Awakening: The ALPHA Generation

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Chapter 36

I stand in the forested area behind the colony, listening to the breeze and the chirping of birds. I’ve finally managed to get a moment alone. Being outdoors fills me with a sense of relief; the sound of the wind brushing against branches and fluttering leaves puts me at peace and calms my racing heart.

It’s been several weeks since we leaked the footage. I haven’t had a moment to myself, committing every minute to constructing a new plan. Carper has included me and Darren in the discussions, probably because we both have military experience. The meetings have been endless, but we’ve finally managed to scrape together the beginnings of a plan.

One thing is for sure - our colony is too weak on its own. Whatever steps we take next, we can’t take them alone.

“I have connections to other, stronger Truth groups,” Carper had told us. “Specifically a larger colony deeper in the Sector – I’ve contacted them to combine forces.”

The group is supposed to arrive today. Images of rogues, makeshift soldiers, and rebels form in my mind. Our colony is the only part of the Truth I know; I’m curious to see what the coming group will be like.

In this quiet moment, the conversation with Xander comes to mind. We haven’t seen much of each other lately, with me wrapped up in meetings, and him in training. When we run into each other, he’s quiet. I can see a change in him, a part of him hardening with each day. He’s so different now. Everything is. It seems so long ago since we were in Elle’s room, trying to hack into the network region.

Sighing, I stuff my hands in my pockets and stare up at the trees. The sun shines beautifully through their leaves, making them light up like stars. Sector 3 is beautiful. Pamela - Mom - always wanted to visit here. She would often talk of the forests; how different they would be from the beaches of Sector 7, and how exciting it would be to see them in person.

Is this where she ran off to? Was our life in Sector 7 so horrible? Is this the place that lured her away from us?

If it was, I hope Sector 3 was a huge disappointment for her. I hope she misses her old home. I hope her life has fallen into ruin. That she’s suffered as much as we have.

I hope she’s dead.

That thought is so sudden and horrible that I shudder at myself.

No. I don’t really want her dead. But I do hope that she’s brutally regretting her decision to abandon us.

My eyes burn, and I blink the tears away. This isn’t the time to be thinking about Pamela. That will only lead to thoughts of Dad, then all the pain and suffering that came after. I can’t do that to myself right now. I need to be strong. When this is over, I can let all of my emotions tumble out. But not now. Not now.

Noises come from the colony; vehicles rolling over pine needles, a cloud of voices rising in the air. Our allies have arrived. I collect myself and begin the walk back to the building.

When I enter, it’s filled with unfamiliar people. In their matching uniforms, they stand with straight backs and blank expressions. I search the crowd, quickly finding Darren, who leans against a wall and studies the soldiers.

As I make my way around the group, I see that several of our colony’s members have gathered, whispering to each other between glances at the new arrivals.

“The allies?” I ask my brother when I finally get to him.

He nods and points across the room. “Their leader is there, talking to Carper.”

My gaze follows his pointed finger and lands on Carper, who is speaking with two men. Both are dressed in aged military gear.

“Which one is the leader?” I ask Darren.

“I don’t know yet.”

Carper motions to the uniformed soldiers. The larger of the two men nods and barks a cryptic order to them. Immediately, they line up and march down the hall, escorted towards the military wing.

“I’m holding a meeting for the elite members of the combat force,” Carper tells us. “Be in room A2 in ten minutes.” With that, he leads the two men down the hall. Several people from the crowd follow.

I look at Darren. “Are we elite members?”

Before my brother can respond, Gray appears, motioning for us to follow Carper.

“That answers your question,” Darren says to me as we join the group.

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