Merry Christmas

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"L...Louise ....They. ..They are here!"

"What!" I yelled and got up from the chair.

Kate didn't understood what we are talking about but still she gets up. She asks in a confused way,

"Who are here?"


I was replying to her question but suddenly my watch turned off and fell from my hand. Suddenly my vision was lost.

Darkness overtook my vision.

"Why the hell there is no light?"

"Because electricity had gone."

Kate asks terrorised. I can say that she is afraid now by her look. But I think it's happening because of them. We must hurry now or it will get worse every moment we delay.

She turned to me and clutched my right hand. She asks shivering "Louise! "

" Hmm. They are here!"

"Who the hell is they?"

"The dark meteorides! "

"What! I....I think we must go and check Jack."


" Why? "

"What we need is here and what we must do, we have to do it now!"

"What are you talking about?"

"My research. "

" Yeah! You were researching about something but you never told me anything more about that."

I am glad that she remembered this much. I looked at her confused face. Suddenly I felt vibrated. I felt some movements below my leg. I looked over the ceiling and saw the ceiling hitting the air table. Wow! It never happens. I just needed a sign to figure out what's happening and I got it. I clutched her hand and started running towards basement.

It's a cyclone. We had never faced it since the meteorite had hit the Earth. I think it is happening because the other four dark meteorides are coming towards us.

Electricity has gone and this airshake, since we live in floating houses that are build on air by balancing on air currents. These things that meteors are near us and they can enter our atmosphere any minute now.

"Louise where are we going?"

"To get my research."

"But you can simply get it. It is just the next door. Go and get it so Why you are dragging us in the basement ?"

"Because the doors work on electricity and you know that there is no....."

"Electricity." She cuts me and completes the sentence herself.

I was navigating myself in the dark and at the same time dragged Kate safely near me. It's more difficult to handle a girl than a gun. ;)

After stumbling in dark for few minutes, I finally felt the foot of the ladder. I pushed her towards the ladder and ordered her to climb up. As soon as she reached the tenth step, I began climbing from behind.

"Louise ?"


" For how long we have to climb now?"

"Just a little more."

"But we are climbing this for three minutes. Who made this ladder that long? "

" look there you can see it." I pointed at a shiny cabin, The only shiny object there , so she easily found it.

After looking at the shiny object, she had stopped complaining. Thank God! My ears are relaxed now.

In no time, we reached inside. As soon as I was going to enter, the cyclone had hit my lab and tore it apart. The air currents seemed to slice off my skin. The ladder slipped off and clutch loosen.

"Louise hold on!"

"Give me your hand dumbo"

"Oh yeah." and she stretches her hand towards me which I tried to grab with all my might. At last, I finally clutched her hand and she pulled me inside.

" What's this?"

"Any guesses?"

" Nope."

" Hmm...So welcome to my time machine."

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