Book One: The Innocent Heart

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Cameron's Fate

Part 28.1 of 1.9: The Blue Suns Orphanage

An’pol walked by the reception desk. Tanya was seated. Looking up, she offered a formal greeting in Russian to her boss. Seeing concern on her face, Tanya inquired, “Everything okay, An’Pol?”

The navy blue headmistress exhaled shaking her head and spoke, “Tanya. I am looking for Cameron. I haven’t seen him for several days. I figured he wanted to be alone for a while. Have you seen him?”

Concerned, Tanya replied in her accented Russian, “Nyet. Want me to put notice in school ah have him come to office?”

An’Pol shook her head responding, “No it’s okay. He wasn’t happy and he has his hiding places to feel comfortable. I’ll check those out. I need to be sure.”

“Da,” Tanya responded watching her leave. Concerned and hoping that Cameron was alright, Tanya took out her tablet and opened it. As it activated, she reviewed the information listed. Scanning the Orphanage for the lifesign for one boy, she noted over a thousand of souls in both the orphanage and the boarding school. Scanning the names, the Tricetra receptionist took her time.

As An’Pol went outside, she cupped her mouth shouting his name loudly, “Cameron!” She exhaled walking along the pathway. It was warm outside with a cool winter breeze. Three days after Christmas, they finished with the party. An’Pol was disappointed when he didn’t come. She knew he was usually always early for the party to help set up and stayed after to clean. She also knew Ash leaving hit him hard, so she figured he was trying to give himself time to recover.

Three days passed. The boy was still missing. The concerned headmistress walked along the pathway passing several students and teachers. They greeted her. Exhaling a breath, she shouted passing a tree house near a building, “Cameron, where are you?”

The headmistress stopped a few groups of students and asked the whereabouts of the boy. They shook their head and shrugged. They haven’t seen the fourteen year old boy since the party. Worry lines grew bigger as An’Pol became heavily concerned for her adopted son. After several hours of searching, she hugged herself against the cold feeling the harsh breeze. Her body shivered.

Seeing a bench, An’Pol sat down taking a breath and looked across seeing several more buildings. She rubbed her arms to stay warm and whispered, “Cameron.” Worry was heavy in her tone.

Feeling something wet trickling down her cheek, An’Pol sniffed wiping her tears. She felt terrified for him. Looking to her left, she watched her sky-blue receptionist approach carrying a tablet. She greeted and sat next to her. Holding the tablet out, she spoke, “An’Pol, I ran campus search of Orphanage. Checked against student lifesigns. I no see him anywhere. I afraid he missing.”

Several white spots were across the headmistress’s navy blue skin tone. An’Pol exhaled a sigh touching her friends hand and whispered holding back her tears, “Put in the notice. I fear he has run away.”

Concerned for her boss, Tanya offered her console rubbing An’Pol’s hand with her thumb, “Da. I put notice. He no run. He is missing. We do not know true reason. Do not worry. We find him, da?”

An’Pol nodded trying to smile while accepting her comfort. She replied, “Thank you Tanya. I care about him. I want him safe. It worries me that he is missing because he is part of our family. All children in this orphanage are a part of our family. If one is missing, it affects the whole. I worry because over the past six months, Cameron became close to Ashlyn that it could be my fault that Cameron is missing because I let a family take her. I should have-“

Tanya interrupted her with a Russian term stopping An’Pol in her mid sentence. Taking her hand and helping her up from the bench, she responded, “Not your fault. You cold. Need warmth, da? Come inside. We find Cameron soon. Do not worry.”

An’pol exhaled a shaky breath. She nodded allowing Tanya to lead her into the closet building to get her warm. Shivering, she was getting colder. They needed to find Cameron.

Part 28.2 of 2.9: Three days ago…

The small car rolled across the path of the trees. Pax drove as his sister sat relaxed in the front passenger seat. The car turned onto the concrete driveway. The big house had several windows, a second floor and a covered balcony. As Pax passed the old bricked mailbox, he stopped the car before the gate. His dark brown spiked fohawk was gelled. It was damp and rivaled Amara’s own spiked hair.

