Book One: The Innocent Heart

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The Other Training

Part 8.1 of 1.9: Looking deeper into the history of the moonbase...

As Ashlyn sat in isolation on her chair, she leaned back from her desk with her heavy metal toed leather boots on the table. Her head rested on the wall as she listened to the quiet beat of her MP3 player. Ash was a thirteen years old Alpha. She was the strongest, the meanest and the bigger girl. On her face she wore a cankered expression of cold hatred. Her father made her this way as he pushed her away to walk alone. Closing her eyes, she let her mind drift. Her long, disheveled dark curled hair reached over the chair.

A few hours ago previously, Ash walked through the hallways of her school. She still had her nose ring hanging down. Carrying her heavy pack, her thick muscles bulged showing her stocky-built body. The kids in the school walked past. She scowled at them. Tyler and Cameron don’t go to the same school she does. Walking along the corner, she stopped before a classroom. It used to be hers. Peering inside, she noted that a different teacher was inside. Herman Shalts was no longer teaching in this school.

Someone ran across the hall and crashed into Ash. The beast stumbled back. She let out a snarl clenching her fists. As the student stumbled, Ash grabbed his throat harshly with a growl. The other kids gasped as they backed from them and surrounded the duo. The student recognized her and whimpered grabbing her wrist. She was bigger than him. The girl was a stocky teenager and a bully. Dragging him along, she thrust him against the locker harshly.

Clenching her fist, she rammed a punch onto the locker beside him bending the metal. The boy whimpered in pain as he was dragged again. Raising her leather boots, she kicked him harshly with the metal toe. He stumbled onto the ground. Standing tall and breathing heavily as she hunched over the fallen boy, Ash dug her nails deep into her skin as her fists remained clenched. Stepping over to him, she knelt down and grabbed his chest. Lifting him up, Ash thrust her fist onto his face.

The boy grunted in pain as he spat blood. His jaw was bruised and cracked under pressure as Ash hit him again. He struggled again as Ash lifted him by the shirt closer to her. Her dark curled hair fell over her face as she rammed her third punch against his face. The boy groaned as a tooth was spat out into the puddle of blood.

Several teachers came as one of them pulled Ash away by her backpack. The teacher pushed her back as he spoke pointing to one direction, “Come away! Return to your assigned room!”

Ash scowled at the teacher and let out a snarl. She pushed forward, but the teacher pushed her back harder as he spoke with enforcement, “Don’t make me repeat. Go!”

She backed from him while remembering her father’s words. His harsh reminder stuck to her head as he didn’t want her to kill anyone in the school. Snapping his wrist away, the beast pulled herself away and walked toward her singular isolation room. The school decided to put her into a new program that will continue to give her education while the same time manages her anger. She had a new teacher. It was the one that wouldn’t suffer her anger and harsh blows.

As time returned to present with Ash resting and reclining back in her chair against the wall, a shimmering form of a holo appeared. It was an A.I, a hologram of Robert Guielspe himself reborn. Robert A.H. Guielspe died a long time ago. Keeping his legacy, he created an Artificial Intelligence version of himself with only one purpose. He only wanted to live on a legacy as a teaching program in all sorts of variety of subjects.

This teaching program had only one sole purpose for Ash. He was created to retrain or teach Ashlyn to help her become more ‘nice’ or become a good student. It was a special one on one instruction meant to help Ashlyn without risking any involvement or real injury she might cause another student. It seemed to be working for now.

Part 8.2 of 2.9: Robert A.H. Guielspe, the indomitable undying teaching hologram

The AI approached the napping beast withdrawing his ruler. He rapped it on her desk waking her up. Ash snarled at him. Robert responded in a commanding tone, “Ashlyn Sadi Techryn, take your boots off the desk and sit up like the proper student you are.”

Letting out a cold growl, Ash heeded his command and moved her boots to the ground. Sitting the chair back up, she placed her MP3 player on the desk. Taking out one single ear bud, she listened to her new holographic teacher, “Now listen to my instruction as this next part is most important.”

Robert pressed the device and the room was transformed like a hologram. Ashlyn was thrust through space following the trail of a space shuttle. Her cold, uncaring gaze studied the image before her as she studied, remembered and learned.

