Book One: The Innocent Heart

By Ben Douglas All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Fantasy

The Next Day

Part 30.1 of 1.11: The next morning…

In Tyler’s mansion, Ash sat on the stool near the bar. The big rectangular bar was in the middle of the large kitchen on the edge of the dining room. Ash hunched over on the counter with her arms resting. Satin robes covered her torso. Her damp curled dark hair rested over her right shoulder. Watching the bare-chested fighter with pants cook, she became lost in thoughts sniffing the aroma of food.

The coffee machine beeped. The display flickered. Moving from the stove, Tyler placed two mugs under the machine. It poured a hot, steamy liquid into the mugs finishing with a creamy top. Turning the device off, he carried the mugs over to Ash. The shark tooth necklace dangled from around his neck as he inquired getting her attention, “Here. You okay?”

Ash stared with cold dark eyes. Taking the mug of coffee with two hands, she shrugged silently taking a sip. Tyler exhaled placing his mug on the counter and returned his cooking. Turning the stove off, he served two large plates of steak, potato and eggs, with seasonings and salt for flavor.

Taking the plates, he served Ash and sat next to her on the bar. Taking a fork, he took a bite. Moving the stool closer to her, he placed his hand around her waist. Ash looked at her plate and took a potato with her finger. Placing it in her mouth, she absentmindedly chewed. Tyler looked at Ash and smiled. Kissing her on her cheek, he spoke, “You know, Ash, sleeping together last night was great, but you were up and moving a lot while mumbling in your sleep. Obviously, you have something going on in your mind. Talk to me?”

“Huh,” Ash inquired looking at him. Sighing, she shook her head and snarled baring her fangs, “Oh. A nightmare. It is of no consequence. I am thinking about whether I should see my opponent or not.”

Tyler nodded. Putting the fork down, he touched the strand of dark hair moving it over her earlobe. Keeping his arm around her waist, he replied, “Ah. It’s obvious. You should go assess her physically and mentally to prepare for the fight. While you’re working out, you plan on how to beat her.”

Ash stared at him with her dark eyes and grunted. She shrugged picking a piece of steak with her finger. Tyler touched her chin while looking into her eyes and spoke, “You’ll kill it, right? It needs to be put down like the animal it is. Nothing about it is human. The beast stopped long ago when it took the belt. It must die for you to be reborn to take its place as the dark beast.”

Ash glared looking up sharply and snarled baring her fangs annoyed. Seeing that, Tyler let go and backed offering his hand replying, “Not telling you what to do. This is my opinion. I’m just saying what must be done. It’s up to you whether you want to kill it. You’re the real beast.”

Growling, she pushed her plate and snapped shoving him back, “You have no idea what I want, Ty. The moment you disrespect the Beast you forget the reason why it was there in the first place. It is the beast that deserves respect. My only goal is stopping it because it’s obviously abusing its place. I will be there to put the beast in place. I will stop it, but that is as far as I can go. Whether I kill it or not is not up to you, but me and only me.”

Slamming her fist on the table, Ash turned and stormed out of the kitchen. Tyler flinched and exhaled mumbling an apology, “Sorry Ash, didn’t mean to upset you. Obviously something is going on.”

Part 30.2 of 2.11: Cameron’s last day of imprisonment

Pax stood by the door looking through the small hole into the room. Cam crouched against the wall quivering with fear and hunger. Pax curled his lips with distaste for boy’s weakness. Shirtless with his military tags resting on his chest, Pax kept his arms behind him. He wore baggy camo pants and heavy military boots. Turning around in a ninety degree angle, he watched Amara approach showing a tablet.

Amara spoke, “Hey Pax. Good news! Just got the notice from the ’Net about the boy being missing. Eventually An’Pol posted something about it. Obviously, she is worried about him.”

She wore her crop sports top with the military tags dangling over, baggy camo pants and military boots. Her fohawk was damp. Pax replied glaring, “Are we going to let him go? What if he-“

Holding the tablet, Amara glared and retorted, “What if he? What? Look, Pax, we need to get in there. Make sure he doesn’t talk. We ain’t letting him go till he understands. Besides, I just informed father. He wants us to let him go.”

