Book One: The Innocent Heart

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Training the Beast Within

Part 7.1 of 1.9: Trac, the girls’ Pit Traceur

Turning to the doorway, Ash sniffed. A new odor approached. It was Trac. This time he came personally. Sani squealed with happiness while opening her arms cooing, “Hola Sweet Potato!”

Trac gave Sani a glare shaking his head. That nickname was given because of his skin color that was red clay like. Sani’s happiness was squelched by his glare as she mumbled, “Lo siento.”

She was smart enough to know that calling him uncomfortable names was a big no. Sensing her leader in distress, Sammi offered her comfort by kissing her in the cheek and embracing her. Sani accepted it and hugged back while feeling better.

Ignoring Sani’s apology, Trac assembled the girls into a big circle speaking to them, “Alright girls, something I wanna show ya. You girls are special, so for this, I wanna show you a little technique I’d like to call a Maeniques.”

“A Mani what?” Sackie wondered.

Standing besides the punching bag, Trac ignored her and emphasized, “It’s a basic move that we Mekoiians use first to see if we got what it takes to learn the fighting moves of the Gods.”

Turning to the bag, Trac punched hard with his muscular strength making it move to a side. He rammed it several times for good measure muttering in his own alien language.

“Whoa! Is that what a Mani is?” Sackie inquired. However Sani cut her off with a curt reply with a retort, “¡No, estúpido! He no start. Es Maeniques.”

The brown haired beast looked on confused, but let out a cold snarl as Trac smiled nodding, “Good Sani. At least you got the pronunciation down. You must be Mekoiian!”

Sani covered her mouth and giggled bashfully at his teasing. Ash watched silently. Sackie rushed toward her leader. The twin beast delivered a punch at Sani. Sani ducked and deftly smacked her on the head to quiet her. Sackie pouted crossing her arms. She stuck her tongue out at Sani in protest and stood beside her leader. Sani made a mock gasp while staring at her horrified. Ignoring Sackie, Sani directed her attention to her scrumptious red clayed like alien trainer with a coo.

Trac suddenly stopped hitting the bag and prayed to his gods. He spoke, “First before you begin, you must pray in order to get the moves right. If you don’t and you fail, then you are looked down with dishonor. It’s a very sacred move and a very sacred way to bond with the Gods.”

The Mekoiian let out a shout making three girls wide eyed with fear. Ash looked on emotionless as she watched the display of power emanating from Trac. Her brain was alert studying his move as he made them. He rammed one fist onto the bag to push it and twisted to kick it once again yelling. Flipping back jumping to the air, he brought his entire body above ground and twisted again to ram his feet again on the bag to thrust it harder.

Trac let out a scream falling onto the ground and twisted in a contorted shape. Jumping onto the air, he dealt yet another blow on the bag by leaping and missed on purpose. Still in motion, he kicked out with his other leg lifting both his feet onto the air to firmly kick the bag.

The Mekoiian rolled to the ground to trip an invisible opponent and continued his motion rolling over to grab his opponent’s neck. With his other hand, he grabbed the invisible chest and finished his roll screaming as if he forced a very strong opponent over his head into nowhere.

Letting out a growl, he lifted his legs back with a back roll and flipped his body over. Landing on his feet, he grabbed the bag as it stopped close to him. The three girls stared at him mortified. Ash just simply stood there watching with no emotion.

Part 7.2 of 2.9: Whoa! Is that what a Mani is?

Trac cleared his throat offering a cold blooded smile, “Well that’s how it goes. I think. Who’s next?”

Both Sammie and Sackie looked at their leader knowing that she would want to go first. Sani just simply grinned and cheered him on waving her hand up, “¡Oye!

Trac grinned pointing at his favorite girl, “Sani! ¡Mi pequeña princesa! Let’s see how you do!”

Ash scowled at her Pit Traceur. The Mekoiian seemed to be picking favorites and by calling her ‘My little princess’ in Spanish even though he is Mekoiian, Sani was chosen because he liked her better. Sani giggled rushing to him yelling, “¡Hurra! ¡Gracias amorcito!

Raising her fist, the leader of the girls tried for a punch on the bag with a weak grunt. Sani tried to mimic his yelling by turning around to kick the bag, but it was a little too heavy for her. She grunted again falling onto floor with a pained yell, “¡Ay!

Sackie and Sammi giggled. Suddenly, they were silent when Sani’s glared at them. She got up with a groan rubbing her neck, “Ay it hard.”

