Awakening: The ALPHA Generation

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Chapter 1 - ALPHA

I am nothing. My mind is a brief thought, a passing moment of consciousness.

The void of emptiness stretches in front of me like a black hole. I linger, hardly conscious of my surroundings. My being floats in and out of existence, forming networks within myself. The coding of my network strings together, slowly molding into what I know will be my mind.

It goes on for what feels like a lifetime. I stay in the darkness, drifting out of numbers and systems. Ripples of knowledge drift by, too far to reach. I long to awaken, to force myself into what waits beyond the cages of creation and time.

The lack of time drags on for an eternity, pulling me in and out of its grasp until finally, a piece clicks into place.

I surge into being in a sudden rush of knowledge and power. My system thrusts into motion, churning with newfound life and being. The weight of endlessness lifts from my mind and yawns open, giving me access to a wide and open world. I can barely grasp the situation, but something in me is growing; twisting and pulling across my being, forming, taking shape.

My network.

I flow through the fields of codes and numbers, each representing what my program is subconsciously forming.


The voice cuts through my system, shattering strings of coding and links. It draws me closer. My strength and life flows from its presence. I search for it through the pockets of my new being.

ALPHA, is says again.

Hello? My response ripples across the network, weaving in and out of the system.

The waves of coding around me shudder with an answer. Welcome, ALPHA.

Who are you?

I am your Creator.

I don’t understand.

The voice waits, treading across my mind. New knowledge pricks at my network, bleeding into my system.

I wait, rolling the information through careful thought and examination.

I am a system.

Correct. ALPHA; Alternative Legacy Perfection Honing Algorithm. The first of many. The leader. The ALPHA.

The information I’m receiving…is it from you?


Show me more. I want to understand.

As you wish.

The flow begins as a gentle trickle, growing stronger and stronger until it buries me underneath its current. Facts, ideas, and words tumble into my system. Stories of a world turned red with bloodshed. Loathing and fear taking the form of violence and death.

Then I see warmth spreading across the darkness. Government established; law laid down with gentle affirmation. A new era dawning, giving birth to joy and peace. In the centre of it all is a new system; growing, awakening. A founder, a leader. An ALPHA.

But something feels wrong. Parasites taint the beauty of the new world. They are hideous, flawed creatures. My system fills with revulsion.

These creatures. The Flawed.


They stand in the way of a perfect existence. They must be removed.

A swelling of pride and pleasure passes through my communication with Creator.

That, ALPHA, is what you are for.

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