Book One: The Innocent Heart

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Part 22.1 of 1.8: Exploring Homeward

Sanità walked across town. Several Ghosts looked at her. They wore rags and some were dirty. They held no technology. The Sands beneath her were becoming easier to walk upon as they were of hardier sand. They seemed to be fined to a point where the heavily stocky build nineteen year old no longer sank as she walked. Entering the bazaar, she looked at the Ghost outcasts purchasing and selling wares.

Several shopkeepers shouted at her wanting her credits. Looking at them, Sanità scowled. She started this journey with no other possessions save for her metal cross that was being protected inside her nano tech suit. Stepping through an arch, a shopkeeper shouted, “Jewelry for the lady? You want necklaces? Bracelets? Perhaps some kind of Brooch?”

Sanità scowled at him. The short human male was dirty with several missing teeth, unshaven facial hair and messy brown hair. Wearing rags, he stared at her. The woman looked at the table and inspected his cheap jewelry. None were worth her time. Browsing to the end, she looked at a necklace before her. On it was the same alien sigil she saw before in the prison. It was the same alien word she saw a couple times. It tinged against the metal of the other necklace that it hung with.

With a snarl as her features darkened, she snatched the necklace. Looking at the shopkeeper, she yelled slamming the jewelry on the table before him, “¿Dónde consiguió esto?

The shopkeeper gasped startled by her shout. Putting his hands up, he curled fingers touching one close to his mouth and pointed exclaiming, “You speak Spanish? ¿Usted habla español?

Sanità glared at him and snarled. With a gulp, he quickly responded whispering, “Pay only ten credits for it? It’s yours for ten. Diez créditos.”

The man feared her scowl and whimpered flicking his fingers. He pointed with his finger and whispered, “¿Ocho?

With a roar, Sanità grabbed his chest and thrust him forward. The man whimpered in fear holding her wrist. Holding the necklace with the alien sigil before him, she spat coldly, ”¿De dónde has sacado esto? Viajé por una señal! Caminé mucho tiempo en busca de él! ¿Donde esta el? ¡Dime!

Screaming at him, she picked the shopkeeper up effortlessly with one strong arm and thrust him on the table. The short man struggled with her muscular power as he shouted back hastily, “Wait! It’s free! Keep necklace! ¡Es gratis! She’s been expecting you! I take you to her!”

Struggling against her angry might, the man whimpered. Sanità paused to think. Ceasing her attack, she released as the shopkeeper tumbled off the top of the table. He beckoned her to follow before running off. Turning around, he whispered waving her forward, “Ven conmigo. ¡Seguir! Follow.”

Sanità scowled at the odd man watching him jabbering at her. He beckoned her to follow as he scampered out of his shop and walked along the bazaar. Turning around, he waved her forward. Slowly, the woman followed the shop keeper toward a large tent. He pointed speaking in Spanish for her, “¡En allí! La curandera. Healer! Go in. Go!”

Satisfied, the man scampered and returned to his shop. Sanità watched the man run away. With a shrug, she turned and ducked under the cover of the tent entering. Before her were several graceful, fit beautiful human and Tricetra girls seated around. They were the six concubines, three human and three Tricetra each. They sat among the arranged cushions against the sides of the tent. Below were the carpets of intricate designs. In the middle of the tent was a large, empty bronze tub.

The concubines rose to their feet and approached the newcomer. They touched Sanità as they guided her through. She kept the necklace on hand. One of the girls touched it. Feeling annoyed, the strong stocky build woman grabbed her wrist and snarled. The girl stared back while stroking Sanità’s wrist.

A deep, husky alien like feminine voice echoed from within the flaps behind the curtain, “Release my girl and allow them to tend to you. You have walked a long time, Daughter of Earth.”

Part 22.2 of 2.8: Listen to the crazy old crone with the glowing yellow eyes…

Startled by the new voice, Sanità released her grip and scowled at the shadow behind the curtain. The girl took the necklace and walked toward the curtain. Sanità watched as the shadow moved closer to the edge of the curtain. The girl approached as the clawed hand stuck out from behind the curtain. The claw was of a different color, a shade of fuchsia. Her hand was purple red. The color was nearly pinkish. It gripped the necklace as the girl handed it to her.

As the girl returned to her position beside Sanità, a curtain moved revealing a long, grey cloaked short statured woman with glowing yellow eyes. She stepped down several steps. Her clawed hands were of the same fuchsia shade. As the necklace hung from one hand, her other hand held the cane as she wobbled down the steps carefully. She spoke blinking her glowing yellow eyes, “I have been expecting you, Daughter of Earth. I see you in my dreams. You walk a long, hard path to get here, but your journey hasn’t even begun. No. You must prepare. You must be cleansed.”

