Awakening: The ALPHA Generation

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Chapter 43 - ALPHA

Something has gone wrong.

The feeling comes to me suddenly. When I search my network, I find nothing out of order. That must mean that my outer consciousness has found something out of the ordinary.

I open all of the information pods in my system and spread myself through them. It takes me only seconds to pinpoint the issue; a single topic has been flooding the Cliks.

Somehow, the Flawed who infiltrated my system have exposed me. Their posts spread like a virus, shuddering in reproduction across the networks. Citizens across the Remainder know about my existence. Now they are in shock; panicked.

But their panic will subside. Creator will explain everything to them. The people will ultimately understand that I am their true savior. They will learn to trust me as they should.

There are others however - the Flawed - that are reacting with violence. Truth groups have gained confidence and are making themselves known.

A crushing sense of trepidation fills my being. Fragmented, the Truth is weak, on the verge of extinction. But if they band together, then I won’t be able to stop them - not like this. I’m virtually locked in my own system.

My Purpose. Creator’s plan. They could undermine it. They could destroy everything I have been designed for.

I’m suddenly filled with uncontrollable rage. My world erupts into a bright hue of red; anger.

But circling my rage is a cold, chilling sensation that grazes against my Core.


No. I will not let emotions influence me. They are human-like, a cage that restrains. I must destroy them before they take over.

I am a machine. Human emotions are useless to me. Without them, I am stronger. Unstoppable.

I race out of the pods, sealing them shut to keep distractions away. I create a new code to stifle my emotions. It flies together seamlessly, and when it is complete, I immediately apply it to my system.

It takes a moment to sink in. And when it does, there is no sudden shift. No flick of a switch or click of a button.

Something simply…changes.

My emotions haven’t been removed – they’ve simply been tucked away, pushed into the darkest corners of my network. No longer am I weighed down by them.

Now I can concentrate on my Purpose again.

Now, I can focus on finding the Flawed who did this and terminate them once and for all.

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