman beating their friend. They knew eventually their supervisor will step in.

Part 20.6 of 6.10: Taking the punishment…

Sanità rained her blows after blow against the miner. The bloodied miner stumbled. In a daze, he lost his footing and fell on his back. Turning to her side, the stocky eighteen year old spied a metal infused rock. Picking it up with her upper body strength, she clenched her teeth with a grunt and released a roar lifting the heavy rock over her head. The miner gasped in fear holding his hand out.

With her strength and power, she tossed the rock. The miner was beamed in the nick of time via an emergency transport as the rock bypassed his disappearing form and shattered on the ground from the force. Behind her, another transport whined as the Overseer appeared. Lifting his hand, he pressed the control device. It sent a surge of electricity in the nape of her neck.

Sanità released a howl of rage feeling the shock. With boiling anger, she turned facing her supervisor. Clenching her fists, she moved forward. The man pressed the button watching her howl falling to her knees. Gripping the nape of her neck, she felt the surging pain from the electricity. With her other hand clutching the ground, she clawed dirt and made a fist. Pounding the ground with the force of her fist, she roared getting up to her feet.

Watching her rise to her feet and rushing toward him, the Overseer pressed the trigger increasing the volume and watched the stocky build female prisoner howl before falling unconscious on the ground.

Back at the cell, Sanità rose from her bed with an angry snarl. A mask covered her mouth. She rubbed her neck and turned to face Drake scowling with hatred. Drake’s holo shimmered. Still feeling rage, she roared thrusting herself forward toward her enemy. The chains held her back as her defined, muscular form tensed. Drake stood without flinching. Stepping forward, he cleared his throat and spoke, “It has been six months. I still do not see any changes in your behavior. Do you not feel anything? You were lucky as the miner escaped with his life and his injuries but you will no longer be with the group. Tell me. Why are you angry? Are you mad at someone?”

Drake stepped forward holding his tablet to his side. Sanità released a low intermittent growl scowling at her enemy with cold fury. Drake replied, “For six months you have remained like this. Your brain is damaged as I have seen from medical records of your head. Whether it was from an injury to your head in the past or from your last bout against your opponent I don’t know. I wonder-“

Sanità opened her mouth a snarl as he touched her jaw. She lifted with her metal bounds, but the chains remained locked. He looked into her eyes and spoke, “-just how angry you are against this person. Is there really any hope this rehabilitation will fix you? Do you hate her that much that you want to kill her? Tell me. Just once break this silence of yours.”

The silent eighteen year old prisoner breathed heavily fuming with hatred. Satisfied, Drake released her jaw and backed, “Very well. Far as I am concerned, your rehabilitation is done. You are too damaged that I cannot fix. You will be moved to an isolated section of the mine. From now on you will be watched as you mine for the rest of your life in the prison. For as long as you live, you will not step foot outside of this lonely floating piece of rock. Leaving will be instant termination and death.”

As Drake vanished from her prison, Sanità glared with anger and hatred. The device holding her in place unlocked. Moving toward the center of her cell, she looked up toward the metal cage walls above her. Moving her bonded hands forward, she jumped with her strength and gripped the metal weaved ceiling. With her rippling strength and keeping her back straight, she pulled up with her legs weaving it over the bar. Crossing her chained arms on her bosom, she pushed her body forward as the chains clicked acting as her opposing force pulling her back.

Part 20.7 of 7.10: Forced into isolation and trying to find her way out

The next day, the masked Sanità followed the Overseer. The lights in the mine illuminated their way. Across the corridor, Mal lead her along a specific narrow path of rocks following the empty mining cart. It was active and running on its own. Sanità scowled with hatred. Stopping before the cavern, he turned and handed her the tablet speaking, “This is the isolated part of the mines. You will take this tablet as it will cover what you are supposed to do down here. The tablet is locked down so you will only receive the instructions. You will listen and behave. I will be watching.”

The female prisoner growled and glared watching the man return back along the path. A forcefield shimmered blocking the mine access leaving her in isolation. Turning back to the tablet, Sanità looked over it. A swirling icon spun for a few moments on the header as she read the instructions. Before she could move toward the empty cart however, her tablet fritzed. Scowling, she studied it. Recognizing it as a hacking attempt, her instructions vanished for a moment. The same alien sigil appeared replacing the swirling icon. Several words scrolled across in Spanish,

Escucha. No tengo mucho tiempo. Uno de los guardias me funciona. Él le ayudará a escaper. Lea mis instrucciones con cuidado. Su viaje comienza cuando usted se escapa. Veré usted pronto, mi hija.

