Merry Christmas

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Kate's POV

After firing Mr. Connor, I saw two other man leaving the room. Now, Mr. Connor is left alone in the room. He looked at he door through which they left and was staring at the files kept on the corner table. I saw a beautiful woman entering the room. She had blonde hair with ocean blue irises. Hope that one day I will get half as beauty as hers! If I were a boy, I would have fallen for her.

" MAX are you okay?"

"They didn't agreed."

" I know."

" How is Louise?"

" I have made him to sleep. He was protesting but I made him to."

Ohh. I know now. The beautiful woman is his mom. I can't just stand here and peep through their conversation. I have to do something.

I banged the door and get into the room. I saw their confused expressions but I am not going to give them time to ask their questions. Now I am straight tk the point.

"Hey ! I am Kate. Best friend of your Son. I have came from future to stop you from attracting that dark stuff to earth."

I narrated them the whole story and they listened quietly as keen listeners. I will be more happy if Louise had got this habit of hus parents. I wonder why he didn't get it? :p

I waited for a minute to let them response. But they were not that much surprised that I had expected. It seemed that they knew everything earlier.

Mr . Connor stepped ahead and asked me to take them to TS. I nodded and asked them to follow me.

As soon as we reached there , TC came out of its invisible mode. We get inside and then I stumbled. Mrs. Connor clutched my hand tightly and nodded, as if it was a sigh for Mr. Connor. In a fraction of second, I saw her hit my head. Soon, my dizziness spread over my vision.

Darkness spread my vision.

* After sometime *

I woke up after sometime which seemed ages. I tried to open my eyes slowly but something prevented it from opening. It was...It was sunlight.

I turned my head and saw something green above me.

They were leaves. Wait! I am lying under a mango tree in bright sunlight.

Really!! I felt natural light on my skin and it felt soothing.

L...Louise lied to me. He never had the intention of returning.

Louise's POV

I lied to Kate. I know that I lied to her. I dint wanted to but it was necessary. I went to the field and brought Shrunk Space Shuttle from my pocket.

As soon as it touched the ground, it returned to its normal size. I hopped inside and started the engine that made a thud sound. I flew it to the direction in which the dark meteorite is going to enter our atmosphere.

You are thinking about Kate, right?

Actually I had came earlier in this time and told my mom and dad about everything. They understood but insisted me to work according to their plan which was -

Bring Kate here...I don't know why I brought her here but it was quite safer from leaving her alone there.....exclude this part.

Come here and fly to the meteorite and destroy it. Mum and dad will burn the complete building which will destroy every evidence of Project Dark.

I was suddenly pulled out of my thought when I heard a blast at the ground. I knew that they had done their part and now it's my turn.

Love you mom and dad!

I saw a bright stroke of light coming towards me and engulfing me into it.

Suddenly I closed my eyes and saw everyone smiling- Mom, dad, Kate , Jack and everyone I have ever known.

I was having continuous string of flashbacks till darkness overlaps me.

I wished the Earth.

Merry Christmas! !


Last Author's Note. ...

Thanks Guys for reading this...

Thank you so much!!

Finally Louise had died ....umm...or better sacrificed himself and Earth had got back it's real possession.


Cheers to Christmas! !

Cheers to light!!

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