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Chapter 2

Rimwalker awoke. Jan Kolby, alias the ‘Rimwalker’ was suddenly awakened by a jolt to the ship. He looked at the digiclock. It was still 3 hours to Arcturia and he was sure he would have slept the distance apart from this disturbance. Getting up quickly he ran to the command deck. The Wolfklaw’s command deck was a pretty basic affair, not surprising given the age of the ship. It was one of the early star-solar ships of the human confederation of planets, now over 1500 years old, but still in reasonable shape considering the distances it had travelled. The Command deck was run mostly by audio programmed computers, who you really only needed to speak commands to. There were in fact controls at the deck, which Rimwalker was acquainted with and had used occasionally, but most things ran themselves. Fortunately the confederation had an ample supply of dedicated tech-heads ever so happy to take a look at the ancient ship and tinker with it whenever he was at a suitable port. At the front of the command deck were 3 main screens, a central one, and 2 smaller ones on either side. They were standard LCD screens as that was the major technology at the beginning of the confederation being used, and they worked well enough, but he had often thought about putting in some of the more advanced holographons for a better 3D image. Usually, though, he was too miserly when he gave it serious thought as the LCD generally worked well enough. ‘Computer. Please identify source of jolt.’ Various lights before him whirred and spun and soon a female voice responded.’Greetings captain. The source of the jolt was an unidentified metallic missile. Sensors read that there is some sort of attachment to the ship currently.’‘Analysis,’ asked Jan.’A hostile alien boarding or capture seems statistically probable. Though they may wish you no harm captain. This sector has little hostile activity in our current databanks and they may be simply cautious.’’Give us a look then.’The screen came alive and images of a large metal object, perhaps magnetic, with a cable attached was shown.’Why magnetic? Are they that primitive not to use gravitational tractor beams?’‘Quite possibly, Captain,’ replied the computer.’Mmm. Interesting. Can you see were that cable goes.’‘Locating endsource of cable, captain,’ responded the computer.Coming onto the screen, the computer enlarging the image, was a small spaceship, about the size of the Wolfklaw, and about as primitive looking.‘Captain,’ began the computer. ’This appears to be a primitive tug-ship. We are being towed to its homebase.’‘We’ll see about that,’ responded Rimwalker. ’Computer, prepare the ‘Cub’. I am going to drop our friends a little visit and let them know this ship is taken.’‘As you wish Captain.’ Coming into the ‘Cub’, the Wolfklaw’s tiny child as it were, Rimwalker brought his phaser and translator. He wanted to be careful and polite, and sensed he wouldn’t have too much trouble, but caution was needed as well. Getting into the cub he piloted the ship out of the small dock and headed towards his captor.

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