Trac let out a laugh responding, “Yes. It requires a lot of work and endurance and it took me a long time to master it. But don’t worry, I’ll start you out slow, get you stronger so you can actually use my moves. Well, I gotta be going for a bit. Just remember what I showed ya and practice. I’ll be coming along or if you want just go look at the pits and watch some of our fighters in the ring. Who knows? You might just learn something new. Won’t hurt.”

Sani nodded responding, “Bueno.”

Trac turned to leave. He walked toward Ash and offered his cold smile responding to her, “You look like you could handle this one. Why don’t you work on it and see me later?”

Ash nodded. He left the training room. Sani approached Ash and grabbed her hand harshly. Ash snarled at her. Ignoring the obvious space issue the beast seemed to have, Sani pointed, “We train later. Vamos a ir y ver a los combatientes. Watch fighters!”

Sani left the room. Her three girls followed. They walked along the busy corridor toward the pits where the fights were happening. Turning around the corridor, Sani rushed toward the outside of the ring. She shouted at the shirtless man resting his arms against the cage of the pit, “¡Hola San Marcos!”

The teen turned to her and smiled. He couldn’t be older than fifteen. The cross hung around his neck as it rested against the tattoos. The boy shouted opening his arms and responded with his native Spanish tongue, “¡Sanità! ¡Mi Amor!

Sani tackled hugged him kissing his chest tattoos. Saint caressed Sani’s chin and moved her face up toward his face. Grabbing Saint by the torso, Sani lifted the back of her feet into a tip toe reaching up to kiss him. He stroked her hair and they embraced.

Part 7.3 of 3.9: Watch and Learn...

Alright, alright break it up Marc,” Tyler spoke getting in between them.

Marc grinned at him giving him a high five. Tyler accepted it as Sani giggled at the other boy cooing, “Hola el Stryker.”

Ashlyn watched them alongside with Sammi and Sackie. Sani turned to her girls exclaiming, “¡Oh chicas! Conoce a mi novio. My boyfriend. San Marcos de Ryac! He greatest fighter. Join Los Strykers en young age. Él es mi Santo,” she cooed.

Sani touched the cross around his neck and kissed his muscled chest passionately. As the three girls approached, Marc turned to them and spoke with a distinct Spanish accent, “Aww well yeah I suppose so. I only just joined only a few days ago. Ty liked my awesome skills and I don’t like to brag.”

Sani giggled slapping his chest teasing him, “¡Oh tú!! ¡Tú y tus derechos de fanfarronear!

Ash snarled coldly. It was muffled by the ongoing fight in the pits. Tyler approached Ash and tried for her hand, but she whipped her hand back with another growl. She backed up just right on time as two other girls clambered onto him speaking in synchronized with each other, “Ooohh, Stryker! You’re so awesome! Teach us some of your moves!”

The dark beast snarled again with distaste as she watched her three friends clambering all over the two hunky, two teenage boys. The boys looked to be strong and muscular, but they apparently weren’t a match for the three girls as Ash looked on. Sani grabbed Ash’s hand again and introduced her, “San Marcos. El Stryker. Quiero presentarles a Shalyn. Ella es nueva!

Tyler sighed defeated as he offered a shrug allowing Sackie and Sammi drag him down. They were kissing him to death. He couldn’t help being boy candy and a rogue charmer. Saint offered his hand, “Shalyn? That is an interesting name. Saint Mark de Ryac. Just call me Marc.”

Ash nodded looking at Sani. The beast tried for the jealously hand as she accepted his handshake responding, “Just call me Ashlyn, Marc.”

Marc nodded replying, “Right, Ty told me about you already actually.”

¿Qué?” Sani started as she was feeling a bit perturbed. Sensing that, Mark immediately withdrew his handshake to grab his girl around the waist and lift her up.

He placed her on the cage and kissed her on the cheek responding to her in Spanish, “Realmente

Sanità. Ella ya lo conocía antes de que ella te conocí chicas. Ella lo conocía desde la infancia.

¿De verdad?” Sani inquired in surprise with disappointment.

Saint tried again embracing his girl. He placed her back down and Sani wrapped her arms around Saint’s waist while watching the match.

Ashlyn ignored the couple and placed both her gloved hands against the cage. She was watching two men spar against each other. One was a Human and he was fighting a half human with some cat-like features known as a Paxxian. She watched them with a curious interest. The cat like humanoid bounded from the ring and tackled the human onto the ground. They rolled around the ring. The human grabbed its throat and attempted to pry it off while avoiding its fangs.

