Wolf Dominion

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On Genesis, the Wolf Kind rule and Human Kind is on the brink of extinction. All Human males have been slaughtered and all the females left behind are taken as slaves under the Wolf Dominion. Alpha Skye oversees and maintains the Wolf Kind’s power, and he doesn’t foresee any humans as threats; they are only pets in his eyes. Ryder is a human female with one goal. Assassinate Alpha Skye. Why? Of course; vengeance. Which might be a problem, when the Alpha’s lips find their mark on her mouth. Will Ryder survive the Alpha's kiss, or fall into an easy trap of seduction that she may never escape from again.

Scifi / Romance
C. Swallow
4.7 52 reviews
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Chapter 1

Alpha Skye’s eyes burned with a brilliance unknown to mankind. Genius. Predatory. Lethal. Cruel. His blue gaze matched the sky, so I guess his eyes matched his name, while his thick black hair flowed heavy past his shoulders and a scared lip smirked in every poster of war.

Wolves ruled this planet.

Human Kind made the worst mistake landing on Genesis to start a new beginning 200 years ago. All my species knew since then, was loss and pain. There were enough species fighting for the habitable land and Human Kind thought weapons would be enough to secure a fertile patch.


They had bigger weapons. The Wolf Kind.

Still a mystery to me, how they lived, they were more Masters of Death in my eyes.

I glance up now past a blazing Genesis sun, to where Alpha Skye stands; twenty stories above, looking over a polished balcony draped in his species flag; a crimson red with a black claw slashing through it. We own everything beneath us. A generous slogan.

The harsh sand washes over the human females marched in, with a strong gale that could blind you if you didn’t close your eyes against it.

A young Slave Trader presents the new captured pets to another of his species, this higher rank was dressed in black and red silks, “All captured this morning, President Vice, in a cave system not far from the Dry Canyon. Human females. Possibly some of the last,” The Slave Trader turns to us, ”Prepare for slavery. You’re stripped of every rebel affiliation from this point. You’re nothing but pets to the Wolf Dominion and you must submit or face the consequences of defiance – which you know for your kind is death.”

The chain tugs at my neck, the sharp links pull and scrape my skin raw as the Slave Trader jerks on the leash combining and connecting the five of us captured today.

Most were hungry starving females barely surviving; I was something different.

As we stand after kneeling in the scorching heat, I slip one broken link from the chain and I pull away from the line of slaves being led into the Fortified Solividian City owned by the Wolf Dominion.

An indestructible mirrored structure, shaped like a massive honey bee nest, where all the Wolf Kind resided within. It protected them from the scorching heat and blasting sand storms.

I had no idea what was in those walls.

Slipping from my mismanaged chain, I pretend to run away aimlessly, knowing a soldier will simply drag me back into the line. I want them to think I’m stupid.

However, I’m wrong on one account as I dash for the hundred foot colossal gates we were just marched through.

I’m not chased. I’m not held down.

I’m hit with a sharp bolt, tazed swiftly down to the compact sand, the volts clearly designed for bigger creatures on Genesis. Like the Reptilian Kind or the Bear Kind or the Cat Kind. Enemies of the Wolf Kind; but neither our friends.

When my body smashes into the ground, I tear the skin on my knees and elbows, and all limbs freeze up; I’m sure I’m half dead, but I’m still breathing.

And that’s all that matters.

If I could breathe, I had a chance to complete the task I charged myself with.

The assassination of Alpha Skye.

The very bastard watching me from above. I feel his judgement and amusement baring down on me in my last moments of consciousness, as I’m burning up on the ground.

His kind? Killed half of my entire species.

The males were all dead now.

Human females remained.

That was all.

So even though my species was doomed, that didn’t mean my heart wasn’t bled dry.

I had feeling within my bones, and it was all directed towards vengeance for my species and for my slaughtered father.

I just had to get close to Alpha Skye.

Being enslaved?

Was simply step one.

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