The Birds Of Prey Book One: Rise

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Chapter 3: Vision

"The last murder took place in this alleyway," said Carl.
"Who would've thought that a serial killer would target only superhumans...guess he really has a bone to pick," said Mili.

Fabiana shook her head and looked down at the ground, her eyes now coming clear focus.

"There wasn't a struggle at all...he just swiftly killed all four of them," she said.
"How do you know?" asked Carl.

She pointed to a faint stain.

"I'm guessing that because the blood is so concentrated here, he stabbed one of them and left them there to bleed to death while he handled the others,"

She looked to the other end of the wall to see a faint splatter against it.

"This looks like it was done with a high caliber gun; no over the counter kind of weapon could splatter a Vulture's skull like that," she continued.
"You know it's a Vulture?" asked Mili.

Fabiana nodded.

"I'll never forget how that blood has an almost raw tinge to it." she replied.

Carl then knelt down and examined the trash can, which had yet another stain on it.

"Whoever did this...he's good, damn good even," he said putting a hand to his chin.
"Looks like we have our work cut out for us," replied Fabiana.
"The first step is to ensure that he'd not going to kill either me nor Mili considering that we're the very thing he's been slaughtering," replied Carl.

Fabiana suddenly heard a heartbeat behind him, far faster than any she could hear from the other people walking the streets. She turned around to see a man.

"Investigating the murder scene too?" he asked.

Fabiana smelled the air and shook her head.

"What's another Hawk doing in a place like this?" she asked.

The man shook his head.

"One of the victims was a friend of was terrible to learn that she was murdered by some lunatic who believes carrying out justice on the populace here will get anywhere," he replied.
"And you are?" asked Carl.

The man held out a hand.

"Nathaniel Jaggernaut, you can call me Nat," he replied.

He was a relatively tall man with a very athletic build. He had rather pale skin with black hair accompanied by platinum streaks. His muscle shirt didn't do much to hide how defined he was and for some reason no one could discern, he wore a glove on his right hand.

"Do you know who did this?" asked Carl.
"Not sure exactly but I do have a hunch of where we can find him," replied Nat.

He removed a paper from his bag and opened it.

"This man has been on a killing spree for several months but all of the murders have been within the Vancouver area and within five blocks of each other so he's bound to be somewhere that no one would think to find him,"

A red X on the map showed a high rise apartment.

"So you think this guy is hiding in a high rise of all things?" asked Fabiana.
"Call it hiding in plain sight and considering that Vultures aren't really common around this place, he has no restriction to use his gifts," replied Nat.

Mili shook her head.

"He's in for a rude awakening then isn't he?" she said.

Suddenly, Mili's eyes turned orange as her mouth opened and she fell to her knees. Carl looked at her, almost as if he were worried.

"What's happening?" he asked.
"She's having a vision," replied Fabiana.
"She has precognitive sight?" asked Nat.

Fabiana nodded as she approached her friend and knelt beside her. Within ten seconds, she snapped out of her trance and panted heavily.

"What did you see?" asked Fabiana.

Mili looked at the ground.

"There is another Eagle around here...I saw him fighting someone in a mask," she replied.
"Could that masked person be the killer?" asked Carl.
"Anything's possible at this point but now we should try and find that Eagle," replied Nat.

Carl shook his head.

"You think you can just waltz in and join us? Why the hell should we trust you with this information?" he asked.
"Because I didn't want the Eagles to be wiped out; many of my closest friends were Eagles and I'm fully aware that the beautiful lady wearing the glasses is one of the few survivors," replied Nat.

Before Fabiana could even respond, he raised a hand.

"I used to work at the hospital that you were born in and I recognize that face anywhere," he replied with a chuckle.
"You knew my father?" asked Fabiana.
"He was one of the lecturers for my classes...good man." he replied.

She shook her head and sighed.

"Right now, our focus should be on finding this guy so let's put the plan into motion," said Carl.
"I'll help in anyway I can; I want justice for the friends that died here," said Nat.

Mili shook her head.

"If this killer is an Eagle, you're not killing him," said Fabiana.
"So because he's one of the last remnants of your kind, he's exempt from being punished for killing innocent people?" said Nat.

Fabiana shook her head.

"We at least have to know why he's doing it and if he can be persuaded to stop," she said.

Nat rolled his eyes.

"The world isn't a place where good people really exist anymore, it's either the ruthless logic of Hawks or the feral rage of Vulltures; ever since that invasion, the world has changed for the should all know that by now considering how long you must've been in hiding," he said.
"So why aren't you trying to kill us? I'm sure Baneford put a bounty on all Eagle heads didn't he?" said Mili.

Nat shook his head once again.

"No amount of money is going to make the world a happier place...that much is certain," he replied.
"So bringing back what Hawks were jealous of for years is a better alternative?" asked Carl.
"Anything is better than being forced to live in a world full of rules and restrictions, not to mention being forced to call an asshole like Miles Baneford the President of the planet," said Nathaniel.

For some reason, Carl cracked a smile.

"At least we agree that Miles can go to hell...I say he can join us; anyone who hates that son of a bitch is a friend in my book,"

Mili seemed hesitant but eventually nodded in agreement. Fabiana also nodded, though she seemed even more hesitant than her best friend.

"Shall we get on with this then?"
"How can we when we have no place to stay and put our heads together?" asked Mili.

Carl snickered softly.

"I might be able to help with that,"
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