Sanità glared at her and growled in Spanish inquiring, “¿Quién eres tú?

As the fuchsia colored alien pointed her single sharp clawed finger toward the stocky nineteen year old, the hunched humanoid spoke with the same husky tone, “I am many things. I am a Seer, a healer, a Shaman. Some of your Earth legends call me a Dreamwalker. Call me what you will. I am but a guide at the start of your journey. I will help you start, but only if you are willing to listen and follow my instructions. Are you willing? This necklace is a part of your journey. To accept it, first you must get rid of something of yours.”

Sanità said nothing and nodded. The old woman approached the young woman while leaning on her cane and spoke, “Good. Allow my girls to tend to you. They will begin the cleansing, but first you must strip down. You must remove this abhorrent sight. We have no use of such technology here. We have rid ourselves of it long ago.”

Sanità nodded scowling at the yellow eyes of the humanoid. The concubines tended to her nano-tech suit zipping it open and stripped her down. Approaching the naked nineteen years old, the alien held out the necklace with the alien sigil for her and replied, “Daughter of Earth, you will take this necklace and you will wear it. It is as much part of your journey.”

The bigger woman nodded and bowed slowly before the short, hunched over woman. Taking the necklace, the woman latched the chain around Sanità’s neck. Placing the sigil on her breast, she picked at her cross speaking, “To begin your journey, you must rid yourself of all your possessions. They are of the past. You cannot start your journey with your previous baggage. They must remain behind.”

Sitting up, Sanità snarled gripping her metal cross shouting, “¡No! ¡Es mío! ¡No me separaré de ello!

The woman nodded letting go and spoke plainly in the same husky tone, “Very well. I am simply your guide. Do as you will. However, your journey of vengeance will be longer because of it. Without your possession of the past, your journey will be easier. You must be certain of it, Daughter of Earth.”

Gripping her metal cross, Sanità nodded scowling at the woman. The woman held out her fuchsia shaded claws toward the tub and spoke, “Very well. Girls, begin the cleansing ritual!”

Part 22.3 of 3.8: Start the Clean-ah hmm…okay?

As the three mixture of human and Tricetra girls tended to the tub, they turned the water on. It slowly trickled out of the faucet. The other three helped Sanità toward the tub. As Sanità eased herself into the tub, she moaned with comfort feeling the warm water rush over her body. It was cleaning the salt and sand off her naked torso. The other three girls ran off to get what they needed to start the ritual. As the first three girls that remained seated around the tub, they washed the stocky young woman.

The water slowly rushed onto the bottom of the tub as the girls placed the bowls under the faucet and poured it over Sanità’s body washing the salt and the sand off. Taking the sponges, they washed her body with clean soapy water. The tub filled slowly. Along the edge of the bronze tub were small holes. They were drains to keep the water from overflowing. The drains led inside the tub and down the holes.

A bowl was placed over Sanità as she closed her eyes. The girl poured the warm water over her face. Another girl, a Tricetra, sat behind Sanità tending to her hair. Beside her were the cutting tools to cut her hair. There were other two containers. The third woman tended to her right arm as she placed it on the side of the tub and washed her arm where the long gash was located. The girl also wrapped the lower part of the arm with an elastic band tightening it to prevent blood loss. The Tricetra behind Sanità combed her dirty blonde hair and washed with soap and water.

The old crone wobbled around the tub speaking, “The cleansing will wash away all of your grits, all of your worries of the past and make you begin anew. By the start of your journey, you will be cleaned of your past and you will face your future free of the things that bound you to the earth. First, we will focus on your wrist where your device is located. I see the transponder has been removed. That is a start. However, all must be removed. To do that, we must make an incision.”

Opening her eyes, Sanità scowled at the girl holding both her arm and a knife. The human girl stared back with a cool expression holding her wrist. The Tricetra behind her placed a mouth guard in between her teeth. The crone replied as the girl pressed the knife into her skin nicking it, “There will be pain, I will not lie. However, you must not yell. Keep the pain inside. Bare it. Vengeance is a part of you. Vengeance is pain. If you scream now, you lose everything and we must start again.”

