Book One: The Innocent Heart

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The Underground

Part 6.1 of 1.10: An introduction of sorts...

Another year passed. It was early June. Ash was almost eleven years old. School was out. James drove the car into town to find a grocery store. Ashlyn went with him. Parking in the lot, James had Ash leave the car and walk around while he shopped alone. He required her to come back in five hours. That was enough for Ash could walk around the town to explore her surroundings.

With the cold expression on her face and her gloved hands in her pocket, the ten year old girl walked along the sidewalk. She passed all the buildings as the people walked around on a busy day. Around her neck, she still had her throat choker Cameron gave her as a birthday present.

She offered the cold, dark aura of curled dark hair that overshadowed her face. Her dark eyes and dark clothing matched her choker. It gave herself an air of darkness. It intimidated people as they avoided her. Her slim muscles got rounder and rougher as she grew tougher. Her fit athletic body was growing as well as her shoulder muscles.

Walking past the alley, Ash turned to see another boy. She recognized him. It was Tyler. He looked at her and waved once. Turning around, he disappeared around the corner. Curious, she let out a low snarl as she walked into the alley. She attempted to retrace the older boy’s steps. The alley was long and narrow as Ash got lost. Soon she was getting impatient until the boy came behind her. Letting out a growl, she turned on him. She caught him off guard with a punch.

Tyler fell back onto the ground while holding his nose. Ash let out a snarl with her arms flexed and on her side. She spat with anger still breathing harshly, “Why are you following me, Ty?”

Tyler raised his hand in surrender. He covered his bleeding nose with the other and got up slowly. Finally, the boy spoke, “Hey! That was uncalled for! I’ve been watching your progress and you grow. My father wanted me to. I don’t know why, but I’m willing to. Names Tyler Stryker Tiarus.”

Watching her cold expression unchanging, he finished, “I am the son of the greatest Admiral that ever lived! Joriah Tiarus. He is the one that leads the Terrian Alliance.”

Ash grew with anger for him. Clenching her fists, she grabbed Tyler’s chest with her hands and thrust him against the wall. Tyler muttered as his back hit the wall. He protested when Ash pushed him harshly back with her arm, “Hey, what?”

Baring her teeth with a snarl, the girl spat, “Where did you go, Ty? You promised me and then you left. Why shouldn’t I kill you now? I’ve done it once before.”

He let out a pained grunt struggling in vain against her strong arm. He stuttered, “Y-you did? Wow. Umm, wait! Don’t hurt me because I’m the son of the admiral?”

The spoiled thirteen year old boy moaned in pain as Ash mishandled him. She thrust him further against the wall of the alley, dropped her other arm to her side and spat with hatred clenching her fist, “Wrong answer! Try again!”

Ash rammed her punch against his stomach harshly. Tyler groaned clutching his chest. He looked up just as she dealt another blow against his face. Spitting blood, Tyler fell down onto the ground. He stumbled and fell on the pavement with a pained groan. Ash faced him with a mean look. Her curled dark hair covered her dark eyes. When Tyler turned to face her again, he feared her. Backing up, he raised his open palm in surrender and quickly responded, “Wait, you can’t do this!”

Uncaring for the boy, Ash clenched her fist and cracked it as she snarled, “Yes I can. I can do whatever I want. You have one last chance to redeem yourself.”

Walking forward, Ash grabbed his wrist moving it aside and dealt a blow onto his face snapping his head back. His bruised face bled as he moaned with pain. Kneeling before him, Ash took his chest and primed her fist. Gripping her wrist and offering his hand forward, Tyler shouted in fear, “Wait! There is something that I am actually here for. Something you need.”

The girl growled kneeling with her legs atop his torso. Ash gripped her hand on his throat, she kept her fist raised. Baring her teeth, Ash snarled preparing to hit him. Tyler saved himself by speaking real fast, “If you hurt me again, you would lose a chance of a lifetime! This is important!”

Part 6.2 of 2.10: What are you talking about, Ty?

Ash paused keeping her fist raised and her hand on his throat. She spat with impatience, “Not as important unless you value your life? Speak!”

Tyler gasped with fearful breath and responded hastily, “This place I want to show you. It’s a way of feeding your basic desire of fighting. It will refine and reshape who you are and what you will be. It’s better if I show you.”