The message ended as the rest of the instructions came clear in Spanish. Sanità had good memory to retain the information. Reading the rest of the instructions, her tablet fritzed and replaced with regular instructions given by the Overseer. The tablet had no recorded information the hacker conveyed. Only the instructions provided by the Overseer replaced it. The instructions given by the hacker stated,

Further down the cavern is a niche. Within the empty niche, it will be filled with one block of C4 explosive if she checks back regularly with every shifts. If there is one block, she will secure it into a hidden location from the prying eyes of the Overseer. Since the supervisor is busy overseeing other things, he will be distracted.

The message completed with her instructions to mine the cavern. She was near the outside of her prison. The cavern will be thin enough for her to use the explosive and complete her task. The message ended with the hacker’s final statement that she will begin the longest, harshest journey of her training. Sanità understood. With the knowledge in mind, she will be here for several years. Taking the mining cart, she began mining the cavern while reading the instructions as given to her by the Overseer.

Months passed since the message. She returned to the niche every shift. Every shift, the niche remained empty. Keeping her training as it taught her patience, she remembered the words of her masters, If you rush a certain plan, the entire thing will fail. She had time. Sanità pushed the cart along the railway of the isolated part of the small cavern. Stopping before a small single wall, she took the laser and primed it. Taking the eyewear, she placed it over her eyes for protection.

Turning on the trigger, the laser activated burning into the rock wall. She was alone in the blocked off section of isolation. The sparks from the burning laser fell as the tool hit the rock. Dust and other rock pieces burned away. Creating a small opening, she turned the laser off. Taking the first piece of the metallic rock, she began the long slow process of tossing it into the cart using all her rippling muscles. After clearing a certain section of the wall, she activated the laser and repeated.

Part 20.8 of 8.10: Only through perseverance and hard work you will be rewarded

After the six months of working and waiting, Sanità stopped by the niche. Peering inside, she found her first block of explosion. It was among the first of the six blocks. Grabbing it, she tucked it inside her prison uniform and walked across the small cavern toward a well hidden location. Walking through the hole in the wall that she created months ago, she found her spot and secured it into the ground.

The months rolled past as Sanità found several more. While waiting, she exercised in her prison cell. Her body grew tougher, her defined muscles grew thicker and her packed abs was solid. Through the food she ate and the drinks she drunk, Sanità grew in size. Soon, any cuts or breaks were barely noticeable to her. By the end of her first year being a prisoner, she turned nineteen. Her hair got longer touching her broad shoulder. In isolation, she found three of the explosives and hid them away from prying eyes.

It was her birthday. Sanità sat hunched over with her big arms resting on her knees. Her hands were bound in chains. A mask covered her mouth and a cross hung across her neck. She scowled across the room in the cell. Another man sat next to her. He was larger and of Maori descent with Polynesian tattoos. His name was Bacchus. Holding the tattooing device, he touched her arm. She turned to him and snarled curling her lips with hatred.

The large man applied her new tattoo on the arm with the burning laser. Her arm smoked as she looked down inspecting the first lines being drawn. Her long side cut hair rested on her shoulder. A single strand strayed over her eye. After few minutes, Bacchus completed the first half of the image. He rubbed her muscle smoothing it out.

After completing the image, he looked at her and responded satisfied, “Your tattoo of a poisonous cobra. You want another tattoo?”

Sanità snarled turning to him. Saying nothing, she left her seat. The Maori tattooist watched her leave walking through the open cage. It locked behind her. Turning across the corridor, she inspected her new tattoo. Clenching her fist, she watched her bicep expand as the image of the cobra constricted wrapping around her arm. It looked real. Curling her lips, she uttered a low growl of satisfaction for her new tattoo. It defined who she was, a poisonous snake.

Keeping her arm flexed, Sanità walked back to her prison cell.From there, she braced herself for the coming weeks and months as she waited patiently for her chance to escape. In her isolation from the other prisoners, it made it easier for her to do her own thing.

Several more months passed. It was July twenty four sixty one. Through meals and heavy lifting, the nineteen year old became stockier and heavier. Five feet eleven inches and around two hundred pounds, she pushed through the barriers of her patience. Her hair was longer and thicker. A breathing mask covered her mouth. A metal cross hung from her neck.