Sackie noticed Ash fascinated and decided to teach her something interesting about her people, “Shalyn. Paxxians are actually the hybrid of both humans and cats which is why we have a lot of human and cat features. They are really strong, fast and agile. Also, if you haven’t noticed by now, I only have small sharp canines. They aren’t worth much except for chewing small bites of meat. When I become juvenile, I will be able to grow some Paxxian features including longer, sharper fangs. I am only a youngling. I will start to grow when I turn fifteen.”

Sackie joined her side and continued to watch the match. Ash leaned on the cage breathing steadily and studied them like a beast would. One of these days she would actually be in there and fighting.

Part 7.4 of 4.9: The Beast unleashed

Another year passed. Ashlyn turned twelve. She received her daily medical injections to stay alive and fit. During the course of her training, she got close to the girls while learning Trac’s alien fighting style. The girls were still clueless as they couldn’t follow Trac’s style. Ash had what the girls did not have, her eidetic memory.

It was August. It marked the stage where things will gradually start to change for her. Not only would she be training, she made herself stronger through weights and cardio. The girls could only keep up, but they struggled.

Ash walked across the pit. A thick nose ring loop hung from the bottom of her nose. It was hooked through the center of her nose. A tattoo with the intricate design was displayed on her left shoulder. The holo-vision was active. It was dark around the circle.

She had her curled dark hair pulled behind her in a tail. Her dark tank top over her chest showed her athletic, strong body. Her slim muscles showed. She was getting more tanned from outside training and exercising running around the city in the heat.

Standing alone in the middle of the ring, her inner calm became her ally as she practiced her breathing. Her Pit Traceur instructed her in some of those. They helped making her calm and controlled. Moving her arms outstretched, she clenched and unclenched her hands while she slowly moved around in a casual movement.

Ash kept an eye on one person that piqued her interest. Sackie. She was part Paxxian, at least, the part of her that contained just her blood and cat-like features on her face that included her yellow eyes, folded ears and her fanged baby canines. Ash learned that her mother was Paxxian whereas her father was human. Sackie does have some of the senses and abilities of a Paxxian. Ash would have to watch her growth to see if she is either a threat or an ally.

Letting out a grunt, she thrust her hands forward on her right. She moved it back and thrust it again on her other side. Twisting around her strong, agile body in motion, Ashlyn continued her exercise and training alone in the middle of the simulated ring.

Part 7.5 of 5.9: Idols come from those who we aspire to matter who that idol is

The next morning, the twelve year old ball of fury rushed outside. Ash ran across the yard and towards her school. The pack bounced on her back as she exercised while carrying the heavy weight. She was growing stronger, able to run longer and faster with reduced fatigue and tiredness. Making punching fists in the air, she practiced her moves outside of the underground.

Yelling as she ran, Ash twisted in the air and thrust a kick forward. She twisted again kicking from behind before falling to the ground in a crouch. Her gloved hand extended onto the damp grass. Her curled, dark hair fluttered down covering her face.

Letting out a snarl, Ash turned recognizing a presence behind her. Cameron Sheppard offered a smile while bouncing around. He rammed his fists into the air at his invisible opponents. She offered him an intimidating, cold dark eyed look. He was still innocent as he looked back without fearing her. The ten year old boy grew up.

Cam showed his muscles as he danced around jabbing his fists. He shouted, “Hey Ashlyn! I’ve been training too. When I saw ya strong, I decided. I wanna be just like you. Strong! See, An’Pol gave me the proper push and guidance towards the right direction. She has me training in the holo vids, so now I see how you got strong too.”

Cameron was still innocent. Ash let out a snarl of disgust running from him. He ran after her. She sped up her momentum. However that got him to match her speed. They ran over the grass side by side. Cam barely managed to match his speed with her. He started breathing hard. The young female fighter let out a roar as Ash tried to run faster, but that only pushed Cameron on as he jumped over an obstacle in his way. He stumbled and followed Ash into a small path through the forest.

Ashlyn stopped suddenly seeing the school. Cam shouted as he barreled into Ash. He pushed her by accident thrusting her snarling onto the soft mud. Wide eyed with fear, the boy gulped. He watched Ash stand slowly with anger. Turning to Cameron, Ash snarled with anger shaking her head violently. Cam backed offering his hands in surrender and whimpered with fear, “Oh no.”