Getting out of the car, Amara slammed the door shut. She wore her camo crop sports top exposing her arms and midriff, her baggy camo pants and the steel toed military boots. A navel piercing was visible. Her small brown spiked fohawk covered her crown. Reaching the small outlet box, she opened and keyed in her password. The gate opened as Pax slowly drove the car forward. Amara took the alternate path through the small gateway up the path toward the garage.

On the back of the car, the trunk popped open. A hand reached out from under the hiding spot as the fourteen year old boy quickly and quietly crept out without making notice. Cameron placed his feet on the concrete and closed the trunk of the car gently. Quickly, he hid behind the old mailbox and watched as the twins pulled the car into the garage.

Breathing quietly, Cameron glanced over the gate to make sure the area was clear. Seeing that the twins were inside the garage, he quickly made his way across toward the closed gate. Studying it closely, he noticed a worn and faded insignia. It was marked in the letter of X but in an intricate design by the original owner. It resembled tattoos he saw in the necks of some of the assassins employed by the man with the letter X. Cam gasped slightly as his eyes opened wide and muttered, “Xaverius? Wha-”

“Hey,” an angry feminine voice spat as the teleporter activated behind Cam. He turned to her with a gasp as Amara snarled. She was cross armed with her tattoo in front of one of her fifteen inch muscular arms. In her mouth, she was chewing something. A nose ring pierced the side of her nose and an earring dangled from her earlobe. The military dog tag hung around her neck. She spat with anger, “So you were the rat that was making noises in the back of the car. I thought we had a bit of a pest problem and apparently, it’s a big one.”

Amara growled uncrossing her arms and clenched her fists. She hunched forward with intimidation as her shoulder traps bulged. Exhaling a breath of cold air, she stepped forward. Cameron gasped with fear as he turned to run toward the gate. It was closed as he jerked it to open it. Beyond it, the spiked haired Pax bore down on him. He was shirtless wearing only baggy camo pants and military boots just like his twin sister. A military tag hung around his neck. His steady military pace was fast and angry.

Cameron gasped with fear letting go of the gate. Pax bounded several steps and jumped onto the gate making it clatter. It startled the boy as he fell on the ground. Pax climbed over quickly with several bounds. Grabbing the top of the gate, he flipped himself over with his body and arms without touching the gate and bounded onto the ground. He recoiled and touched the concrete. Getting up, he withdrew his dagger and activated it as the blade popped out. The twin fighter spat as he pointed, “You ain’t getting out of this, boy. You trespassed. You pay the price.”

Amara watched her brother with glee. Taking out her own weapon, she activated the blade. Taking the boy by the shoulder, she hoisted him up harshly and thrust the dagger close to his throat. Cameron gasped as she spat with a jerk of her head, “My brother’s right. We have strict rules within Terrian Alliance for privacy. If anyone breaks the rule, we have free reign over pests. Pax, deal with this rat!”

Cam gasped as he was shoved forward toward Pax with strength and stumbled onto the ground. Pax grabbed the boy by the chest and lifted him to his eye level. He flit the dagger close to his stomach and responded cruelly, “Prepare to join the graves of your dead parents, kid.”

Part 28.3 of 3.9: As Cam’s life hangs in balance, the twins debate on how to deal with him

Cameron gasped in fear and mumbled, “Please, no. Let me go. I just want to see Ash!”

The dagger went hairs breathed away from Cameron’s abdomen when Amara thrust her hand forward and shouted, “Wait! Ash? Stop and think. How did he get into the trunk in the first place? Unless he-no. He was following Ash. He was only concerned for her. Pathetic.” She exhaled shaking her head.

Still holding him up, Pax responded as he waved the dagger around, “Well, whatever the reason was, we still need to deal with him. Let me just-“

“No,” Amara snapped putting away her dagger and approached her brother. Taking his shoulder, she finished, “We can’t just kill him just like that. He came for her from the Orphanage. Take him to the holding cell in the basement while I think. We need a plan.”

