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Mia Gates is as normal as normal can be. She's an adopted daughter to a loving couple, an average teenager who loves school as much as the next person, and a keeper of as little number of friends as possible; one, to be precise. To cap it up, she even has her own nemesis in the form of high school golden boy, Andrew Cameron. Unfortunately, her 'normal' doesn't last very long as overnight, her life changes when she is ordered to be abducted by a mysterious man for an even more mysterious reason; forcing her parents with no other choice but to leave her in the care of the very guy she just can't stand. A silver lining seem to appear in the form of protection offered by the CEO of a multimillion dollar company but Mia can't help but feel that something about that is amiss. The question is, what is so important about her that one person will go to such extreme lengths to get her? And even more so, why will another be willing to go to the same extremity to protect her? Please don't forget to comment, review and recommend to your friends

Scifi / Action
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Somewhere in the middle of the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

Two men stand completely oblivious to the thunderstorm and heavy rainfall raging on outside the sturdy bunker they are to admire the work they’ve just accomplished. “We finally did it,” one of the men says, as if his mind hasn’t yet fully grasp the fact that everything is successful. “After all these years, we succeeded.”

“Yes, we’ve changed the world,” replies the other man, looking at his friend with nothing but love and admiration incomparable in his eyes, “and it was all thanks to your absolute genius, vision and tenacity too.” And he means every word of that statement too.

Truth is, his friend really have crossed every boundary in existence- legal, moral and religious- to accomplish what have been deemed a mission impossible by the rest of the world; and for that, he can never stop respecting him.

Silence ensues between the two men again as the first man goes back to admiring what is before him; his handwork.

Thing is, to anyone, it’ll look like the men are just standing around and fussing over a foetus developing in an intricate, almost unrealistic model of an artificial womb; it does have the looks and feels of an actual womb but on a more large-scale and technologically advanced format.

But it is much more than that, the first man knows. This is the future, he thinks to himself, the future of all mankind. And many people have shown themselves to be afraid of what that future may bring, he hasn’t. He is a big believer in the future; and he has made that known by being the forerunner of amazing future as the one in front of him.

“So, have you thought of a name yet?” his friend asks him.

“Tekna,” replies the man with certainty burning in his eyes. “Her name is Tekna.”

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