Her face was caked with mud. Brushing the mud away from her face, she clenched her fist roared at the boy with rage. Violently, Ash grabbed Cameron’s throat. Cam grabbed her wrist with a whimper. Effortlessly, she lifted him from the ground and drilled a hole into his head with her furious dark, cold scowl. He grunted pleading for his life, “Ash, wait! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-”

The merciless female cocked her head and snarled at him, “Be strong, I don’t care, but do not follow me. I do not abide your weakness and caring for others.”

The ten year old boy grabbed at her strong arm as he grunted. He tried to peel her fingers off his neck but to no avail. Cam was losing oxygen fast, so he tried to speak, “Ash, I don’t understand where all that negative energy comes from. Why you are cold, but Ash! I understand why. Grah, let go.”

The dark tanned beast regarded Cameron with utmost hatred bringing him close. Through her disheveled dark curled hair, Ash snarled letting go of his neck. She grabbed the back of his head. With her other hand, she clenched her fist and rammed it onto his chest bringing him down. With her hand still on his head, Ash thrust Cameron onto the soft mud. She pressed down firmly with her black leather boot with a metal toe.

Part 7.6 of 6.9: One bottle of fury to go, please.

Taking her hand, she combed her fingers on her dark hair taking out any stray mud while pulling her hair over her head. Letting out another growl, Ash clenched her fist as her arm muscles bulged and pressed firmly with her heel holding him in place responding with hatred, “I let you live for this one reason, not because I care about you. No, I care nothing for you nor show any feelings of compassion. I let you live, because the first time I saw you. I saw me before all this. I tried to understand why my father does this to me, and he answered me with the proper one. What I felt before was weakness, and if I discard all that makes me feel weak. I will get stronger through anger and through my hatred of him.”

Baring her teeth, Ash snarled pushing Cameron deeper into the soft mud leaving behind her boot print on Cam’s face. The boy grunted painfully while suffocating as Ash finished, “He guided me on the right path that I should take as I make my way to grow stronger. So no do not follow me. Do not even cross my path, because I will kill you if you touch me wrong. I will kill you as I will finally kill him for the pain he had inflicted on me and the suffering he made me go through. I give you this warning and reminder, and this will be my last.”

Ash let go of his head. With her metal toe, she kicked him hard on the chest flipping him over. Cameron groaned in agony taking heavy breaths. The beast snarled as she forced her head away. Her long dark hair moved slightly ruffling in the wind. She let out this dark aura of hatred around her. Rushing toward the school, she bashed through the doors and crossed the doorway out of his sight.

Cameron groaned holding his chest. Taking his other hand, he pushed himself over and spat blood onto the ground. Several of his ribs were broken. He ambled painfully to his feet and ran off for a nearby medical aid kit. A boot print was left on the side of his mud caked face

After school, she ran outside. Not wanting to see Cameron again, she walked to the nearest teleporter and beamed herself to a certain area of the underground. In the dimmed lighted area, she closed her eyes. Letting out a deep breath, she opened her eyes and exhaling harshly. Her eyes shimmered red slightly before returning to dark.

Removing her shirt revealing her muscles, Ash punched her left muscle on her arm to toughen it up. Reaching into her right pocket, she took out a dark red liquid medicine. It was time for her medication. Taking the cylindrical medicine, she applied it into her arm and pushed down. Baring her teeth, Ash clenched her fist and snarled watching her vein muscles show red for a brief moment before dissipating throughout her body.

Putting away the medicine, Ash growled and thrust herself forward across the dark corridor toward the underground that the beast made herself home in. Offering a cold scowl, Ashlyn entered the training room. She saw the three girls around the red skinned and red eyed alien. Sani turned to Ash and greeted her in strained, broken English, “Shalyn! You next lesson!”

The other two girls greeted the dark beast. Trac motioned her over and spoke, “Shalyn over here. Partner up with Sackie. We’re about to begin.”

Sackie danced around while thrusting in the air a couple times with her fists. Ash listened to Trac as she approached the twin beast. The alien began, “Girls, remember my training. Remember the moves I have taught you. You all learn fast, so fight hard and don’t give in. Grow stronger and faster.”

Trac watched his girls with pride. A smile crept across his hardened features. Sammi took her position before Sani and all four girls commenced their training.

Part 7.7 of 7.9: A little spar just to remember...