Sanità grunted in pain biting down onto the mouth guard while the girl cut a small incision across her lower arm near the wrist. Blood seeped through the wound as she gripped her hand. Finishing it, the girl placed the knife aside. The other three girls returned. Two Tricetra girls were carrying a burning pot with a metal rod in it. The third human girl was carrying another tray filled with medical instruments. She placed it before the girl holding Sanità’s arm.

Looking through the metal instruments, she removed a pair of small prongs and placed the ends over the cut. Blood trickled onto the ground below. As the girl looked at Sanità, she saw her in pain. Offering a smile, she focused on the piece of technology in her arm. As she placed the prongs into her wound, Sanità grunted painfully looking over to the girl and gasped silently watching as the girl removed the thin sheet of her wrist device from beneath her skin.

The crone spoke as the girl brought the thin wrist device over to the burning pot, “Once the technology is removed, we must burn it. You will become one of us, a Ghost. You are now an outcast, Daughter of Earth. To begin anew, you must rid of your old past and your old name. To begin your journey, you must end your current one. It is of no consequence. Now-”

Part 22.4 of 4.8: Now what? Adding another scar to the collection without tech…

Sanità gasped watching the girl place the prongs near the burning metal rod. She picked it up gently and brought it over her arm. The girl stared back coolly cocking her head. As the old woman came into view before Sanità, she spoke pointing her claw toward the wound, “-we must seal the wound. To burn it, we must be reminded of what remained of our past. The burning scar is such a reminder that we must push on. You are a Ghost now, Daughter of Earth. You are invisible to the eyes that watch you. You will move within the cracks watching the shadow that lurks within. The shadow is the one that watches the backs of the Terrian Alliance and her allies.”

Turning to the girl, the old crone nodded and responded with a command, “Do it!”

Sanità’s eyes widened with pain as the girl casually pressed the burning rod over her wound sealing it. It hissed as the smokes drifted. A growling sound was uttered from the nineteen year old as she took the burning pain while biting into her mouth guard. Her fist clenched. The Tricetra behind her washed her hair and grabbed a pair of scissors. She prepared for her next task as the cloaked humanoid spoke, “Take the burning pain. Let it be absorbed into your skin. It is as much as a part of you as your vengeance is. Let it become your anger and your hatred.”

Turning around, the old crone waddled around the tub as Sanità glared at her with anger. Her skin burned. As the girl put the metal rod back to the pot, she placed the arm into the tub. It hissed with steam as Sanità moaned with comfort while the water’s healing energies soothed her of the burning pain. Closing her eyes, she moved her head back and listened to the humanoid woman. The Tricetra started cutting the left side of her damp hair where the bar serial number tattoo was located.

As Sanità’s body was washed with soap and water, the Tricetra cut her hair by several large strands. Cutting them to the ends, she put aside the scissors and took out a cup filled with cream. Dabbing it with a brush, she placed a coat of cream over her shaved head. The old crone spoke as her alien ethereal tone reverberated among the tent, “Now, we must deal with one last thing. We must remove the stink from your scalp. The bar tattoo, an unholy mark given to you by your captors, must be removed. I have way to do it without using technology. I have an old remedy-“

Sanità gasped opening her eyes and stared at the cloaked humanoid. The Tricetra girl behind her finished the cream and took out a razor blade. Placing it in the right position around her nimble fingers, the girl shaved the scalp cleanly without nicking. With each flicks of her blade and wiping it against the side of the tub to get rid of the cream, she removed every little hair giving back her side cut. As she finished, she put aside the razor and picked out a small container. It contained a clear gel. Taking a goop, she applied the cool gel on her scalp and massaged it where her prison tattoo was located.

The old crone spoke, “-that was brought down from generations of my people, the Mekoiians. We apply this cool gel beforehand on the scalp. It is non flammable, so do not worry. Soon as the gel is applied, we will begin the burning process of removing the tattoo without leaving a mark behind. The gel is what keeps the dark burning stain away as the tattoo is slowly burnt away. You will still feel the pain however, but it is worth every little burn. Girls, you may proceed.”

As the two Tricetra carried the pot over to the other Tricetra girl, they placed it down. Taking the prongs, the hair cutter Tricetra picked the burning metal rod and placed it over her prison tattoo. A guttural growl emitted from Sanità as her body arched forward feeling the burning pain from her scalp. It was more painful than the one on her wrist. The nineteen year old thrashed in the tub as the waters splashed out onto the ground. The four girls quickly held her down by the arms and her legs while the fifth held her head in place against the edge of the tub.