Pax’s ears perked at that and spat, “What for? What is his plan for the boy anyways?”

Amara shrugged and tapped Pax’s shoulder with a reply, “No idea. He always has a plan working. It’s up to him whether he tells us or not. Now, come on,” she grabbed his waist pulling him close to her, “Let’s finish this. You know what to do and I will do mines. Let’s not mess this up.”

Pax responded touching her cheek and moved his body closer, “Don’t worry, Mara. I haven’t forgotten my place. Yet.”

Amara smirked placing her reverse open palm on his chest. Pax placed his hand gripping Amara’s. Their fifteen inch arms expanded symmetrically. Grunting, they pulled toward each other connecting their foreheads. Pax placed his arm around Amara’s nape hugging her close taking in the moment.

Kissing Pax on his cheek, Amara released exhaling. Grabbing the doorknob, she opened the door and walked toward the boy. Cam watched them approach. Holding the tablet up, Amara spoke with a cold smile, “Cameron. Good news. You’re going home tonight.”

Fearlessly, Cameron inquired, “Really? Can I see Ash first? You told me I could see her! Yesterday! You promised!”

Amara crossed her arms and glared. She turned her head to the side as Pax stormed past her with a shout, “You won’t be seeing her, punk!”

She watched her brother grab Cameron by the chest, lift him and shoved against the wall. Pax took the knife out as Cameron gasped with fear struggling. The blade activated and thrust near his throat. Pax shouted, “You listen and you listen good. This dagger is the deciding factor on who gets to live or die.”

Cameron stared at him in fear and gulped. Amara uncrossed her arms and approached placing her hand on Pax’s shoulder keeping him back, “Back a min Pax. Cameron, Ash doesn’t want to see you.”

Cameron gasped against Pax’s strength and pushed responding, “You’re lying! You obviously haven’t told her about me!”

Pax growled with anger curling his lip. Amara tapped her brother on the shoulder before replying bluntly at the boy’s face with her forefinger, “Let me put me put it this way. We are Xaverius. We don’t lie if we promise to do something. The other day, I did talk to Ash. She doesn’t want to see you. I promise you that. Another thing is if you tell anyone about us. Pax, tell him.”

Pax coldly brought the dagger closer to his throat replying, “You tell any of your friends what happened here, where or who we are, or try to find Ash, I will kill- No, I will slaughter your friends and family including that blue-blooded bitch you call a mother. That is a Xaverius promise. You hear?”

Cameron whimpered softly and nodded slowly responding, “I hear you.”

Part 30.3 of 3.11: The Xaverius Promise

Pax exhaled releasing him. Amara looked and nodded. Taking the blindfold from her pocket, she responded coldly, “Good boy. Any questions you want to ask before you go home?”

Cam gulped and looked at both. Staring at Pax’s scowling features, he exhaled averting his stare and inquired, “Are you really the seventh son of Xaverius?”

Amara gasped and smirked looking at Pax. Placing her hands on her hips, she cleared her throat and motioning him toward the boy. Pax growled rolling his eyes and shook his head. Placing his hand on the wall and his knife near Cam’s throat, he spoke, “My real father was Augustus Xavier. I am the seventh son in a generation from my father and great grandfather, but it’s nothing special. It doesn’t mean anything. I just wanted you to know that I’m not screwing around when I make my threat like this dagger near your throat if you ask one more stupid question about my family. Any other questions?”

Cameron stared and gulped fearfully shaking his head. Satisfied, Pax backed as Amara stepped forth getting his attention holding the blindfold up. Placing it around the boy’s eyes, she spoke, “Now, nothing personal, but we don’t want you to see where we are going. Be good and wait. I will call your mother. Won’t be long.”

Rubbing Cameron’s head with a smirk, she turned away. He fearfully sank to the ground putting his arms around his knees. Ignoring him, Amara walked with military precision steadily toward the exit. Pax was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed waiting.

Locking the door behind her, she walked toward him and touched his shoulder as he inquired with a casual shrug, “We really going to let him go? At father’s request?”

Amara nodded facing him, “Yes Pax. We need to do as he asks of us. Now, you did good. In fact, you probably did better than the last few sessions. I’m impressed with your role playing of the bad guy act.”

