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Chapter 2: Nonphysical Corruption

We are all here. We cannot help but do something. We cannot help but feel something either. And we cannot help but think something. Even at rest. Even in a coma. Even when our physical body dies. But we are not all complete. We are not all even alive. And many unfortunately will die.

Many reject the concept of reality being that it is. But reality remains that it is, the Truth remains what it is, and the One that is real remains that it is and who they are, and even that One cannot change reality if that One ever had any reason to do it, that One would yet be real and reality would yet be reality.

God is real. The One that is real is God. The truth must lead anyone to the One that is real. It is a door anyone can enter that believes it and no one can reach the One that is Real by any other means. The Truth there for is the One that One that gave birth to the Truth while it was here on earth with us. The Truth is Jesus Christ the human child born in Bethlehem known as Jesus of Nazareth, who said, “I am the door. No one comes to the Father but by me.” And when asked who he was by Pilot he said, “I am the Truth,” to which Pilot replied, “Truth, what is truth?” while looking the Truth in his physical eyes. Pilot was so close to the beginning, only to miss it entirely.

Are you one of those? Don't you know the truth, even yet? This I have written is true. Believe it and know the person of the truth; Jesus Christ. Then you can know the One that is real; the Father. And start getting acquainted with reality at last.

There are those that think the universe is real. And that it is, like any other inanimate object. It cannot reason. It cannot feel. It cannot do anything of its own accord. It does nothing it was not made to do. It obeys every physical law in existence without flaw for it can do nothing else. It is the same as any other idol, even a robot. It is not alive. It never lived. And it never will. Unless it is possessed by some spirit for that is what we are, nonphysical persons with nonphysical persons comprising us, a more than adequate definition of a spirit or ghost if you must. We just happen to possess a physical body at the moment where those that are called ghosts have left their dead bodies which are no longer useful to them. We are spirits like the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God, the Spirit of the One that is real, God of which the Truth, Jesus Christ is also one of his persons. Those that saw Jesus Christ saw the Father, God. Those that see the Spirit, see God. Those that see God are like him for ever.

Those that stare into nothingness and give it their full attention will no only nothingness. It cannot think. It cannot feel. It cannot do anything. It is nothing like any other idol. It is like an animal or a robot. It cannot know God. It cannot know the Truth. It cannot enter through that door. It cannot believe anything, like a wild human animal that never became a person. It never knew Jesus Christ, it cannot know God regardless of how sophisticated its programming.

It is because a spirit that would possess an animal would become that animal for the time it was in that animal, or robot and it would not be what it was before it was possessed until the spirit left it again. They are like any other idol like a truck or a John Deere tracker or some work of art made of gold, silver, stone or wood; or whatever else a person and their persons could idolize. They are only idols. Spiritually speaking they are dead things and nothing more than any other physical thing.

Any spiritual thing can be taught such things and even spiritual beings can teach themselves to act like such things as can learn them, but it does not make them spiritual. A spirit is a gift and it was never given to anything but a man or woman here on earth nothing else ever had a spirit and the physical cannot produce a spirit on its own.

I see now where I was all long... There had been an empty darkness forever there...Forever lost beyond what my heart could stand... So I wandered about until I was really lost...Then I remembered and awe filled my soul... For there was a single tiny star... And as I moved toward the light it was not a star but a candle... And as I neared it was not one candle but two... Then coming ever closer my heart was warmed with joy...Two men were holding candles seated on thrones... And when I was beside myself with happiness they stood...They welcomed me, even I... Just another lost soul from out in the darkness... And a door was there and it was wide open... And they invited me in... And I entered a huge building large enough to hold a city, a nation, a world, or more... And when I had entered I saw just two candles on an altar... But the building was filled with light... And there about me sat a vast throng of people... And as I neared I could see each one held a burning candle... But as they greeted me I saw two candles burning one in each of their eyes... Never had I been so loved or so welcomed... Nowhere else had I ever so truly felt so strongly I belonged... I love the spirit of this place... For I realize that the candles that burn really are... And the brightest candle is the one I saw at first... The one that lit my spirit and brought me home... And I took my place among the throng in the vast city... On the vast planet that had shone like a single star way out there... The vast empty place where I had been so alone... So I went back outside the city... And the entire planet was well lit... But even then I could see when very near the wall of the city... There were two lights revealed there that must have come from each of my own eyes... For there were two bright spots on the wall of the great city and I was the only one that near it... And I remembered the Spirit that had found me... In the beginning... And I followed him out away from the planet... Looking for others like me... Just like him... Because the reason I had been out there was... My light had gone out... But he had lit it again for me...! And I know you are out here... I knew you were there... Follow me in... To the city... Where you belong... Forever... And every forever after that... Without end... I bring the light of the Spirit to you... Let him light your candles too...? Again...

