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Zero : Blast

By Melinde-Mari Venter All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Scifi


The advance in technology has lead the people of Earth to explore the universe, to discover new galaxies and in the process found that there was other human races scattered across the vast expanse of space.

This advance into the technology to travel the distances between solar systems and planets, which made up space, was discovered by mankind of Earth in the year 2020, when a brilliant scientist named Allegra White had discovered that there existed a Matter that was different to what people knew Matter to be, such as wood, metal, helium, oxygen, etc. This Matter she came to call Pre-Matter, which was mostly made up of the elements of the Periodic Table. The Matter she discovered, she named Psi-Matter, she continued to say that though Black-Matter was also a Matter itself it is actually made up of one of the particles she had classified as Psi-Matter, namely Nexus Particles, and specifically purely negative in polarity. Nexus Particles as we now know has multiple polarities, not just negative, positive and or neutral polarities, besides combinations of the three just mentioned (which would take too much time to explain) there was Nihility, Solar, Lunar, Terra, Aqueous, Aero, Static, Magnetic and finally the rarest Obsidian and Luminous.

It was due to Nexus Particles that the energy needed to travel at light speed could be acquired by using Nihility Polarized Nexus Particles (found mostly in space) they could quantum jump between already set coordinates, no matter the distance, using Nihility Particles to charge what would be known as a Fusion Core that consists of Five Fusion Cells. Just note to self, coordinates in space are calculated a bit differently as space is constantly moving and well warping as it expands.

Nexus Particles when compressed also deemed to create a protective barrier, which was also used as further protection on the ‘space shuttles’ and ‘space ships’, so that debris in space could not by accident seriously damage equipment, transport and even stations that proved to become home to some people.

Other particles discovered was Neo particles, Nier Particles and Blanco Particles. Blanco Particles was soon learned to cloak objects from normal vision and is still used as such, but since have discovered that could still easily be detected using Blanco Particles, again, to send out a specific range of waves.

Nier Particles and Neo Particles were the complicated ones; Nier is mostly used in medical research, having healing properties, but Neo well that is still actually a mystery.

But the age in which these were discovered isn’t what this story is about! It is about how war came to a planet called Terjan, the planet a group of fugitives that fled Earth had found themselves at. These people were hunted because of their believes that went against the Rulers of Earth’s views. Luckily the Nayaians, were willing to listen to them… One of these refugees was a genius himself, his name forgotten to history, and he had built the very first Gigants, yes almost like old fictional Earth stories, like the series called Gundam, and yes almost something like the Kurutas built by Suidobashi and MegaBot’s Mark II that was to have a fight off to see which is better - and yes the same fight that never happened due to a worldwide catastrophe…

But again getting off track here!

These Giant pilotable robots were categorized into several Ranks each with their own classes and models under these classes, but I’ll just give a quick cap on each rank.

There was the Rank-C Gigants, they were the first using a battery pack that was rechargeable using Nexus particles. These could literally be piloted by anyone, the Zeta Class is the smallest and is mostly used for minor task, some people use them nowadays for mining while Tau is for more military use, it being built to take a wallop and designed to deliver a massive hit in breaking defense lines.

Then there was the Rank-B Gigants, for advance Pilots. It doesn’t have a Battery Pack, instead it uses Nexus Particles directly to power it. It was mostly used as a Vanguard but soon found that had better uses when fighting from a range, even better use was found in it for the use as an infiltration unit as it was silent and not as bulky. The Theta being the only Gigant to use Mental Links a type of nerve gear system that didn’t depend on the Pilot’s hands to move the Gigant but rather the signals that the brain sends through the nervous system causing the Gigant to react faster to the Pilot’s control and thus a force to be reckoned. (Only specially selected Pilots were allowed in a Theta.

Finally but not the last is Rank-A Gigants. Rank-A’s were the first to have incorporated a Drive system, no not like to drive a car from Earth’s very old history… A Drive system uses either Vault or Faux Crystal Technology something that not even Earth had discovered until almost two hundred years after the first Faux Drive System used in these Mechas. (You’ll find out how Earth learned to create it later on as the story does touch on it; slightly.)

But_ There was another set of Gigants which is now just mentioned in legends and myths, the Rank Zero Mechas categorized is the classes Alpha and Omega; they are believed to use the rumored Blood Crystal Drive…

Crystals weren’t usable by just anyone, and as the years passed, slowly but surely, people who gained the privelage to be called a Noble started to believe they were better off and that the Commons had to ‘worship’ them. A Noble was someone who stood a better chance of using Crystals. And even if they couldn’t the Noble lineage continued on in the family of a Noble that had either Blond or Black hair, oh and along with those with Black hair, eyes that were either Blue or Green…

Using a Crystal meant to activate it and then move it with one’s mind, the Drive though only used part of this concept, along with a more advanced design in controls. No one is too sure how it works, but believes it is something to do with one’s DNA, it is why a copy of the Faux was later designed and called Vault Crystals; easier to use than Faux Crystals but relays solely on the users’ energy, thus making it taxing to use, while the Faux Crystal got its energy from everywhere, air, water, light… You name it.

The Exo-suits (robotic suits) were relatively created at the same time as the Gigants, using Nerve-Gear, the less dangerous version of Mental-Links. These Exo-Suits had their own uses which will be made known later.

Wait! What? Oh, you want to know what the Alpha and Omega Gigants are? Well then I guess you’ll have to go study up on your history lore, myths and legends!

What? What do you mean you can’t? Oh, because you’re from the past; the past and the reality… Of course, my silly!

Well it is believed they are the only Gigants build with the true and completed Drive System, it is told in one of the many myths these Crystals were called Blood Crystals. In the legend that surrounds these two Mechas it is said that when the Great War was at its peak, just before Terjan could be destroyed by the foolish actions of the people that continued on, despite two lovers who continued to stop the advances of the two parties to kill each other, they had tapped into a large concentrated cluster of Neo Particles that caused a burst of some sort that stopped time in the immediate area and they along with their Gigants were trapped in Neo Crystals… Their Mechas holding hands is said that even as they sacrificed themselves to save the world they wanted to continue to being together in death!

But like I said it’s all just myths and legends! There where they are believed to be found trapped in Crystals is only a giant rock archway that separates the largest piece of land that connects the two halves of the country.

You and your stupid question! Why did I dub this first chapter Galaxies if it’s only a short history kind of lesson? Well that’s easy!

Because that is where it all started! Surrounded by open space and stars, between planets, suns, moons and meteorites, in the middle of empty nothingness yet everything that ever; existed even before creation! When a boy meets a girl for the first time and finally becomes a man. When a girl for the first time completely learns to trust someone and becomes a woman. When love bloomed into something beautiful and powerful!

It starts where one ship, that had escaped Earth, is seen sailing across the universe for near three hundred years, and where the Alpha and Omega is almost completed, and their Pilots are about to be chosen amongst a select chosen few, the few that shows the best compatibility with the concept of Blood Tech.

Yeah I know! I told you that it was just a legend, a myth, but it was real…

And this story will also end out there with the stars…

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