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Multiverse Drive

By Nabil Dou All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Adventure

Awakening the First

Within the Haze of Adam, in the layers of chill the devil’s beard brought, a presence became clear. Adam connected all the little surprising thought, they were making up their own sentience, someone else, a sort of reflection of himself. Adam addressed the presence, it seemed to signify that things weren’t as they were, a shift in the angle of things, something was off. Adam tried to understand the nature of the warning, but his grasp of the presence and his trip were coming off, he felt the headache coming and his vision was blurry, made worst by a strong light facing him directly. Adam’s eyes were too overwhelmed to make out his surroundings. His anxiety rose further as he discovered he couldn’t move any of his limbs, he was tightly strapped sitting.

He heard footsteps coming his way and instinctively started shouting the rushing questions that filled his head,

“Who are you? Where am I? What have you done with Ashes? Why am I strapped to this bloody chair? Answer me!”

The footstep came closer, and as hard as he tried, Adam couldn’t see anything but the blinding light, his head like the rest of his body was fix and he was unable to turn it towards the source of the sound. It came closer and stopped very close; Adam could smell a fruity perfume. Other footstep followed and stopped a bit further.

“His DNA tested positive, he could be a fit for the Avalon Module,” the voice was cold and calculated, it didn’t fit at all with the fruity disguise of the perfume, “Bring him to test area 52 with the others, and prepare a trial for the next hour.”

There was no response, the footsteps approach around him, and his vision shifted from blinding light to the complete darkness produced by a bag they put on his head. He felt a needle going through his arm, and his senses shortly faded.

Adam woke up on a cold floor, all his muscles were soar, but he was glad to discover that he could move them. He was constrained in a small empty cell with surgically blank walls, there was nothing there, no bed, no toilet, just a void construct with weak ceiling light. The only distinctive feature was a glass wall on one of the sides. Adam got closer to it and saw others in similar minimalist cube cells. Women and men that irradiated distress from their faces, they were the rejects harvested for some reason that eluded him by people he knew nothing about. Thoughts he labeled paranoid sprang in his mind, but looking deeper at the others, he started noticing the obvious; he thought they all kept their wings retracted, but some didn’t, they were transparent. Just like him, all were non-elementals.

He started connecting the dots, the offer he received was too good to be true, he was just being to be lured, this was his new position; the people who took him were the central development branch. Non-elemental angels were never going to be completely integrated, they were just given false hopes until they were snatched and put in confinement before who knows what. Adam started panicking, he felt the walls getting closer, he felt the air getting rare and hard to grasp and his breath got out of control.

He started knocking on the glass, attracting the attention of the other prisoners. They approached their own glasses, looking at him with no faith. They quickly stopped paying attention to him. The wall at the end of the compound lifted open, and a group of angels entered; a group of Sephiroths, a male Throne and a female Cherub. They walked toward a few cells, opening the glass walls and binding the occupant before taking them out. They stopped when they got to his cell, and opened the door.

“What is the meaning of this,” He started asking in panic as they tied his hands, “what are you going to do to us?”

The Sephiroths acted as if they didn’t hear him, but the throne was dissecting him with his eyes.

“I wonder if this one will end up in the Avalon machine,” he said addressing the Cherub, “We caught one of the birds, do you think his kind can sustain the flood?”

“His DNA template is promising, Arcadia might lead us to the gate after all,” she responded.

Her words resonated with him as he was pushed out of the cell, Arcadia, he knew that world, not him, but the presence, it resurfaced when she said it, cleared than ever, like a forgotten face of someone he knew, he resisted the push of the Sephiroths and leaped towards the two, the Sephiroth stopped him as he was mere inches from the Throne. They didn’t flinch, the Throne was staring at him with a manic smile while the Cherub was completely detached.

“Who are you people? How do you know Arcadia?” He said pushing against the efforts of the Cherub to drag him. The throne signaled the Sephiroths to stop.

“We know much all about it, what good business doesn’t know their main competitor,” the throne said, “it doesn’t matter now, with or without you, we’ll open the gate, and awaken it”

Adam was feeling the presence solidifying, for a moment, he forgot who was who and it took over, speaking back through him,

“I’m not alone in this, we’ll stop you before you cross the line.”

The Cherub took interest for once, “Do you think we should increase security?” She asked the Throne.

“No need, my brother and his squad can’t stop the inevitable, we will engage phase three and use the Avalon module today, no matter what,” he responded.

Adam and four others were chained and dragged to another part of the compound, a larger room with a higher ceiling. They were left inside and their restraints got deactivated as soon as the door was shut. He looked at the others who were put there with him, they were shocked beyond fear, shocked beyond reacting to whatever they were driven into, all but one, she had a spark of defiance in her eyes, as if she knew for sure this wouldn’t be the end. Adam approached her,

“You look pretty calm,” He said trying to push away his own anxiety, “do you know what they are planning to do to us?”

