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Cassie was ten years old when an alien race called The Zail'ud landed on earth. They came bearing gifts of technology and medicines to cure diseases. In return they wanted women to be brides. Brides that would help populate their dying race. The only problem was that they didn't take volunteers to fill the position. The men were gorgeous and could've had any woman they wanted but instead of waiting for the brides to come to them willingly, they went around kidnapping the women they chose. Not caring who they hurt in the process. Kidnapped from her home Cassie has only one thought Escape. She won't become a bride to an alien. She'd fight tooth and nail to getaway. But the more time she spends with Craven, the closer they become. He has her body heating up in all the right places with a touch that leaves her wanting more. Her mom was taken from her at a young age and her best friend was taken a few months ago. She has had nothing but heartache since they have shown up. Now, it seems as though she will be meeting the same fate. Can Craven change her mind about his people before his enemies take her away from him? Or will heartache and hatred be the only thing she will ever associate with him and his race? Each book in the Alien's Bride series can be read as a standalone romance. Every book will have a HEA. This book contains Explicit Sexual scenes and Strong language.

Scifi / Romance
Christina Chavis
4.6 37 reviews
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Chapter 1


I’ve always loved stormy nights. There was a calm that settled over me as I sat and listened to the rain falling on the roof. Reading and drinking hot chocolate while I curled up on the sofa to pass the time. For just a little while it would keep my mind off the terror that lays just outside the safety of my door.

A knock at the door brings me out of the world of sexy shifters protecting damsels in distress and I felt a slight tremor run through me. Shutting my book, I stand and silently make my way to the door. Dad’s still at work and won’t be home for a few more hours. So, I know it’s not him on the other side of the door. Plus, he has a key and wouldn’t need to knock.

Picking up the bat by the door, I almost jump out of my skin as the knock comes again. This time it’s longer and louder than the previous and the hair stands up on the back of my neck. Looking through the peephole is a waste of time. The rain has darkened the sky and all I see is the outline of someone standing on the porch.

Unlocking the door, I open it just enough to see through. My foot stopping the door from opening any farther just in case. The bat lays just behind the door. Easy to grab if I need to defend myself. “Excuse me, sorry to bother you, but my car broke down about a mile up the road, and I seem to have misplaced my phone. I was wondering if I could use your phone to call a tow truck?”

The man’s polite tone has me softening and relaxing my posture letting my guard down. “Of course.” Moving my foot, I step back and let him into the house. Closing the door, I turn to see him standing just a few feet away from me. He walked in with his head down and kept the hood of his hoodie still pulled over his head.

This has my defenses going up again. Warning bells start going off and I inch closer to the bat beside the door. “What’s your name, sir?”

“Craven.” Finally looking up, I’m met with a pair of glowing Aquamarine eyes. Gasping, I stumble back almost falling on my ass. Scared out of my mind I pick up the bat readying myself to swing if he comes any closer. I should’ve been screaming and running for my life because I know those eyes aren’t human eyes but I’m so entrance by the color.

Holding the bat in a tight grip, all I can do is stare. “What are you?” Taking a step closer to me he stops when he sees me get into a swinging pose. I played softball in high school. So I easily fall into a hitting pose. He barely glances at the bat. It’s like he’s not even worried about it.

“Shhhh, It’s ok. I’m not here to hurt you. I promise.” His words don’t put me at ease this time. If anything, it put me even more on alert and ready to attack. Craven holds his hands up in the air trying to be seen as non-threatening. Fuck that. I wasn’t falling for that shit again.

My hands start to shake and the death grip I have on the bat has my hands sweating. “Don’t come any closer!” I shout, backing up towards the stairs. I hope he’d leave upon seeing me armed. I know that with the way he’s built my eighteen-year-old body would never have a chance of standing up to him.

“It will be ok. I promise to keep you safe. Just come with me.” Holding his hand out to me his angelic face begs me to believe him. Trying to seem all innocent and non-threatening. I’d have to be an idiot to fall for his innocent act again.

“Safe! Safe! How the fuck would you keep me safe? Your one of those aliens. I’m no safer with you than I’d be walking down the street after dark alone. My eyes are blurring from unshed tears and my breaths are coming in short pants. I’m getting more hysterical by the minute and he’s as cool as a cucumber.

I have no idea how I didn’t realize he was one of those aliens from the start. He’s tall but not as tall as most aliens I’ve seen from afar. This is why I let him get past my defenses so easily. Why I didn’t recognize the threat until it was too late.

I’m taken out of my mini panic when he takes a step closer. I don’t hesitate. Drawing back with the bat I swing putting all my strength into it. I watch in slow motion as it heads for his head but at the last minute, he reaches up and catches it just inches from smacking into his face. I stare wide-eyed not really believing I took a swing at someone with a bat.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry!” Those words fall flat when I look up into his glowing eyes. I remember who I just tried to hit and why. Then I let go of the bat and run towards the stairs. Feet slipping before I even make it to the first step.

Righting myself I make it to the fifth step before his hand clamps down on my arm in a firm but gentle hold. He starts dragging me towards the door while I’m kicking and screaming for help. When he opens the door there is a black unmarked van sitting in my driveway that wasn’t there before. I double my effort trying to getaway. My frantic gaze swings side to side trying to find help.

Dread starts to sink in as I’m hauled off my feet and put into the back of the van. The door closes and I rush to it trying to get out. But I soon realize there’s no door handle. Frantically, I start beating on the door and screaming. “Please, help me. I don’t want to go. Please, I can’t leave. I can’t leave my dad alone.”

He’ll never survive this. Not after they took my mother all those years ago. I have no idea what’s going to happen. All I know is that after they took her, we never saw her again. It broke his heart and he’s never been the same. Sliding down the side of the van I curl into a ball and cry. Eventually, my crying puts me to sleep and the last thought I have is, “What’s going to be waiting at the end of this ride?”

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