Daedalus Reunion

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Two Hours ago

Walter raced into General Landry's office, looking slightly excited. Hank sitting behind his finely polished desk looked up at his Chief Master Sergeant with an expectant look. “Yes Walter? You have news I hope?”

“Yes sir, General Caldwell has returned with the Daedalus, Fraiser and Britannia from the three forty's trials sir he's ready to be......”

The familiar smell of ozone filled the room as Caldwell appeared standing at the door. “General Landry, everything went well, all systems are better than expected and both of the new escort ships are ready for duty. Now when can we have twenty of them?” the question wasn’t sarcasm or humor, merely the fact of the need.

“Walter you're dismissed, Steven take a seat please.”

“Yes sir, ah sirs, would you like any coffee or something?” Walter delayed hoping to hear something, anything to relieve his routine.

“No Walter, you can go.” Hank then indicted again for Caldwell to sit, which he did rather apprehensively, Walter ducked out, but he was never far away.

“Now, first things first. You're a staff officer now, so forget the titles Steven, I know it takes some getting used to, but that star you’re wearing has its entitlements.” He smiled ever so briefly.

“Ah yes Ge...Hank. It is a bit of a change. When General O'Neill, ah Jack put me in command of fleet procurement and testing I said great, a nice peaceful path to my retirement. It didn't quite work out that way though.”

“Retirement is overrated anyway.” Hank said with a wry smile on his face. “Twenty? I wish Steven, the budget is on the verge of blowing out now.” Yet he had to stick to the here and now. Those questions would have to be addressed later. “So, how would you like to lead your new ships on a mission Steven?” Landry stood and moved to the side of his desk, Caldwell took this as a queue that the brief chat was about to end, so he pushed his chair back and raised his lanky frame. Hank continued on.

“We have a problem with Admiral MacGregor's mission, it seems there is trouble. He may be hurt or worse, I'm not sure. But be prepared for his evacuation back to the SGC. Captain Connolly is out there as well, so if the mission is not complete by the time you get there, I want you to make sure it happens.”

“Yes Gen..Hank, was there anything else?” Steven raised his hand to his coms, and paused.

“No, that will be all, and good luck. Oh I almost forgot, you have six new crew members boarding with you, they're waiting in the embarkation room.”

“Thanks I'll be needing them. And I hope I don't have to call on the luck.” He smiled and clicked the ear piece. “Daedalus, ready, plus six in the gate room.” Strangely, the number was originally five and had somehow grown to six overnight with the addition of a Flight Lieutenant Catherine Hayden, no one questioned it.

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