The Past in the Present

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The Construction of 'Jaya'

A month later the requirements of 'Jaya' were collected in the underground tunnel in the backyard of the small room. To put all of it together, the six divided themselves into three - Surya and Jaya, Arka and Soma, and Mrityu and Aryaman. They divided the entire machine into three broad parts and set to work on their respective parts.

"This 'Jaya' can do unimaginable things. The main purpose of us going to the Past is to accumulate knowledge about the Past" said Surya.

"Why don't we go to the future?" asked Mrityu. "That would give us greater knowledge."

"Yes, you are right, but first we will know about our past and then think about the future" said Surya.

"We can return to the present through this machine itself, right?" asked Aryaman.

"Of course we can. We can adjust the date and time through the interface in the front part of 'Jaya' " replied Soma.

And so it went for a year till they finally completed the construction of that machine which they named 'Jaya'.

"What a beauty!" exclaimed Soma who was amazed at the wonderful machine. It was three stories high, and had thousands of tiny to large machines which were waiting for the command to perform their actions. All parts were difficult to describe as they had tiny parts within themselves. It was the most wonderful machine they would ever see.

"What is the plan now?" asked Jaya.

"You are the planner, aren't you?" asked Aryaman.

"I am waiting for orders from Surya" replied Jaya.

"Here is my proposal. We will travel to the Age of the Dinosaurs and smuggle two eggs of every species to propagate their line in the present. Then we will go to every place and time where a monument is being destroyed, and stop it from getting destroyed" said Surya.

"Then?" asked Arka.

"Then we return to the present and change the features of this machine in such a way that it takes us to the future. We will plan for that later" completed Surya.

"I am not interested in bringing back dinosaur eggs with me" said Aryaman. "Furthermore, we will not have that much space in our machine to store those eggs."

"You are right for once, Arya" said Arka. "I agree to both your arguments".

"Can we board 'Jaya' now?" asked Jaya.

"Don't you see that we are discussing right now, Jaya?" asked Surya sarcastically. "Ok then. What do you propose to do Arka and Arya?"

"Call me by my name 'Aryaman', not by 'Arya' "said Aryaman.

"Enough of it. Listen to me now. We will just journey without a plan to the Past and do what is right over there. We will just leave everything to fate" said Mrityu.

"That is stupidity. We cannot let anything to fate. What about our lives? I do not want to die in the Past" said Surya.

"We will just plan on our way, when we face any difficult situation. We should not face any kind of tough situations, but we cannot say that we will not. We will hope for the best and leave as soon as possible which is right now" said Soma speaking after a long time.

"Agreed" said everyone except Soma and Surya. Surya was forced to accept that decision by Soma.

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