Merry Christmas

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The sky is as dark as a shadow. Not a single star or the Moon is visible. It seems that a huge dark blanket had engulfed every single beam of light coming towards the Earth. No matter it's day or night, darkness is everywhere and every time. No matter, how bright or near a star is, it's light remains unpenetrable to this dark blanket. My eyes had forgotten the essence, the touch of a true and natural light. All I can see is darkness and darkness.

For the last one hour, I am on the roof staring the shadow sky. For the last twenty years, it's the first time I have left my room, or better my lab.

I still remembered the day when it had started. As soon as I close my eyes, the glimpse of that doom day overlaps my vision.


The sky is looking magnificent. The sky is dark with stars scattered over it. They are shimmering aa if someone had spread glitters on a dark paper. The sky is not looking shadowish or dull black, in fact it has a lustre of its own. Moon, is in its full form or shape as it is a full moon today. It is spreading it's warm glow and adding to the beauty of night with its silvery bight light.

"Louise! "

I turned my head and tried to drag my concentration off the window and focus on the voice. I saw my mom shouting at me to go to the bed. I really hate this. I don't want to sleep now. It's Christmas Eve! I wanna see Santa. I will be awake this time. I will surely see him!

I turned my head towards the window to continue staring the sky. I can even imagine Santa riding his sleigh and the enormous reindeer drawing it in front of the moon. He will come from North Pole and enter every kid's home through Chimney, leave the gift near the beautifully decorated Christmas tree and then leave through the chimney.

I was busy in my thoughts when I sensed two soft arms engulfing me in them. I protested to my level beat and then turned my little head to see mom. She took me in her lap and then puts me on my bed. She pulled up my Superman blanket over my small body and sat beside me.

"I know my baby that you want to see Santa but if you will be awake Santa will not come."

"But!" I wanted to protest more but I closed my mouth knowing that I can't win against my mom. I sighed but soon the feeling of calmness overlapped my sigh. I felt the soothing lips of my mom on my forehead. She is enchanting! She is my angel! And with that last thought, I felt dizzy and soon the dreams of reindeer, superman,gifts, angels and Santa spread happiness in my soul.

Flashback over

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