Merry Christmas

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It has been ten years since ‘The Lightening Christmas’. That's what I call it. That Christmas had light, thunder and well... It really hurt.

As I drive my car, I notice birds knocking on my door. I sigh. It's been such a long day.

Usually the birds don't bother the cars, did I mention we use flying cars? So as I was saying, they don't bother us unless we enter their territory. If we are near their nests, or as they have started living in big colonies like humans because you know... They now have almost half of the earth's land for them, they start knocking on the cars.

Imagine a woodpecker pecking, but on cars. Trust me, the sound is so irritating that WHO has been considering it as a cause of mental distress. Thank God, it doesn't scratch the metal exterior.

Do you think I complain too much? Well that I do. But can you really blame me? I am the only who remembers the Earth before Light and I'm trying my best to protect it.

But others? THEY. DON'T. REMEMBER. ANYTHING. AT. ALL. They don't even have the guilt. They are just trying their best to leave happily as nothing happened. Yeah for them nothing happened because a certain someone sacrificed his life for these dumbshells.

I park my car in the garage and step on the mat that carries me to the first place I visit whenever I come home.

Before it was bathroom, but now it's his room.

Louise's Room

You see I'm one of those crappy girls who name their first born after their first love. I admit that so don't troll me.

Well you know I would love it if that were the case. Actually I'm scared. I'm scared that one day, like the rest of the world, I will also forget what he did for the world. For me. For you. And for the whole damn world. Even for those bloody woodpeckers, who now work as security guards for bird regions and you know... HAVE BECOME CARPECKERS.

“Mom,” the bundle of blonde yells when he sees me and I see an image of......light. ( I'm not gonna say Louise, it's not his son for Pete's sake )

For the world, the Christmas tree that the governments all countries build together is the best thing. But for me, this little creature is.

“Merry Christmas Mommy. ” he says with a bear hug.


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