Dark Light: Wings of Destiny

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It was on the day of Thanksgiving and the day when the world everyone knew went black and red with chaos, destruction and none stop bloodshed. The day the Earth was invaded by an unknown and unwanted visitors who name themselves the Galodians a bloodthirsty Alien race who thrive on the pain of others, and also a lot of destruction.

When many battle and stealth ships landed on the streets below, hordes of those ugly and nasty looking Aliens start pouring out of the ships and all you can hear and see surrounding in the streets are people running, screaming and crying for their lives while trying to dodge the gun fire from all the assault rifles, pistols, shot guns, and sniper rifles that were coming from the Alien invaders. Also hearing gun fire from the militaries from all over the world fighting back against these planet/home invading assholes.

Mothers and fathers getting cut down in front of their children leaving them orphans and traumatized mentally and physically until they themselves get cut down or captured to thrown into slavery against their will. It's such a hellish sight witnessing the events or even being part of it personally.

This also happened to Cassie and her twin brother Larkin Knite it was their 18th birthday on top of that it was Thanksgiving, sad right? They both watched their parents get slaughtered right in front of their eyes.

Before they were captured or worse killed like everyone else gun fire came through the forced torn down mahogany door; with the gun fire came running in soldiers wearing heavy armor and helmets that has a look like a wing with a ring like halo around the middle of the wing on the left chest plates of each soldiers.

While the soldiers were firing at the Alien invaders two other soldiers walked in noticing the twins trying to stay out of the line of fire from both sides. The one on the left pulled his helmet off to show a human male in his mid to late 50s, slight tan complexion, 6'1", 235lb of pure muscle. Short, dark brown hair, hazel eyes with a slight five hour shadow.

When the man saw the twins a bright smile of relief formed on his lips. "Cassie, Larkin thank god you two are alright!"The man yelled over all the gun fire and blood curdling screams.

Cassie was the first to realize who the man was tears start to well up in her pale blue eyes. "Uncle Jack!" The girl ran towards the man with her brother right behind, so she ran straight into their Uncle's gentle embrace. "Uncle Jack its you, its really you." Her voice cracked while speaking.

Jack smiled gently stroking his niece's raven black, shoulder blade length, choppy layered hair. "Yes sweetheart its really me, I'm here." Jack glanced up to Larkin and out stretched his arms to the boy knowing that he doesn't really like hugs period but because of not seeing each other in years Jack just thought Larkin would've at least missed him just a little bit to make an exception just once. "Come on Larkin I know you want to."

Larkin rolled his eyes walking up and into his Uncle's open arm into a group/family hug, he opened his eyes to notice Cassie trying so hard not to break down crying but there are clear as day tears freely falling down her cheeks. Gently wiping the tears away from his dear sister's eyes, her eyes fluttered opened to glance over to Larkin while clenching her teeth together and wrapped her arms around his neck silently crying, he then embraced Cassie like he's trying to protect her from everything that would finally break her.

"Jack, sorry to interrupt but we need to get out of here...now." The other soldier called out to Jack. So all three followed the mystery man out of the house away from the scene of the twins' parents' dead corpses who were laying on the floor surrounded in a pool of their blood.

While the group ran through storms of gun fire and corpses littered all over the ground even so Cassie kept her sights on the mystery man in the helmet trying to figure out who this man is. But when they made it to the Rover that Jack, this soldier and a couple of others came from until one of the ugly bastards aimed their laser scope from the sniper rifle and squeezed off one shot which was blocked by a barrier shield that was created from the soldier who was leading them stood in front of her to protect her the bullet that was aimed towards her. "Thank you...for that." Cassie softly said with a startling realization that when they leave Earth she and her brother's lives will be changed forever and they have no way to defend themselves from anything right now. Well Larkin is the strongest out of both of them and Cassie is more in tuned to the nature around her and on top of that she's also a huge gamer.

The masked soldier pound his fist where the door should be, than not even a second later the door to the SWR Rover whizzed open to reveal a very spacious interior with extra weapons and armor, also with a sortment of gadgets and tech.

"Impressive." Larking stated a little surprised with how in awe he sounded just looking at the interior of the Rover.

"If you think this is impressive Larkin then just wait till you see the actual ship. But in the mean time welcome to the SWR Knite Rover, my own personal pod or buggy...whatever you want to call it." Jack commented proudly with his head held high and gave off a giant ego like smile that the twins haven't seen in years which made them both roll their eyes and smile.

"Well no shit Jack, of course you get your own Rover you are the Commander after all." The female who's sitting in the pilot's seat shook her head while smiling. Glancing up to see that there were two other teenage kids with him and figured out who they were. "So these must be the twins you keep talking about so highly. Your niece and nephew, Cassie and Larkin." The mystery woman proclaimed in a sweet yet soft voice.

Jack smiled big and nodded his head. "Yes they are. Cassie, Larkin this is Nillie the Rover Pilot also one of my dear friends."

