Book One: The Innocent Heart

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Prepping for the Underground

Part 29.1 of 1.9: Ash and Tyler

Tyler stood on the deck overlooking his surroundings from the back of his snow laden three storied mansion. He leaned on the wooden railing holding both his coffee mug and his cigarette. One was on each of his hand. Smoke rose from the tip of his cig. Snow covered trees surrounded the house along his territory. Several inches of snow rested on the ground. His backyard had several yards of free space with several to no trees inside the line of trees that marked his boundary.

A gentle cool wintery breeze washed over his bare chest. Tugging at his warm pants with his hand while holding the cig between his finger and thumb, he shivered. Barely feeling the cold, he placed the cig in his mouth and inhaled. Gripping the ceramic mug, he exhaled the smoke, drank his coffee and held it over the railing while leaning on his bulged defined arms. His dark brown fohawk was short and spiked. A shark tooth necklace hung around his neck resting on his defined chest.

The windowless sliding door opened automatically as Ash walked through. She wore crimson red satin robe with her covers tied across her average body. Her dampened dark hair was curled. Brushing her fingers across the single dark strands, she stared at the defined muscles of Tyler’s hunched back. The beast opened her mouth with an aroused snarl baring her fangs. Crossing the deck, she stroked his back muscles.

Tyler grunted feeling her touch and turned to smile at her features. Placing his fingers on the cig, he removed it and exhaled a puff of smoke. As she trailed her fingers along his muscle lines, he inquired, “You have a good night’s sleep?”

Hunching over leaning on the railing, Tyler was bulked for an average muscular nineteen year old shirtless five feet nine inches Underground pro fighter. Glancing toward Ash casually, he watched her. Ash growled trailing her fingers across to his defined broad shoulder traps and down his arm. Touching his bicep, she squeezed it feeling his flexed seventeen inch muscle. She noticed the difference between it and her own fourteen inch arms.

Stroking his chest, she responded copying his glance, “Yes, Ty. Do you share the bed with all the girls you sleep with or am I your first?”

Tyler shrugged taking another sip of his coffee and responded, “No, just you and Teena. I’m not a playboy. I’m a pro fighter. I reserve my body only to the two finest girls close to my heart.”

Ash responded keeping his hazelnut colored eyes on her dark eyed stare and growled lightly, “Good answer. I thought I saw a navy bra somewhere on the floor. That Teena’s?”

Tyler gulped and blushed with guilt, “Ah yeah, she must have left that here the other night.”

Ash gripped his arm rubbing against his chest. She inquired keeping his attention, “Who is Teena to you? Just a girl or someone you love? You really want two relationships going on the same time?”

Tyler nodded responding casually, “Yeah. I love her too. Spiritually we are connected. I told her all about you. She doesn’t mind because she can see the affection between you and me. You feel it too?”

The beast felt sick. Hiding her feelings, Ash responded with the lie dipped into her half true words and spoke while manipulating his feelings, “I feel it, Ty. Don’t worry. I don’t mind Teena either.”

Part 29.2 of 2.9: The beast attempting to get comfortable in the embrace of Tyler

Tyler smiled casually moving his arm around her shoulder to bring her five feet six inches figure close. He kissed her as they embraced. Ash wrapped her arm around Tyler’s waist while keeping her hand on his chest to feel his defined eight packs. It turned her on. Tyler drank a sip of his coffee and placed it aside the railing as Ash inquired with a growl, “You’ve gotten stronger since the last I saw you, Ty. Any particular reason or were you doing it for me?”

Tyler casually shrugged increasing his muscle mass with another flex of his bicep and responded, “Sure. I figured, I got the time so I went through a little six month training. Worth every pain. You like it?”

The beast purred opening her fangs and kissed his chest. Tyler exhaled looking at his backyard. Blowing a puff of smoke, he inquired, “So, Ash, want to know a little about my father’s home?”