Ashlyn sat there thinking. She let out a grunt as she increased her grip on his throat. Her head was cocked sideways as she scowled at Tyler. Finally as she released her grip on his throat, she lowered her fist. She placed her hands on his chest and picked him up without effort. Tyler moaned with pain as he struggled while holding on her wrists. She turned him around on his feet and brushed him off.

Ash thrust him forward and spat harshly, “Go! Move it!”

Ty stumbled forward several times before collecting himself. He raised his arms and responded walking forward, “Okay, okay. I’m moving!”

He moved his arms back down as Ash followed him deeper down the alley. Taking the white cloth from his pocket, the boy wiped his face free of blood and the bruises he received from her abuse. They stopped before a dead end. Looking behind him to make sure no one followed, Tyler pressed his hand on the wall. He spoke in some sort of a cryptic alien language that Ash couldn’t pick up.

The wall shimmered as he turned with a wink. He walked through the dead end and vanished into the shimmering wall. Curious, Ash walked through the shimmering wall retracing Tyler’s footsteps. Turning around, she watched the simmering effect of the alley.

Tyler approached beside her and explained, “This is yet another such technology that we have. It is one of several secret doors we have that takes us where we are going. We only touch the wall and speak in a secret code. The wall itself reads the DNA of our hand prints and allows us to enter. Why not use the one from an unknown dead alien language? Works every time and beats hackers from trying to get in.”

Ash growled lightly and turned to him with a question, “Where are we going?”

Tyler spoke with an obvious tone as he grinned humorously, “The Underground!”

Ash snarled baring her teeth before turning to him, but Tyler walked off along the dark path. With her hands clenched and strong arms tensed on her sides, she followed the boy. He headed toward the door at the end of the long, darkened narrow path. There was a guard beside it.

Ash approached. When the guard saw both Ash and Tyler together, he spat back with irritation pointing at Tyler, “Hey, you know you aren’t-”

He stopped when Tyler raised his hand with a retort, “Hey, it wasn’t my fault! How was I supposed to know she was a spy? Anyways, this is the girl I was telling you about. The different one named Ashlyn. She wants to join.”

Watching the girl approach and stand before the guard, the man looked back slightly amused, “Is that so? Well the boss is wary of little children running about with their big eyes absorbing info and telling their parents. She would have to pass a little test.”

Part 6.3 of 3.10: First, pass inspection. Then an explanation

The guard spoke looking her up and down. As he moved to touch the girl, Ash growled at him with a snarl, “I am no child.”

The man nodded confirming that she passed, “Well, she shows no signs of fear or wearing any listening devices. Where did you say she was from again?”

Tyler touched the guard pushing him back. He beckoned Ash to walk through while he responded to the man, “Where she comes from is nothing compared to where she is going, and between you and me, she needs this. I trust her and that is enough. Let her by, my father wills it.”

The guard let out a harrumph. He returned to his position and responded, “Fine, but one wrong leg out and she’d be sleeping in the Underground for a long time.”

Tyler shrugged as he turned to Ash. She wandered off ahead. Clearing his throat, he walked forward to clap her back and spoke, “So, you ready? Let’s go then!” Hearing a growl from within the girl caused him to hang back a little and gulp placing his hands into his pocket.

They walked the long and narrow corridor deeper underground. As they walked the corner, Ash could hear a cumulative cacophony of voices. She looked at Tyler. The thirteen year old offered a wink as he walked first through the open doorway. Ash found herself on a long bridge with the metal railing. Below was a large area of spectators as they were all gathered together for some event. Above her was a huge Holo technology showing a video reel of the fighters that were being shown today. They were all types of fighters including several different types of aliens.

Tyler spoke explaining, “The place we are going is sort of a training ground for future agents of a group called the SIAD, or the Special Intelligence Alliance Division. You may have heard of them in the Holo vids you’ve been watching. They keep mostly to themselves as well as secretive but they are the vital protector of the Earth Alliance. Without them, Earth is nonexistent and scattered. But not all of them become SIAD agents, so only the best are selected.”

