Merry Christmas

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"Louise!" Someone whispered in soft voice near my left ear. Actually the voice was soothing.

I opened my eyes and turned to see Kate smiling. Her ocean blue eyes were shining as she had got something she wanted for a long time. May be she had won a lottery or got something in her research !

I smiled back at her and she hugged me tightly. She cried out

" Oh Louise! I am so happy that you finally came out of that drudgery after twenty years. This is my best Christmas present. Thank you!"

I parted from her and frowned. "I don't want to hurt you but you know that I HATE CHRISTMAS! "

"Come on! Tell me what's bothering you? Why you hate Christmas? "

"It's none of your business!" I ignored her questions and walked past her, towards the door. I don't want to hurt her but I can't let her know this. If I could have stayed there for a minute, then she could have sucked all the truth I have been hiding from others for twenty years.

I turned back to see her staring the sky and tears rolling down her rosie cheeks. She doesn't deserves this! But I can't help anything about it. I turned my head to face the door again and asked her in a firm voice, as firm as I could " You want to come inside or not? It's getting cold here."

I heard her footsteps approaching towards me but I didn't bothered to turn behind and see if she's coming or not. As soon as I felt her presence behind me and saw the digit 2 blinking on the door, I turned the knob at once.

The door panel had teleported us to the ground floor. I turned all around but saw not a single soul .

Kate noticed my eye movements and informed me that no one is here.

I growled at her response. "Why the hell everyone had to took the leave at once?"

"Today is Christmas Eve, so everyone wanted to be with their respective families. Hence I granted them leave."

I raised my head to look at the ceiling and the floating clock, which shows or projects time in the air, showed - 8:00 am.

December 24 2045. So yes, it's Christmas Eve today.

I felt guilty for tying Kate here today, with me. I looked at her and felt that she is really missing her sort of fun. I lowered my head with guilt. "Then you must also take leave today."

She rolled her eyes from me and was looking at the ground. She stuttered "N..No."

"Why?" I asked raising my left eyebrow even when I know the answer.

"I....I do....I don't want to leave you alone, today!"

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