Merry Christmas

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"Hmm. So welcome to my time machine."

I went to some of the switches and then a blast of light blurred my gaze and I lost my vision.

Darkness spread....



"Umm..hmm." I have a severe headache. I clutched my hair with my hand and tried to get up. Once my vision was readjusted, I can see Kate standing in front of me.

Suddenly the string of realisation took over me and I remembered where we are. We are back in the year 2015 to seal our ruined fate.

"Kate are you okay?"

"If this messed hair means okay,

If this witch look means okay,

Then I am okay!"

"Ohh. Then you are okay. Look we are in the year 2015 on the day when everything had started.

Are you ready?"

"Aye, captain." And she saluted. She knows how to lightens my mood even when u don't want to.

We silently stepped out of the shuttle , I call it Time Skipper (TS), and I set it in the invisible mode.

So the plan is-

I will go and destroy Invader and Kate will go and destroy all the information and documents along with every evidence of The Project Dark. She will hypnotise the scientists and everyone will forget about this rubbish hell.

I don't know much but if I have to complete the intention of coming here , I have to do as per plan.

I told her the directions and told her to return to the cabin and go back to our time. I assured her that I will return but I don't know if this assertion is really reasonable or not.

Anyways, I stood there staring Kate as she proceeded to do her part of the plan.

Kate's POV

As soon as Louise had told me to go, I headed towards the lab which he told me is on the left corner of this floor.

I tiptoed to the door and looked through the keyhole, have I mentioned that Louise had landed TS in a store room? I hate this dirt but focus KATE. You have come here to save the world not your nose! So now focus!

I looked through the keyhole and saw a security guard sleeping on the chair. Thank God his sleep had saved me.

I quietly opened the door and searched through the rooms, the room no. 524.

"520...521...523...524..." I was counting the numbers when I realised I have bumped into someone. My heart started beating faster...I am going to die!!!

I looked at the person I have bumped into. He was looking familiar. Dusty brown hair with a fair complexion. He is looking like another version of Louise except for those eyes.

He is having hazel green eyes while oceanic blue irises.

I was busy in admiring him that I forgot about hypnotising him. But he was in a hurry though!

" I am Sorry."

"No, it's okay." He murmured and went past me. What? Really? He didn't uttered a single word except for No,it's okay. I thought I was going to be disposed and thrown out but none of these happened.

My heart beat returned to normal after he went into the room. Wait! He went into the room no.524 Yeah! He is among those reckless stupid scientists. Now get on work Kate! I told myself and leaned through the door to look through it. Have I mentioned that my contact lenses are multi- purposed? I can hypnotise others, look through solid objects, can sense energy and many more. Also, they work as normal lenses. Yeah they fix my visual error.

Now back here, the one who bumped into me or the man into I bumped, whatever , was saying something and it looked like the serious topic. While the other two men were in angry mood as if they don't agreed to him.

" But you can't do this! This is wrong."

" Yes we can."

" No! "

" Just shut up!"

"It is harmful. It will snatch everything from us."

"To get something we need to sacrifice something."

"You are demon."

" Yes Mr. Connor and now you are Fired!"

What! The man I bumped into was father of Louise. Oh that's why They look similar and Louise knows much about this stuff.

Louise POV

I stared Kate living the room. She us doing her work quite well. I quietly headed to the field and left the building. I am not going to destroy Invader or anything . I never had the intention of doing so.


What!! Louise hadn't came to destroy Invader.

Then why the hell he is here?

Haha.....I don't think he has the intention of doing anything great.

Anyways, guys love this book...hehehe why will you??

*Evil laugh *

Just kidding. ....

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