Pax argued while pointing the dagger toward his own neck, “If the plan involves killing him, I will-

Amara growled with anger. She exhaled with a shout pointing her finger toward him, “Don’t argue with me and do what I say! Bring him inside. Now!”

Pax scowled but did her bidding as he pulled Cameron through the small gate toward the house. Amara followed with anger. Her breathing was heavy with cold vapor exhaling from her mouth. With an angry yell and flexing her arms, she grabbed the gate and slammed it close locking it before chasing after him. Side by side as Pax dragged Cameron along toward the garage, Amara remained the same as her brother to their looks and physique. The only difference was their gender.

In the dark and musty subterranean cavern of the basement, the fourteen year old boy was blindfolded. Seated with his wrists tied down, he was shaking with fear. Beside the chair, a table was across him. Gasping several times in fear, he whimpered looking around blindly. Exhaling a grunt, he pulled his bindings but to no avail. He shouted, “Let me out! Let me go please. I just want to see Ash. I know you have her! Please. I won’t tell anyone, I promise. I just want to see her.”

Behind the locked door, the shirtless Pax stared through the peephole listening to his cries. Feeling disgusted, he closed the hole and turned as Amara walked over with a plate of food and a glass of water. Crossing his average fifteen inches muscular arms, he leaned against the door keeping it closed. His tags hung from his neck and rested on his puffed chest. He inquired angrily, “What are you doing, Mara? This isn’t the time to eat.”

Amara scowled at him and quipped sharply, “It’s not for me, Pax. It’s for the pest. Now move aside.”

Pax shrugged not budging and retorted, “Unless we plan to invite him to a banquet, we need to interrogate him. See what he knows about Ash. We need a new plan.”

Amara exhaled waving the plate of food and a glass of water in front of him and spoke, “This is it. We do need to talk with the boy. See what he knows. Father does not tolerate trespassers as his secrets are his own. No one knows about this place and we bring the one pest in our home in order to deal with him. Father needs to know, but before we update him, we need to interrogate the boy. Whether he talks or not is up to him, so we may need to adjust.”

Part 28.4 of 4.9: Let the interrogation commence

Pax scowled at her and shook his head. Keeping his arms crossed, he leaned against the door and replied, “He is only a boy, Mara. Why do we need to interrogate him? If we won’t kill him, why not just eye scrape his memory and cut him loose somewhere far away. Let the authorities deal with him.”

Amara exhaled placing the glass on the edge of the plate and put her hand on his arm to pry him from the door. She responded, “It’s not that easy, Pax and you know it. The eye scaper only works to a certain point before it becomes ineffective. We need to put in the hurt to make him understand. It’s the only way. It’s the Xaverius way.”

Pax exhaled a sigh. Shrugging, he moved away from the door. Amara grabbed the doorknob and opened it. Pushing it, she took the glass from the plate and motioned her brother toward the doorway, “Well, what are you waiting for? You know what to do. Remove the blindfold from the kid.”

Pax rolled his eyes angrily uncrossing his arms and crossed the threshold to reach Cameron. The boy looked up with a gasp and responded blindly, “Who’s there?”

The boy jumped with a fearful whimper as Pax touched his shoulder. He removed the blindfold and tossed it before turning and walked away. Taking his dagger from his pocket, he activated it as the blade popped out with a clink. Hearing the blade open, Cameron gasped fumbling in the darkness in fear searching for the sound. Amara turned the lights as the room brightened. Carrying the plate and glass over, she placed it on the table next to him.

Pulling his bounded hands from the arms of his chair, Cameron gasped with fear mortified by her scowl and her physique. She was hunched over and flexed with her hands clenching. Her intimidating muscles caused him to be scared.

Amara kept her scowl on him and exhaled slowly. The spiky haired Pax turned and leaned against the wall while crossing his arms. Placing his foot against the wall behind him, he kept his dagger slanted across from his elbow while watching his twin sister. Cameron gulped harshly watching Amara.