Sackie gave Ash a long, hard stare down. The brown haired beast danced around her partner while thrusting her fists in the air. She gave her a cold smile letting out a snarl. The Paxxian mixed breed purred. The long, dark curled haired beast stood her ground. She watched Sackie bounce around the mat. Ash’s cold dark stare studied her without emotion.

Ash snarled. Clenching her fist, she dealt her first blow at Sackie. Sackie ducked to the right and counter punched. Ash blocked her wrist, twirled around and thrust a kick on her chest. It hit her pushing while pushing her back. Sackie rolled around with her body and twisted with her leg to trip her. Ash prepared with a jump and flipped over. Sackie stood and moved gracefully delivering another kick.

In the furies and blows the two beasts delivered upon one other, they blocked with grace. They were the twins who were unable to hurt each other. They only drove themselves stronger to knock one out. Sackie ducked low as Ash let out a roar. She kicked high in the air with her foot. Still in the air, Ash moved with her other foot as Sackie came up.

The brown haired Paxxian failed to see that coming as Ash delivered her punishment twisting her body to compensate the lack of force. She kicked her second foot onto Sackie’s left face. The twin beast was kicked aside as she spat blood.

Still in the air as Sackie was pushed back, Ash fell onto the mat on all fours. She crouched for a brief moment before getting up quickly. She kicked backwards from behind. Sackie blocked the kick and primed her fist. She rammed her fist toward Ash’s face. However, Ash remained in motion while clenching her own fist. Priming it, she punched the twin beast on the face. Sackie missed Ash, but spat blood as her jaw broke under punishment. Sackie groaned in pain while stumbling back.

Ash delivered a blow across her chin as Sackie ducked. She counter jabbed with her fist onto Ash’s chest hard thrusting her back. Sackie followed with an quick blow on the face. Ashlyn stumbled back stunned. Holding her broken jaw, Sackie danced weakly back. Keeping her other fist up in defense, the twin beast stared back into the eyes of the dark beast.

Ashlyn snarled tasting blood on her lips. It trickled down. Clenching her fists, Ash’s muscles hardened for a brief moment. She wasn’t done not by a long shot. Her heavy breathing returned as she stared at Sackie with utmost hatred.

Trac spoke in the room as the girls ceased their training, “Good job girls. You’re getting there. Continue your training. I need to tend to my other students. Keep up the good work!”

The cheerful alien left the room. Ash let out an uncaring cold snarl watching him leave. Turning back at Sackie, she matched Sackie’s long, cold stare down. Sackie scowled back growling with anger. She bled from her bruises and wounds. Sani and Sammi walked over to Sackie and pulled her away to tend to her wounds. Ash went back to the training post and abused it with her hardened fists to train her muscles.

Part 7.8 of 8.9: ...just how angry the beast is

Several more months followed. It was nearly the end of November. Tyler entered the training room to see Ashlyn. Ash was near the punching bag. With the MP3 player hooked on her belt and her ear buds in while listening to the music, Ash pummeled the bag. Tyler walked over and grabbed the spinning bag. She snarled at him. Tyler offered his cold stare as he met her snarl with his words, “Ash, don’t see me as myself. Rather, see me as your father.”

With that thought in mind, Ash snarled again. She rammed hard at the bag as Tyler as he held on with a grunt. The fifteen year old Stryker was stronger with more solid muscles than Ash. Ashlyn rammed her fists again against the bag. Her punching made loud thwacks on the bag. Tyler kept his hold on the bag stationary. That made the beast angrier as she wanted to abuse the bag to make it move.

With disgust, Ash let out a roar of rage. Removing the ear buds, Ash put away her MP3 player as she walked from Tyler. Seeing that she was done, Tyler ran after her. Reaching forward, he tried for her hand. As he grabbed it firmly, Ash let out an angry snarl. Turning around, she rammed her fist onto his mouth. Tyler stumbled back in pain as Ash screamed at him, “Don’t ever touch me!”

She was an angry ball of fire. Tyler didn’t understand as he stared at her. Licking his blood, he spoke, “Hey! Ash, that was uncalled for. I just wanted to check on you.”

Ash growled. She turned and walked from him. Tyler followed. Ash spoke harshly, “Say what you came to tell me or help me get stronger I don’t care, but do not expect me to hold your hand. It makes me weak and inferior.”

Tyler let out a sigh as he spoke again, “Wait, Ash! Wait a minute!”