The AI resumed, “The Cape Canaveral class with my namesake piloted by my own grandson took flight to the moon to investigate. The new, advanced space shuttle was dubbed The Guielspe I and with Admiral Rickard Hal Guielspe in charge of twenty souls, she took flight towards the moon to discover what happened to Earth’s first colony and revitalize it for the next space shuttle mission that will soon come a year later. Soon as they came, he sent out a scouting mission of five on the only shuttle attached to the bigger space shuttle as she remained in orbit.”

Placing his hand back, Robert walked around the shimmering holo. Ash watched a smaller shuttle land on the moon. Five people came out to heading toward the huge, gaping hole on the side of the base. The moon base was dark. Everything looked dead. Sadly he spoke, “The moon base was dark her oxygen gone. The scouting team went inside and managed to repair the base to reawaken her. However with one startling realization, they investigated further and discovered a dark secret.”

The holographic teacher pressed the device as the holo shimmered to a new room. There were dusts floating around. They contained human remains. Robert continued, “As they searched, they couldn’t find anyone within the area of anywhere in the base. The team thought they all were ejected into space. However, one man opened a locked living area. It was the only area still operating. He entered and found all of their remains in this one room. Rickard sought to investigate and discovered a deeper conspiracy of a man who went crazy in the depths of space killing the entire colony.”

Robert approached Ashlyn. Pressing another button on his device, a file came forth as he replied, “Joston Charles, the only man to survive the madness that slowly took over his mind. Suffering under the duress of isolation, he tried to work well with others. However in the end, he started killing. Realizing that humanity was doomed, he was faced with the inevitable outcome of being isolated far from Earth. He went mad and murdered each one of the people. Locking them in this room, he left taking his own suit and blew open that section of the base. No one knows how far he walked, but some say he walked to one end of the moon and fell into the cold depths into the center of the moon. Somehow he survived frozen in time. Others simply said that the aliens watched his cruelty and froze him in time until humanity was strong enough. They deposited him in one of the moon’s ravine where a scout eventually found him wandering around lost.”

Ash watched the simulated holo image of Joston Charles wandering across the moon ravine in this possible fantasy of Robert’s storytelling. Clearing his throat, he replied, “At that time, we did not have cryo tubes available for our colonists. However he somehow by accident fell into a frozen lake inside a cave. He froze in time and the fates brought him down Earth to face his charges.”

Pressing the button, Robert flicked the holo off as he responded, “Now, Ashlyn a test of your knowledge. I expect you to respond in complete sentences.”

Part 8.3 of 3.9: The first part re-done...

Ashlyn scowled back with coldness as she pulled out her tablet. The A.I placed his hands on his back and walked through the table towards her. He looking down with his old, wrinkled eyes and inquired, “Tell me of my words to my grandson about my vision to the moon. What did I say?”

Ash snarled not liking to speak or repeat things to him. However, she spoke, “You said to take my vision to promise and to uphold his end to bring humanity to face their fears of the unknown in order to push forward with courageous heart.”

“Yes,” he confirmed, as Ash typed in a few commands on her tablet. She recorded and reviewed her notes. He questioned her, “Tell me. Where did the Space Shuttle Guielspe I launch from?”

Looking back with an unblinking dark stare, Ash responded coldly, “A small island south of what was left of Florida after the war’s destruction. It was named New Cape Canaveral. They built her over the island later naming it after your last name. It was soon destroyed as the Sands enveloped the entire five mile island whole. The platform was destabilized by the space shuttle’s engines.”

Letting out a cold snarl, she finished, “the island was weak.”

Robert’s brought up the ruler and snapped it down swiping her tablet aside. He smacked her hand in the process with a reminder, “Don’t call the island weak! It was strong till the end. Remember humanity’s resolve! Remember my instruction as-”

He was interrupted by the Ash’s roar as she placed her hands below the desk. She was angry at being snapped away. Pushing the desk up, she thrust it over. The desk went through Robert’s holo. Clenching her fists and pumping her arms downward while hunching her shoulders forward, the beast roared at the old man. Ramming a punch on the teacher’s face, she thrust him back. Hunched over facing her teacher, Ash breathed heavily with anger.