Pax responded with a grunt, “What can I say, Mara? I learned from the best.”

Amara smirked replying getting close to his body, “That you did. Next time, though, I get to be the bad girl. It’s pretty exhausting being the good girl especially to a whining fourteen year old. Honestly, it’s like trying to take a candy from a five year old.”

Pax exhaled with smirk, “Notwithstanding being a fourteen year old, I’m not sure if I want to be the good guy especially when I’m good at being bad, like being in bed. Is that date still in the works? I’m longing for a sweet, nimble yet so aesthetically divine Tricetra in my arms.”

“Ooo yeah,” Amara exclaimed touching his waist. Placing her hand on his chest, she moved his tags aside and replied, “Tonight, Pax. Definitely. We’ll take two of those blue blooded bitches to bed.”

Pax moved his head to the side moving in for a kiss and caressed her waist. Amara closed her eyes and moaned wrapping her arms around his torso. She muttered, “Pax. You may be my half brother, but I love no one else more than you. I’ve never liked men other than my own family and my taste in women leaves much to be desired as I desire only the blue kinds and treat them like toys. It’s filthy and leaves much to be desired but-”

“Mara,” Pax interrupted her caressing her neck and looking at her. He responded, “I know. Why do you think I stay with you? You’ll be lost without me.”

Amara stared back into Pax’s eye. There was a twinkle in his brown pupils. Curling her lips, she smirked with a giggle shaking her head, “Oh Pax. You mean, you’ll be lost without me? You can’t even find your own way back to the line in a complicated military drill.”

Pax smirked and shrugged casually connecting his head against hers responding, “At least I made you laugh.” Amara giggled and kissed his mouth as they walked away from the door side by side.

Part 30.4 of 4.11: Letting Cameron go as An’Pol comes to pick him up

Pax and Amara stood on the narrow driveway of a house. The house was new and different. Pax crossed his arms while Amara had her arms behind her. Between them, the boy laid on the ground unconscious. Looking down, Pax kicked his leg. Amara scowled and spat, “What are you doing, Pax?”

They were both in their nice clothes. Amara had her hair in a normal short bob hair. Pax responded, “Trying to wake him. I think we used a little too much mixture. We knocked him out pretty good.”

Amara shrugged with a glare shaking her head, “No we didn’t. We used just the right amount so that he won’t remember where he was. He’ll still retain his memory, but he won’t know our exact location since we’ve transported him while he was under. He’ll wake up.”

Pax shook his head and looked at the boy. Crouching down, he placed his finger into his mouth. Taking it out, he placed it near Cameron’s ear. Amara snapped, “Now, what are you doing?”

Pax smirked and mumbled placing his wet finger into Cam’s ear, “Oh, nothing. Nothing at all.”

Amara sniggered and smirked rolling her eyes shaking her head, “I swear, Pax, it’s like watching a five year old. When will you grow up?”

“Uhh, never,” Pax responded gruffly holding his finger in Cam’s ear twisting it. He watched the boy jerk waking up. Taking the finger out, he pumped his arms and shouted in a military fashion, “Up and at em, punk! You gonna to lie there all day?!?!”

Cameron grunted getting up and mumbled with confusion, “No sir?”

Keeping to his role playing as a bad guy, Pax growled with anger. Grabbing his arm, he hoisted him up harshly, “Get your ass up now! You want to look stupid in front of your mother? Get up!”

“Ow,” Cameron muttered as he was picked up harshly. Pax growled at him lifting him by the arm.

Amara looked at the street. With a wave of her arm, she quieted them, “Shh, I hear her car. Cam,” she responded taking the drink from behind her back and thrust it into Cameron’s hand. Bending down, she responded coldly, “Now, remember. You tell anyone what happened and we will come after you.”

Staring at her, Cam gulped and nodded taking a drink from the bottle. He was parched. Hearing a car coming, both Amara and Pax stood up. Amara looked at her brother and exclaimed pulling out a pair of spectacles from her pocket, “Oh Pax, your glasses. Remember, you have poor eyesight.”