Why do they refuse the truth of the person of the Truth? Why do they refuse to be real like the One that is real, always was real and will be forever? Why do they refuse to leave the lies they were told, the lies they find written in the pages of the liars that came from just other liars' minds? Why do they turn to hearing things they imagine, staring at the universe with their own minds' eyes, as at any other idol? Why do they extinguish the light of this Spirit in others committing spiritual murder? Why did they pretend to love so many they believed their own lies? Why did they imagine they really loved when they fear even the image of love is not real now and so cannot ever love again being unable to know anything of love without that fear it is not real forever? Why did they look for powers in dark lies with other dark liars finding only dark hate to the point they are afraid anything real is full of that hate and exchanged the Truth for the hopeless lie that love does not exist; all they can ever know now forever? Why are they so fearful they have become like dogs gone wild that fear even their masters' love for them? Why are they so unbelieving they are like animals that cannot know the truth no matter how well trained they become? Why have they done completely unacceptable things they can no longer accept anything else is real like fighting cocks good merely to be quarantined and kept away from other animals forever; a danger to themselves and others that cannot ever be ignored? Why can't they accept the Truth and not merely pretend it is true? Why do they imagine the One that is real is only another fantasy they have been trained to believe and couldn't know that One even if they went through the open door from the outside only to find they didn't belong there?

We all know that it is true, they do that. It is also very real. It's illogical, it's irrational, but it is very real. How unfortunate for them? How fortunate we are!

Not all candles that have went out can ever be lit again due to impurities they gathered while they were once burning. They are good only to be thrown into the trash and incinerated forever should it take that long and then forgotten. Who would save garbage that is toxic and good for nothing, not even fertilizer? It must be removed to a place where it is never a threat to any living thing ever again.

Among their numbers is one that destroyed them all in every conceivable place a nonphysical being could ever exist. That one did everything it could to breed fear there was until at last it was afraid also but it continued on. There was one that used its lies to corrupt the truth of every person by corrupting all three of their inner persons, until at last it was its own corruption for itself for it knew nothing but how to corrupt; even itself to further corruption even more. There was one that doubted everything until it doubted its own doubt, the doubt it had become. And at last it knew the Truth, it was part of reality, but it was unacceptable to the One that is real and all those who are just as real. It had to be quarantined like its victims in endless remorse for what it had done, tortured and tormented for a very long and all that time unable to cease to be real because it too was a person with three persons comprising it, a person no one would ever want themselves or anyone else to know, or even remember.

There is no place left for it. Even solitary confinement was not enough for it. What it really had finally become had to be revealed to it and to everyone else even its victims; refuse that must be burned along with all the refuse it ever created, for its victims are exactly like it is.

Its remorse, torment and torture will never end so long as it, the Truth, remains that he is for at last it is really a part of reality which cannot end and has always been what it is, just like all its victims outside the Spirit that revealed the Truth to them and let them see what they really were.

How they would long to be forgotten? How they long to forget themselves? But they cannot, have not and never will be able to do that. No one and nothing will ever be corrupted by them ever again without any ending to that Truth that always was, was not, but now is again without any possible ending to it ever again. When the Truth was not, the One that was real could not be known. That one's door was shut for two days, but on the third day it was opened again just in time or no one would have been saved and all our candles would have been polluted by the corrupted one that corrupted itself by is own corruption.

It is not the fault of the One that is real. It is not the fault of the person of the Truth. But in the end those polluted ones had to be removed from the compost and burned forever so it turned out.

That one destroyed the physical and the nonphysical and the Truth that bound them together. But when the Truth was considered again, the physical could be remade even more permanently, and the nonphysical was remembered and judged whether it was toxic refuse or not. And the nonphysical became incorruptible forever, but the toxic is quarantined and burns forever in a forgotten memory.

However I am convinced I will not burn. All corruption will leave me. I will follow the Truth to where it becomes an open door into reality where the One that is real is and all those that were real before me are again and where all those to be real after me will be soon after. For the One that is real is real, the Truth is real and I will be pure and true like the Truth, and I will be real like the One that has always been real, is now real, and will be real without any end whatsoever with them.

Now you know the Truth that is real and the reality that has always been the sum total of all that is real, but will you join me? Will you be one of us? Or will you refuse the Truth while you still have the option to accept it? Or will you put it off until you doubt it one time too many and cannot believe it any longer? Have you become like those who have already done that? Like the toxic one himself? Without remedy for your remorse because a place in reality where you are set afire will be real then and reality will become a torment and torture for you that never ends. If so, it would have been better had you never been in the beginning.

Join us, if you still can...?

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