Taking the dagger out, Amara activated it. She moved over to the boy and placed the dagger close to his body. Her dog tags swung toward him. Cameron whimpered. He gasped watching the blade rip his shirt. She trailed the blade up toward his neck and curled her lips into a growl. Suddenly she jerked the blade causing Cameron to jump to her slashing movement. Grabbing his wrist, she cut his bounds. Cameron’s heart nearly jumped from his throat as he gasped rubbing his bruised wrist.

Putting the dagger away, Amara took the glass from the tabled and offered it to him, “You must be thirsty. Go ahead. Drink it. It’s just water.”

Cameron stared with fear and confusion and gulped silently. Amara thrust the glass at his chest making him grab it. Shrugging, Amara crossed her arms and stared at him. Her spiked fohawk pointed toward him as she responded, “We still need you alive, kid and you need to talk. One way or the other, we will make you talk.”

Part 28.5 of 5.9: Before we talk, you must be parched. Drink up!

Cameron gulped and exhaled drinking the water. Tasting the cold freshness of it, he gulped the water and swallowed slowly. Amara nodded speaking with satisfaction, “Good. Now,” she hunched forward uncrossing her arms and leaned on his chair. Close to his face, she inquired, “What is your name?”

Cameron opened his mouth and exhaled moving the cup down speaking, “Thaddeus Kirk! I’m not telling you anything! Give me Ash, now. Lord Xaverius must not touch or control her.”

“Huh,” Amara inquired confused. However, Pax heard the name and inhaled sharply. With a narrow scowl, he left his position and walked toward him fast flashing his dagger. Grabbing Cam by the head, he aimed the pointed end toward his throat and snapped sharply, “You must think we’re stupid! We’re not playing games, kid! Your real name now!”

Cameron gasped in fear as he gripped his glass of water. It shook as the few drops spilled. Amara instantly grabbed Pax’s arm and hissed, “What are you doing, Pax?”

Pax grimaced as his grip on the dagger tightened. He spat looking at his sister, “A little TV show called Adventures of Thaddeus Kirk and Tyson. It’s a stupid show for kids with a stupid theme song that drives me nuts. I hate that show so much I want to slaughter the show runner and make them pay for even putting that stench in the holo in the first place!”

Cameron flinched as Pax put enforcement on that last word. Listening to her brother, Amara exhaled sharply shaking her head and responded gripping his shoulder, “Back off, Pax. Think for a minute. He’s just a scared little kid. Put the dagger away.”

Pax growled scowling at her and exhaled sharply turning away. He stormed to his position marching back to the wall as his boots thudded on the floor. Amara sighed and hesitated in her thoughts. Cameron gulped gripping the glass of water with both hands. He tried to take a gulp when Amara grabbed the glass from his hands and slammed it on the table. He jumped at her reaction. Getting furious, Amara paced back and forth in a steady military walk.

Exhaling, she calmed herself down and grabbed the plate of food. Taking the fork, she turned to face Cameron. The boy watched her. Amara approached and crouched before him. Piercing a potato, she popped it into her mouth. Chewing it, she swallowed and spoke, “You must be hungry. Tell me your name and you can take a bite.”

Cameron gulped at the offering. He was starving. Seeing from her expression that the food was good enough, he replied, “Cameron.”

Placing the fork back to the plate, Amara offered a friendly expression and balanced the plate on her fingers offering the food to him. She replied, “There you go. Good.”

Cameron reached for it, but Amara took it away placing her hand on his chest shoving him back into the chair harshly interrupting, “Not so fast! Next question and you can take a bite. Where did you come from? That Orphanage we picked Ash from?”

Part 28.6 of 6.9: Just a few questions, then you can eat.

Amara dangled the plate in front of him as he swallowed heavily. He shook his head, “I’m not telling you. Can I see Ash?”

He grabbed for the plate, but Amara kept him back with her hand and scowled responding, “No, you’re from the Orphanage, obviously. Why else would you be asking for her? You can see her when we’re done. Third question. Who is Ash to you?”

