Merry Christmas

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The Earth is no longer the same. Darkness rules everywhere. There's no light which means there's no hope. No one knows where this darkness came from... Except for one. Extended Synopsis inside.

Scifi / Adventure
Pranjali Aditi
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It's year 2045!!

Wow! There must be flying cars, floating houses, air bikes and more.

Yeah! These things are here along with every extraordinary scientific gadget which you haven't even imagined.

You will think that life must be great there, right?

But you are wrong here.

People have got all the luxuries they have ever imagined of, but still they despise this.

They despise their desires because it had cost them something beyond their imaginations.

It had cost them 'LIGHT'.

Now in the year 2045, people are forced to live without any natubral light. They are depended on artificial sources to provide them light but they still miss the warmth of sun's rays and soothness of moon's light.

It all started at the Christmas Eve in the year 2015 when a meteorite had entered in the Earth's atmosphere .

Louise Connor, a young scientist, wants to bring light back in this world. But could he?

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