They walked along the walkway across the bridge. Stopping over the balcony to a big room, they spied an audience watching the display in the ring in the middle of the room. They were shouting, calling out cheers or jeering at the people inside the ring fighting against each other. Tyler resumed over the cacophony of voices, “This is a place called The Underground. It is for fighters of all race from across the galaxy come here to fight. Those who can’t come to Earth, they come via a Holo-vision just to participate. However, this isn’t the only ring you see. There are more out there. There are at least two hundred million of those across the galaxy who come and fight while the rest watch.”

Tyler watched Ash. Her expression remained the same. However he detected a hint of an interest when Ash uttered an amused grunt. She watched the vid fascinated by the spectators and the violent bloodsport. He clapped her back, but withdrew it quickly when she let out a warning growl. She shot him a glare.

Ty gulped and finished, “I know you would like it here. The fighting and the training will get you stronger. The gloves I gave you? You will use it more often as some of the opponents are a tad tougher. However before you fight, you would have to train for a while. You can’t fight until you are well trained, well geared and of age to start. Right now if you start training, you’d be thirteen to start fighting. Gotta be at least twelve before you start fight people your age and you would probably find plenty your age as everyday younger recruits from across the galaxy join.”

Part 6.4 of 4.10: Signing in...

Hitting the banister several times, Tyler turned pointing in one direction, “Ashlyn, if you’ll follow me, I will get you signed in with a trainer. Start your contract so you can start training. Won’t take long and times a-wasting. You’d be lucky enough to find someone willing to train you first, and that’s tough.

He walked on expecting Ash to follow. The ten year old girl followed Ty as they walked down the steps from the walkway above. They passed through the large crowds until he came before the reception desk. A blue skinned Tricetra was seated. He waved, “Hey Teena, got someone here.”

She looked up offering a smile, “Ty, I haven’t seen you in a while. How are you?” she wondered.

Tyler nodded responding, “Fine Teena. How are you?”

Teena smiled sweetly to Ty and shrugged. She turned watching Ash approach the desk. The light blue alien studied her responding, “Another one? Isn’t she a little too young? Well they are persistent, aren’t they, Ty? Wait a few months and they’ll run back home where they belong.”

“Just get the papers, Teena. Trust me, you don’t wanna cross her. I’ve seen her in action,” he rapped her desk as if to urge her on.

The Tricetra sighed and shrugged tapping her console. The holo-vision of a book appeared. It opened as she handed Ash a stylus, “Write your full name in here. Someone will be with you shortly. He’s been expecting you.”

As Ash took the stylus and wrote her name down, Tyler wondered speaking up, “He?”

The alien receptionist nodded pointing a finger behind him. She replied, “Wait a few. He said he would come out once she’s signed in.”

With a smile, Teena giggled rolling her eyes up and waved her hands for dramatic effect while wriggling her fingers speaking, “Automatically. You know?”

“Who?” Tyler asked with confusion. Teena’s face fell as she pitied him with her crestfallen look.

Part 6.5 of 5.10: The Pit Tracuer...

Soon as Ash finished entering her full name, a man behind her appeared immediately in a shimmering effect. It was part of the Holo-vision as he was being projected from far away. The man had red clay like appearance and unusual dark red colored eyes. Opening his arms, he smiled, “Ah! This must be new person I heard all about! I am called the Pit Tracuer and I will be your trainer,” he pointing toward her at the receptionist, “This lady will give the chip-”

Soon as he pointed, the receptionist let out a belated sigh with a long dramatic eye roll and a single wave of her hand responding, “The name is TEEEE-NA!”

The image of the man resumed as if he was still an automated projection, “containing all the information you need as well as the coordinates of where you should meet the rest of your class. Soon as you get home, plug it into your holo-vision and you will be automatically sent to the coordinates from your home easily without the means of a transport. Think of it like a holo projection of your virtual image to another place. I will start your training at exactly eighteen hundred hours where you will meet the other trainees.”

The Pit Tracuer paused letting out a wave of his hand before vanishing. Teena rolled her eyes letting out an exasperated groan, “Show off.”

Ash watched her and Ty cleared his throat at the alien. The receptionist went back to reality as she took out the chip and handed it to her smiling, “Oh right! The chip. Here you go! See you around Ash!”

Ash accepted the chip as Tyler moved around the desk. Teena stood up as he grasped her hand. Grabbing her waist, he inquired, “Same time tonight?”