Ash bit the skin on his chest and licked the blood from her fangs. She grunted looking up watching Tyler point across the backyard. He replied, “My father owns a little over five hundred acres of land. It’s a family land owned by the Tiarus legacy for generations since the third world war. It expanded slightly over the decade, but it’s all the same one untouched wilderness along with several buildings including the Blue Suns Orphanage. He sponsors and supports several schools including the orphanage to give them a good education while giving them a family setting.”

Ash listened while stroking Tyler’s chest muscles and gave it another kiss. Tyler added, “So everything my father is doing for me while my younger brother does something else. He is preparing me to take his legacy should he pass it along when he retires from the position or if something happens to him. He wants me to have it all. My brother has no interest in it and I would love nothing more than take my father’s legacy. I would be honored and he would be proud of me.”

Ash licked his chest with her barbed tongue causing Tyler to pause in his long winded speech. Tyler grunted looking at her and wondered curiously. Ash looked at him and blinked with her dark eyes. She kissed him on the chin and inquired, “Aren’t you getting cold, Ty?”

Tyler shrugged with a grunt and responded kissing her damp, dark hair, “I barely feel the cold. Besides, I have my coffee, my smoke and you to keep me warm.”

Ash grunted. The beast growled at his attempt at being charming and responded, “So, anything else of interest? Mara said you had some trails and another building.”

Tyler nodded looking at the trees and pointed speaking, “Yeah, some private trails and another building which is a pool. It’s got a spa, some hot baths and a giant swimming pool. I’ll have to take you down there at some point. Teena loves it there, which makes sense cause her people were the Dresia. They lived underwater at some point which made then cold-blooded at first. Tricetra, being both Dresia and Human, is both cold blooded and warm blooded. It is the same for other Tricetra. So, they are highly adaptable and make for really good sleeping companions.”

Ash glared at Tyler and growled. Tyler looked at her and gulped adding quickly, “Uhh, I mean not that I do sleep with them. Only with Teena I noticed. Honest.”

Ash glanced at his eyes and nodded exhaling. There was some truth in his eyes. The beast had one advantage Tyler did not have. She had the ability to through a veiled truth. She spoke, “Ty, let’s get back inside. I am getting cold.”

“Sure,” Tyler mumbled moving his arm back and turned around to place his other arm around Ash. He kissed her mouth. Stifling his cigarette, he placed it into the ashtray and took his coffee mug. Walking her inside, he tightened his hold on her to warm her up. The windowless sliding door opened automatically as they entered. The doors whooshed closed.

Part 29.3 of 3.9: Tyler and Ash coming in from the cold

Walking toward the kitchen, Ash inquired squeezing his muscles and kissed his chest, “So, have you thought about how to bring me back into the fight. I must face that monster and rip the Pit Champion belt from its dead, cold claws.”

Tyler smirked and nodded putting the mug on the bar in the dining section before responding, “By monster, you mean that half girl, half beast that is currently stealing your belt? Yes. I have talked to its agents. They agree on a fight provided that I get you ready before you face it, so you’ll have to get into a strong workout plan to bring you back up to speed with its weight class. The beast is too strong for your current physique, so you need to pack in some muscles.”

Ash snarled baring her fangs. Sitting on the stool before the bar, she nodded stating a question, “Who’s my personal trainer?”

Tyler sat down on the stool and faced her before responding, “Dale Haynes. He is a world class personal trainer and he already knows you. I talked to him. He agreed to see you later this afternoon.”

She stared at him in the eyes and nodded with a simple, but careful response, “Good. I trust no one else except him and you, Ty.”

Tyler smiled casually as Ash stared. In her mind, the beast herself does not trust Tyler but trusts Dale and Cameron. They looked at each other’s eyes taking the moment. Tyler’s coffee mug was forgotten as he puffed his bare chest and rested his flexed arm on the table. Keeping his hand on his knee, he kept his bicep muscles flexed for her enjoyment. Ash wore her satin robe and became lost in thought staring at Tyler. Her mind suddenly wandered as she caught herself thinking about Cameron and Dale.