Cameron was silent. He hesitated trying to find the words. Amara stared at him while holding the plate in front of him. She could tell he was thinking. He opened his mouth for a moment but closed it. Shaking his head, he replied, “I’m not telling you. You’re Xaverius. You murder people for a living. Obviously you all are lying. You don’t have her.”

Amara glared at him coldly offended by his words. With a breath of hot air, she balanced the plate of food in front of him and snapped, “How dare you! Ash is here in the house. Whoever told you about a Xaverius is lying. We all are not the same. You don’t have to be such an asshole or a jerk about it cause that really hurt my feelings.”

With a scoff, she stood and placed the plate back onto the table. The Xaverius twin exhaled rubbing her hands on her face. Running her fingers through her fohawk, she sniffed as a tear formed in her duct near her eye. Balling her hand into a fist, she placed it on her lips and stared at him. Cameron looked closely enough to see a teardrop making its path down her cheek. Gulping, he felt instantly.

Amara stared at him and crouched. Her military dog tags dangled. Pax glared and exhaled sharply uncrossing his arms. Walking to Amara, he spat with a jerk of his head and beckoned her over with his thumb, “Mara. Over here.”

Amara looked at her brother and jerked her head back. She ignored Cameron and followed Pax into a corner out of earshot in a quick military pace. Stepping before Pax, she wiped her face, crossed her arms and scowled. Pax spoke, “What are we doing? He isn’t talking. We need to switch it up.”

Sniffing, Amara scoffed with a shrug and whispered touching his shoulder, “I know what I’m doing, Pax. Trust me. We’re getting somewhere. I just need a nudge.”

She kept her eyes on him giving him a glance. Pax growled looking over her shoulder watching the boy. Looking at his sister, he inquired, “Are we to tell him Ash is not here or are we going to tell her that we have her friend? Which is it?”

Amara shrugged and whispered, “Either one, either way. Let me try something, Pax.”

He jerked his head as Amara turned away and walked toward Cameron. Crouching down before him, she inquired getting his attention, “Cameron. Why did you hide in the trunk and follow us? What were you thinking? Tell me.”

Cameron gulped and stared into her eyes. He was silent, unsure of what to say. Finding the words, he spoke, “I can’t tell you. You two work for Xaverius. I still don’t trust you.”

Amara stared at him coldly. She responded placing hand on his knee, “I don’t want to hurt you, Cameron. I really don’t. If you are friends with Ash or if you know her, then you’re our friend too.”

Cameron stared and studied her unsure. Pax spat with disgust looking at Cameron and stormed toward him, “Forget this! We’re done playing nice!”

Part 28.7 of 7.9: Ending the talks with a climax

Cameron gasped fearfully watching Pax storm toward him. Approaching the table, Pax grabbed the plate of food. Amara stood up and scowled at Pax. Lifting it with one hand, he thrust it aside. The plate of food smashed against the wall and clattered all over the floor. An exasperated shout from Amara didn’t slow him down as he grabbed the water, “Pax!”

Cameron gasped with fear and gulped as Pax grabbed the glass of water. He thrust it aside as the glass smashed on the floor. Taking out his dagger, he approached the chair grabbed Cameron on the chest. With a shout, he thrust the boy on his back while causing the chair to crash onto the floor. He primed his dagger next to his throat and spat, “You won’t be seeing Ash until you talk, you hear? You mess around or hurt my sister and I swear I will slit your throat right here, right now!”

Pax’s military tags dangled like crazy while hitting the boy’s torso. An angry growl was heard. Cam gulped mortified. Amara grabbed his shoulder and snapped, “Pax, back off! Don’t make me repeat.”

Pax shrugged her off and kept the dagger close to his Cam’s neck nicking his throat. It bled a little as fourteen year old whimpered fearfully. Amara grabbed his shoulder and pulled him away with her strength. Her muscles bulged as she spat pointing, “Pax, take a breather. Get out! Now!”

Amara exhaled as Pax released his grip and stormed out. The door was slammed. Turning back to Cameron, Amara sat on the edge of the fallen chair looking down at Cameron.Taking her knife out, she activated it as the blade clinked out. She placed her arms on her knees and bent down staring at him with coldness. Her military tags hung close to his chest.