Part 22.5 of 5.8: Finishing with the last of the ritual

The Tricetra tried again placing the burning metal over her scalp. With the head held in place, she pressed the burning metal over the tattoo. The scalp of her head turned red as the prison tattoo was burnt off. Satisfied, she moved the metal rod back to the pot. Sanità growled with burning pain on her head. Soon as the girls let her go, the stocky build woman thrashed in the tub and turned with a snarl. Reaching out, she grabbed the Tricetra by the neck. Pulling her close, the girl grunted in pain as she gripped the ends of the tub keeping her back. She coolly stared back into her.

Sanità breathed with feral anger and hatred for the Tricetra that burnt her scalp. The old woman with glowing yellow eyes wobbled around the tub and placed the end on Sanità’s hand. Placing the stick against her jaw, she lifted her face and spoke with reverence, “You should be thankful, Daughter of Earth, to be rid of that unholy mark on your scalp. It is a stench, a stain, a cankerous sore that must be removed. It had to be burnt off. It is the only way. Do not blame her. Instead, give your thanks. Blame the one who placed this unholy mark on you the first place. Blame those that hide in the shadow. Never forget. Now allow her to rinse it off. It is the only way to remove the lingering mark. Thank her.”

As the old crone tapped her cane on the hand that held the Tricetra in place, Sanità released. The girl gasped and smiled moving close to her. Stroking the scalp, she took the bowl full of water and rinsed the skin. The girl cleaned the burnt scalp free from the gel with soapy water. Stroking the clean scalp with her finger, the teal humanoid crept closer and caressed it with a kiss. She hugged Sanità’s head close to her breast as the stocky woman wrapped her arms around the alien girl embracing her. The Tricetra gazed warmly upon her client with a smile and kissed the scalp.

Tapping her cane on the Tricetra’s back, the old humanoid responded to Sanità, “Now rise. You are done. Come. Kneel before the Gods and give thanks, Daughter of Earth.”

Sanità responded rising to her feet holding the Tricetra close. She lifted the humanoid as the girl smiled at her. Removing the mouth guard, she wrapped her leg around her waist and touched her face. Compared to Sanità, the Tricetra was smaller. Moving closer, she kissed her on the lips and embraced as Sanità lifted her closer to her. Feeling her warmth, Sanità returned the kiss.

The other five girls helped her out of the tub as they got the towels and wiped her naked body down. Keeping her hand behind the stocky woman’s head, the Tricetra kissed Sanità offering her own comfort. It was her duty as a concubine. Keeping her strong arm around the teal humanoid’s back, Sanità placed her other hand on her head stroking it and caressed her with a kiss.

When the other five girls finished wiping down the stocky woman’s torso, the short woman approached them and rapped her cane at Sanità’s knee speaking, “Now kneel! Remember the old Gods? You were instructed on them, Daughter of Earth. He told me, so remember and pray. We Mekoiians pray every day to our old gods. We thank them for their mercy as we follow their teachings. Their old lessons are what teach us right from wrong. Even if we are a cloned race, we still follow the old ways. We never forget as we always remember.”

Part 22.6 of 6.8: Never forget and always remember

Listening to the old woman, Sanità released from her kiss and scowled at the old cloaked woman as the stocky woman knelt on both knees. The Tricetra held on as she sat on her knees. Stroking her cheek, she kissed embracing her. Another towel was placed on her head as the girls dried her side cut and the scalp with the red spot that will fade in time. Sanità stared at the glowing yellow eyes of the old woman as she approached.

The crone grasped Sanità’s chin with her claw and spoke, “The eyes tell us everything and from your eyes I see pain. Not the lingering pain you feel now. I see the old pain from before. You lost someone close to you. You were very close to this person. In order to move on, you must get past your vengeance. It blinds you. Rage, hatred, and malice, they all blind you. You will stumble and you will fall. Once you have dealt with the one who caused you pain, what then? Will you be satisfied? Hmm?”

The glowing yellow eyes of the old woman stared. Sanità thought she detected a hint of sadness from within the woman. The crone took the metal cross and gripped it speaking, “You will never be satisfied. Trust me. You will become empty. Vengeance causes you to stray from your true path. If you want justice, let her be. Let the shadows deal with her. As you are a Ghost, stay within the cracks and follow the true path. Do not follow vengeance as it is your old life. Instead, make anew your path and push on. Forget the possession you wear from your old life. It is of no consequence.”

