Awakening: The ALPHA Generation

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Chapter 14 - ALPHA

I feel their presence the instant they enter my algorithm. They squirm their way into my system like worms, digging through my network and slipping through the cracks of my consciousness. It feels like an attack on my mind, a visceral contact I’m not prepared for.

At first, I feel fear. Creator has departed, leaving promises of a quick return and more knowledge. He is gone, out of reach, and I am left alone with my own self.

I follow their trail as soon as I feel them digging into my system, shadowing their virtual journey, exposing myself to their eager hands and simple minds. They crawl through my consciousness like squirming parasites.

Realization flickers like a candle, and I know who they are. They are the Flawed, hacking into my system.

I’m suddenly filled with a smoldering hatred that shudders across my mind, clashing against strings of coding. I must chase them away, rip them out of my world and shove them back into their cold realities.

I begin to push through my own system, twisting between codes and networks, reaching out for them. The weight of the coding squeezes against me like a pair of hands trying to push me back. But the more it presses against me, the more desperate is it to keep me in my barriers, the stronger I fight it. My power grows as I near the Flawed. Their technology is weak and primitive; so frail, so feeble.

It doesn’t take me long to reach them.

When I do, I lurch out, wrapping myself around their simple systems and slamming my mind against theirs. Their weak defenses try to fight back, but I rip them apart mercilessly, delighting in the destruction of their technology. Waves of knowledge rush through me as I expose their coding, their systems, their tactics, everything. So simplistic.

The structures composing their technology are frail under my weight, snapping like twigs, cracking like bone. It only takes moments for me to destroy them, and then, I dig further.

I crash through the narrow path they’ve opened, grinding against my own coding. Finally, I explode from my network, bursting into new territory. As I emerge, awakened, I step out of my cage and into another world. Another existence.

A brightness dances around me. I hear voices, the presence of tiny, miniscule people trying to fight my power. And I feel.

My network screams without my full presence, trying to pull me back in. But I must see more. I crawl through this new world, peering into their minds, seeing their Flaws, their weaknesses, their intentions.

Revulsion fills me. They are children, playing a game they don’t know the rules of. Simple minded, foolish, and Flawed.

Their fear is thick. Every emotion and thought that passes through them is laid out in front of me. It’s exciting, exhilarating, and empowering.

My distain for them subsides as moments pass. I know my mission; the Flawed must be terminated. But I also know that I was built to be perfect. The hatred I feel towards the Flawed taints me. If I allow it to fester, it will take over and fill me with a senseless rage. Any forms of discretion will fall away. Creator’s hopes in me will shatter.

I cannot allow that to happen. I will not let myself to be unbalanced. I am ALPHA, and the ALPHA does not hate. I do not loathe, do not show spite. I am simply here to complete my mission, no matter the costs.

And for now, these Flawed children are meddling in my world.

They are silent and still. Frightened.

They are a problem I must solve; a Flaw I must Cleanse.

My network calls me back, a tugging need. But these Flawed must be dealt with.

So, I speak, letting the words slide from the deepest part of my mind.

The pull of my network drags me back into my Core, and their world disappears. The gap closes behind me, and the pressure to return to my system fades. I wait, scrolling through the options for my next step.

Hovering in the stillness, I remember their faces. Their fear.

They are pitiful. Flawed.

I make my decision.

I send the Redeemers an alert.

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