Waving the dagger in front of him, Amara spoke, “You see? My brother is angry. If you piss him off again, I won’t be there to save you. I really, really honest to God will not hurt you. I swear to you. Cross my heart,” she finished with a nod and jerked her hand toward her chest.

She turned away leaving him shocked. He feared Pax and regretted hurting his sister. Amara opened the door, exited through and closed it. Locking it, she growled putting away her dagger and turned sharply to Pax. Pax stood there arms crossed and stared at her. Amara growled curling her lips and walked toward him. Catching his bare chest, she forced him against the wall with an aroused grunt.

Pax scowled at his sister. She had him with his back against the wall. He felt raw anger. Amara exhaled getting closer to his body. Rubbing against his chest, she felt his muscles. Moving up toward his neck, she growled aroused by his aura, “Pax,”

“Hey,” Pax protested placing his hand on her bosom and spat, “If you’re here to get mad at me don’t. I did what I had to do.”

Amara shook her head and snapped interrupting him, “Not that, Pax. What you just did back there. Throwing that rat around. That was hot. It was like you defended my honor and I loved that.”

Part 28.8 of 8.9: The twins feeling aroused for each other.

Seeing where she was getting at, Pax smirked exhaling touching her waist. He pulled her in close as she pressed her bosom against his chest. He grabbed her leg as she placed her knee on the side of his leg. Keeping her hand on his neck, she hit the wall with her open palm with a gasp and moaned getting hot. He kissed her neck thrusting her against the wall. Amara let go of the wall and placed her arms on his shoulders as they embraced.

Amara growled touching Pax’s neck and moved him back responding, “I’m feeling an extra surge of energy, Pax. When we get done with the interrogation, let’s get out of here and to the Underground. Have a date to get a couple of those blue blooded bitches and-“

She moaned as her internal temperatures raised feeling Pax’s strong chest and arms against her. He responded interrupting her, “Oh hell that sounds like fun. Get one each in the same night in the same bed like we usually do. Right after we, you know? Just for the adrenaline. The thrill! Just can’t enough of it, you know. It excites me like hell.”

Keeping his hand on her waist, Pax unbuttoned and unzipped Amara’s camo pants. Amara gasped with a moan as Pax kissed her neck line near her breasts. She kept her hand on his neck and kept him close. With her other hand, she rubbed against Pax’s bare chest. Moving his tags aside, she felt hot sweat pouring down his pecs.

Whispering into his ear, she spoke moaning, “A little sex won’t hurt us if all we need is a little boost of energy for tomorrow. We’ll get that rat so scared he won’t even follow after Ash anymore. The Underground’s still no place for children, least of all that wimp.”

As Pax nibbled his way up her neck, he replied cruelly staring at her, “And if he follows her anyways? Do we get to kill him?”

Amara moaned touching his face. She stared at him and spoke, “Pax? Last resort, okay? We don’t make the business of killing children. That’s against our code. We just scare them to death. Wait till he gets older and then you can kill him yourself.”

“Right,” Pax muttered as Amara took her turn to kiss his neck nibbling it with her teeth. The male fighter groaned closing his eyes and laid his head against the wall.

In the dark room, Cameron laid on the ground. He was too scared move. Moving away from the chair, he crawled to the wall and grabbed his knees keeping them together. Huddling in one place, he whimpered sadly feeling isolated and alone.

Following next morning, Pax laid awake on the bed. His arm was stretched out across resting on the night stand and his other arm laid across the other side of the bed. His hand rested on Amara’s six packed abs as she rested on Pax’s fifteen inch bicep. His finger stroked her tough abdominal muscle. The covers were half open as his military tags were on his left chest. The alarm next to him sounded. He slammed his fist on it turning it off. Amara roused from her sleep with a yawn getting up.

Part 28.9 of 9.9: Getting up to start the day fresh

With a grunt, Amara rubbed her eyes and uncovered her naked body getting up. Pax rested his elbows against the bed as he laid himself up and inquired, “Where are you going?”