"Its a pleasure to meet you Nillie. I just have to ask, if you don't mind me to do so. Are you one of the Zalidians?"

"Yes I am but how did you figured it out?"

Cassie smiled sweetly. "Well the grey wolf ears plus the long fluffy tail is a dead give away." Both girls burst out in laughter.

"Alright girls, its time to get our ass off of the ground and get the hell out of here." Jack commanded. Nillie nodded her head and started to tap on button and swipe on screens, after a few seconds the Rover lifted up and flew off into space to their location. Jack punched on a button that slid open a few flaps to show off the beauty that the Rover was passing through, everyone's head turned in the same direction of the window.

Cassie took a few steps closer to the window taking in everything that she saw from the trillions of stars, astroids and comets flying by. "It's beautiful." Cassie spoke.

"Before anymore time passes till we witness anything else horrific I wanted to introduce myself." A guy who couldn't be between 18 or 19 years old, 6"0', dark brown eyes with short, curly hazel brown hair with a light tannish complexion. Wearing a button down red/grey/black plaited collar long sleeved shirt, leaving it open all the way to show a grey shirt that has a melting like skull on the left side of the shirt, tight black jeans and black/grey ombre high-top converse strolled up to Cassie with another girl who is a few inches taller than she is. Who has very pale skin complexion, pale green eyes, straight long auburn hair with copper highlights sticking out with her hair tied into two high pigtails. Wearing steampunk like clothes, pulling her googles on to her forehead, she looks 18 same age as Cassie and Larkin. Also a second guy standing next to the first guy who spoke up, who's 6"1', light caramel skin complexion, dark brown almost black eyes and shoulder length black dreadlocks. Wearing a tight black tank top to show off his muscles and tattoos, baggy washed out black jeans and combat boots, he looks also 18 or 19. "My name is Benjamin Lingston," Gently taking Cassie's hand and gave the back of her hand a small kiss which put a small blush to her cheeks.

The other guy leaned his hand against the wall close to her head smiling. "My name is Zachary Frost, friends call me Zach or Pyro.."

The other girl rolled her eyes pushing herself past the boys, "Come on guys let the poor girl breath. Damn." She turned to Cassie raising her hand smiling. "I'm Rose, Rose Yamada."

Cassie smiled back and shook Rose's hand, "I'm Cassie Knite and that boy over there with red spiky hair talking to our Uncle is my twin brother Larkin."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Half an hour later the Rover made it to the main battle ship. "Boys and girls welcome...to the battle ship Nyx." The unknown soldier spoke up smiling inside of his helmet. When then door to the loading dock opened up and the Rover landed inside. Everyone jumped out of the opened door into a very large loading dock with a female hologram who was standing waiting for them.

*Welcome back Captain Nextin and Commander Knite. I hope you've found everything you were looking for.* The hologram of Nyx spoke.

"Yes we did and thank you Nyx. Did anything happened while we were away?" The mystery soldier finally pulled his helmet off to reveal his identity but all we can see is the back of his head. 6"2', blueish/green skin or in his case scales because he's a Septentrio(Roman translation means the northern wind). From the top of the man's head to his exposed neck are dark green almost black strips like markings also from where is hairline should be partruding little spikes running in a line from his hairline down the back of his head all the way down his neck. His voice when he spoke was low, husky almost haunting which made Cassie's heart skip a beat for a split minute till her inner perverted imagination was interrupted.

"So who are you suppose to be exactly? The big man on campus or something?" Zach sarcastically joked.

Cassie and Larkin rolled their eyes shaking their heads silently, Jack sighed loudly turning on his heel facing the group of curious teenagers...you know what they say 'curiosity killed the cat'...speaking about Liiamatrix. "I guess you can call him that but his name is Liiamatrix Nextin, Lii for short, he's the Captain of this ship."

Lii turned to face the group of humans him and Jack saved scanning their faces one by one and landed on Cassie's staring straight into her pale blue eyes with his bright blues ones with the icy seriousness fading almost instantly to calming and another unknown look that she couldn't put her slender finger on. Thanks to her mental self screaming and kicking at her to not get caught up in the moment she blinked her eyes a couple times while slowly looking away from those beautiful blue eyes of the stranger.

The male Alien understood her uncomforting stance and looked away as well speaking instead in serious, confident voice which brought back the girl's attention. "Its a pleasure to meet you, all of you and welcome board to Nyx the stealth battle ship my ship."

Her mind forced her to awake, so Cassie's eyes fluttered opened staring up the ceiling above her bed, glancing over to the clock that's resting on the night stand next to the bed which read 4:30am. Covering her eyes with her left arm aggravatingly sighing, another morning waking up really fucking early Jesus Christ. After a long minute of silence a soft knock on the door slightly echoed in the room. Then a figure walked through the door when it whizzed open, she glaced over to the figure who was standing in front of the light from out in the hall. "Hey Lii...what's up?"

Lii smiled softly and stayed silent with his blue eyes shinning in the stray light from the hall.

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