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The Wish

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The Sadness

I hold my mom's hand as I cry at what my wish has done to me. Everything I loved, is gone. Burned. Broken. "Ash." Jacque appears with a solemn expression. " I warned you. I warned you."

I wake, my whole body a damp mess. My hands are shaking, and I am crying. My hair is ratted, and I try to pull some messy curls away from my face, but they bounce back.

The fortune. "Be careful what you wish for." I could be dead in two days, because of my stupid wish.

Again, I sit and ponder ideas for wishes I could do. Love, life... I don't know. I sit in frustration and let my mind wander.

I read this book, written a long time ago. It was about to lovers who died for each other. By a man named Shakeybeard, or something like that. It was hard to read.

That book reminds me of wishes. Not the death part, the love part. Wishes are almost always for love. These days, it's never love. It's lust and physical attraction. I always thought of love as something in a fairytale. Something that could never happen.

But do I really want that? I shudder as I remember that my wish is only two days away. The stress is like a column of bricks pressing down on me. I feel I might collapse soon.

A tap on my window startles me. It's Ben. My face blushed an ugly shade of red, and he grins at me. " How're you?" He winks. I redden.

" G- good. Why are you here?"

"Wish help." He laughs.

" I don't need you to help me. I already know what I'm doing." I glare, and fold my arms across my chest.

" Do you? What is it, then?"

" Okay. You got me. I really don't know."

" What're your ideas so far?"

" Mostly love." I said, blushing.

Ben looks down. " What if you could have some things you want without a wish?"

" Like what?" I ask, to busy in my own problems to look at him.

And that's when he kissed me. My heart racing, I look up into those beautiful eyes of his. I slowly close my eyes and..

Get jolted back to reality. Gosh, I loved him. He was kind, and talented, and so caring. But I want someone who'll love me, and he doesn't really like me. He has eyes only for Lisa. And that's one of the reasons I despise her so.

" Are you alright?" Ben laughs. " You were moving your lips like a fish" He imitates the action and smiles.

" Just deep in thought. Now, you really should get going." I wave at him. He waves back, and closes my window.

I sigh, and return to my thoughts. Love. Ben to love me? That was the first reasonable idea I'd had. But, it wouldn't be real. It would probably end with someone dying.

I look at my clock, giving up. Maybe I should head to Jacque now. See what he has to say. I grab a dime from my large jar on my bedstand, and head out. I kick stray robots as they hop around, their joints creaking from no oil. One of them tails me as I walk past.

I turn around and glare at the robot. " What do you want?" I holler,my voice cracking.

The robot sits there, its body shaped strangely, like an extinct animal called the "doj." I think.

This ugly thing is of no use to me. I sigh and let it tail me, assuming I can take him to the pound later.

Jacque is standing outside his office smoking a pipe when I arrive. He smiles and nods me into his room.

" Hey." I hop into the chair, resting my legs comfortably. I get relaxed, and then that mangy creature waddles in.

I jump up, getting ready to attack, but Jacque stops me. " He might be useful." He says, kindly looking at that ugly thing.

Rolling my eyes, I sit back down. " If you say so."

Jacque laughs. " Okay. I have a meeting in six minutes. Here's a cookie. Now, shoo!"

" Really? That's it?"

He puts the cookie into my hand. " Trust me. Just do it."

I walk out, wondering why this happened, when I hear a voice ring out, " Wait!" I whip around, and groan inwardly. It's her. It's Lisa

" Oh Aaaaaash!" Lisa's feet are clad in diamonds, a new style. She walks with elegance, and laughs as I back up. " C'mon! Let's play." She giggles like a maniac.

Lisa had her wish already. Hers is to break into other's minds, and show them their fears. I shiver as I feel her enter my mind, and a gasp for air.

Images of my family members flash through my mind, all dead, their mother open, heads at unnatural angles. I shiver as beads of sweat begin dripping down my face.

Then comes my wish. My dreams become a reality, watching my world burn. Millie screams as she is dragged away from me, and I cry out for her, hoping to save her.

She's gone. My world is gone. Everything I've ever loved is gone. I'm alone. All alone.

I'm on the floor sobbing, the blades of grass acting like a shield for me. I lay in a fetal position, gaping for air.

Lisa stoops down next to me. " Well, honey, I'll see you tomorrow." Her laugh is devilish as she slips away, diamonds and all.

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