Dark Light: Wings of Destiny

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Thanksgiving 9 years ago in the year 2018 a bloodthirsty race of Aliens called the Galodians a warthog type race invaded Earth which resulted in the destruction of ¾ of the human race and more have gotten captured for what no one knows. After this hellish event the human Council decided that it was finally time to set off to start a new life up in space, even so was anyone really ready to pick everything and take on a move this monumental from a place or in this case planet that they've know all their lives to a place that's still pretty much unknown and strange to them. But in the mist of the invitation/war a hand full of battle ships came with the symbol of the Guardians on the wings, when they landed Alien soldiers came pouring out and started to chase off the invaders but unfortunately it didn't stop the bloodshed, thank god to the Guardians a large hand full of humans were freed and taken away from the nightmare.

Scifi / Romance
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"There's always someway darkness can find its way to crawl and slither itself into your body and mind, unless if you're strong enough to resist it; cancel it out with a much stronger will and heart."

~~Cassie Knite

Nov. 26, 2026

Universal, Guardians Headquarters

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