Pax nodded fumbling his glasses before placing it on. As An’Pol’s car stopped beside the driveway, Pax raised his hand and waved with a smile. Amara smiled placing her hand on Cameron’s shoulder. An’Pol got out of the car slamming it. The furious Tricetra faced Cameron with anger.

Part 30.5 of 5.11: An’Pol’s scolding and Cameron’s punishment

Cameron gulped and waited for her. Storming around the car, An’Pol shouted marching up the driveway, “Cameron, you get over here right this second,” she shouted as Cameron was coaxed forward by Amara’s light push against his back. Reaching him, An’Pol grabbed his ear and twisted it.

Cameron exclaimed in pain feeling his ear being pulled. An’Pol berated, “How could you follow them? You scared me to death when I thought you ran away! You had everyone worried back at the Orphanage. Next time, I will not be so lenient. You will be punished. Severely.”

The fourteen year old struggled as his adopted mother pinched his ear causing him to dangle when she held him up. An’Pol turned to the couple and replied changing her tone apologizing while placing her hand on her bosom, “I do apologize, Amelia and thank you for your quick response to my note. I was so worried and I’m thankful that he is safe and unharmed. It will not happen again, I promise.”

Amara smiled replying with a nod, “Oh it’s no problem, An’Pol. We kept him company. We just found him wandering around our territory hours ago. In fact, Peter was the one who found him, is that right?”

Pax grinned with a nod, “Yeah. I was out taking a stroll when I saw him hanging around the stream. He replied that he was lost and was looking for Ash so I automatically assumed he meant Ash and that he was from the same place she was. My wife called as soon as she saw your note. We kept him company since. He’s a really good kid. Keep him safe. The world’s a dangerous place especially for a kid like Cameron. He should grow up in a safe environment like your school.”

An’Pol and Amara were focused on him pondering his wise words. Pax caught his sister’s glance. An’Pol responded, “You are right of course Peter. Thank you. It might be time for me to restrict his movement from now on. Again, Amelia, I apologize. How is Ash doing? I assume she is in the house?”

Amara smiled replying, “It is okay, An’Pol. Ashlyn is inside taking a rest from the other day, but she’ll be fine. We really love her. She is starting to get settled into her new home. See you in two months?”

Pinching Cam’s ear, An’Pol replied with a smile, “Yes. Two months and I will bring something,” Letting go of the boy’s ear, she pulled him along and whispered harshly into his ear wagging her forefinger in his face, “You do that again and I will make sure you never leave your room. Ever!”

Cameron protested and walked hastily catching up to his stern headmistress’s long strides back to her car. Behind them, as Pax and Amara placed their arms together across their backs, they kept themselves close. Amara turned to him with a whisper, “So, Pax, when did you become so damned wise? ‘The world’s a dangerous place for a kid like Cameron. He should grow up in a safe enviro-, what?’”

Pax shrugged. He waved while watching An’Pol pull the car away with Cam sulking in the front seat. He rubbed his ear to soothe the throbbing pain of being pinched by his adoptive Tricetra mother.

As the car drove along the road, An’Pol looked at Cameron sternly. Her expression was angry. Seeing Cameron dejected and sad, An’Pol exhaled a sigh changing her expression into worry and sadness and patted his leg. Cameron looked at her curiously. She offered a sad smile. Looking at the wheel in front of her, she pressed a button and responded to the device, “Car, auto.”

Part 30.6 of 6.11: An’Pol’s revelation

The car switched to auto drive. An’Pol let go and laid back into her chair looking at Cameron. Cam studied her and blinked as she touched his head. She responded rubbing his sore ear, “I am sorry for snapping at you or taking your ear like that. I was angry.”

Cam was confused at her change of attitude but remained silent. An’Pol sighed shaking her head and stroked his hair replying, “You humans and your secrets. They are like bread and butter. You always have them,” putting her hand on his shoulder, she looked into his eyes replying, “I do not trust them. I see through them. They are hiding something. I don’t know what. This car is not bugged. No one can listen in. Cameron.”

“Yes, An’Pol,” Cameron wondered.

“What really happened,” she inquired looking into his eyes.