She starred at him for a moment, silent, something about thee green of her eyes stroke a chord in him, the presence was reacting, and she knew it, she smiled finally talking to him,

“ Told you I’d be close,” she said, “ We drove right in the middle of their operation, or maybe they were expecting us, either way, they are gonna open the floodgates, take a deep breath, now!”

Adam did as she said, not fully understanding the exchange, it was something the presence was doing, just like what he did with the Throne and the Cherub. He inhaled as much air as his lungs could take, as he closed his mouth, water came springing from the walls, the room got filled completely in the span of seconds. Adam instinctively swam towards the ceiling, looking for a crook or a hole, anything that could lead him out of the aquatic tomb they got sealed in. but the ceiling was uniform and smooth, and Adam found no opening. He looked around, his vision blurred, he saw the rebellious one diving down, the others weren’t even trying to hold their breath, large bubbles were leaving their faces and water was filling their lungs. Adam wanted to do something about it, but he felt his own lungs flaming, yearning for air, yearning for a release. He pushed the feeling and the thoughts attached to it away, and dove following her.

As they reached the floor, it opened up, all the water and the angels got syphoned down. They were spiraling down in the darkness, until they fell into a larger body of water. Adam swam up toward the surface, coughing out water and trying to get air at the same time, his vision was still blurred, but he felt some light. He wiped his eyes finally able to see around, he was in some sort of underground rock cave, illuminated by luminescent crystals fixed to the high above ceiling. The hole through which they fell was right at the center.

He turned around to look for the others, the presence was particularly looking for the rebellious angel, but so far, he couldn’t see any of them. He tried to look down through the water, but as he was trying to see with the very fade crystal light, she surfaced, she didn’t cough, she just took deep breaths before swimming towards him. As she approached him, the three others surfaced, but they weren’t moving.

“We need to do something,” He said terrified at the sight of the lump bodies, “Help me get them to shore, we must try CPR”

The two of them turned the three others on their back, and pushed them together towards the rocky shore of the cave. The got them to solid ground, but before they could do anything, Sephiroths flew in, followed closely by the Throne and the Cherub.

The presence within Adam took over, and he got close to the rebellious angel before they landed.

“Did you get in contact with the others?” He asked her.

She was about to answer, but the Sephiroths landed and she abstained.

After landing, the Cherub examined the three unconscious angels, before addressing the sephiroths.

“The specimens are to be disposed of,” She said, “Bound the two surviving ones and throw them back in the water.”

“No wait,” Adam screamed to her, “They can still be revived, it’s not too late to save them”

“They are disposable,” the Cherub answered him, “You are too, once you serve your purpose,” she said before turning away from him and joining the Throne.

The Sephiroths executed the orders, taking away the bodies, chaining the Adam and the other angel together before throwing them back in the water. They both pushed with their feet to stay above surface, the rebellious angel got close and whispered to Adam,

“The others will come,” she said, “They will get us out of this.”

The Sephiroths pushed dense metal rods connected to cables in the water under the supervision of the Cherub while the Throne was gazing at the two non-elementals with his manic gaze.

“What’s so funny?” Adam shouted at him irritated, “Why go to such complicated lengths, if you are going to kill us, just do it already”

The throne was further amused.

“Killing you is only one part of the process,” The throne said, “You are like fuel, you see, first you need to power the Avalon Module, and then you can die.”

The Sephiroths connected the cable to an egg shaped crystal machine that the Cherub immediately started operating.

“The Avalon Module is ready and operational,” she told the Throne, “ready to engage when you want”

“Do it,” He told her, “there can be no more waiting to his awakening.”

The Cherub activated the crystal machine which sent lightning to the rods, Shocking Adam and the other angel. The pain came instantly and kept growing further and further, and with it, other things came, visions of a world before the world, empty space, and a first light. Within the light was an ethereal figure, a soul primal to all souls, the origin of all angels, fallen and demon. The first Adam looked into the essence of Adam, their minds connected, space started bending, and distance and time were reduced to nothing. Above the water, a sphere of light appeared. Adam and the other angel were lifted from the water by the pull of the light, and joined it, fusing with it. A body sprang from the sphere, growing larger, pushing the whole cave up.

“He is awake,” The throne told the Cherub, “Engage the enclosure field”

The Cherub operated the crystal machine, the metal rods flew piercing the newly formed giant body of the first Adam, leaching energy from it and forcing it to reduce its size, then they started generating an electromagnetic field that locked the new being midair.

“We did it,” the cherub said, showing genuine enthusiasm and happiness for the first time, “We really brought him back, while Lucifer himself failed!”

“This isn’t over yet,” the throne replied, “Move the enclosure field for phase four”

The throne approached the water, staring at the light being,

“You are the source in this world, and some even think of you as a god,” he said addressing the new vessel of the first Adam, “but for me, you’re just a tribute, a sacrifice to a real god whose power stretches further than you’ll ever reach.”

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