Robert was pushed back. Ash clenched her fist and dealt her first blow. The AI stood tall as he brought up his ruler. He flicked her fists aside harshly with the stick as she tried to hit his head. The teacher backed shimmering through objects as Ash rampaged around the room. She threw desks over with her tireless strength and tossed chairs at his shimmering holo.

Backing to a wall, Robert ducked as Ash to thrust her gloved fist onto the wall. The wall cracked under pressure. Taking the pain, Ash roared and charged at Robert. He shimmered once as she kept running through. Ash thrust her entire body against another wall hard making another large dent. The debris of the simulated wall fell to the floor.

Angrier more than ever, Ash walked towards the teacher’s desk. Still breathing with rage, she raised her strong arms and bashed down against the desk cracking the wood. Forcing her entire strength under the desk, she yelled flipping it over. The contents spilled everywhere. The beast roared at the old man.

Robert approached her as his holo shimmered through the fallen desk. He pointed with his ruler at a door and spoke, “You are done here, Ashlyn. Take your leave. As you come back calmer, remember my instructions!”

Ash scowled at the shimmering holographic form that was the undying, indomitable legendary Robert Guielspe. With a snarl, Ash turned and rammed her muscular form against the door. She left the isolation room. The old man let out a sigh pressing the device on his hand. The isolation room shimmered off as the four by four squared janitor’s closet appeared in its place. Ash’s forgotten bag, tablet and MP3 player was left on the floor as the old man vanished along with the teaching program.

Part 8.4 of 4.9: The usual place...

Ash jogged around the school. Through the halls, she snarled at all the kids. They scattered to get away from her. She was stopped by the master of the school. He cleared his throat spoke handing her a message, “Ashlyn, before you go, someone stopped by this school. He wanted me to give you this saying you will know who it comes from.”

Letting out a low growl of acknowledgment, she accepted it. Walking out through the doorway leaving the school, she listened to the message. A curious expression overshadowed her features as Cameron’s voice spoke, Ashlyn, I hope you get this message. I want to meet me in the usual place where we met before all this. I want to see you personally to prove to you of my resolve.

Placing the message into her pocket, Ash ran back into the same direction behind the school passed the gate down the path. She ran on until she reached the farmland. Cameron ran around on the hill training. His gloved fists hit the tree as he ducked while making thrusts at his imaginary enemy. Approaching from behind, she let out a grunt. Cameron turned to her and nodded.

Making his way to her, Cam stopped before her. He spoke, “Remember this place? It was the exact place we met for the first time. A year ago when I saw you, you taught me a lesson I won’t forget. I sought to get stronger. I don’t want to lose sight of you because-”

He stopped letting out a sigh. Shaking his head, he hesitated searching for his words. Ash offered a cold snarl. Realizing what he was trying to say, she responded, “Sheppard, love is weakness. My father taught me that well and forced me to remember.”

Cameron sighed shaking his head. Rubbing the bridge of his nose, he looked back at her casually replying, “No it isn’t, Ash. It’s what’s makes us stronger and our bonds tighter. Love is complicated. However, it is what makes humanity strive to make the best out of the future. I don’t know why, how or what your father did to you, but-”

Ashlyn interrupted him with a yell. She charged at him, “Don’t mention my father!”

Cameron steeled himself. Placing his gloved hands to block Ash’s offensive moves, he ducked low to his left. Ash retaliated with another fist at his shoulder. Cam shouted, “That’s it Ash! Use your hatred against your father to silence me when you know I am not him. Each man, every man is separate from each other, and your father is not me. I don’t want to lose sight of you, and to do so, I will drive Tyler away from you.”

Ash exchanged several blows toward Cameron with him defending each time. She listened to him and snarled regarding him with hatred and spat, “Ty is nothing. He is insignificant.”

Part 8.5 of 5.9: Cameron’s attempt at quelling the anger of the beast...

