Daedalus Reunion

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The Intrusion

The Intrusion.

Twelve hours ago

The security fence was no problem, neither were the dogs, they actually tried to lick her face when she knelt to offer them a very special morsel. The lock on the lid of the escape hatch tube didn't faze her either, and finally twenty seven levels down she reached her final obstacle, she listened for movement by placing her ear to the metal of the door, at three in the morning there should only be a bare security in the place. Hearing nothing, she proceeded to remove the eight screwed locks one by one, using an acid that would leave no smell. The commanding officer would have a small problem to deal with when it was reported the place had been breached, but they would not trace it back to her.

Now finally she was in, no one was about, she could hear the faint sound of conversation, toward what she knew to be the Gate room, but nothing else. Medlab one was her destination and she moved on. Walking casually she was within ten metres of the room, when an older airman, a Master Sergeant came toward her, he looked briefly at her, seeing she had her cap on and saluted smartly.

“Ma'am.” Was all he said, and proceeded on his way. She took note of his name tag, 'Walter Harriman' then carried on her way until she found herself in the front room of the medical wing.

She scanned around looking for the locker Malcolm told her of and found it, took a few steps back and turned right into the ward, one nurse and two patients in there, the nurse was dozing by one of the beds in a chair. Returning to the front room and the cabinet, she took out her ever present kit and had the door opened in seconds, she found the vials and the air powered injection gun, loaded a single blue vial and went to the computer terminal. There she found the bracket to hold the gun and placed it there, and hacked the computer. She found all her data there, so Agent Barrett had not let her down so far. It took only a minute to download her ID into the vial, then she removed her jacket and shirt and inserted the personal locator into her shoulder with a soft hiss of air from the gun. The young woman replaced everything, re-locked the cabinet and as calm as she came in, went looking for the room she knew would be set aside for her. On level nine she found it, opened the door with her new identity card, which worked perfectly and entered. Closing the door softly she then turned the light on and found a kit bag on the bed, and a note. She read it.

Your folks are going to be so pissed, just so long as they never find out it was me.” It was signed Malcolm Barrett. She folded it, tore it and then went into the small bathroom and flushed it away. Now all she had to do was wait. After undressing she got into the comfortable bed and was asleep in moments.

Walter never missed much. The second he was in his chair in the control room he was on the computer. His watch buddy, hadn't even noticed he had slipped away to the toilet, as he snored in the other chair. Walter would wake him shortly as they were both due to go off watch at four. He mumbled the name to himself “Hayden” and typed it in. There were six on the SGC files, scanning down, he found the one he was looking for. A RAAF Flight Lieutenant who had come in from the Gamma base four days ago, awaiting transfer to one of the new cruisers, the 'Fraiser'. It was her face he was looking at, but he just could not place seeing her before. He looked at the log time and saw she had arrived when he was off watch. Well ok he thought, but there was something strange about her. Her looked hard at the face, wiped his glasses and looked again. “Damn, a lot younger, but if she's not related to Colonel Carter, I'm drunk.” He softly said, then nudged the airman beside him.

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