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Chapter 3: Nonphysical Worship

What is worthy of our worship? Nothing, which is not physical or nonphysical and certainly not both? I don't know whether it is even real any longer if it ever was really real which I doubt. The physical? The nonphysical? Any part of that which is both physical and nonphysical? That which is all of reality? The One that is the person of the truth? The One that is real? The Spirit of the One that is real and the person that is real and is also the person of the One that is the Truth? The One that is all three of them? No one? One yet to come that was, was not and now is again? The Spirit? The one that was, then was not, soon then will be again for a short time, only not to ever be again forever and every forever after that? Ourselves? Those who were, then were not ever again forever and every forever after that? One that has always been, is now, and will be forever and every forever after that?

I suggest we adore that we adore. But that we only worship the One that is real, the person of the Truth, the Spirit and the One they comprise. What else makes any sense? Sarcasm? Everything else potentially excludes someone that is not so noisome they cannot be tolerated and it be for our betterment or any one else' benefit. But I am opposed to being religious about anything even them.

Why should we worship them, and make them our God and call each one of them God? Or our Father though they may really create us all we really become?

Without them we would not even have a reality to pursue. Without them we would have no way to find out what reality is, that they are real and that we are real? And without them we would have no one to help us discover who they are and who and what we really are. Without them we are left to the wiles of the one that corrupted us in the past and itself to the point it had to be quarantined and tormented and tortured forever and every additional forever after that included. Without them we would have been better off not to have been in the first place and likened to a disease that threatens everything valuable to any thing and any one else. Without them we are as the physical universe or the nonphysical universe and it would have been better if neither of them had ever been pointed out to us. Because of them there would be no protection from all of the noxious people that had ever been and no way to judge anything noxious that we could eliminate them without becoming noisome ourselves.

What should we do? To whom do we turn for instruction? Compared to what do we measure our success?

How much it benefits us personally? How much it benefits everyone else? How much it benefits us personally as well as everyone else? How much it benefits the One they are which we worship? None of that?

May I suggest that we worship them who are really only truly One and only really One, each One worthy of it, for we cannot do without each One, as well as the One they make up not because it benefits that One they all are, but because that One is the only Ones worthy of our worship in all of reality. But they do not need our worship since they got along just fine without us when there was just the One they are. Our worship should not be based on the benefit it serves for any one of us, and it is not beneficial in any way to any One of theirs. We must be careful to remember that. But since we can worship them and it is safe to worship them then we could worship them whether they wanted us to or not, and whether we wanted to or not.

It's not up to me what anyone else does, but for me personally I will worship them.

However you may be stronger willed than I am and capable of remaining true to reality, if you are that already, or becoming true to reality if you are not. It may suffice for you to believe the Truth and learn the Truth's ways on your own, without any input from that person. That is your business.

As for me I will seek the Truth's assistance. Why should I yet pursue who the Truth is and what that One has for me and where that One can lead me when I have already found out that One is a person that might be One that will interact with me, to do something for me or that I may do something for that One, to say something to me or to have me say something to that One or someone else, or even to cause me to think something that leads me to knowing more about what I may be doing wrong in my pursuit of being real and remaining that way; or even that I may see that One thinks something I do not that might be valuable for me to think, says or has said something I understand that I can relay to others that One has said, or does something or did something I would like to do that would further our goal for me to be real at all times in all three places the physical world, that place that is both physical and nonphysical, and that place that is only nonphysical.

I am hungry to participate in reality with the One that is real and hope that one would do the same and involve me in it if that One chose to, or even that I stand to learn that would help me be real I can in the same spirit of discovery glean from the Spirit.

I like knowing reality exists and I like the three persons of the One that is all three of that One. The very possibility of being real and living in reality is far too attractive to me to be content just being that. I want to live here in reality forever and every forever after that. And I don't want to waste any of the options available to me.

I have a need, whether it is expedient I do not know, but I have a need to let them know how much I appreciate them allowing me to know them and if that is worshiping them, so be it. It is safe though it may be foolishness to them or to you. And I see no need to wait until I shed this physical body I am in or was nurtured in until now.

I am like a gosling that just cracked through its eggshell. I want to get to know this nonphysical place and the people herein in the hope I will be better at living in the nonphysical part of reality than I was merely in the physical universe's portion of it.

Therefore I will pursue worshiping them because I have a need to do it, regardless of whether it benefits me for parts of it might not it being foolishness on my part since I want to be as much like them as I can be. But I already suspect they do not worship any one or any thing even each other though it does seem they are compatible one with the other in a harmonious state I should envy and could very easily. But I do not want to envy them or covet even the relationship they have with each other at this point. They don't seem to envy each other and they seem quite content with the harmony between themselves and in relation to reality they have already achieved.

If you can do better than that on your own, I do not question it. I am not you. But it is a big difference between us, though I see no reason for there to be disharmony between us concerning the issue.

I personally find it prudent and I believe I have some wisdom. But it seems to me one of us is being considerably more foolish than the other. It is my hope then that I have chosen wisely. But I refuse to be conceited and even think you the fool. It would serve no purpose and surely it would only tend to work against the harmony between us I have enjoyed so far. Let us then remain friends so long as you are pursuing reality even as I am. There should be no problem between us ever for any reason whatsoever in that case.

Therefore should anyone choose to worship my God they should worship them all equally and no one or nothing else, otherwise such possible foolishness would demean them and ruin our relationship with them. I personally want nothing to come between me and my God or any one of them.

But again that is up to you and them. Let me know how you come out if you should do differently than I do. I believe my wisdom comes from them and anything you learn from them that is useful to my edification is welcome. I realize I am not my God, and my God is not me.

But whatever you do, also do it exclusively even as I do what I do, for to mix your worship up too much will be confusing even for you and difficult for me and perhaps others to follow. I wish you well; those who do not follow the wisdom I think I have gotten from them as well as those who practice some other form of wisdom I think not as wise as the possible foolishness I and those with me have chosen.

Their peace be with us all. I hope you agree with me concerning this. But if you are not wise or if that you do winds up murdering the spirit of someone else, may he deal with you according to whatever mercy he sees fit in your particular case. It is not my desire to see any corrupt themselves because of foolishness or any other reason, or to corrupt others like the one that may very easily become your father instead of mine. My God will not accept that. And I will not should I find out about it either.

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