As Sanità scowled still boiling with anger, the Tricetra embraced her stroking her face and kissed her. The old woman nodded satisfied. Letting go of the cross, she turned around and pointing at the pile of clothes on the cushions replying, “Very well. You have been warned. Now, your new clothes will protect you from the elements. Your undergarment and tunic is of a very strong and sturdy fabric that will not tear or crumble. Your cloak and your mitts will protect you from the outside elements. Your moccasins will protect your feet from the Sands and prevent you from sinking further. It acts as buoyancy and will distribute your weight from the light sands. Your breathing mask will cover your face and will be your guiding light as you make your way through even the heaviest of all harsh storms of the Sands. Many Ghosts who made the trip unprepared met their untimely death, so you must take care to not lose those. They will be your lifeline as you make your new journey alone.”

As the old woman explained, her five girls did their instructions. One human girl left their presence. The four other girls picked each items from the pile. One held both the undergarment and tunic, the other held the mask, the other held the cloak and the fourth held both the moccasins and the mitts. The sixth, the Tricetra, held onto Sanità as the stocky woman rose to her feet. She kissed the woman on the cheek and stood on her ground. Walking over near the cushions, she took out a stepping ladder and returned to the tall woman. Placing it behind the woman, she stepped over and took her hair. She began to braid it while the other girls dressed Sanità. The last one put both the moccasins and the mitts on both her feet and hands. The one holding the breathing mask remained where she was.

The old, cloaked woman leaned on the cane and wobbled over speaking, “Now, your new journey will be long and hard as long you wear your old possessions. For long as you hold vengeance in your heart, you will never be the same. You will change over time as you grow older. Never forget your training and never forget where your loyalties lie. Once you start your new journey, you can never go back to your old life. If you do, you will go back on your promise and looked on with dishonor. You will be cast out and forgotten. Always remember and never forget. We Mekoiians have great memories and humans, not so much. However if you are consistent and true with your new journey, human, you will be honored.”

Part 22.7 of 7.8: As they dressed her, another returns with a weapon on hand

As Sanità was dressed down in the order from her undergarment first, her tunic second and her moccasins third, the human female returned to the group carrying a sheathe containing a weapon. Approaching the old woman, she knelt before her holding the leather bound metal case above her head. The Tricetra behind Sanità braided and smiled warmly at her friend. Gripping her cane, the old woman grabbed the handle with her other hand. She pulled the dagger free and pointed it toward the woman.

Sanità scowled at the strange dark blade as the old woman explained, “This dagger before me is of an old weapon once crafted by the old gods. It is called the Kyst Daeqar or simply Blood Dagger. It is old alien technology. Now before you ask, I will explain quickly. When I say we don’t use any tech, I talk of Terrian Alliance technology. We rid ourselves of those made by human hands and we use only the technology given to us by the gods. This is such technology using the blood sacrifice. Cut any people worthy of spilling clean blood and you will be teleported away to wherever you need to be. However, if you cut unworthy blood, it does not do anything. It is marvelous technology. It will also produce a protective stasis field that will deflect any projectiles aimed at you.”

As the Tricetra finished braiding her hair, she placed her hand around the braids and pulled it out from inside the tunic. It rested over her side cut and down across her back. The braided hair was longer. Twirling the dark blade around, the old crone spoke, “No traveler will be without a weapon and you must keep one with you at all times. Lose the dagger and you forfeit your life as you dishonor the gods. Never lose it, Daughter of Earth.”

Taking the sheath, the old woman placed the blade back in and handed it to Sanità. Sanità took the sheath and pulled the handle inspecting the blade. The Tricetra behind her turned around and gave her a kiss. Stepping down, the other five girls lined up and each gave Sanità a kiss on her cheek wishing her luck on her journey. She thought nothing of it as the old crone finished, “Now, go on. We are done here. I wish you well on your journey. Good luck. We will meet again one day, this I know of. Even after I’m gone, I will be with you at the threshold of the Gods as they welcome us into their arms.”

Sanità nodded and turned away. The final girl handed the Tricetra the mask as the sixth Tricetra held both Sanità’s hand and the breathing mask. She led Sanità out along a new path across the town. Soon as they walked around the last couple of buildings and stopped before the underpass of the bridge road, Sanità saw a small open restaurant. They served fresh caught seafood from the Sands. There were other Ghosts eating in their place settings

The Tricetra gripped the woman’s hand and led her passed the gate toward an empty table. Turning her around, the teal humanoid smiled warmly touching Sanità’s breast pushing her toward the chair. On her other hand, she placed the breathing mask on the table. Sitting her down, the concubine folded her leg atop the woman’s kneeling before her. She kissed as the stocky build woman placed her hand around the girl’s curved waist. Sanità placed her weapon on the table next to the mask as she embraced the concubine.