No,” the young boy shook his head, “No one is insignificant. Tyler doesn’t understand completely where you are coming from. He does not know where your anger is coming from. I do know because he does not share the pain of the loss of a father. While he still has one, I only had An’Pol who remained by my side. She raised me as if she was my own parents. I still wish I had parents, but then I will be wrong to wish they were still alive because if they were, then I would not have met you.”

Cameron let out a sigh. He nodded approaching her. Gently, he touched her hand. Ash snarled at him to scare him off. However, he brought her hand up spoke from the heart, “Fate has bestowed upon me a chance to lead you to my side to all that is good and pure. Humanity rests on the shoulders for those who want to lead a future without pain, suffering, and being misused or discarded aside like trash.”

The boy stood back and knelt to one knee as he kissed her hand like a gentleman. Ash looked at him with confusion as her anger and hatred lessened somewhat.

Cam stroked her hand and replied, “Ashlyn, I am at my knees. I make this solemn promise to bring you to a closer understanding of what truly means to be human. We will be able to thrust forward with renewed strength to help others as they fight for a fading future of a promised paradise. The vision Robert Guielspe tried to show us was a future without war and suffering. The future is where we all get together as one and thrust ourselves forward standing together. We will fight with strength to keep all that is good and sacred of the Terrian Alliance together and push on free standing tall with pride.”

The rest of his speech was gone as Ash snorted with indifference. She snapped her hand away with a bored expression. Not caring for him anymore, Ash turned away. Seeing that she was playing hard to get, Cameron stood stronger than ever. Approaching her, he wrapped his strong arms around Ash’s muscular torso grasping her. Letting out an intimidating snarl, Ash turned baring her teeth. Cameron hugged unheeded while feeling her rough muscles up to her shoulders.

Cameron moved her long, dark curled hair aside and massaged her bulged traps. Giving her a kiss on her broad shoulder, he embracing her with a response, “I want you to know. That moment I saw you, I truly fell in love. I thank you for teaching me the taste of pain in order to make me stronger. Through this bond, I want you to teach and train me to get stronger. Teach me your moves, so I can use them to defend us all when the time comes.”

He kissed her on the neck. Ash snarled. She didn’t like this message that he was trying to give her. This message was weak. Grabbing the back of his head from behind her, Ash rammed her head back as she thrust his head forward. Letting go, Cameron stumbled back in pain covering his broken nose. Several strands of dark curled hair covered Ash’s face. A red glimmer showed briefly in her dark eyes as she puffed an angry hot breath from her mouth.

Breathing heavily with anger, Ash’s muscles bulged as she turned to face Cam while pumping her arms and hunched her shoulders forward. Cameron gasped as he briefly noticed that red glimmer in her eyes. He never experienced this side of her before. Before he could protest, Ash grabbed the back of his head and rammed her own head forward. She caught his head in one harsh blow as Cam reeled back into the tree. He started to bleed from his head. Ash rushed forward and grabbed his neck.

Cameron grabbed her wrist and protested, “Ash wait!”

Part 8.6 of 6.9: To answer for your rage...

Her roar shut him up as she pulled him forward down. She rammed her knee up catching him on the stomach. Letting go of the boy, Cameron stumbled back while gripping his stomach. Ash placed her hand under her hair and flipped her head over as she moved her curled strands out of her face. She breathed with hatred. Grabbing Cameron by the throat, she thrust him back against the tree and lifted him against the bark. The beast within growled.

Cameron whimpered with pain as he was bleeding from his face. He spoke, “Ash what are you-“

Ash finished her growl as she roared again increasing her grip on his throat. She spat, “Why can’t I kill you? You are weak and pathetic!”

She flexed her other arm muscle as she gripped her fist. Letting go of his throat, she let him fall onto his knees. Grabbing his head, Ash dealt him another blow with her knee on his face. Cam grunted as he stumbled back into the tree again. He groaned staring back at Ash. The beast scowled at him still breathing heavily. Something prevented her from finishing this. Letting out a derisive snort, she turned away from him.

Cam watched her leave. Soon, he fell unconscious from his wounds. As Ash reached the bottom of the hill, her boiling rage built up to a point where she flexed her arms and let out a roar while facing upward. Her dark, curled hair flailed as it hit her back shoulder muscles. She tapped her wrist activating a small transporter. The blinding light appeared as she vanished from the middle of the glade.