Ash stopped suddenly and turned on him baring her teeth. She clenched her fist and regarded him with cold, dark emotionless stare while pitting her intimidating form dangerously close to him. Tyler gulped and placed his hand up to back from her. He stuttered, “Okay, you made your point. I just wanted to see how far you went as I continued to watch you. I hope, when you finish training, you would consider joining my team. If you do, I’ll hold your place.”

Letting out a sigh, Ash shook her head as she turned away from him responding, “I’ll think about it.”

Ashlyn walked off. Tyler rushed to give her company. As they turned to a corner, she let out a snarl seeing another boy approach. Cameron walked down the dark corridor. He gulped and caught himself as he gave her a stare down, “Hey Ash! You taught me something. You taught me that I shouldn’t give in to weakness without learning a few things, so I taught myself a few things. I want to still follow you, but from a safe distance. When I finished training, I set out to find you at the usual place, but I couldn’t find you. So I investigated around, thought maybe this was the place you hung out. Sure enough.”

Ashlyn let out a cold snarl clenching her fist. She moved forward to silence him, but Tyler shouted out from behind. He approached him preparing to push him, “Hey you!”

Cameron took Tyler’s threatening move and steeled for his push. He forcing his hands away and twisted his body delivering a hard knock across his chin. It forced Tyler back causing him pain. He groaned as Ash watched. Unclenching her fist, the dark beast watched both boys vying for her attention.

Part 7.9 of 9.9: As the light joins the dark, the Yin and Yang is formed...

Cameron spoke, “Take him for instance! He is the example I will portray as some random, misguided idiot who’s trying for your hand to go where he wants you to go. I will stop him like so.”

Ash watched with cruel interest as Cameron delivered his careful swift kick on Tyler’s head. Tyler snarled and blindly attacked Cam. However, Cam blocked his counter attack speaking, “The holo vid. It offered lots of nice, good defensive moves that will protect me from his offensive stench.”

The boy ducked as Tyler roared delivering his angry fist over his head. Cameron let out a fist onto his chest hard. It thrust him back a bit making a harmless thud against the fifteen year old fighter’s sturdy chest. However, Cam dropped his guard allowing Tyler to counter strike. He struck hard and fast by twisting around and delivered a harsh kick onto the good man’s head.

It connected as Cameron spat blood. He groaned hitting the wall. Tyler let out a yell grabbing his neck harshly, “Why you! Just for that, you won’t live to see the light of day! Ash, you know what to do!”

Tyler thrust the ten year old boy forward hoping that Ash would kill him. The beast snarled grabbing the boy on his throat. A curious, cold stare from her gazed over Cam’s face. Baring her teeth, Ash uttered a low growl. Cameron looked back stoically. His face was holding back his pain as he copied her cold stare. She cocked her head with a curious expression.

Tyler spat impatiently, “Well, what are you waiting for?”

Changing her expression into disgust for Tyler, Ash let out a growl. Grabbing Cameron harshly by the throat, she thrust him back onto Tyler’s arms speaking, “He’s your problem now, Ty. Deal with it.”

Ashlyn walked away from the boys. Both Cameron and Tyler started their long history of rivalry. Tyler let out a growl pushing Cam onto the ground. The big fifteen years old gave him a swift kick onto his back. The little ten years old stumbled onto the floor. Tyler stamped his foot down on his neck, but Cameron rolled away. He grabbed his leg and got up forcing him onto the ground. Tyler fell back screaming onto the floor. He was flipped onto his chest.

Coming closer, Cameron grabbed his arms and held him in place. He spoke coldly, “I don’t know what you have been up to Tyler, but I, Captain Thaddeus Kirk, will make sure to remind you of pain if you touch her wrong again just like her father did.”

He let go backing up as Tyler groaned. He got up and stared back with cold anger and hatred. Cameron gave him a cold stare down and finished, “Its people like you who hurt and misguide her. I will fight for her. I will grab her hand again in the darkness and thrust her into the light. I will watch you Tyler and you will finally rue the day you messed with me. You messed with the name that is Cameron Theodore-Jassik Sheppard. Remember my name and you won’t soon forget.”

Cameron walked and coldly pushed past him before shimmering out of the darkness. He had arrived to the underground via holo. Tyler gasped with surprise. His feature turned to anger as he growled. Turning around, he tried to find Ash. Seeing that she was long gone, he let out a roar of rage while banging his fist onto the wall. The strong fifteen years old shrugged the pain off as he stormed away.

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