The Birds Of Prey Book One: Rise

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Chapter 10: Stranded

My senses were suddenly snapped back into focus when I heard the roar of a missile.

"What's wrong?"

Amelia looked at me in confusion as I leaned away from her.

"I heard something," I replied.

I closed my eyes and focused on the sounds outside. My eyes widened once I realized what it was.

"We've been set up..."

I ran as quickly as I could to the cockpit but much to my surprise, the pilot was nowhere to be found.

"Damn it...he must've abandoned the plane while the girls and I were sleeping,"

I returned to Amelia and urged her to gather her things. Angela had already awakened and after her sister urged her to do the same, she scrambled to gather her belongings.

"What's going on?" asked Angela.
"We've been betrayed," I replied.

The missile continued to get louder and louder and I knew it would only be seconds before it would hit the plane.

"Get your bags; we have to get out of here right now," I said.

The Rosario sisters nodded and quickly retrieved both of the bags that their mother gave to them. After securing mine properly, I kicked open the emergency exit before leaping outside. The sisters followed suit and once they both caught up to me, we turned to see two missiles coming towards the plane. Had we gotten out even five seconds sooner...we'd probably be dead.

"It's not safe here; we're a long way from Canada," said Amelia.
"We're going to have to make the rest of the trip ourselves," I replied.
"How do you propose we do that without setting off the radars?" asked Angela.

I looked around and breathed a sigh of relief once I heard the sound of a cruise ship.

"We'll hide in there," I said.

We made our way towards the ship, making sure to stay out of sight by using the rainy clouds. Once we landed, I began to notice a scent...of iron. I turned around in concern and examined both of the sisters to find that they were both wounded. A stray piece of shrapnel had struck Amelia in her right arm while Angela was struck in her left rib.

"Both of you are bleeding." I said.

Angela examined herself to discover the piece of metal wedged in her left set of ribs. Amelia followed suit, to find the one wedged in her arm. Angela then fell to her knees, cursing under her breath.

"I was so focused on getting out of there that I didn't even notice it," she said.
"I'll get them both out. Just relax." I instructed.

Both of them nodded as I closed my eyes and focused. After locking my mind onto both shards of metal, I searched for the extent of their reach.

"Good...these aren't too deep. Their healing factors should be enough to seal these wounds in just a few minutes."

Focusing hard, I drew both pieces of metal from their bodies, being extremely careful to do so without causing anymore damage to either of them. Once I removed them, Angela immediately began to bandage both her and her sister, drawing the medical supplies from her bag in an instant. I took a deep breath, now taking the moment to ponder our situation.

"We have no idea who is on this we have to blend in and try not to attract attention to ourselves," I said.
"I know this ship; it's the S.S. Romani," said Amelia.

I looked at her and smiled slightly.

"You've been on this ship before I take it?" I asked.
"Enough to know all of the staff personally and to also have my own private room," she replied.

I laughed softly and rose to my feet before looking at Angela.

"I don't usually go on cruises; I'm too busy working at the hospital...but they know I'm her sister. We should be fine."

I nodded in agreement.

"Then I guess we better start blending in then,"

"Come out boy! I'm not through with you yet!"

Alex took a deep breath and continued to watch from the shadows.

"Did you really think that you'd actually rescue your sister without anyone knowing? We allowed her to come here and to think that she wasn't followed or being watched and now we can finally kill both of you,"

He readied his bow but hesitated to form an arrow with his powers; if he did, he had no idea how many Vultures were accompanying the Alpha in front of him and for all he knew, a great many of them would instantly pick up his scent. Options were becoming more and more limited by the moment...

"Did you really think that I'd be here without knowing that I was watched? What kind of fugitive do you take me for?"

The familiar voice filled Alex's ears as he peered around the corner. He watched in amazement as an intense ray of light blasted the Alpha, sending him flying into the side of the mountain. Within the next second, Iris appeared almost in a flash of light.

"If you all actually think that you'd have been able to catch me, think again."

Three Vultures flew up from the cliff in front of her and attempted to take her down. She vanished and before anyone could even blink, the three of them were on the ground in agony. She reappeared again, gripping her knuckles.

"You come to my home, you threaten my brother and you have the audacity to think that you had a chance?"

Her eyes became green and the look on her face made it obvious to Alex what she intended to do. He hid behind a tree and covered his eyes as an intense flare of light radiated from her hand. Moments later, the Alpha was howling in agony, gripping his eyes.

"She must've produced a flare so intense that it permanently blinded him."

The Alpha foolishly charged at her but she once again sidestepped him. She then punched him to the ground before holding both her hands toward him.

"Look away Alex." she said.

There was yet another intense flash of light. The Alpha continued to howl in agony but far more intensely than he did before. The scent of scorched flesh began to fill the air and after a few moments, the light faded. Alex approached her to see that the Alpha's skin had been completely fried.

"Did you have to be so harsh?" he asked.
"He attacked you and your know my zero tolerance policy for that kind of thing," she replied.

He smiled and hugged her.

"It's good to have you back little sister," he said.
"Didn't I tell you to stop being so depressing with your all black get up?" she snapped.

She pulled on his ear.

"You have a lot of explaining to do; I was here for months and not once did you even think of looking here for me?" she snapped.
"I...was doing other things and I was sure you could take care of yourself," he said.
"Enough with the fighting children,"

The step-siblings looked to see that Oliver had returned.

"I suggest we leave before more of them show up and considering that you just killed an Alpha, they're definitely not going to be happy about what you've done," he said.
"Who the hell is this guy?" snapped Iris.

He bowed respectfully.

"I'm the one that found you," he explained.
"Which makes me care how?" she replied.

He showed his eyes, causing her to recoil in disgust.

"What the hell are you?" she gasped.
"Now's not the time for talking; come with your brother and I back to our group and we'll explain everything there," he said.

She looked at Alex for a moment for any sort of assurance. The Eagle nodded.

"He's a good man...I trust him with my life," he answered.

Iris sighed deeply before finally agreeing. The three of them immediately made themselves scarce.
"It was nice of them to keep our identities a secret and allow us on the ship," he said.

I smiled and finished brushing my hair.

"I've known most of these men and women for my entire life so I trust them," I replied.
"That doesn't explain the pilot that abandoned us earlier," he said.

I nodded in agreement.

"Bernard has worked with my family for years and he's never had a problem with us before...something isn't right," I said.
"Whatever it is, let's hope that we can figure it all out when we get back to the others," he said.

I rose to my feet and approached him. He had already taken a shower and was dressed in a black, buttoned shirt. His hair that was previously messy and long was now trimmed down short. He left most of the top intact, allowing it to flare outwards from his forehead but at least now, I could actually see his neck and all of his face. His face was completely devoid of blemishes and for some reason, his brown eyes looked at lot brighter and full of life. He wore black jeans along with the shirt and had a watch on his left hand. Finally, he wore black sneakers with white laces.

"Amelia? Is something wrong?"

I didn't even realize that he was talking as I was looking him over.

"Sorry...I zoned out for a moment," I replied.

He nodded and looked back to the door.

"I heard something...sounds like a group of Hawks," he said.
"What do you mean?"
"They're talking about The Purity,"

He closed his eyes, indicating that he was focusing on just his sense of hearing. It was a few minutes before he opened his eyes, his face now turning pale.

"What's wrong Kit?" asked Angela.
"...This ship is a meeting point for some of the higher ups of The Purity," he replied.

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