The charming thirteen year old rogue gave her a kiss on the cheek as the blue alien giggled softly. Her teal colored cheeks changed to a navy tone as she blushed. Touching his cheek, she responded back sweetly, “Yes, Ty. Same time at your manor! See you.”

Tyler looked back at Ash as she inspected the chip. He let out a gasp remembering something and pulled out a device. He spoke, “Oh yeah. Almost forgot! Here! This will take you automatically to your father’s location. See you!”

He activated the portable teleporting device and tossed it to her. Ash caught it with her hand and inspected the small device curiously. It activated after the five second delay as Ash vanished from the underground in a blinding light. When they were alone, Ty was about to leave, but Teena grabbed him. She pecked him with a kiss and embraced him.

They were alone and Teena felt that she should show her dedication to Tyler with another kiss. Tyler was both a charmer and a rogue. He couldn’t help being who he was. The spoiled son of the Admiral grabbed her agile body and moved her around to one side as he dipped her down. He kept his hand on her waist to steady her while she kept her arms wrapped around his body as their lips met.

Part 6.6 of 6.10: Talking to the father

Ash appeared before her father’s car. She pocketed the chip she received from Teena. James was waiting on her as he spat, “Where were you?”

Ash responded with that same harsh coldness, “None of your concern.”

James uttered a growl not liking her tone. He snapped angrily, “Watch your tone. Get in!” He entered the car and slammed the door with anger.

Looking at the chip in her hand, Ash shrugged coldly and entered the front passenger seat. Her father turned the car on. The car pulled out and left the parking lot with the groceries tucked in the back of his car. He drove the vehicle into the mountains where their home was located.

After a couple hours, they arrived to their home. Ash carried the groceries inside following her father. They walked toward the kitchen and James placed his groceries on the table. Ash placed them down and removed her chip. Inspecting it, she looked up at her father. James turned around and scowled at her. He spat annoyed, “What?”

Ash explained as she showed him the chip, “Well, while I was exploring the town, I saw Ty again. He showed me this place called the Underground. Its where fighters-”

James interrupted her with a growl, “Yeah, yeah. I know of this place. You got recruited to join their breed of fighters? This is good. That means you are going somewhere with your training. I was hoping that someone would notice your strength. Don’t bug me about it. Just go. Leave me because I care not if you leave anytime. Remember. You tend to your own needs and me to my own. Got it?”

He ignored her and focused on his groceries. Ash uttered a low snarl as she scowled at him with anger. Realizing that he couldn’t care less if she got hurt along the way, Ash turned away from him and left the kitchen. She headed along the small hallway and entered her room. Approaching the socket with her holo-device, she withdrew her chip.

Placing the chip into a small port, the Holo scanned her. Ash let out a surprised grunt backing up. The room flashed in a painful blue light. With a groan, she closed her eyes and felt her body hit the ground. A few seconds later, she opened her eyes. She found herself back in the underground. The Holo-vision was activated and her image was here in the Underground while her real body was still in her room.

Ash was stunned for a brief few moments. It was dark. When she came to, she found herself in a training room. Her vision slowly returned as she noticed several other kids around her age. They were all in their training gear. Ash only had her shirt and shorts along with her fighting gloves. A man shimmered with his hands behind his back. He was the clay skinned alien that talked to Ash.

He walked in speaking, “Good, you all are here. I am a Pit Tracuer of the ancient tradition. We are of the order of the masters of combat known as the Mekoiian. You may call me Trac. I will teach you all how to fight and to survive longer in the pits. Each of my training sessions will take up to three years, so you will have the next three years with me before I either graduate you or fail you. I suggest you graduate if you wish to be sponsored to whatever teams you wish to join.”

Trac cleared his throat. He walked along the long line of trainees speaking, “We shall begin training. Pick your partner. You will be spending a time with this person for the rest of your training. There will be no replacements. Whether you pass or fail will be depending on how you work with your partner.”

Ash looked around. There were at least ten recruits. It was a small group but she was sure there were more. The ten recruits were a mixture of male and female of almost fifty/fifty of opposing gender. They dispersed looking for a partner. A dirty blonde haired girl with black streaks and a tanned skin approached her. She offered a devilish grin with a giggle.

Part 6.7 of 7.10: The Training Session

When she spoke, her tone had a Spanish accent. The girl attempted to speak with a mixture of Spanish and English, “¡Hola! Call me Sani. I am thirteen. I am your partner three years.”

