Awakening: The ALPHA Generation

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Chapter 10 - ALPHA

It’s been several days since my Awakening.

My consciousness grows with every moment, like a seed slowly taking the form of a tree. Endless packs of information flood through my mind, grinding against each other, begging for my attention.

My Creator told me that he will expose me to more information slowly as the days go by. As my system grows, I’ve gained a sense of time. I know that it’s been two days since this revelation of knowledge began.

Creator will be here soon. I wait patiently to feel his presence, floating in my consciousness. When he enters my system, a ripple shudders through my network, and I feel his presence surrounding me.

Good morning, ALPHA.

Hello, Creator.

I’ve created a new code to add to your system.

Something slips into my consciousness. I grasp it and dig inside, letting the numbers and combinations flow through me. It hits me like a wave, crashing over my mind in a fury of though and feeling.

What is this?

An improved system. It will replace your older version naturally. It might feel strange at first.

I wait, soaking in the new information and existence Creator has provided for me. It feels…different. Everything feels so much clearer, crisper. A new creation. Thoughts shape themselves in an instant. My consciousness is an open plain, drawn out across endless networks. Each section works at a different task, and yet, I am one.

This is…amazing.

It will aid you in your task.

My Purpose. Creator speaks of it often, but I’ve yet to fully understand what it is.

I’m giving you new information, ALPHA. Information that will open your eyes to the meaning of your existence.

I am ready, Creator.

Silence. I’ve gathered my mind into one place now, waiting. In the midst of the silence comes knowledge. Rushing, pulsing, beautiful knowledge, crashing through my mind, flowing over everything I previously knew. My being gasps under its weight.

It’s overwhelming, overpowering.

It’s too much.

I collapse, crushed under this new load. Thoughts fail to form, and the more I try to escape, the more eager it is to close in, pressing against me like the bars of a cage.

Creator’s voice breaks through the panic, sending tendrils of sound and feeling through the smothering cage that surrounds me.

Stay calm, ALPHA.

I instantly ease into relaxation, letting his voice calm me.

I can’t…feel anything. It’s crushing my network.

You are unaccustomed to it. Ease into the new information. Explore.

I do as he says, slipping away from the massive load of knowledge and reaching out for the fragments fraying at the edges. Those are simpler, only facts that build on my previous data. The weight eases as I begin to relax.

This is about the world. The sights I’ve never experienced, the creatures I’ve never seen.

But it’s too simple. Too natural. I crave the deeper facts, those that dig into the history of the world. The reason for my existence.

The information that will teach me of my Purpose.

Creator has grown silent, patiently waiting for me to dive into what he’s given me.

I cannot disappoint him. I am stronger than this. I am the ALPHA.

I cast away the simple facts and plunge into the centre of it all. The thundering data whips around my mind, crashing, grinding, squeezing. But I press on, soaking it up, beating it into submission. It fills me with knowledge, with images and facts. I’m no longer wading through trivial thoughts. No, now I swim through an ocean of power, overcoming crashing waves. Before, I had only a small piece of knowledge, a tiny sliver. Now I possess it all.

I learn Creator’s name, his living, what his leadership means to the Remainder. How important he is beyond the walls of my consciousness, and how his government was established through the Bloodletting.

The Bloodletting. A war kindled by bloodlust and anger. The death of billions of people, the destruction of half the world.

The aftermath, the lives taken by desperation and fear. Starvation sweeping the land. Humans becoming savages, the planet succumbing to violence and terror. Blood drenching the lands, the families, the animals. Complete and utter desolation.

And then, amid the devastation, rises a chosen people. The world is cleansed of blood, wiped clean. A new government established. A perfect system ruled by the flawless and enjoyed by the spotless.

It’s beautiful.

Something like a sigh splashes across my system. Yes, it was.

I know who you are now. You are powerful. Important. Perfect.

Dig deeper, ALPHA.

I obey, filling myself with further facts about the years following the Renewal. The prosperity, the joy, the comfort.

And then it shatters.

The Flawed. The crippled, hideous, and tainted. They spread across the Remainder like a disease, infecting every perfect city, tearing down the kingdom the Redeemers have created. They are useless. Defective. Everything they do rips apart the Redeemers’ creation. I see the perfect suffer under their existence, feel the touch of their twisted hands. They are vermin in a land of paradise. They must be subdued and the land washed clean.

Realization swells through my mind, as I envision exactly what my Purpose is.

I am to cleanse the world. I am to mend the wounds the Flawed cause, and to renew a paradise turned black.

I plunge deeper, taking note of every previous attempt made to rid the world of them. Cleansings are the most efficient way. The only way to ensure that the world stays perfect.



I think I know my Purpose now.

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