Merry Christmas

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I walked back to my chair and continued to explain

" Scientists were working on a project called the Project Dark. They believed that the dark particle was filled with energy beyond their imaginations.

So they wanted to utilise thisenergy to generate electrical energy needed to run the electrical stuffs, so that they would never run out of power.

They needed this power, this energy for rubbish purpose. They wanted more and more luxurious comfort.

Now look! What it had costed them!

It had costed them light. "

I didn't realised that my jaws were clenched during the last line. I was angry but why I can't? This is all happening just because the selfish demands of humans! My angry expression had made Kate shiver. After a few minutes, she finally manages herself to speak.

"What about The Project Dark? How humans are responsible for all this ?"

It was then I realised I was looking at the ground during the whole conversation but I didn't bothered myself to look up

"Have I left that part?"

She nodded and I took a deep breath to continue,

" Project dark was initiated on 1st January 2008 when the issues of power arose. People opted for solar energy but it was not enough to initiate the huge amount of energy needed.

Scientists believed that some meteorides revolving around the sun in the highly optimal orbit have changed their structure of particles and it transformed into limitless sources of energy. Since this topic remained contradictory because of the issues due to its unknown effects, the project was closed.

Every document regarding that project was sealed under the high security until 1st January 2015. Due to devastating increase in population which further led to the increment in the people's demands. Ultimately scientist fail to supply enough energy for huge demands.

Government of USA had no choice left so that it gave the documents to NASA and allowed it to work on the project secretly.

Scientist were happy that after 7 years they will be able to prove the existence of the dark particles. They zealously began to work on the project.

On 5th October 2015, their Researches bore fruits and they ultimately found the so-called Dark meteorides. There were only 5 in our solar system till then.

Scientists began to build a machine called Invader to attract those meteorides. They wanted to attract whole group of meteorides but one of them refused. He protested against it to stop the project. It is said that he found a vital information in his research.

Inspite of his frequent protests, majority of scientists were in favour of the project. He was excluded from the research team. The scientists were able to build Invader on 20th December 2015 and then it was used to attract the dark group.

They tried a lot and used the power of the whole country to fuel the Invader. Then only they were able to deflect only one of the meteorides from the group.

On 24th December at 12 o'clock in the night, finally the meteorite had hit the Empire building in New York. "

After processing the whole information, Kate looked at the ground. She stayed silent for a minute and then asked quietly

" That's it? "

"Hmm." I nodded.

We stayed there in silence. I was punched by the fist of the old memories. While she was trying to process the each and every detail of the information I gave her.

After ten minutes of twisting silence, I felt my hand vibrating. I placed my left hand in front of my head to notice the source of vibration. It was my watch.

As soon as the camera on the watch sensed my vision in the direction of the screen, it suddenly projects a hologram above.

"Hey Louise ! " It's jack. He is one of my best partner and friend. But why he is looking terrorised.

" Yeah! Calm down. "

"L....Louise ....They ....They are here!"

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Run! Run!

They are here. They are here.

But wait who are here?

I don't know ;)

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