However, Sani’s English was broken as she couldn’t pronounce or understand it all that well. Ash studied her figure. She was tall for a thirteen year old with a long blonde hair. There were strands of black streaks across her hair. Her form was strong. She was about the same as Ash’s bulky form only smaller for a teenager. She had the look of innocence while keeping her hands behind her back in sort of a bashful way. Her devilish grin was gone as she turned to watch Trac.

The ten year old girl stared at her new partner and uttered a low growl. Ash stood before Sani hunched over with her arms on her sides and her fists clenched ready for anything. Their trainer replied, “Alright! You found your partner? You may begin! Practice your learned fighting styles.”

Sani was ready. Turning to Ash, she spoke, “¡Bien! Ready?”

Ash didn’t get a chance to speak as Sani braced herself. Clenching her fist, she dealt her first blow connecting with Ash’s jaw. It was a harsh blow. Her holo imager shimmered trying to keep her in The Underground. Ash stumbled back and uttered a snarl touching her lips. She tasted blood.

Trac came up to them and responded, “Good job, Sani. Ash, remember to block! You’ll deflect blows better. Now try not to knock each other, got that Sani?”

Sani put on her sweet voice fluttering her eyes at her favorite guy. She spoke, “, Trac!”

When he backed away, Sani stared back with another one of her devilish grin. She was testing her new partner. Ash flexed her arms and rolled her shoulder a bit as she cracked her shoulder blade. Cracking her neck a couple times, she put up her fists and moved in. Exchanging several blows with her fist, Ash thrust toward her sparring partner as Sani defended herself before switching to her offensive stance.

They both grabbed each other for a brief second. Ash grunted scowling back at Sani’s cheerful expression. The blonde haired girl was enjoying herself while Ash was angry and cold. With a snarl, Ash used her back and pushed up with her strength. Sani flipped her arms around and under her body as she let out a grunt. Withdrawing her hand, she made a fist and rammed a punch.

Ash grunted as she let go and stumbled back. Shaking her head out of her daze, Ash retaliated with another blow. Sani blocked her fist and dealt a kick. It knocked Ash down onto her knee. She grunted once as she fell onto the ground. Raising her final fist, she dealt another blow harshly across her face. Sani retorted as she taunted her in Spanish, “¡Vamos! Puedes hacer mejor!

With a snarl, Ash looked up through the curled strands of hair. She let out a snort and a puff of air as she rushed forward catching Sani off her guard. Sani grunted as she was lifted into the air and thrust back onto the wall. Sani exhaled painfully pushing against Ash’s strong body. Slapping Sani’s arm aside, Ash scowled at her. She dealt another blow catching Sani at her jaw.

Sani grunted with discomfort while yelling out with a heavy Spanish accent, “¡Oye!

Part 6.8 of 8.10: Getting to know her new partner

The blonde haired girl fought back with retaliation. A counter punch was thrust against Ash’s chest and her face. Ash grunted but felt nothing as she pressed Sani against the wall trapping her. Sani dealt another blow at her head.

Trac came in between them and responded separating them, “Alright, that’s enough Ash. Remember, it is only training. Separate you two!”

He managed to get Ash off. The feeling of Trac touching Ash was clay like in texture. Ash looked at Trac and cocked her head at the Mekoiian with a curious thought. The Pit Traceur is red in color as well as clay like in texture. Ash assumed that it must mean something.

As Trac backed, he announced, “Alright. Meet and greet is over. Remember, you and your partner are responsible for each other for the duration of training. You have your assignment. Now we will meet back here same time next week. See you!”

As he shimmered out via Holo, Sani let out a grunt getting onto her feet. Her attitude remained the same as she liked Ash’s form. Letting out a giggle, she approached her partner with a question in her English, “What are you called? ¿Como te llamas?

“Ashlyn,” Ash responded. Sani nodded grabbing her hand. Ash uttered a snarl baring her teeth. She didn’t like being touched. However, her new partner ignored her. Sani dragged Ash along hurrying her along replying, “¡Vamos! I want you meet my friends!”