The door across the room unlocked as both Ash and Tyler jerked their heads. Watching the door slide open, Teena walked through. She smiled and waved, “Hey Tyler! Hey Ash!”

Ash glared at her. Turning to Tyler, she questioned him, “She has your key?”

Tyler shrugged as he jerked his head up and nodded responding, “Teena. What brings you by?”

The door slid closed behind her as Teena replied with a shrug, “What do you know? I just remembered I left a few things on the floor a couple days ago. I’m here to pick them up.”

Tyler nodded hunching over leaning against his knee and responded, “Right. No problem.”

With an exhale he got up and approached her. Ash scowled at both of them with disgust as he hugged Teena while kissing her. The beast changed her disgusted expression to casual as Teena looked the girl and waved, “Hey Ash! Whatcha up to? Oh, Ty,” she stopped her thoughts and added while looking at him, “Guess who I met up with outside the gate? Mara! She said she was here to see Ash, so I let her in the gate and asked her to wait outside. I hope you don’t mind.”

Tyler exhaled. He shrugged giving her another kiss, “No I don’t mind. I’ll go see what’s going on.”

“Okay Ty! Later Ash,” the young Tricetra smiled walking away from them.

Ash grunted getting up to walk toward Tyler. Taking his hand, she placed her other hand on his bicep and inquired, “You okay?” She noticed a change of attitude in him.

Part 29.4: of 49: What’s a Xaverius doing treading on Tiarus’s property?

Tyler shook his head and grumbled darkly, “What is she doing here? I didn’t ask for her and she didn’t tell me she was coming either. She’s not even supposed to be on my private property!”

With a scoff, he walked toward the door bringing Ash along. The door slid open as Mara turned to see both Tyler and Ash. She had her fohawk, wore warm camo clothing and baggy camo pants as well as piercings on her nose and ear. She smiled opening her hands, “Ash!”

“What are you doing here? What do you want,” Tyler snapped harshly glaring at her.

Ash turned to Tyler with a sudden coldness as the beast glared and growled with anger. Amara scowled at him not liking his tone. Scoffing, she responded taking Ash’s hand and placed her other hand on his chest to shove him back, “What I want is to see Ash and for you to put a shirt on, for crying out loud. What are you, the backup singer of the Pacifico Beach Boys? Honestly.”

“Mara-,” Tyler protested as he was shoved back. Losing his grip on Ash’s hand, the tough Stryker stumbled back feeling the harsh shove of his female fighter. The beast let go of Tyler’s hand as Amara grabbed Ash’s hand. Ash stared at him coldly as Amara pulled her beast and pressed the button closing the sliding door.

Staring at the door, Amara shuddered visibly. Her face spoke volumes when she muttered, “Dammit! Let’s go Ash,” she made her tone light smiling at her, “How was your day and morning, love?”

Ash grunted with a shrug. Wrapping her crimson red satin robe tightly against the cold, she said nothing. Amara placed her arm around Ash’s arm and led her away from the house across the snow. Looking at Amara, Ash cocked her head curiously and inquired getting her attention, “Are you okay?”

Amara grunted and exhaled stopping under the trees. She lifted her fist and counted off with her fingers responding, “Well let’s see love. One, I had a great night with my brother. Two, got up. Three, took a shower and four, wanted to go see you. Who do I see? A half naked Tyler holding your hand and you being so damn casual about it. How am I okay?”

Ash stared at her with a confused expression and asked, “I don’t understand.”

Amara sighed heavily waving her hand and shook her head. She spoke with a softer undertone, “Don’t worry about it. I’m just concerned, that’s all. You don’t even like him.”

Ash shrugged becoming deep in thoughts. The beast was processing. Amara saw her unfocused expression and distracted her by gripping both her hands, “What is it, love? Did something happen?”

Ash shook her head and shrugged responding, “You know that other night of party that I got attacked?”