Approaching the niche, she found the last block of explosions. Taking it, she walked along the illuminated mine corridor toward the section with a large boulder in front of a wall. Putting the block aside, she took the large boulder and braced herself. With her entire upper body strength, she let out a grunt and pushed. The heavy boulder rolled out revealing a hidden section. From within was the five other blocks, a black nano-tech suit, a syringe, a dagger and the explosive trigger.

Part 20.9 of 9.10: A small reminder of her instructions from the hacker

Remembering the instructions from her tablet, she took the dagger. Exposing her wrist, she dug the dagger onto her device. Gritting her teeth, she grunted with pain. Making a small incision across her lower arm, she placed her finger into her exposed wrist and removed a small piece of the wrist device containing her transponder.

Tossing it aside, she gripped her wrist keeping the blood from pouring out. Picking up the syringe, she inspected it. The instructions left by the hacker explained that this cocktail is to be injected into her shoulder. It will help her survive the Sands and further solidify her immunity against the elements as she makes her way across. Pushing the device into the skin of her right shoulder she grunted clenching her fists. Pushing down the trigger, the liquid released into her bloodstream.

Tossing the medical device, she took the black suit. Removing her prison clothes, she placed the suit on her large form. It constricted against her body forming muscle lines and merged with her body creating shock pads on her vital muscle areas. The blood on her wrist stopped bleeding as the suit covered the wound. Taking the cross, she kissed it to honor her San Marco before tucking it into her nano fibre suit.

Zipping her suit closed, she removed the remainder of the C4 blocks and carried them. Remembering what she had to do, she arranged them in certain sections of the mine as directed by the tablet. Taking the last block of C4, she placed it into the ground near the large boulder and buried it within the patch of dirt. From behind her, the Overseer approached.

Mal spoke getting her attention, “Prisoner, what are you doing?”

Sanità turned with a snarl. Narrowing her eyes, she scowled with hatred gripping her fingers on the ground. Her fingers dug deep grooves in the dirt. Rising up to her large five feet eleven inches height, she clenched her fists. Mal picked up his device and pushed. Sanità grunted feeling the electricity but walked forward. She barely felt the stopping power of the stunner in the nape of her neck.

The Overseer pressed again. Increasing her momentum, the nineteen year old Sanità rushed toward him shrugging it off. Her body became immune. Gripping the man’s wrist, she snarled twisting it. The Overseer yelped in pain struggling against her fierce grip. Raising her fist, the fighter punched him.

Mal lost his grip on the device stunned with her third blow stumbling back. Sanità snarled storming forward extending her arms. Grabbing Mal on the chest, she pulled him forward bashing his head with her cranium harshly. Mal gripped her wrists and groaned painfully from the blow. The nineteen year old prisoner thrust him against the rocky wall. Taking her fist, she rammed against his chest. The Overseer grunted bending down. With her arm, she delivered an elbow strike across his jaw.

Mal was stunned as Sanità thrust him onto the floor. Bleeding and dazed, the weakened Overseer raised his hand to surrender. However, the young woman knelt before him and grabbed his chest. Lifting him with her upper body strength, she dealt several blows across his face. Lifting him by the chest, she finished it with another head blow as her cranium connected harshly against his head.

Dropping the dazed miner supervisor, she scowled at him with cold hatred. Taking the metal infused rock near her, Sanità grunted lifting the heavy object over her head and aimed it over the man. Mal groaned in pain. He whimpered holding his hand up and pleaded, “Please-“

With a roar, Sanità thrust the rock down killing him with a crushing blow. There was silence followed by several heavy breathing from the prisoner. Clenching her fist, she stood up, left the dead Overseer and implemented her plan. Taking the shocking device that he dropped, she programmed it with several buttons. After entering the last couple buttons, she aimed it over the nape of her neck.

Part 20.10 of 10.10: Taking care of one last thing before her escape

Pressing it, she grunted with pain as feeling something in the base of her neck pull free. The metal ripped through the skin of the back of her neck and attached itself with the device. Moving it in front of her, she looked at it and snarled. Dropping it onto the floor, she crushed it with the heel of her foot.