Ashlyn stopped before a small closet. It had been close to several months since the last she saw Cameron. Placing her hand on the knob, she twisted the lock and opened the door. The holo-vision was active as the classroom was replaced the small closet. It was all still a simulation. Letting out a cold snarl, she saw Herman Shalts. Entering through the doorway, she studied him for a minute. Ash finally realized that Herman Shalts was only a hologram. The program resumed from where he left off.

The legendary voice of Robert Guielspe reached her ears as he spoke approaching her, “Time has come for me to remind you of your actions against one of our teachers in this school. Sit!”

Ash scowled at Robert with a snarl. He pointed at an empty seat on the back and replied, “And listen well. Watch and tell me of what you have thought about your actions. Perhaps after listening I will consider returning you to the normal procedures of class with your fellow students with this instruction fresh in your mind. Observe.”

As Ash took her seat without care, the AI pressed a device on his hand. Herman Shalts resumed from the last time he faced Ash. The scene shifted to the teacher in front of Ash. The Ashlyn in this hologram was seated with her headphones on and averting her eyes. The real Ash on the back watched the teacher approach her holographic counterpart. He attempted to get her attention, “Ashlyn. Ashlyn.”

The holographic Ash was listening to her headphones not paying attention to him. Grabbing her hand, the holographic Herman Shalts got her attention by taking her MP3 player. He enforced again, “Ashlyn, pay attention.”

Part 8.7 of 7.9: must recognize...

The holo Ash snarled not liking to be touched. Clenching her fist, she punched him on the face. Shalts reeled back in pain. Grabbing the tablet, she stood on her chair and onto her desk. Ash bashed the tablet onto his face breaking the device in half and forcing him harshly on the ground.

Letting out a cold snarl, the holo Ash jumped down from the table. Clenching her fists again, she rammed it onto his face repeatedly enforcing each blows with her words roaring, “Do not touch me!”

All the kids around her scattered as she continued on her rain of blows. Suddenly she froze as Robert pressed the device. Turning to the Ashlyn seated on the back, he asked, “Do you remember what you have done?”

Letting out a cold snarl, Ashlyn stared back at the old man with the same hatred. She responded coldly, “Yes I remember.”

“And-” Robert motioned at the frozen holo expecting more from her.

However, he sighed with disappointment as Ash stated her final word with harshness, “I do not regret. He touched me and I don’t like being touched.”

Pressing the device, the holo unfroze. The holographic teacher managed to deflect her blows and crawl away. The juvenile beast roared at him. As he left, the holo Ash stood and turned to the scared, whimpering kids. They were hurdled to one corner. Ash snarled with pleasure drinking their fear as she spoke in broken English, “Teacher left you! You! Mine! No Hope!”

Letting out a roar, she launched at a nearby kid grabbing him on the leg. She pulled him towards her and grabbed him on the throat. Lifting him slightly, she squeezed down choking him. The boy fought back trying to grasp her strong arm.

Sniffing as she bent close, the holo Ash snarled. She could smell his fear. The boy reeked of it. Bending close, she licked him once across the cheek. Closing her eyes, she moaned with pleasure. The other kids watched mortified. Taking his hand, she placed it on the floor and placed her down on him in a laying position. She bent close to his face still holding him.

The boy whimpered. Ash bared her teeth as she spoke broken English, “No resist! Your fear I taste.”

Placing her lips onto the boy’s cheek, she licked him once across the face before moving down to his neck. The other kids watched in horror as the holo Ash bit down on his neck with her teeth. She licked his neck again and let out a moan. Lifting up her head up, she pushed down with her lower back causing discomfort to the boy.

The boy didn’t understand what was going on, but clearly he was becoming traumatized with the experience. Someone of a higher authority came up behind her with a shout, “Hey stop this right now!”

Letting out a snarl of being interrupted, the holo Ash thrust the unconscious boy on the ground. Turning around, she stood slowly regarding the headmaster with hatred. She froze again as the holo Guielspe spoke to the Ashlyn still seated on the chair, “Ashlyn as you have seen so far you must realize this is wrong in so many ways! You have your rage and your inability to control yourself. For God’s sakes you almost raped a boy.”