Amara gasped and spoke with a nod, “Yes, I heard about that. Oh I’m sorry, love. I forgot to ask. Are you okay? I was so worried about my best friend and angry at those who attacked you.”

Part 29.5 of 5.9: Just talking about boys in general

Ash responded looking at her eyes, “This is why I am here. Tyler had something to do with it.”

Amara appeared shocked. With an angry glare, she grabbed her arm and spat furiously, “Ty had something to do with you getting attacked? I’ll hurt him!”

Ash shook her head and spoke as Amara gripped her hands, “I know you will, Mara. Just listen. He knows something. I might have a way to get him talking. I will make him talk. One way or the other.”

Amara exhaled, “Well, if he is responsible even indirectly, put the hurt on him. He will deserve it. That’ll take my mind off seeing him naked. Disgusting. I mean, he’s my employer, but I don’t get-“

The twin pro fighter sighed harshly cutting herself off feeling upset. Looking at Ash, she offered a smile and responded, “Well do be careful, love. I don’t want to see you get hurt. Well, obviously you can get hurt, but what I mean is. Dammit-“

Amara trailed off looking away with a sniff feeling emotional. Ash stared at her unemotionally. The beast was still trying to understand her friend’s feelings. Opening her arms, she hugged Amara. Amara smiled hugging her back feeling better, “Thanks, love.”

Meeting their eyes again, Ash stared into it. Somewhere in Amara’s emotional state, Ash thought she saw something. Narrowing her eyes, she inquired, “Mara. What are you really doing here?”

Amara gasped responding while hiding her surprise, “Whatever do you mean?”

Ash shook her head and spat, “Don’t. I get enough lies from Tyler. I don’t need another from you.”

Amara exhaled and placed her hand on Ash’s arms. She rubbed her arm and responded, “Sorry love. Do you know someone named Cameron?”

Ash stared at her and nodded, “Yes. What happened?”

Amara shook her head and shrugged, “Ahh, well, he sort of followed in the back trunk of the car. He’s at our house in the basement.”

Ash snarled lightly baring her fangs and spat, “Take him back to the Orphanage. Now!”

Amara sighed shaking her head. Touching Ash’s cheek, the Xaverius twin responded, “Love, sweetie, the thing is. We can’t. He saw too much. He seems to know too much. We can’t just let him go so we need to figure out how to keep him quiet and return him to the Orphanage without making a fuss. We Xaverius do not need the spotlight, especially if it involves harming an orphaned child. We have our limits as we still have our code.”

Ash sighed and growled lightly. Keeping to her thoughts, she remained quiet. Amara touched her chin and got her to look at her eyes, “Love? Do you want to see him? Maybe you can talk to him?”

Thinking for a moment, she exhaled shaking her head and replied coldly, “No. I told him to stay. He disobeyed me. This is the consequence of his action and he will learn. The hard way. Just make sure he gets back to his family. Don’t hurt him, Mara. Promise me this.”

Amara nodded and responded, “If you’re sure, love. I promise. You’d better not see him anyways. You know how Ty gets when another boy gets mentioned? Jealously is a poisonous, negative emotion we don’t need. Now, don’t worry about Cameron. I got a plan of sorts. We just need time before we can implement it. I should be getting back before Pax gets any ideas. The boy wouldn’t last in the same room with him. I needed the talk and to see you. I don’t need to tell you this, but be careful. The shadows in the dark have a way of biting you in ass and pulling your tail when you’re not looking.”

Ash snarled baring her fangs. She nodded as Amara kissed her on the cheek and walked away. She took a long walk across the snow brushed road toward her car just before the gate. Ash watched her. Cold and indifferent, the beast turned back to the house and headed toward Tyler.

Part 29.6 of 6.9: A couple hours later as Ash returns to the Underground…

Ash was in her signature dark gray crop top tank top, dark camo pants and heavy steel toed military boots. Tyler kept most of the stuff Ash left behind in her Stryker locker including some of her clothing and other accessories. Several piercings were on her face including a septum nose piercing and a choker clasped around her neck. Walking along the dimmed corridor of the passageway, she snarled baring her fangs at several people who passed her. Her hair was dark curled and her tattoos visible.