Cameron gulped looking down. Concerned, An’Pol followed his face and touched his chin. She gently moved him to face her and spoke concerned, “Tell me. You won’t get in trouble. I promise. I love you and I care about you. If they hurt you, I need to know.”

Cameron’s eyes were wet as he cried. Shaking his head, he turned away and muttered, “I can’t. They said they would hurt you and everybody. They made the Xaverius Promise.”

“Xaverius,” An’Pol inquired with a surprise. Cameron gasped looking up and at her. He whimpered and shook his head replying, “Uhh, no. I mean-oh no,” he mumbled looking down.

Looking at her adopted son, An’Pol responded touching his shoulder gently, “It’s okay, Cameron. If it’s the Xaverius, everything will be alright. They won’t do anything like that so rashly especially since they are a part of the Terrian Alliance. If they did anything to harm us, they could get disciplined. So, really, as far as I know of the Xaverius, they act like watchdogs and only obey when they are told to do something. If they did anything like attempted assassination, they could get in trouble for it.”

Cameron listened as An’Pol finished, “That is as far as I know. Now, you are not in trouble. I want you to be careful next time, especially around those two characters. Now I know who they are, don’t worry. As long as you know the consequence of your actions, a little investigation won’t hurt. It worries me that Ashlyn is involved with these types of characters and I want her safe. She is a part of our family and I want her back. Promise me you won’t get hurt.”

Cameron nodded and responded with confidence, “I promise An’Pol. I will bring Ash home. I will investigate the Xaverius Syndicate, their secrets and why they want her.”

An’Pol nodded replying, “Good. I will assign someone to watch you. You will be under supervision. Listen to your teachers as I will not repeat myself. Is this clear?” After listening, Cameron nodded. Satisfied, she turned back to the wheel and regained control as the car rolled along the road.

Part 30.7 of 7.11: Ash and Dale in the workout room

Back in the Underground, Ash sat against the machine on the chair. She held the handles and pushed forward lifting with a grunt. Dale watched her lift the heavy weights while keeping his eyes on her gains. A couple days passed since she returned to the Underground. Exhaling a grunt, Ash placed the bars into place and moved forward leaning on her knees with her elbows. Her messy dark, curled hair fell across her face. Her arms bulged as her veins became visible during her workout. Grabbing the bottle from the floor, she drank her protein drink and exhaled.

Dale crouched before her pulling up the chair. Placing his hand on her shoulder, he inquired, “You okay? Don’t push yourself too hard, alright? You just got back and the routine I have for you will be hard especially since you haven’t been doing any heavy work for almost six months.”

Ash shrugged and responded staring at him with dark eyes, “I can handle it.”

Dale smiled replying, “I know you can. I’m proud of you, but you have to realize that even though you are the Beast in the ring, you are still human. You are not a super-being. You still need to rest and recover in order for your muscles to breathe. The whole point of strength conditioning is to help you endure while against stress. In order to condition your body, you must recover your muscles.”

Ash nodded and snarled replying, “I know, Dale. You told me all this in the beginning.”

“Good,” Dale responded with casual smile and added, “Now, you’ve been distracted since yesterday. Talk to me?”

Ash growled. Baring her fangs, she snapped, “Why does everyone keep asking that? Are people so suddenly concerned about my well being?”

Dale closed his mouth. Backing up, he offered his palms muttering, “Easy Ash. Didn’t mean to upset you. We can keep working or we can talk about it. I’m not just your personal trainer. I’m your friend.”

Ash growled exhaling. She rubbed her forehead with her fingers and spat coldly, “Dale, you’re my trainer. This is business. I keep my personal feelings aside when you train me. Let’s keep it that way.”

Slightly hurt, Dale looked at her and nodded offering his hands, “Sorry. I’ll drop it.”

Ash stared at him. Watching him for a few seconds, she growled getting up, “I have to go see someone, Dale. See you later in the sparring ring.”

Dale got up and nodded. He slapped her thigh as she walked out of the Stryker workout room. The eighteen year old personal trainer sighed. There was longing in his eyes as he watched her leave. Shaking his head out of his daze, he grabbed the weights on the bars and pulled it out with his strong arms to put away the equipment.