Ash gave up resisting allowing Sani drag her. Coming up to the other two girls, Sani responded in her Spanish and English words while pointing at them both, “Shalyn. Mis amigas Sacki y Sammi. They are both ten y eight. Me siguen. They follow me. You expected to follow. Entendido? I like your moves y your strength. I wish to use that. Together we will be a force to be reckoned with! No hay opción, Shalyn. ¡Ser positivo! Sigueme. Together we are stronger!”

Both Sackie and Sammi chattered a bit before they spoke at their new friend, “Hey Shalyn!”

Bueno,” Sani placed her hand in the middle of the circle and responded cheerfully in hurried responses sharing both her good Spanish and broken English, “Vamos a hacer un pacto! Make pact! ¡La s! Cuatro! El bono! Four S’s bond! No roto! It shall not broke!”

¡Sí!,” giggled the brighter blonde girl with bright eyes. On the tips of her hair was pink-violet. She was also a bit shorter than all four of them. Her skin was pale. Grabbing Sani’s hand first, she responded, “Sammi!”

The girl next to her with the folded ears tucked inside her curled brown hair, small fanged canines, and unusual cat-like yellow slit eyes responded placed hers on top of Sammi’s, “Sackie!”

They all waited for Ash. Sani spoke a bit impatiently, “¡Vamos!

Ash watched them unsure. She remembered her friend Cameron. He was always doing something called playing along. She decided to act on it but using her distasteful pet name that Sani gave her. Placing her hand atop all four, she responded with her new nickname, “Shalyn!”

Sani squealed with excitement placing her second hand atop theirs. She spoke in Spanish with excitement, “Sani! ¡Excelente! ¡Hurra! ¡Bien! ¡Vámonos!

The blonde haired leader turned ninety degrees around and walked across the room. Sammi started to follow. However, Sackie spoke noticing some on their friend’s neck, “Hey! You got jewelry!”

Part 6.9 of 9.10: The beast settles in with her new partners

Huh?” Sammie responded in English as she looked closely. She cooed, “It looks so pretty. Where did you get that Shalyn?”

They were referring to Ash’s choker. Before she could respond, Sani cleared her throat from the doorway. Her arms were crossed and she scowled at them angrily. With irritation, the leader shouted in her native tongue, “¡Amigas! ¡No tengo todo el día! Vámonos, Sammi!”

She held her hand out and beckoned her youngest friend toward her. Sammi gasped speaking in Spanish for her friend running after her, “¡Lo siento! ¡Espere a que me!”

Sammi grabbed Sani’s hand and they left together. Sackie turned to follow, but Ash grabbed her shoulder stopping her.

“What?” Sackie exclaimed as she turned to stare at her with her inhumane yellow eyes.

Ash sniffed her and uttered a low growl inquiring, “You do not smell the same. What are you?”

Sackie looked at her with surprise and explained, “I’m impressed, Shalyn. Usually no one can tell cause they all assume I’m human. In reality, though, I am a Paxxian. I am born human though because technically I start full Paxxian when I hit the human age of fifteen. That is when I become a juvenile.”

“A what?” Ash remained confused. She really studied but not everything. Only the subject of the Paxxian was somehow secret.

Sackie responded quickly, “Well, in basic terms Shalyn. I am half human and half cat but I’ll explain later. Sani gets mad if we don’t get into gear! You will know how she is once you get to know her.”

Sackie ran out. Ash ran after her quickly and followed the flowery scent of Sammi’s perfume. Soon, they followed the smell to a small training room. Sani stood in the doorway scowling at them with her arms crossed. Sammi remained behind her with her hand covering her mouth hiding her amusement. Sani growled in her angry Spanish, “Sackie! Shalyn! ¿Donde estabas?

Ash scowled back not impressed at her. However, Sackie was the one who responded apologetically, “¡Lo siento! We will take whatever punishment you wish to bestow upon us.”

Still cross armed with anger, Sani responded, “Sackie. ¡Llegue allí! Practice fighting style. You begin training. ¡Sammi y yo observaremos!

Sackie nodded obediently rushing across the training mat. Ash walked forward, but was stopped as Sani placed her hand on her chest. She responded, “Shalyn, I know you en holo. Exit y return. Treinta minutos. Thirty minutes start training. You spar Sackie! Aquí.”