The original dark beast was back. Keeping her intimidating stance, she walked hunched over with closed fists and flexed her fourteen inch arms. They expanded over her undefined muscles. Her physique was athletically fit. Walking through the doorway, she passed into the workout room of the Strykers. The beast stopped. Dale was leaning over the desk sorting through papers.

Baring her fangs, she growled getting his attention while keeping her scowl. Dale looked up and smiled. Sitting up straight, he grunted stretching his massive stocky body frame and flexed his twenty inch arms. Dropping it, he responded walking toward her with a wave, “Hey Ash. You okay? That was a rough day the other night at the party. Is Cameron alright?”

Ash grunted shrugging while watching him approach. She responded dismissing his other questions with a growl, “I need my strength back, Dale. You’re the only one I trust to help me. No one else.”

“Hey,” Dale responded with a smile reaching her and slapped her thigh. He spoke offering his open palm, “No worries. We got this. Do you want to know what your goal is?”

Ash stared at him unresponsive. Dale smirked raising his arm and flexed. He grunted and pointed at his large bicep with a Welsh accent, “This is your goal. I am going to make you powerful within the next two months because I know about the Beast. I hate it. We all hate it. Nobody wants it and yet everybody’s afraid to face that beast! Only you can, cause you know why? You’re the only beast in the territory everyone wants to love and hate. Not the evil one holding the trophy.”

Ash stared at him. With a grunt, she moved her head and inquired while exposing her fang, “Who was it? Before it became the beast?”

Dale scoffed rolling his eyes. Dropping his arm, he shrugged, “No one knows, Ash. It just came outta nowhere and took the belt. Mean as hell and ain’t no one willing or able to defeat it. It went like a bat outta hell to the top and stayed there. A few tried and no one survived cause the Beast’s all about death matches. Cause you know? The only way to win the fight is a death match. It’s crazy and powerful with three inches worth of keratin enriched claws and a massive shredded physique, but damn crazy. I don’t know who its trainer is, but it’s obviously juiced or on something.”

Ash stared with her dark eyes thinking. The beast processed her thoughts and responded, “Where should we do this? Here or your place?”

Dale grunted shrugging. Moving his arms up, he slapped her shoulder and replied, “Wherever makes you comfortable. This was our meeting place because Tyler told me to come. As you are first and foremost my client, I don’t mind working with you here as long as you promise me something.”

Ash grunted. He finished with his grunt clenching his fists and flexed his bulky, stocky build, “You work hard and you knock that freak down for good. Cause no one gets that powerful without a few extra cheating habits. You and I both know that the only way to get up there is to practice clean and safe habits. No drugs or easy way up. We work long and we work hard or none at all. So I’ll be pushing you for as long as your body can handle it.”

Dale offered his fist and Ash nodded bumping her fist against his. She spoke, “Sounds good. We’ll meet back here. I need to go see someone else for a bit.”

Dale smiled and slapped her thigh responding, “See you in an hour. Don’t take long!”

Part 29.7 of 7.9: Seeing her tattooist once again for the first time since six months

Ash scowled and walked with intimidation near the tattooist parlor. Opening the door, she entered seeing a large, dark male standing near a chair. He turned to her and offered a cold smile. Offering his hand, he beckoned her forward, “Ash! Come! I heard you were around and was hoping you would stop by to see your old tattooist! I missed my favorite patron! Sales plummeted when you left, you know. You made an impact in the Underground when everyone saw you fight with my specialized tattoo designs. You were actually sponsoring my shop while showing off your skin. Come sit!”

Baring her fangs, Ash growled at her tattooist. She scowled taking her seat on the chair. Malek pulled his tattooing devices and sat down preparing his tools. Seeing her silent, he inquired, “What’s up?”

