Merry Christmas

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"I...I do...I don't want to leave you alone,today!"

As soon as these words escaped her mouth and hit my ear drum, I was taken aback. Yeah! I need them. I am feeling alone. I am missing them. But I can't let these feelings overtake my intentions. I have to be strong.

I plastered an expression of anger on my face and walked to my lab. It's final day today!!

Kate walked past me and yelled " I know you have completed it. I also know that you are going to use it without any test."

I growled at her because I don't want to answer her. Actually I don't know how to!

She stood in front of me and for the first time I saw fury in her eyes.

"Mr. Louise Connor! I am not going to stop you from doing any stupidity you are going to do because I know that I can't stop you!"

She paused and bit her lips which she usually does when confused or angry. Tears were rolling down her3 rosie cheeks from her innocent eyes but now they are filled with pity along with fury. She moved away from me and continued

"Please! I beg you. I wanna know the reason behind your expressionless face.

Why you despise happiness?

Why you hate Christmas?

Please tell me what happened to you twenty years ago!"

I sighed but then my gaze fell on the tears rolling down her eyes. I finally lost the argue. I sat on my chair and gestured her to sit beside me.

I began narrating my story, or better the story of the world.

"Let's begin from the beginning. "

She nodded which was a sign for me to go ahead.

" know that we are depended on artifical sources for providing us light.

It is because the light rays from Sun, moon, or any star is not able to enter in our hemisphere.

It is because a dark layer of alien or intergalactic particles, known to us by dark particles had covered the atmosphere of the Earth like a blanket and doesn't allow anything to enter or leave our atmosphere, not even light particles.

That's why we have lost our connection with outer space. Also, it is responsible for the fact that there is no difference between day and night.

It all started during the Christmas Eve in the year 2015. The dark substances or particles, whatever they are, entered our hemisphere along with the meteorite which had hit Empire building in New York on 24th December 2015.

Everyone thought that it was a natural meteor fall but only few know that the meteorite was brought to the Earth by humans."

I paused as my throat had become dried. I got up and walked to the table. I took the bottle of freshwater from the table and gulped the whole water present in it. After completing it, I put the bottle back on the table which teleported it to the recycling centre. It flew back near the ceiling where it had came from and I turned back.

When I turned, I saw Kate processing all the information in her mind with her eyes wide open. Actually she's widening her eyes since I have mentioned that humans had brought meteorite to Earth.

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