The Past in the Present

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The Details of 'Jaya'

"There is a flaw in the plan" said Mrityu.

"What is it?" asked Jaya.

"How will you contract this machine while travelling?" asked Mrityu.

"What is the need of it?" asked Jaya.

"We do not know what will happen while travelling through time. If a time comes where we have to contract this large machine, what would we do?" asked Mrityu.

"But that is a hypothetical question" said Jaya. "We do not need to worry about it."

"Small things matter a lot" replied Mrityu mysteriously.

Aryaman asked "Can this machine be invisible?"

"Yes" replied Soma. "A part of the machine attracts the ethereal flow in the sky and the energy in the centre of the solar mass. To answer your question Mrityu, if we face any obstruction on our way, there is another part which will paralyse the movement of that obstruction, and allow us a safe and enjoyable journey."

"OK, but how will we make the machine visible again?" asked Mrityu.

"Another part of the machine attracts light and makes the machine visible again" replied Soma.

"How about we give a name to this machine?" asked Aryaman.

"What about 'Jaya'?" asked Mrityu.

"You want to name it after me?" asked Jaya.

"Yes. After all, your name means 'Victory', and all of us want this journey to be victorious. What do you say?" asked Mrityu.

"Agreed" came the collective call.

"What if the inhabitants try to attack us?" asked Arka.

"Yet another part of 'Jaya', releases smoke along with the light of the heat waves in the sky through a tube at the top of 'Jaya' with a speed of 132km/hr, which will cause 'Jaya' to have a terrific and frightening shape, scaring onlookers" replied Soma.

"If we meet the neanderthal-type of beings, to get their attention, we have to show them that we are powerful. How do we do that?" asked Arka.

"Three different types of oils will anoint the distorting mirror in the western part of 'Jaya'. A type of energy will be made to flow through it by a pipe which will make 'Jaya' look like different animals, or mountains, or rivers which will amaze and confuse observers" replied Soma.

"Right. Enough of discussion. We will start to build 'Jaya' " said Surya.

"Jaya is already here" said Aryaman who doubled up in laughter.

"OK man. Now, can you prove that you are useful to all of us?" asked Jaya.

"Done. Waiting for orders Sir" Aryaman mocked a salute at Surya.

"What are the items required for building 'Jaya'?" asked Mrityu.

"Here is the list. I will read it out for you.

Six tonnes of a light, heat-absorbing metal (Aluminium). Six kilograms of tamarind. Six litres of castor, lime juice, citron juice, and rose apple juice. Six acids, oils, and decoctions................" continued Soma reading off the list in his hand for another thirty minutes.

"Phew. That sounds like a month of terrible hard work" said Aryaman.

"Yes, it is, Aryaman" replied Surya."Have you divided the work Arka?"

"Here, take your personal list, Surya" said Arka who distributed the rest of the personal lists to their respective collectors.

Each of them set off to collect all the things in their respective lists.

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