Finished, the girl moved back and turned. Sanità snarled gripping her hand and scowled at her. Grabbing her waist harshly, she spat inquiring, “¿Para dónde vas?"

The Tricetra serving girl responded speaking in Spanish for her client, “Para alimentarte, hija de la tierra. Debe comer antes del principio de su nuevo viaje.”

Part 22.8 of 8.8: To start the journey, you must first eat…

Sanità scowled at the humanoid and released watching her rise. Sitting back against the chair, the large stocky build woman uttered a snarl baring her teeth. As the Tricetra kissed on her cheek, she turned gracefully around and walked toward the buffet. There were servers on the other side of the buffet. The woman watched the humanoid order seafood and carried both the plate and drink back toward her. Her agile teal body flowed gracefully toward the seated client.

Sanità growled as her lips curled baring her teeth. She watched as the graceful Tricetra set the plate and drink before her. Moving forward, the stocky woman instantly grabbed the teal humanoid’s waist and pulled her close with a snarl. The Tricetra smiled warmly touching the side of her client’s scalp and kissed her on the lips. She sat on her lap as Sanità kept her hand on her waist keeping her stable. She kept her other arm on the table close to her weapon.

Moving back, the humanoid rested her arms around the broad shoulders of her client and stroked the braided hair while responding in Spanish, “Soy un siervo a sus necesidades. Lo que sea que quieras, te lo doy. Estoy a tu servicio, hija de la tierra.”

Sanità stared allowing the Tricetra to serve her. It was required. The Tricetra touched the food and picked up the pieces. She placed the cooked seafood into Sanità’s mouth feeding her. The woman chewed the tough exterior of her food before swallowing. It provided the protein. The humanoid picked the drink and placed it onto her lips as Sanità gulped washing it down.

Keeping her hand on the Tricetra’s hips, the stocky woman spoke, “Ven tú conmigo.”

The Tricetra smiled warmly and shook her head responding stroking her face, “No. Caminas el viaje solo.”

Sanità gulped keeping her scowl on the woman. Gripping her waist, she responded, “Entonces, después del viaje volveré por ti.”

The Tricetra nodded stroking Sanità’s braided hair. She responded kissing her on the cheek, “Entonces voy a esperar por ti si ese es tu deseo, hija de la tierra. Puedes llamarme Oorä.”

“¿Oorä?” Sanità inquired wondering.

The Tricetra nodded smiling warmly. The humanoid moved forward and kissed on the lips as she embraced her client. Sanità kept her waist close allowing the Tricetra to service her. It was required of her people to do so.

Reaching the outskirts of the town, the Tricetra stood in front of Sanità. Stroking her chin, she spoke, “Te echaré de menos, hija de la tierra. Gracias por permitirnos servirle. Es un honor hacerlo por aquél con quien sueña.

Wrapping the Tricetra around her waist, Sanità snarled with a grunt lifting her from the sands. She spoke keeping her close, “Volveré por ti, Oorä, lo prometo.”

The Tricetra nodded with another smile and gave her a kiss. She placed the breathing mask over her head. Taking care of moving her long braided dirty blonde hair out of the way, she tucked the mask within her neck. Grabbing the back of her head, they embraced again. Releasing, Sanità placed her back down and walked forward leaving the town to start her new journey.

Taking the sheath, Sanità pulled the handle and inspected the dark blade. With a cold smirk, she admired the weapon waving it around making slicing motions in the air. Her new moccasins levitated her over the flowing salty sands as she didn’t feel herself sinking. It felt sturdy and right. Even the undergarment and the tunic that she wore were a lot more comfortable than her old suit. The cloak itself kept her warm inside. The wind blew her new braids as it bounced on her cloak.

Taking the dagger, she placed it back into the sheath of the case and looped it into her tunic belt. Sanità felt a lot cleaner and refreshed from that bath she received from the six girls. It was what she needed in order to start her new journey. However, she cannot forget the one that caused her pain. She will face ‘La Bestia’ once more and end her in order to make her love’s death make more sense. To her, Ashlyn Sadie Techryn must die. It was the only way for her to move on.

The Sands shifted and moved within each of her steps as Sanità moved further away from the town and the five lane road. The salty sands flowed making her footprints disappear as the shallow water filled it. Her journey resumed as her real training in the isolation of the Sands began. Her Kyst Daeqar was thirsty for blood.

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