Malek rubbed her shoulder muscle searching for his spot. Finding it, she applied the burning tool. Ash grunted softly with discomfort while shaking her head, “Just a question. Do you know anything about my doppelganger? Who is it?”

As he placed the first image of a petal on her arm, he paused in thought before responding casually, “Ah. Really, nothing I want to share. Just some bad memories.”

Ash turned to face him. Looking at his dark beast like eyes, she snarled inquiring, “So you do know it? Of course you do.”

Malek stared at her raising his brow and shrugged. Resuming his tattooing, he replied, “Not as much as I’d like to. It used to be human and she used to be my student, but that was years ago. We had a falling out when she took a different path. She was,” he paused musing while looking up the dark ceiling. He responded trying to find the English word, “obsessive. She had this powerful dark urges that she couldn’t resist. There was darkness inside her I couldn’t diminish. Eventually I had to let her go.”

He finished his final touches on her shoulder as she looked at it. Taking it, she studied it and inquired curiously, “A flower?”

Part 29.8 of 8.9: Baur-Sun Kym, the toughest flora ever known...

Malek half smiled putting away his tools and responded while rubbing her muscles, “Not just any flower. A Baur-sun kym. A rare flower found only on Siri. It is the toughest flower, able to push through anything even death. It is yours and it shall give you luck against your first opponent two months from now. Actually it was supposed to be your birthday present, but you never came to see me. I was disappointed, but I got over it. You needed your time away and I understood.”

Placing his hand on her shoulder, Ash stared at him with coldness as Malek gave her an affirming nod finishing, “Ashlyn. You are the strongest than anyone I have ever met and I have only been here for close to a hundred of your years. You keep up your strength cause I know you. You’ll beat her and you’ll come out victorious with the champion belt in one hand and her head on a Saeqin pike.”

Ash remained silent. Looking at her flower tattoo, she stroked it with her finger admiring it. She nodded looking at him and responded, “Thanks.”

Malek exhaled a sigh looking at her features. Seeing something bugging her, he inquired, “Ashlyn. I sense something is going on with you. Want to talk?”

The beast shrugged. She snarled baring her fangs responding, “I did a lot of thinking.”

Ash placed a dangling strand of dark hair behind her ear while turning away. Malek inquired moving to the side of her face, “I’m sure you have. It’s been months. Do you want to talk about it?”

Ash exhaled fidgeting in her seat uncomfortably. She subconsciously rubbed her wrists trying to remove her muscle tensions before inquiring, “What is love in your society?”

“Ahh,” The Siriian exhaled growing uncomfortable. He responded, “That would be something you’d need to talk to someone else, but basically humans make love sound complicated. However, for the Siriians to experience love? It’s really all that simple. Maybe a bit dark, but simple and efficient as we still believe in the old Gods. Why do you ask? I thought you didn’t care about love?”

Ash shook her head and explained, “I don’t, but I’m still confused. A boy has feelings for me and it is something that I am trying to copy or understand.”

Malek sighed shrugging his shoulders. Offering his hand with his palm up and open, he replied, “Love shouldn’t be complicated. If you don’t feel or offer love, reject him. Just push him away as far as you can. You might hurt him and if you really do care about him, then you should do the next best thing and stay far away from him. Protect him from himself.”

Ash listened silently while absorbing his words. Touching her shoulder, Malek finished, “Emotions distracts you from your objectives. It drives you off course from where you want to go. Focus on what matters the most. Why are you here? What is your purpose? Once you know the answer, cast all doubts from your mind and cut your ties. Focus on the future. What will you be depends on the now. What are you good at? What brings the most out of you? Don’t respond if you know what it is. Keep it to yourself and remember, I will be there for you. Always.”

Ash stared at him. Within his cold features was another smile as she nodded. Looking down, she thought to herself. Malek watched her. Ash exhaled looking at his dark eyes and inquired, “I have another question regarding the beast. Do you know its name?”