Walking toward the hidden section of the wall, Sanità entered. Taking the explosive trigger, she sat within the large niche big enough for her size. Bashing the electronic button on the side of her little hole, a forcefield activated. Flipping the trigger, she pressed it. Down the cavern from her location, several beeps sounded as the specific sections of the ground and wall exploded. A fiery mixture of flames and metal infused rocks flew everywhere as the explosion expanded inward.

It rushed through rocky corridor and shook the entire cavern as the rocks fell. The dead overseer vaporized. Flames from the explosion ripped through the section where Sanità was hiding. She was protected as the explosion harmlessly deflected from the constant shimmering of the barrier. As the cavern quaked with rippling explosions, a massive hole on the side of the prison was revealed. Rocks tumbled down toward the Sands hitting the flowing salty sandy dunes.

In the aftermath of the explosion as it settled, the forcefield shut off. Sanità rose from her hidden spot. Gripping her breathing mask, she made sure it was tight on her mouth. Walking though the suffocating dust and billowing smoke from the flames, she observed the scorched metal infused rocks. Seeing the massive hole in front of her, a smirk crossed her features. It was her time to escape. She made her way forward through the billowing smoke and the flames.

Sanità trudged across the Sands as the morning wind whipped up increasing in speed. Her hair fluttered in the wind as she walked against the flowing dune. Her heavy steps sank. Her nano-tech fibre suit kept her protected from the elements and her blended with the sandy environment.

Her suit covered her body except her right arm containing the cobra tattoo and her head. Walking to the top of the sand dune, she saw it. There was a storm within the horizon. Billowing, blinding tons of sand and water swirling rushing across the sky was headed toward her. The entire sky across from her was cloudy with no sun in sight. It darkened the sky.

Taking the edge of the neck cover, she lifted the nano fibre. It merged expanding over her jaw. Her suit covered a part of her mouth and nose while leaving her room to breathe. It provided the oxygen. Walking forward, she slid down the dune quickly with a stumble. Hitting the bottom, the stocky build nineteen year old lumbered her way across the Sands. As the sand storm hit, she braced herself against the elements. Her long side cut hair fluttered wildly in the storm as she held her right arm in front of her trying to find her way through.

The gale from the winds gusted around her. It pushed her back, but the large stocky heavily built woman stood her ground stoically. Slowly, she made her way through. Soon, through the gale of the blinding, blistering sand winds, Sanità saw the faint edges of a building. Touching it, she felt her way around toward the entrance. She knew what it was. The Ghosts made those housings as an outpost.

Ghosts weren’t a regular kind you see on scary days. They are people who rid themselves of the Terrian Alliance by ripping out their own transponders containing their life signs information. These outcasts rejected everything TA stood for and they stood on their own by populating the Sands. This wasn’t the only place they lived in. It was common across other colonies where people who were unhappy with the Terrian Alliance become Ghosts. Eventually after removing their own transponders, they disappear within the exposed cracks of Terrian Alliance as they push on forgetting about the people who stay below the chain.

Taking the knob of the door, Sanità twisted it. The sandy wind of the gales rushed into the opened dark building knocking the door out of her grasp. Her hand was wet. The door clattered against the hinges. With an annoyed growl, the twenty year old gripped the frame of the door and fought against the rushing winds while closing the door. The noise of the gale ripped though making a howl. Sanità gripped the knob as her muscles expanded while she pushed against the force.

As the door shut, she locked it. The wind muffled from the outside. The lights flickered on. Sanità gasped looking around. The cover over her mouth moved back exposing her mouth and nose. Breathing, she exhaled several heavy breaths. Her messy long dirty blond side cut hair fell over her eyes. Taking her fingers, she combed though her messy hair out of the way before collapsing on the bed. She was exhausted as her body shut down allowing her to sleep through the storm.

The afternoon when the storm died, the door of the building unlocked. Sanità opened and exited the house. Looking around her surroundings, she noted the storm was gone leaving behind a sandy mess. The sun shone on the clear sky. Gasping with awe, she looked around the horizon with her wide open eyes. The Sands were endless. No land or hard ground was nearby. Walking around outside the house, she trailed her fingers across the wall and inspected the horizon.

It was the same from all directions. Sanità realized that she was in the middle of nowhere. This outpost she stayed was one of many in her long trip. With no civilization in sight, she would have to find a way back home. Her journey began and it started in the place that used to be the world’s greatest oceans before it was replaced by the constant flowing salty sand with shallow water.

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