Part 8.8 of 8.9: ...that the beast truly has a psychological problem.

Robert slapped himself on the face shaking his head. With a sigh, he rubbed his temples. Ash snarled with a thought about her teaching A.I. hologram. ‘Do holograms actually realize they aren’t actually real?’ Letting out a snarl, the real Ashlyn shrugged as Robert resumed, “All of what you have seen is the result or proof of a deep, inner psychological problem.”

Ash let out a roar. She stood tossing over her holo desk with her hands and picked up her chair. Bringing the chair over her head, she tossed at the holo principal who was still frozen. He shimmered for a moment as the chair went through. She raged, “I do not have a psychological problem!”

Ashlyn was breathing heavily angry at her A.I. teacher for pushing her buttons. He spoke unheeded with a response, “Its actions like these that do not help you in the future if you continue like this. It is not your fault. The fault lies within family. In this case, it is your father. He did something to you.”

Ash let out a growl bearing down on him with her raging, vengeful eyes. She spoke venomously, “Do not mention my father.”

Robert stared back and nodded responding, “I won’t, but you know if something must be done tell someone and they will take care of it. The problem will be gone and your father will be put away or brain wiped so he won’t hurt you again. Then we will have resolved your issues, and you will continue to grow more able to go back into society!”

He said that with a hopeful tone as he pressed the button again. With an angry snarl, Ash breathed harshly as she watched the holo continue. The holo Ash roared launching herself on the man. The principal moved to one side and pressed a button. She fell on the ground on all fours like a beast. He spoke, “Holo, activate teaching program Guielspe One Zero Zero One.”

The other Robert Guielspe shimmered. He picked up Ash from the floor and dragged her away. The holo Ash bit her captor, but her biting was ineffective with holo AIs. The holo ended and the classroom returned to normal as Robert spoke, “Ashlyn as you have already known I am a teaching program. I was summoned to instruct and help you. I was created to continue on the legacy that was the creator of the Holo-vision we all share. I resolve to help you and help you I will.”

Letting out a snarl, Ash took her bag and placing it on her back. Taking her MP3 player, she turned to leave the room. Stopping for a moment, Ashlyn faced her teacher and responded, “I don’t need your help with my problem. I let you continue to teach me, because you may have what I need for survival for the world out there. Beyond I feel nothing. I can take care of my father. I just need to get stronger.”

The holo Robert let out a disappointed sigh shaking his head. The class wasn’t done. She was gone.

Ash regarded him with a growl. Turning back around, she left the room for the day. Her closet returned to normal as Robert looked at the retreating back of his student with sadness. Readjusting the clasp of her choker collar to straighten it out, Ash placed the ear buds back into her ears listening to the soft hum of her MP3 player. Her dark hair moved slightly as she ran across the empty halls of her school. As Ash left the building, she increased her speed to a run behind the school.

She ran past the gate and down the path jumping over small obstacles. Finally she stopped as her

fighting gloves started beeping. Ash realized it was time for her medicine. She placed her pack down and took out a medical cylindrical device filled with dark red liquid. Flicking the canister once, she clenched her left hand into a fist. Her muscles bulged. She injected the medicine into the raised bump of her bicep. Letting out a snarl of discomfort, Ash watched as the veins on her arm turned red for a moment before it diminished.

Part 8.9 of 9.9: What is Cameron doing now?

Hey,” a voice of a boy came before her. Letting out a growl, Ash turned to him. Her eyes shimmered violet for a moment as she recognized him as Cameron. He inquired, “What are you. You’re not.”

“Medicine,” Ashlyn assured him as she gave him a light growl, “My father said if I don’t use it, I will die or become weaker. I do not abide weakness.”

Cameron nodded approaching her slowly. He asked, “So you’re sick?”

He stopped sensing a change in her attitude. Placing his open palms up, he backed as she roared at him with anger, “I am not sick!”