Part 29.9 of 9.9: The Beast’s True name before she came to be in the past life

Malek shrugged and responded, “Sure, but it was so long ago I don’t remember. Why does it matter?”

Ash gave her response, “It matters because I want to know. Who is she?”

Malek sighed and responded with two words speaking her name once, “Isidora Blade.”

Ash looked at him wide eyed. There was recognition in her dark pupils as Malek noticed and retorted albeit sarcastically raising his eyebrow, “So you do know her?

Ash exhaled and shrugged. She nodded, “Yeah. She was my stalker in grade school when I first started. I was nine. She was seven.”

Malek stared at her and responded with enforcement, “Really? That could explain her obsession with beasts and muscles. She always craved power, did self mutilations and had her muscle fetish. The girl was obviously odd. What happened with you two?”

Ash shrugged responding with an irritated snarl, “Nothing. We lost contact. She dropped off the map and I moved on. Why do you care? Look, I gotta go. You can take the price for the tattoo off my tab.”

Malek raised his hands back Ash got off the chair and stormed out of the parlor. Thinking about her stalker affected Ash because her beast was squirming like crazy inside of her. Malek noticed and elected not to push. As the door closed in his tattoo parlor, Malek mumbled softly, “No need to pay for it, Ash. Like I said it was a birthday present.”

It was late afternoon. Dusk rose against the heavy flurry outside. Snow had come as it did the night before and fell onto the ground. Inside the lightened house, Ash stood next against the wall leaning with her arms crossed. She had on the same signature clothing she wore while she was in the Underground. Scowling across the workout room, she watched Tyler lift weights.

Tyler lay on the bench lifting with several grunts. His biceps bulged as he worked his muscles. Sweat dripped across his defined chest. With an inhale, he let the barbell fall gently toward his heaving chest and exhaled sharply pushing it back up. As he lifted the barbell back onto the loop, he sat up and took the towel to dry his sweat off.

Looking up to see Ash staring, he jerked his spiked fohawk covered head with a grunt and waved once Taking the bottle of his whey protein, he took a swig and beckoned her forward, “Come.”

Obeying him, Ash walked over toward him as he exhaled another breath getting up. He responded touching her waist moving her closer to his body, “How was your workout session with Dale?”

Feeling his chest on her body, she placed her hand on his pecs and rubbed it. She felt his muscles strong and solid. Nodding, she exhaled and rubbed her hands on his shoulder. Her dark eyes stared into Tyler’s own hazelnut color.

Keeping his hand on her waist, Tyler touched her cheek and inquired with concern, “You okay? You seem distracted. Something happen?”

Ash grunted shaking her head and responded, “Nothing, Ty. I don’t want to talk. I just want to be here with you. No other distracting thoughts. Just you and me together for the night.”

The beast had a lot on her mind, especially a young girl named Isidora Blade. It affected the beast bugging her. Something was nagging at her. Tyler saw the look and understood. Caressing her neck toward him, he kissed her. She hugged embracing him wrapping her arms around his defined torso.

Moving his hand down to her waist, he pulled her closer to his body lifting her off the ground. He was a couple inches taller than the five feet six inches sixteen year old teen girl. His muscles tightened as she caressed his face. The beast bit down on his lip.

Tyler gasped feeling the bite and moved his head back. He licked the blood off his lips and half smiled shaking his head. The pro fighter responded, “Alright. I was finished with my workout, so let’s hang for a bit. Just the both of us. Don’t worry. I won’t pry. Let’s head to the living room for a bit before dinner starts. We’ll have a little dinner movie. How’s a cheesy, bad romantic movie sound? We’ll make fun of it and start a bad review on it.”

Ash shrugged kissing him and licked her fangs. The beast didn’t care. Tyler wrapped his arm around her waist and guided her out of the workout section toward the dining bar within the kitchen area. Keeping close to his chest, Ash wrapped her arm around his waist and bit her thumb nail. She whispered a single name,

“Isidora Blade.”

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