Part 30.8 of 8.11: Pax and Amara having a date in the Underground

Across the dark Promenade, dim lighting and the neon holo signs flashed. Pax and Amara walked side by side synchronize with each other. Wearing the same type of clothing and boots with the same color, they looked nearly the same including the spiked fohawk. Before a doorway, they looked at a glowing blue neon holo sign that said, ‘The Azure Girls of Nigh’. Entering the doorway of the bar, Amara smirked at Pax, “Want to get the same girls to see if they’re available? The Senna twins?”

Pax laughed nodding, “Huh? Oh yeah. Cause they are the same exact girl we can’t tell apart? The same complexion, the same features and the same attitude? Hell yeah.”

They walked through the doorway like a pair of well built pro fighters hunched over and arms flexed. Military dog tags hung around their necks. Amara turned placing her hand on his shoulder replying, “Then go find Therese. She should be in the VIP section pawning her clients. I’ll go find Thalia.”

Pax hesitated with a confused expression, “But what if I find Thalia instead? You can’t tell them apart.”

Amara scowled and spat, “Then you found Thalia. Don’t get smart with me! Go! We’ll meet in the bar.”

Pax watched her walk away and scowled shaking his head. Exhaling, he walked toward the second balcony of the bar muttering, “Fine, little sister. I’ll get Thalia and you get, wait. I’m confused. Dammit.” He shook his head walking along in a steady pace past the tables toward the steps.

The uproarious music blared in the background. The Tricetra girls danced to the music swaying in their many forms. Customers watched them dance while being served food. It was a restaurant bar filled with blue females serving their clients. Amara pushed her way through the crowd. Stopping before a third Tricetra girl, the female fighter stared while biting her lip.

The Tricetra had an unusual mark on the back of her neck. It was a tattoo. Recognizing her, Amara smirked smacking her lips as an odd low guttural noise sounded. The slim, nimble Tricetra with the teal complexion was holding a tray and serving drinks.

Approaching her, Amara touched her waist, and pulled her close. The girl made a startled voice touching Amara’s hand. Placing her chin on the Tricetra’s shoulder, she inquired, “Thalia, you available?”

Recognizing her, Thalia giggled placing her hand on Amara’s face stroking it, “Oh Mara, you gave me a fright! Yes, I am. You need something or the usual?”

Amara smirked pulling Thalia close to her defined torso while puffing her bosom. Kissing her on the neck and inhaling her perfume, she replied, “The usual, Thalia. My brother’s out looking for your sister. How about finding her and meet me in the bar? We’ll be here all night and I got the creds.” Pulling out her credit slip, she folded it and placed it into Thalia’s dress. Thalia turned holding the tray and pressed her hand against her defined abs replying, “I’ll make it happen, Mara. Give me a second.”

Thalia kissed her on the cheek. Keeping to the rhythm of the blaring music, Amara grabbed her waist. Thalia giggled as Amara kissed on her lips embracing her. Rubbing the shaved part of her spiked fohawk, the girl pushed against her bosom responding, “Behave, Amara. Remember the rules.”

Amara scoffed as Thalia gave her a glance followed by a wink. She turned away as Amara jerked her head shouting, “No promises!” The fighter bit her lips watching Thalia lift her tray to get past a crowd of people.

Part 30.9 of 9.11: Amara meets with the Senna twins led by Pax

Later as Amara lifted her foamed alcoholic glass, she drank a gulp. Hunched over on the bar with her fifteen inch arms leaning on the counter, she sat on her stool and scowled. A voice of her brother shouted as she turned to glance at him, “Hey Amara! Look who I found! I win!”

Observing her brother having his arms around the Tricetra twins, the Senna sisters, Amara scoffed with a jerk of her head getting off the stool. She responded extending her arm, “You wish! Hey Therese! How’s it hanging? Thalia, that you?”

Amara felt aroused by the twins giggling at the same time with the same tone of voice at the fighter’s smooth, casual tone. The girl on Pax’s right placed her arm around Amara’s strong bicep kissing it. Amara smirked wrapping her arm around Thalia’s waist keeping her closer. Placing her other arm around Pax, she moved him closer touching his head with her head. Keeping her arms locked around Pax’s shoulder, Therese kissed Pax on the cheek.

