Daedalus Reunion

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Some three months after Seattle.

An SG team readies to enter Stargate. Jack O’Neill from the control room gives orders, Daniel Jackson and Teal’c are standing nearby. Sam Carter approaches quietly, unseen from the level below.

“SG Twelve you have a go! Major Swane, may I remind you that this is only a recon. In and out, do your survey Major and nothing else ok!”

Swane. “Yes sir!”

Jack then turns away and head to his office, Sam lingers back and watches the team depart. As she does so, the last one to enter the event horizon, a young female Marine officer turns briefly, Sam takes note that she is wearing her name chest patch ‘Henderson. J’. Sam was about to go to Jack’s office, but determined otherwise, for the moment. She remembered Cassie, and decided to go home instead. Tomorrow’s another day she thought to her self.

Jack just puts down the phone as Sam Carter knocks on the door.

“Yes, what is it?” Jack is little perturbed. Then he looks up in surprise to see his old friend standing there. “Sam! What the hell are you doing here. Aren’t you supposed to be in Washington?”

“Yes and no. I’ll fill you in later, but I have to ask you sir, weren’t you supposed to be retiring...again? But in any case sir, right now you’ve got a problem!”

“Tell me about it. I’m gonna have a office full of em’ shortly...and the retirement well, you know I um..So what’s the big deal?”

“I just came up past the control room, I thought I’d save Walter the trouble, sir, it’s SG 12, they’re eight hours over due sir.”

“Sam a lot of teams go over, can you remember how many times we did ?”

“A lot sir, but this was a two hour op, no more. Major Swane is a professional sir, even if he is British, there has got to be something wrong.”

“Why does it always have to be ‘there’s got be something wrong’ to these situations. We’re not here to push the panic button every time a team is overdue. But having said that see if you can raise them through the MALP” Then something just occurred to him. “Anyway, why are you here Sam. Who’s running your office, when did you get here anyway?”

Sam was about to answer when Teal’c pops his head in the door. “ We have done that O’Neill. There appears to be no response from Major Swane, or any of his team. They may be out of range.”

“Oh Teal’c old buddy how ya goin, nice of you to drop by.” Jack says with his usual turn of wit, he had only seen his friend not fifteen minutes before.

Sam looks weirdly at O’Neill. “Sir you don’t understand, the recon area is only five kilometres from the gate on P5X 449 and it was and old Goa’uld held planet sir.”

“It was, past tense. Most of them are dead a long time, or on in hiding, or running or just eating cake; but anyway I get the message Sam. Have them send a UAV, see if they can find em’ that way. Report back to me as soon as we know anything, if you want to that is, you’re not ‘officially’ here as far as I know!”

Sam turns to leave, “Yes Sir.” She pauses, “Yesterday sir, I got in yesterday. The IOA asked me to appraise the Independence before she goes into service. I’ve got six weeks to kick back so I thought I’d come here first. Frankly sir I’m glad; I missed this.”

Jack looked at her squarely. “Well we’re happy you did miss it Sam, and welcome back, I guess. And yes I was about to retire finally...again. Though some folks who shall remain nameless in Washington, insisted I hold off for a while. Something about transition. It looks like Landry may well get to retire before me, he’s already two years passed his time.”

Sam gave him a puzzled look “General Landry is sixty seven?.

“Yeah. The two of us have got a bit of a wager on it though, who goes first.”

“Oh..um well yes sir.” She leaves still slightly puzzled.

Teal’c re-enters the room and closes door. “O’Neill you seem to be not yourself at this moment.” Teal’c sits in a chair opposite, which Jack thought unusual, Teal’c rarely sat.

“No, no, I’m fine Teal’c. We have one of the newer international teams joining us today and you know my feelings about foreign military crawlin’ all over the SGC. Besides I got used to my office in Washington, why on earth did Landry choose now to take an extended leave...and with Bra’tac along with him as well. And now Carter turns up. Something’s going down T’, mark my words.”

“Indeed O’Neill. General Landry though, said you were getting ‘rusty’ I believe was the word he used. Master Bra’tac also expressed the desire to see more of Earth, he as well is in need of a..vacation” He used the word awkwardly.

“Rusty you say?”

“Yes indeed. But O’Neill have we not had the Russian, French, English, Chinese and a few other teams here for some time now. And are there not many nationalities in place at Atlantis and on the 310's?”

“ Yeah, yeah, Teal’c that’s true I suppose. We would’ve had to deal with more of them sooner or later anyway. But Australians T, they’re another matter. You’ll see my friend, you’ll see.”

Teal’c gives Jack one of his raised eyebrow looks. “ I see.”

A knock on the door, disturbs Jack’s momentary peace.

“Christ what now. Come in.”

Daniel Jackson open’s the door but does not enter. “ Jack, you’ve got company. There’s twelve Aussie’s coming up to the briefing room right now.” Daniel disappears.

“What are Ozzy’s O’Neill?”

“That’s the Australians brother Teal’c, damn trouble, nothing but trouble.”

“They are formidable warriors O’Neill, this much I know.” He bows slightly proud of his knowledge of peoples of the Tauri.

“You watch to many movies T.” But in his mind Jack had to agree, if he had to have anyone other than his own watching his back, it would be an Aussie, despite their lack of respect for almost everything. ‘Mmm, a bit like myself.’ The thought went through his mind.

“Off world activation, repeat Off world activation.” Comes through on the P.A.

“Oh screw this. This is not my day Teal’c.” Jack says “Let’s go and see what this is first.”

In the Control room. Mitchell and Vala are already there.

“What’ve we got Walter?” Jack asks.

“Getting an audio signal sir, it’s Lt. Dreznov.”

“Patch it through.”

Radio transmission crackles “This is Lt. Dreznov, do not send any teams through, repeat, do...not send...through, over.”

Jack speaks into mike. “Dreznov, this is O’Neill, what is your situation, over.”

“Sir I’m transmitting through the MALP, I managed to..dial, but was..umped by..Jaf... I...in visual range...there are about fifty to sixty Jaffa...heavy staff canons...over.”

“Lieutenant, any chance we can get a UAV through ?” Mitchell asks.

“Maybe sir, better...it’s...solid though.”

“Understood Lieutenant, try and hold your position for as long as you can, over.”

“Yes Colonel, Dreznov, over”.

“Walter get Siler to set up a UAV and make a sweep of that gate area asap”

O’Neill “What do you make of that?”

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