Tossing the medicine aside, Ashlyn grabbed her shirt. She pulled against the seams with a roar. The shirt slowly ripped off with effort. Letting out another roar, she ripped it fully. Removing the ruined shirt, she tossed it aside and clenched her fists. She continued to roar as she placed her flexed muscles down showing her stocky built form and bulging traps neck muscles. The beast surfaced again as her dark eyes shimmered red for a brief moment. She charged at him with an attack.

Placing his fists up, Cam ducked her blow and twisted around with greater speed. Ash thrust herself at him ramming her fists harshly at his side. He ducked and blocked the moves of the mad, rage blinded beast. Ash growled as her breathing harshly increased. Cam offered a smile responded to her rage, “You can’t beat the Tei Kya style. The man is a legend and a genius. He is a true master.”

Cameron looked back at the cold, snarling beast. Ashlyn scowled at him baring her teeth with anger. He nodded. With his fists up, he thrust forward with renewed strength while pumping his fist at the air. He moved himself forward delivered a roundhouse kick. Ash grabbed his foot.

Cam let out a yell as he spun around with a jump dealing her a counter spin kick onto her head. He pushed her off and kicked her several times on her rough six packs thrusting her back. Letting his foot down, he danced a few times thrusting a few jabs on the air and replied, “Now as he stares back at his opponent in the ring with his eyes staring the beast down.”

The boy ducked as Ash let out a roar. She dealt a roundhouse jab over his head. With her hidden hand, she grabbed his neck as he went down. Lifting him up, she thrust him into the tree. Cameron let out a pained groan grabbing her wrists. She regarded him coldness as she spat harshly, “Can your false idol save you from my grip?”

Cam grunted grabbing her arm muscles trying to speak, “Ash! Augh! Ash let go!”

Ashlyn held him in place she responded, “Dead moves from a long lost, long dead master won’t save you from what’s to come! Discard all that is your past and live a life of pain for the unseeing future. You are no match for me, so do not think a few moves from the past will impress!”

Letting him go, she backed a bit. Cameron went down on all fours to massage his strangled trachea. Placing her foot down, she rammed a kick into his groin. However, he saw that. Raising his hand, he blocked it swiftly. Standing up quickly, he delivered a closed fist onto her chin.

Growling with anger, Cam jumped and spun kicked her across the face. Ash fell onto the moist ground as Cam fell the same time. He harshly stamped his feet down placing it across from him. His right foot stayed in front of his body. Placing his left hand onto his neck, Cam massaged it.

With his right closed hand in front and down to his side, he spoke, “That may be so Ashlyn, but the past teach us to look onto the future. I did not learn moves to impress you, I bind them with my own and it made me one. It is not only his teachings but other masters I learned from the holo. It made me a good fighter, if not better. I am no master of them, but I resolve to master your beast and to tame it.”

On the ground, Ash let out a cold snarl and licked her blood from her lips. She rammed her fist on the grass standing up. Turning around to face Cameron, regarded him with new respect as she spat coldly, “Good luck trying. Many have tried and they all failed. However, you-”

Ash stopped not finding the words. She roared again letting the beast charge as she twisted around with her body. She rammed a kick on his head. Cam nimbly ducked as they fought again. While Cameron was somehow getting stronger, Ash breathed hard. Her rage lessened. Seeing his chance, Cam ran at her and grabbed her. He wrestled her into the ground.

Cameron locked her in place with his stronger muscles. Ash grunted trying to get her hands free from his grasp. Bending down closer to her ear, he spoke, “Go to sleep, beast.”

Ash grunted again getting slower and weaker. Finally, finding a specific point in the body, she thrust Cameron off. Rolling out, she spat, “Get off me, Cameron. Go away. I need time to myself. Give me space for a while.”

Ash turned away and walked off. Cameron sat against the tree watching her leave. He was trying to help her but it was hard. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. Inside his heart, he loved her. Cam wanted to be there to make sure Tyler doesn’t touch her wrong again. He doesn’t trust him no matter if he is the son of an Admiral. Tyler is up to no good and Cameron knew that. The boy stayed seated against the tree enjoying the nice fresh air and the breeze outside. It was a good day and he won’t let that get ruined just because Ash ran him down the ground again.

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