Part 6.10 of 10.10: Begin? Wait, are they serious-

Ashlyn nodded. Sani responded by touching her chest. It deactivated her holo as she vanished from the Underground. Reappearing in her room again in a bright blue light, she found herself lying on the floor. Getting herself up, she walked over to her Holo-vision device and deactivated it before exiting the room. Her own father was still in the kitchen preparing food. Deciding that he could care less about the whereabouts of his own daughter, Ash left the house. Tapping her wrist, she activated her personal teleporting device and vanished from her homestead.

“Okay Sani! Let’s go Shalyn!” Sackie responded cheerfully. They were back at the Underground as the girls were in the training room. Ash scowled at the twin beast before her. Both Sani and Sammi were the observers as they stood by each other watching from across the training room. Sammi shouted cupping her hands around her mouth, “Too slow! Begin now!”

Ash wasn’t amused. She was starting to hate Sani’s annoying tone and her authority as well as Sammi’s random outburst of energy. The girls followed their leader, so therefore Ash must play along. She followed Sackie across the small training room onto the mat. With satisfaction Sani turned to her girl and held her hand out. Sammi giggled softly and took it.

The Bolivian-native leader gasped as she responded to the group with her devilish grin, “¡Oh! El Pit Traceur! ¡Perdone! Trac! He allow us train here. He check en. ¡Él es dulce!

Sani smiled at Sammie and combed her hair with her fingers. Hugging her close, she placed her arm around Sam’s shoulders and kissed her crown. They watched as the beasts took their place on the mat. Sackie looked at Ash with a determined look and spoke, “Alright! We’re in session Shalyn. Ask me whatever questions you got!”

Ash uttered a snarl curling her right lip upward. She wasn’t in the mood for questions. However, she played the intimidation card taking her shirt and removed it through her big, tough body. Sackie and her other two friends gasped with awe. They clearly saw she worked on her figure making her tougher.

Sackie let out a gasp as she approached the beast and marveled her form touching her strong arm. She trailed the muscle line all the way to her strong back. Sammi shouted urging them on with her catcall, “Let’s go already! I’m getting bored! You should be dancing by now!”

Sani sniggered as she covered her mouth. She brought Sammi close and whispered something Spanish into her ear. They were giggling at Sani’s little joke while mocking the beast.

Staring at Sackie, Ash wasn’t amused. Arching her back, she hunched her shoulders and growled priming her fist. She smacked swinging her fist at her opponent. Sackie nimbly jumped to one side as Ash turned to face her. Her face was covered with malice and anger. The beast was only using that tool for intimidation. It was a test for Sackie. Sackie collected herself, placed her fists up and started dancing with her feet bouncing on the mat.

Ash watched her while breathing heavily with her clenched fists down beside her and her strong back hunched over. Stretching her shoulder muscles and cracking her neck, she placed her feet on the mat widening them.

Sackie danced taunted the beast with her feet placements and her jabs. She spat, “You want to know a little something about me besides the fact that I’m part cat? No not the domesticated ones. The wild cats. I’ll tell you. We replace strength with speed and agility which sadly you don’t have those. Pathetic.”

The twin beast charged first with her forward jab. Ash blocked it and countered as they moved around the mat. Their training began. Sweat trickled down the beasts’ bodies as the girls continued their fight. Ash got close and hooked Sackie’s neck as she thrust her onto the mat. Sackie rolled harmlessly around as she got up again twirling around with a kick. In the same time Ash twisted around with her body and kicked. Their feet connected and they returned to their positions.

Ash scowled at the beast with a curious growl. Sackie scowled back still dancing around. She spoke, “Good good little Shalyn. Unleash your beast like I do. After all, what’s a little beast like me with the blood of a Paxxian gonna do if I couldn’t fight like you?”

Ash nodded and studied her for a bit keeping her temper down. She noticed a few things about the twin beast. Sackie doesn’t appear human except for her yellow cat-like eyes. Her smell was off. Humans and Paxxian smells were different. While Humans don’t smell the same, they all have the same unique marker that makes them human which is their body sweat. Paxxians don’t have the same body odor like humans do.

Sackie had cat-like folded ears tucked into her long, curled brown hair. She also has the small baby fangs in her sharp canines. They were small and she was still a child in a sense. For a ten year old twin beast, Sackie had the maturity of an eight year old like Sammie is.
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