Pax placed his other hand around his sister’s waist keeping her close and kissed Amara’s lips. Amara giggled replying, “Hey Pax. Let’s go find a seat with these girls on our laps serving us. We deserve it!”

“Hell yeah,” Pax responded grinning turning around. Keeping Thalia close to Amara’s side, Amara placed her hand on Pax’s shoulder gripping. They were led by the Senna twins to their table. The music blared in the background as the Xaverius siblings pushed through the crowd toward the second floor.

Near the Fighter’s Barracks, Ash turned the corner walking toward several people guarding the door. One of the guards approached her holding his hand out, “Hold on.”

Ash growled at the guard. She stared at him and spat, “Ashlyn Techryn. I’m here to see the beast.”

Recognizing her, he responded gruffly stepping aside, “Ah yes of course. I must warn you though. The beast might not be coherent.”

Ash paused and asked him, “What do you mean?”

He shrugged as Ash walked to the door, “You’ll see. The Beast is either there or not there. It’s somewhere halfway. If you talk to it, all you’ll hear are some broken ramblings in Siriian and broken English. At times, it rails on about the enemies of the Gods must die and it must have blood. It talks about slaughtering people just for fun and feasting on them. It can get pretty gruesome in there.”

“Understood,” Ash nodded opening the door and entered. The two guards returned their positions and guarded the door to the Beast’s barracks. Inside the Beast’s barracks, Ash stopped halfway.

Before her was a large cage with the hanging bars. On the ground, the beast gnawed on the bone. It held the bone in place with its sharp claws. Another flank of prepared raw meat was on the plate beside the bone. The beast had a chain around its neck and hooked to the middle of the cage. The chain was long and double linked. Several more hooks were visible along the ground and on the cage bars. Even if the animal was collared and chained to the ring, it had free reign to prowl anywhere in its locked prison and climb to the top of the cage.

Part 30.10 of 10.11: Seeing and describing the beast in detail

Its body was curved in a half moon shape lying on the ground like lioness feeding on her kill. In its five feet six inches of length, it was massive and shredded with rippling muscles. Its thick legs were sprawled while its thick arms licked the bone clean. Her three inches tail thumped on the floor and wagged between her clawed hind legs.

A growl rumbled from within its throat as the beast licked its defined upper arm to clean. Its bicep was twenty inches. Its skin was thick in texture and of a dark shade radiating its own darkness from within. Along its skin were tattoos including a dark mark on its neck. It was a brand that signified a message. It was in Siriian.

Opening its elongated mouth with a yawn, its array of sharp fangs revealed. The beast bit into the bone cracking it. Along the rows of her upper and lower incisors were four long and thick canines. Chewing the piece of the bone, it growled curling its lips gnawing on it while sharpening its teeth. Whittling and smacking sounds were heard. With its bristle infused tongue, it spat the bone and licked the other half between its claws removing the meat. Whiskers were visible on the edge of her elongated jaw near the beast like nose. The nose was malformed and hooked with a large septum ring.

On its thick neck were the bulged, broad traps. Long, pointed dual horns rested on its temples. Between the horns was its long dark curled Mohawk mane. The hair went down between its broad shoulder blades. Its ears were pointed up, malformed and torn. The beast’s chest was broad with a bosom that was covered with a torn, shredded fabric. The sturdy, tough straps were tied around its upper torso and across its shoulders. Another torn fabric covered its lower waist and hip with its tail sticking out from the hole. Among the frayed fabric were shred lines and holes. Its shredded physique was of a mix between a beast and a body of a strong fourteen year old girl.

Feeling an itch on its upper arm muscle, the beast snarled and gnawed on the tough texture with its sharp teeth before licking it down. Sharp bony plates were attached to her spine. It pointed up from her strong defined back. Among its clawed hands and feet, a large dewclaw hung from the back of its feet. Sniffing, it growled once flashing its red glowing eyes as it looked up across. It glared at the intruding human.

Ash stepped forward as a person stopped her. He blocked her way responding, “You shouldn’t be here. The Beast isn’t for anyone to look upon. Leave.”

