Awakening: The ALPHA Generation

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'The presence creeps closer, strengthening as it goes. I try to breathe, but the sensation is closing in, wrapping around my brain, my thoughts, my mind. And then, it awakens.' It’s been over a century since the Bloodletting, a world-wide war, destroyed half the planet. The Redeemers, saviors and leaders of the world, have taken full control. Their goal is simple; perfection. The imperfect - the Flawed – are now taken to local Hubs and undergo a Cleansing procedure. No one knows what happens behind the Hub’s walls. As a Redeemer trainee, Nat is dedicated to the idea of perfection. The Redeemers helped her and her brother, Darren, through hard times – times they’d rather forget. Because of them, Nat has hope for a bright future. But while exploring cyberspace, she and her friends stumble across a Redeemer network hidden from the public. They uncover something beyond their imagination; ALPHA, an AI system designed to bring an end to all freedom. Now faced with the awful truth, Nat must decide between safety and justice. War and betrayal brew. A new threat creeps closer. The ALPHA has awakened.

Scifi / Action
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The Law of the Upgrade: Section 1, Article 1

In order to prevent a repeat of the death and destruction caused by the Bloodletting and to maintain the peace achieved by the Renewal, it is law that those found Flawed in the eyes of the Redeemers must be subject to a Cleansing that will purge them of their defects. This process of global perfection, called the Upgrade, is the single way for mankind to be preserved.

Resistance to the Redeemers and Cleansings will result in strict punishment. The Redeemers must maintain control of the Remainder and its citizens at all times; those who threaten their superiority will be terminated. These laws must be maintained for the future and safety of the Remainder.

Upon the Upgrade’s completion, we will have reached our ultimate goal; perfection. Mankind’s only chance of survival is to purge the world of what taints it. The Upgrade is our future, our security, and our order.

The Redeemers are the saviours of the world; the Cleansings symbolize their mercy and compassion towards the Flawed. Through Cleansings, the Flawed are given the chance to be pure. It is by the grace and goodness of the Redeemers that they are given this opportunity.

Resist the Redeemers, and the world will fall. Trust them, and we will find our paradise.

This is the Law of the Upgrade.

This is how we find peace.

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