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The Wish

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I glance at the six words written on the paper. " Be careful what you wish for. " Ash Valquez is a nearly fourteen year old girl living in a futuristic world. When her wish comes, she may just wish for the wrong thing.

Scifi / Fantasy
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The warning

I huff running, my mind racing as I work my way down the quiet streets.

This is the week. The week I turn 14. The week I make my wish.

Our wishes are one of the most important things we will ever take part in. The Sun God blesses everyone with a wish in unique ways. They choose the wish, he delivers it. But there is always a catch.

My mother wished to be a mother, thinking it would bring her a husband with it. But she's a single mom with seventeen kids. My sister, wished for riches, but nearly drowned in gold. There is always something.

I wish I could say wishes weren't required. But, they are. On your fourteenth year, you will be asked what your wish is at a random time. Always be prepared. But my birthday is in three days, and I have no idea what to do.

Gold, love, joy, happiness, a father, a less stressed mother. There is so many things I could wish for. But what would I actually get? Would I nearly drown in gold? Would my new father be an absolutely horrible man?

We never know. That's why you should probably please the Sun God before your wish is delivered.

I walk to the library, the cool Autumn air whistling around me. I don't start school until I'm fourteen. I go to the library with a dime every day for the fortune teller. He says he is a descendant of the Sun God, and can foresee the future. I'm not sure if that's true, but it's always fun to see.

I walk up the cobblestone steps, turning off my megi phone. Phones have evolved over the years, but this one is still huge, from about 2231. I imagine what life would've been like in this time, almost four hundred years ago.

As I walk in to the library, I wave at all the clerks. They are all happy old men, since women can no longer get jobs. That's why my family is pretty poor.

I walk past the shelves and shelves of books, to the back. I knock on the fortune teller's door. While I'm waiting, I read the sign next to me "Fortunes for a dime- if don't own dime, will accept Nives, also."

Most people don't own old money like dimes. A new money system was developed in 2220. My mom had a collection that she gave to me, so I am well stocked.

The door opens, " Why hello, Ash," Says the rusty voice of Jacque, the fortune teller. " Enter. I've been expecting you."

I enter into the dimly lit room, breathing in the lavender scented fumes. I plop myself into one of the Cherry colored bean bags, and Jacque sits elegantly in the other.

Jacque holds out his hands, and I place my palms into his. He closes his eyes, then they snap open.

" My dear, your wish is coming soon is it not?"

I nod, confused, I mean, anyone could know this. Jacque normally was convincing, but come on, I know about my wish.

" Jacque, that's pretty obvious, I mean, I know when my wish is." I said raising my eyebrows.

"Yes, but I should give you some advice. But first, let me go through everything else.

" You will want to make a wish that would change you. You are heavily bullied, am I correct?"

"Yes." I say, clenching my teeth. Lisa has bullied me for as long as I could remember. With words, by gossiping, lying, and laughing. With physical force, by hitting, pushing, and cutting. She hates me, but my family doesn't give a hoot about anyone's lives except for theirs.

" Okay. You will hastily make a decision, and it could result in harm, or, even death."

" What? My death?"

" Maybe." Jacque smiles , his teeth taunting me. A sharp rap at the door startles us both.

It's Maya. The annoying eleven year old who lives near me. Also the brattiest thing you could imagine. She's rich, I'm poor, she's good, I'm bad.

She barges in impatiently. " Jacque! I need a fortune! Now!"

" Well," Jacque starts, then eyes the handful of Nives in Maya's hand. He glanced over at me with eyes full of disappointment. " I'll be right over."

" You better be." Maya huffs.

Jacque winks at me as he stands up. He slips a fortune cookie into my hand, and gives another devilish smile. " I'm gonna tell Maya she has three days to live." He chortled. I laugh with him, and stand up, waving.

" Finally!" I hear Maya shout as the door creaks shut behind me.

I walk home, past all the children playing in the yellow leaves, past the rich neighborhoods, my heart racing. "What about my wish! Am I going to die?" I think to myself. I walk down Cairns Lane, until I get to my red apartment building, sad looking with all the fancy mansions in the surrounding areas.

I go up the elevator to floor 11. I open my door without knocking, and inhale the mist wonderous fumes. My mom, at the stove, is concocting one of her amazing dishes.

I walk up to her, nearly tripping over my seven sisters as they laugh at some old cartoon on our T.V.

" Ash!" Millie, the youngest, hugs me around the legs. Everyone else is to busy watching the cartoon to greet me.

I give Millie a hug, and skip across the tile floor to my mom.

" Hey, mom." I say leaning against one of the counters.

Mom smiles when she sees me. "Ash! How'd it go with Jacque today?"

" Mom, what am I going to do? My wish is in three days, and I have no idea what to do!" I cry, nearly toppling Mom over as I wrap her in a hug.

" Hey, it's gonna be okay!" Mom hugs me back, hard.

"Mom, there's always something. Your wish didn't turn out too well!"

" Hey, but I got you." Mom smiles. "And I love you. So much. Now why don't you go ahead and take a break in your room? I'll be done in twenty minutes, tops."

I nod, and run down the hall to my tiny room. I plop myself on my bed, hearing a crunch from my back pocket. Remembering the fortune cookie, I pull it out. Suddenly, my heart drops. The paper inside the fortune cookie has only six words, but it terrifies me all the same.

"Be careful what you wish for."

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