Ash replied, “I am Techryn. I was the one who contacted you. I needed to see who I’m fighting.”

Before the man could speak, the Beast snarled baring its fangs. Forgetting its bone, it licked its canines, sniffed several times and stood on its clawed legs sitting up roaring a single name, “Techryn!”

Its malformed ears flicked once as it snarled glaring at Ash with its harsh glowing red eyes. Its claws scratched the ground making grooves as it stood on its hind legs with the tail whapping from behind. Letting out a roar, it shook its head as the long dark Mohawk mane fluttered. Saliva dripped from its fanged jaw and onto the ground.

Raising his hands, the agent turned to the beast and gulped muttering backing away slowly, “Looks like it recognized you. Careful.”

Ignoring the agent, Ash stared at the beast unafraid. Approaching the cage, she listened. The beast jerked its head to the side and snarled in its broken English, “You come for Belt! Foolish! You die like rest! Ripped! Shredded. Into pieces! I win! Keep belt!”

Shaking her head, Ash approached the cage. Touching the steel bars, she whispered, “I don’t want to fight you, Isidora Blade.”

Part 30.11 of 11.11: As Ash attempts to reason with her, she gets her first taste of her evil side

With a snort, it glared its glowing red eyes toward her enemy. The Beast roared lunging toward the cage with rage. It rattled as the Beast jumped and hung from the steel bars. The chain tugging its thick neck and shoulder traps pulled against its raw power. With a snarl, it thrust its claws through the cage and swiped at her. The cage bent with the beast’s muscular power as it snarled, “Don’t say name! I Beast! Born Beast! No other life! No fam’ly!”

Ash stumbled back avoiding her claws. Staying quiet, she watched the snarling beast. The animal hated her. Staring at the Beast’s glowing red yes, Ash came close to the cage and whispered, “I am sorry, Blade, for the way we left things. I just wish-“

Blade snorted with anger. It roared thrusting its claw through grabbing Ash by the neck interrupting her in mid sentence. Ash grabbed the beast’s wrist feeling her breath taken away by its gripping power as she was lifted with the claw. Grabbing the bar, Blade climbed up. Its twenty inches biceps bulged with thickness. Its dual horns went through the cage as it pulled the struggling, flailing Ash toward her. Blood seeped from Ash’s neck as Blade’s thick claw tore her neck. Its fanged mouth was open with a snarl as her long canines raised up like spears. Her saliva dripped.

Suddenly, her collar vibrated electrocuting her body. With a snort, the beast let go of Ash and roared digging into her collar. Ash gasped collapsing onto the floor rubbing her neck. The agent rushed over pressing the device and spat, “Stand down! Listen to your master! Save it for the fight. Get back!”

Roaring and digging into the electric collar, the electrocution snapped it into place. Crawling away, it prowled to one end of the cage and scowled at Ash with an open fanged snarl while dripping saliva on the floor. Crouching on its hind legs with its digits raised, it bit into the flank of the prepared meat. Grabbing the meat with its claws, it pulled it with its strong jaw separating the meat from the bone and chewed the tender meat. The blood juices dripped down its elongated jaw onto the floor. The Beast scowled at its enemy.

The agent helped Ash up, but Ash snarled thrusting him off, “Don’t touch me! I’m fine,” she paused turning to him and inquired, “Master?”

The agent responded walking away from the cage, “Ahh yes. The beast has its own master who takes care of it. He makes sure it is well groomed for each fights and helps maintains its strength and conditioning. He comes and goes.”

Ash asked, “Do you know who he is? I want to meet him.”

He shrugged responding, “I don’t know. Someone named Mak Rya is all I know. We’ve been hired to look after the Beast to make sure it’s locked in the cage so it doesn’t get out. It is dangerous and no one has been brave enough to get close. I’m assuming its master takes care of it. Otherwise, it’d be put down long ago. It is no longer human and more of a beast, an animal. Its master has special permission to take care of it making sure it does not do anything it isn’t supposed to do hence the control collar.”

Ash turned from him and stared at the Beast watching it tear at the raw steak. Blood juice dripped all over its mouth. Turning away, she left the barracks.

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