Amara exhaled a tired sigh and looked behind her, “Taking a shower. Where else?”

Pax jerked his head up and responded, “What about the kid in the basement? I can’t wait to get down there and-“

“And what,” she snapped turning around glaring at him with her hands open, “What are you going to do? Scare him? That’s the same plan we have yesterday and the same one today and then the next.”

Pax shrugged offering his palm toward her responding, “Whoa, easy. I just meant I’m going to watch him and yeah, scare him a little. What’s up with you?”

Amara exhaled rubbing her eyes and responded, “Sorry. I’m going to see Ash today.”

Pax narrowed his eyes at her giving her a quizzical look and inquired, “Ash? What for? It hasn’t even been two days. You going to tell her about Cameron?”

Amara gave him a look and rubbed her face shaking her head. She spoke with irritation in her voice, “I don’t know yet, Pax. I just want to check on her.”

Pax smirked with a nod, “Roger. Better make it a double. You look like you need it.”

Amara exhaled a grunt ignoring him and walked into the bathroom. Pax stared at the closed door and sighed. Shaking his head, he shook it violently removing his covers and got out of bed with only his boxers on. He walked over to his camo pants and put it on. Rubbing his head, he patted it and parted his messy spiked hair into a fohawk as he left the room to head down for breakfast.

Down at the basement, the shirtless Pax sat on the chair with the back cover in front of him. He rested his arms on the head watching Cameron sleep. His tags hung over the chair as he leaned over. A fresh plate of breakfast and a glass of milk was next to the boy. He scowled at the fourteen year old while keeping his demeanor tendered. Looking down on to his side, he noted a pebble on the floor. Picking it up, he tossed it at Cameron.

Cameron grunted woke up groggily and smacked his lips. He froze when he saw that same shirtless guy from last night. Looking around, he noticed he was still in the same place. Cameron moaned with a whisper, “So it wasn’t a dream.”

“What,” Pax snapped as he tensed gripping the chair. His fifteen inch arms bulged.

Cameron flinched and gulped while sitting up mumbling, “Sorry.”

Pax growled gathering spit and spat to his side. Facing him, he nodded toward the food, “Eat. Don’t think you’re getting special treatment just cause my sister says so. She ain’t here. I am. What I say goes. You’re under my watch, so behave. Watch your mouth.”

Cameron gulped and mumbled taking the plate. Grabbing the fork, he took a bite from his scrambled eggs. Pax glared at him trying to hear what he said. Getting paranoid, he inquired sharply, “What was that? What did you just say?”

The boy looked at him and took a gulp of water. Shaking his head, he mumbled, “Nothing.”

Pax snorted with anger. Growling, he took the chair, stood up and lifted it over his head. Letting out a yell, he tossed it against the wall next to him and shouted pointing at him, “That wasn’t nothing! I heard you say something. You think I’m too stupid to understand? Huh? Is that it?”

The chair broke into pieces with his strength as Cameron flinched covering himself. He gulped and shook his head stammering, “N-n-no! I didn’t say anything!”

With fueled anger and rage, he took out his dagger. Activating it, he roared bearing down toward him, “Don’t you lie to me! I am the seventh born son of Augustus Xaverius of the seventh generation! We are not stupid!”

Cameron offered his hands fearfully as Pax reached him, grabbed his chest and hoisted him onto his feet. Pushing him against the wall with his arm, he pointed the dagger near his throat and shouted with anger, “You keep your mouth shut. You don’t even speak. You don’t even mumble or whisper. In fact, don’t say anything at all if you value your precious little voice box. When Mara returns, then you talk. Understood?” Gripping his chest, he repeated harshly, “I said is that understood?”

Cameron nodded attempting to speak clearly, “Yes sir.”

Letting him go, he backed and stood by in his military posture of putting his arms behind him and feet spaced. He spat, “Good.”

Keeping his scowl on him, the fighter watched Cameron sink to the ground. The boy took his plate and resumed eating his breakfast under the watchful glare of the seventh son of Xaverius.

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